Chapter 40: Beautiful Dream

Chapter 40: Beautiful Dream


Tielong walked towards Tang Zheng’s body, kicking him. As if he were dead, Tang Zheng didn’t move at all.

At this moment everyone’s expression changed. Those who expecting a comeback lost all hope as it seemed as if Tang Zheng was completely defeated.

Boss Fan let out an unbridled laugh as he stared mockingly at the ashen faced Lin Hu. The crowd hissed in displeasure.

Tielong smiled in satisfaction, glancing towards Huang Ziyang, who remained expressionless but nodded slightly. Tielong’s eyes glimmered in understanding; he roared powerfully as he raised Tang Zheng high. All of Tielong’s muscles crackled as he gathered his energy, preparing to crack and rip apart all of Tang Zheng’s bones and tendons and make him a cripple for life.

Unexpectedly, Tang Zheng’s closed eyes suddenly flashed open with a cold light, causing Tielong’s heart to tremble as he loudly cried, “ shit!”

But it was too late. Both of Tang Zheng’s arms lashed out, his two fists following close behind each other as they struck Tielong’s dantian.

Peng peng!

Two muffled striking sounds rang out, as if something was being split apart. Tielong released an earth-shatteringly pitiful cry, his eyes wide as he stared at Tang Zheng in disbelief.

Tang Zheng was like a nimble monkey, soaring through the sky as he kicked off Tielong’s chest, retreating back a meter.

Tielong’s staggered steps echoed as he struggled to stay upright, but ultimately, he fell.

The crowd unconsciously sucked in a cold breath. This change was too sudden and too drastic. Tielong was clearly winning, and his body was as hard as steel. So, just how did he lose?

Huang Ziyang rose to his feet, his smile frozen on his face as his expression became unsettled, and stared dead straight at Tang Zheng.

Boss Fan opened and closed his mouth as if he just swallowed a fly.

Only Lin Hu’s face revealed an ecstatic expression. He almost let out a cheer of joy as he his heart said, ‘Little brother, you really are amazing.’

Tang Zheng sucked in a long breath and felt a deep sense of exhaustion. He had nearly lost his small life, with the extreme danger he had just gone through.

Tielong’s strike indeed severely injured him, and could even be said to be fatal. Thankfully, his true qi was extremely thick and could temporarily suppress the injury.

He was very clear on the fact that if he had continued to fight head on, he was not Tielong’s opponent. So, he decided to take the opportunity of pretending to be heavily wounded, and critically strike when Tielong was not aware.

The dantian was Tielong’s fatal weakness. Once his dantian was injured, all of Tielong’s combat ability collapsed.

“You… how did you know about my lethal point?” Tielong asked, raising his head with great difficulty.

Tang Zheng smiled coldly but did not reply.

The crowd’s cheer was endlessly roiling, and the judge looked at Huang Ziyang in helplessness before finally announcing Tang Zheng as the victor.

Lin Hu hurriedly charged up the stage to support Tang Zheng and asked, “Are you alright?”

Tang Zheng forcibly squeezed out a thin smile and then said, “I’m alright but I do want to leave now.”

“Okay, we’ll leave immediately.”

Huang Ziyang and Boss Fan walked over. Huang Ziyang’s face was thunderous as he said: “Little brother sure is a godly fighter, winning against the best fighter I have. Why don’t we go celebrate a bit?”

“Young master Huang, we’ll be leaving first since he’s a bit tired.” Lin Hu said.

Huang Ziyang coldly swept over Lin Hu and said: “I did not ask you. I was asking him.”

Lin Hu felt his heartstrings tremble. Huang Ziyang was angry; this match has surely thrown away all his prestige, and caused him to reveal his true face.

“Young master Huang, may we leave first?” Tang Zheng also realized that the other did not hold him any good will, but was fearless.

He had gradually come to understand these kind of people’s temperament. The weaker you seemed, the more rude and unreasonable the others would be. But the higher your strength and the deeper your background, the more their attitude will be restrained.

