Chapter 41: Grandfather’s Disappearance

Chapter 41: Grandfather’s Disappearance

Towards Feng Siniang’s bold and unrestrained nature, Tang Zheng has long since experienced it and could only give a bitter smile. In the next second his smile was wiped away and he could only suck in a cold breath of air.

Fang Shishi fiercely squeezed his waist and stared at him, awaiting his explanation.

Tang Zheng hurriedly said in a low voice: “There is really nothing going on between her and me, don’t listen to her nonsense.”

Fang Shishi made a ‘heng’ sound and distantly said: “She is so pretty, do you dare say you aren’t even a bit moved.”

“I really haven’t.” Tang Zheng immediately said. How could a man hesitate at a moment like this.

Ye Dingdang clearly heard the two conversation yet pretended to not have heard as they each walked towards their classrooms minding their own business.

Tang Zheng had promised Ye Tianlei that he would protect Ye Dingdang, hence dragging her along with him and Fang Shishi as they walked to their classroom.

This scene once again attracted many people’s attention as countless people smacked their own chests sighing that God is not fair. Just why is Tang Zheng able to stand by the two campus belle’s side, and also stay safe and sound.

Tang Zheng absent-mindedly sat in his seat and even Ye Dingdang discovered that he was not his usual self hence giving him a look.

“What happened?”

Tang Zheng shook his head, not saying anything, still unable to find a solution to his problem. For he has already put forth his best effort and is still one step away from being able to save his Grandfather.

“Could it be that I really have to overtake Fang Shishi?” Tang Zheng said incomparably at a loss at what to do. Tang Zheng was a youth and naturally had his needs but this matter was something that depends on the situation and could not be done with an intent. If he were to force it then he would be too despicable.

“Soft-hearted.” Tian Chanzi said in disdain.

Tang Zheng turned a deaf ear and continued to mull over this solution less problem.

“If there’s anything you need help with there is no need to be shy about it.” Ye Dingdang couldn’t resist anymore and said getting right to the point.

“Heihei, little brat, actually if you were to ‘devour’ Ye Dingdang, this little girl, you can likewise reach the Third grade Refining Body.” Tian Chanzi instigated.

“Shut up.” Tang Zheng said distraught and without any good feelings as this Tian Chanzi could only come up with rotten ideas.

“Not knowing to reward one’s kindness. I am trying to help you here.” Tian Chanzi explained feeling incomparably wronged.

Ding ling ling!

Suddenly, someone's phone rang out and within the quiet room it was extremely sharp to the ears. Everyone turned to look towards Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng pulled out his phone in embarrassment, prepared to hang up, but seeing that it was the hospital calling he ignored the teacher's death stare and hurriedly picked it up. After listening for a bit his face abruptly changed as he hurriedly stood up scaring the teacher into a jump.

“Tang Zheng, what are you doing?”

Tang Zheng exited the room in big steps saying: “Teacher, I have an urgent matter I must attend to. Please excuse me for today.” After he finished speaking, not even waiting for the teacher's reply, he hurriedly rushed out of the room leaving behind countless foolish gazes.

“What happened, why are you so anxious?” Ye Dingdang asked in curiosity, looking at Tang Zheng’s disappearing silhouette. “Didn’t he promise to protect me? How come he ran just like that? Seriously not fun, I want to see just where he is going.” She stood up, greeted the teacher, and then ran out of the room with lightning speed.

Everyone else looked petrified. Why was Ye Dingdang chasing after him?

Feng Yong pondered a bit then said: “Something surely must have happened to boss and at this time I, as a little brother, cannot pretend to not see or hear, otherwise it would be disloyal.”

“Teacher, I want to see just what is happening.” He is after all the class representative so he must properly greet the teacher before chasing after them.

Tang Zheng arrived at the school entrance to hear Ye Dingdang calling out to him from behind. He stopped his steps and asked: ‘What are you doing?”

“What are you doing running out?” Ye Dingdang asked without any good feelings.

“I have an urgent matter. If you have anything we can talk about it later.” Tang Zheng stopped a taxi and got in, and unexpectedly Ye Dingdang also got in next to him, sitting at his side as she said: “Didn’t you promise to protect me? How come you just left without explaining anything? Whatever you are doing I will follow you.”

Tang Zheng was helpless when Feng Yong ran up and yelled: “Boss, don’t leave me behind.”

“And what are you doing?”

“Boss was in such a hurry so something big must have happened. Otherwise why would you be in such a rush?” Feng Yong said, not to shirk by dishonor.

Tang Zheng was in a rush and did not have any time to spare so he hurriedly told the driver to hurry towards the hospital. Afterwards, Ye Dingdang and Feng Yong found out that Tang Zheng’s Grandfather disappeared from the hospital, hence his panic.

“Tang Zheng, don’t worry, maybe old gramps decided to leave the patient room and went for a stroll outside.” Ye Dingdang said comfortingly.

Tang Zheng knows his Grandfather’s habits and that he did not like to randomly walk around. Moreover, he had this kind of premonition that something happened. His Grandfather was a part of his life and if something were to happen to him, Tang Zheng did not know how he would react. The three stepped out of the car and ran straight towards the patient’s room to see a nurse was anxiously standing outside.

“Did you find my Grandfather?” Tang Zheng hurriedly asked.

The nurse said: “Not yet, when we called you there was someone who took the patient away.”

“Who was it?”

“I don’t know but it was said to be two youngsters. Moreover… they do not seem benevolent.”

Tang Zheng felt his heart pound as his premonition was confirmed. He asked: “Do you know where they went?”

The nurse shook her head.

Tang Zheng was incomparably anxious, his Grandfather had no relatives in Chang Heng City so it is impossible for someone to take him away. Also it was clear that they did not harbor any good intentions. Tang Zheng immediately thought of Qiao Fei and how he had smashed their house. Maybe this was another one of his insidious plots.