Huang Ziyang’s face wavered a bit as he mysteriously said, “Okay, leave.”

When Tang Zheng and Lin Hu walked away, Huang Ziyang’s face suddenly turned gloomy. This time, he did not openly and brazenly make a move; he still had his doubts.

Tang Zheng’s performance had far exceeded Huang Ziyang’s expectations. Even a Fifth Grade Refining Body martial artist was not Tang Zheng’s opponent. Huang Ziyang did not have complete confidence that he would be able to deal with Tang Zheng.

“Young master Huang, letting them go like this is like letting a tiger free back in the mountains.” Boss Fan gloomily added oil to the fire.

“If he wants to become a tiger, then he should at least see who's mountain Chang Heng is.” Huang Ziyang said, brushing his sleeves before turning to leave. His followers hurriedly supported Tielong and followed.

Within the villa, Tielong knelt in front of Huang ZIyang, shivering with cold as he said fearfully, “Young master Huang, your follower is useless…”

“You are indeed useless. Victory was in your grasp, yet you still lost in the end.” Huang Ziyang said resentfully.

With Tielong’s defeat, his plans had also failed. It was now harder to pry into Tang Zheng’s secret.

“This follower was negligent.” Tielong said with his head lowered.

“Heng, wasn’t your Golden Bell Canopy invincible? How come you were still defeated?” Huang Ziyang was also very clear about the strength of the Golden Bell Canopy. Even he himself had to expend quite a bit of energy in order to break the other’s defence.

Tielong thought back to the match and said, “He targeted my dantian weakness. I suspect that he long since knew that it was my fatal weakness.”

“En?” Huang Ziyang’s eyebrows locked tightly together, “Didn’t you say that this was your secret and that outsiders would not know of it?”

“Maybe… he has an expert giving him pointers.” Tielong revealed his own assumption.

“Expert?” Huang ZIyang’s eye flickered, “Heng, it doesn’t matter who his backer is within Chang Heng. Whether you are a dragon or a tiger, you must show me respect.”

“How does young master Huang plan to deal with him?”

Huang Ziyang gnashed his teeth. He must get the secret from Tang Zheng’s body. “Men, all men have weak points Since I know his identity, it will not be hard to deal with him.”

Tielong felt his heart go cold; it must be said that being targeted by Huang Ziyang was like being eyed by a poisonous snake. This little brat, Tang Zheng is definitely in for trouble.

Tang Zheng didn’t know of Huang Ziyang’s treacherous plans as he was sitting on the car adjusting his condition with his eyes closed. After a long while, he finally somewhat calmed down his condition, and opened his eyes.

Lin Hu had always silently protected him from the side and seeing the situation, said, “Little brother, just then when you rejected Huang Ziyang, I am afraid there may be trouble.”

Tang Zheng’s face did not change as he said, “Counter soldier with arms, and water with the earth, different situations call for different measures. If he wants to find trouble, then there is nothing I can do about it.”

Tian Chanzi had long since warned him that Huang Ziyang’s heart was not good, but in order to break through to the Third Grade Refining Body as fast as possible he had no choice but to join another fight.

But the gains from this match was very much worth it even though he had received such injuries. He had also gained much in the form of comprehension.

“Ai, this is all my fault. If in the beginning you didn’t step out to give me face, then we would not have provoked young master Huang.” Lin Hu sighed.

“Brother Hu, this is not your fault. In fact, I should thank you for bringing me to the arena.”


Tang Zheng gave a secretive smile and did not explain. If it wasn’t for Lin Hu, then how could he quickly earn his grandfather’s medical fees? Moreover, it would be even more impossible to break through so quickly.

“I’ll think of something, but no matter what we have to eliminate this contradiction even if we have to return the money we won to young master Huang.” Lin Hu was totally clear on Huang Ziyang’s capabilities, so he came up with this idea.

“There’s no need for that.” Tang Zheng was reluctant to just return the money he had won through his hard effort. If Huang Ziyang really wanted to be unreasonable, then Tang Zheng would not be so easily bullied.