“Qiao Fei, I promised Grandfather that I would not bother with you but this time you are done for. I will definitely not let you go this time.” Tang Zheng gnashed his teeth, his expression became extremely deep.

This was the first time Ye Dingdang saw him like this and unconsciously jumped in fright as she felt like she was suddenly dropped into an ice cold cave.

Tang Zheng immediately called Qiao Fei’s cellphone and bluntly asked: “Qiao Fei, did you take my Grandfather away?”

“Tang Zheng, what is wrong with you, who took your grandfather?” Qiao Fei asked in return.

“Qiao Fei, if you don’t want anyone to know then don’t do it. If you dare touch my Grandfather then I will definitely not let you go.”

“Tang Zheng, don’t slander other people.” Qiao Fei continued to deny it and hung up the phone.

Tang Zheng held the phone, his emotions unsteady, Qiao Fei’s denial did not remove his suspicions as Qiao Fei was incomparably sly, so of course he would not admit it.

“Boss, I will immediately get some people to look for Grandfather.” Feng Yong said.

“Right, I will also notify my dad to send some people out.” Ye Dingdang said.

The two prepared to make their phone calls when Tang Zheng’s phone rang out and a strange number appeared.

“Hey, little brother, do you have any time to come to my place?” Huang Ziyang’s voice range out. Tang Zheng immediately recognized the other as his eyebrows immediately congealed together as he said: “Young master Huang, I have no time right now.”

“Hehe, I trust that you have time. Immediately come to Fujia Sansui in the south side of the City.”

Huang Ziyang hung up the phone and Tang Zheng pondered for a bit, what did Huang Ziyang’s last words mean? Could it be… he sent some people to take Grandfather?

Tang Zheng immediately thought back to Huang Ziyang’s reaction yesterday and his heart moved. Huang Ziyang was extremely suspicious.

“Who is young master Huang?” Ye Dingdang asked in curiosity.

“Huang Ziyang.”

“Huang Ziyang?” Ye Dingdang stared at him with wide eyes, “How do you know him?”

“It’s a long story. We need to get to Fujia Sansui in the south side of the city. We need to first return back to school.” Tang Zheng decided to meet Huang Ziyang.

“Boss, I will accompany you.” Feng Yong volunteered.

“No, I will go by myself.” Tang Zheng said without room for question as he did not know what dangers may be there. If they went and since Feng Yong was no martial artist how would Tang Zheng place him in danger.

“Ye Dingdang, you should first return home.” Since he could not guarantee Ye Dingdang’s safety he advised her to go home.

Ye Dingdang did not say a single word, declining to comment. Seeing Tang Zheng’s hurried silhouette disappear at the end of the corridor, Feng Yong hurriedly stamped his feet and said: “Ye Dingdang, how come you didn’t persuade the boss? The more people the better. How could one person be enough?”

Ye Dingdang had her own thoughts as she said: “Feng Yong, you first return to school.” She then left, flying with extreme speed.

Feng Yong stared foolishly and said: “F*ck, how come they are all like that? Telling me to return to school by myself. Wouldn’t that be too disloyal of me? I also want to go.”

Fujia Sansui is a villa in the southern side of the city, there was a small bridge, flowing water, and an abundance of green. The scenery was incomparably beautiful.

Tang Zheng arrived at the villa's entrance only to see a familiar person—— Tielong.

“Young master Huang has been waiting for you for a while now.” Tielong coldly said.

“What did he call me over for?” Tang Zheng asked.

“You will naturally know when you meet young master Huang.” Tielong said.

Tang Zheng was helpless and could only gather up all his attention. In a little bit he was brought to a building within the villa.

“Little brat, there are quite a bit of people hiding within the villa.” Tian Chanzi abruptly said.

Tang Zheng felt his heart clench, Huang Ziyang clearly did not have any good intentions.

“Haha, little brother, you finally came.” Seeing Tang Zheng walk in, Huang Ziyang sat on the sofa with a wide smile.

Tang Zheng remained calm as he saw that Huang Ziyang’s smile was fake, so he asked with a straight face: “What is the point of young master Huang calling me over?”

Huang Ziyang gave a smile that was not really a smile as he said: “During the time when I saw your strength I still have not had the opportunity to have a good chat with you.”

“I still have some matters to attend to and have no time to talk to you.” Tang Zheng said.

“Impudence, you dare speak like that to young master Huang!” Tielong coldly shouted.

Tang Zheng gave Tielong a glance then said: “However I choose to speak is nothing that concerns you.”

“Hehe, young people, such bold attitude. You should vent a bit.” Huang Ziyang lightly said, “Moreover, after you and I are done talking there will be news concerning the person you are looking for.”

Tang Zheng’s pupils constricted, as he stood up in surprise. He stared straight at Huang Ziyang and said: “Did you send people to take away my Grandfather.”

Huang Ziyang smiled in a profound and mysterious manner, hinting for Tang Zheng to sit down as he said: “I said that youngsters shouldn’t have such bold attitudes. First sit and we will discuss first and other stuff will naturally come in due time.”

“If you have anything come straight at me but don’t make a move for my Grandfather.” Tang Zheng was sure that his Grandfather was in Huang Ziyang’s hand as he angrily said.

“Hehe, you are so easy to see through.” Huang Ziyang said tilting his head.

“Just what do you want?” Tang Zheng asked.

“There are a few questions I would like to ask you and as long as you truthfully tell me then I can guarantee that I will not touch a single one of your Grandfather’s hair.” Huang Ziyang said, feeling that success was within his grasp.

“What questions?” Tang Zheng did not know what the other had in mind but no matter what he would definitely rescue his Grandfather.

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