Seeing the firmness in Tang Zheng’s eyes, Lin Hu let out a sigh. He noted in his heart, youth really were too full of vigor, and Tang Zheng was completely unaware of Huang Ziyang’s strength. It seems he must quietly take care of this matter.

Tang Zheng returned to the hospital to take care of his Grandfather until he fell asleep, then started to treat his injury. His internal organs had received a blow and even though it wasn’t extremely heavy, if he did not treat it it would leave behind a scar.

He revolved his true qi, his meridians releasing a rumbling noise as the true qi in his nine main meridians started boiling. Half a day later, his true qi calmed down as his injury completely recovered, his true qi greatly increased in the process.

“Little brat, it seems you have gained a lot from this battle. Your true qi is actually two inches and eight parts filled, with just another two parts you will have succeeded.” Tian Chanzi encouragingly said. He had not expected Tang Zheng to advance with such speed.

Tang Zheng was also unable to contain his happiness. He was that much closer to success.

“But then again there are only three days left, and that two parts of true qi is not easy to cultivate.” Tian Chanzi once again poured a bucket of ice water on him.

Tang Zheng was well aware that Tian Chanzi would not deliberately exaggerate something, but he couldn’t go fight another match. Huang Ziyang had no other strong fighters, so unless he was able to get the Inner Dan of the Red Drill Snake, that last two parts of true qi was a large chasm that was hard to overcome.

“When the car arrives in front of the mountain there must be a path, so I will definitely find a way.” Tang Zheng bit his teeth and said.

“I already told you the method a long time ago, just go ‘devour’ Fang Shishi and you will easily break through.” Tian Chanzi said with an evil smile. *TL: ‘devour’= you know what it means…*

Tang Zheng fell into a deep sleep with his heart distracted and his thoughts in turmoil. Suddenly, he discovered that he and Fang Shishi were together in a room, the two holding each other tightly as if they couldn’t get enough of each other. The two then started to pull at the other’s clothing and not long later, Tang Zheng had taken off all her clothes so that she was stark naked The absolute beauty in front of him caused his heart to palpitate with eagerness. A moment later, the two were tumbling around the bed, incomparably charming and gentle….

In the early morning, Tang Zheng slowly opened his eyes and felt that his pants were a bit sticky. He then unconsciously thought back to the charming and gentle scene from last night.

So it was all a dream, and he had actually lost himself in it. Even so, the scenes from the dream were simply too beautiful, leaving a rich aftertaste. He also felt a bit embarrassed as he hurriedly went to the restroom to change, and then went back to grab his backpack and ran as if he was flying towards school.

At the moment he saw Fang Shishi, his face unconsciously reddened. He blamed Tian Chanzi for speaking such nonsense that caused him to have a wet dream.

“Yi, your face is actually red. What happened?” Fang Shishi asked curiously, closely holding on to his arms and staring at him with her large black eyes.

“It’s nothing.” Tang Zheng avoided the question.

“Liar, there must be something. Did you do something that would let me down?” Fang Shishi teasingly asked.

“It is definitely not.” Tang Zheng hurriedly denied.

“Heng, if you dare do something that would let me down, I would definitely not let you go.” Fang Shishi brandished her tender fist, looking exactly like a cute young lady.

“Good morning, little handsome brother.” Feng Siniang passionately stepped of her car and greeted Tang Zheng from afar.

“Good morning, Aunty Feng.” Tang Zheng courteously greeted back.

“Hehe, why are you so polite to me? Little handsome brother, don’t you think that my family’s Dingdang is very pretty today?” Feng Siniang glanced at Fang Shishi and intentionally asked.

Tang Zheng was heavily embarrassed, and coughed in succession, not knowing how to reply.

“Aiya, are you sick? Dingdang, how can you be this careless? In the future, you have to take better care of little handsome brother.” Feng Siniang said rebukingly.

Ye Dingdang’s face turned red with embarrassment as she roared: “Feng Siniang, you already brought me to school, why haven’t you hurried up and left?”

“Hehe, I understand. I am already disturbing your two people atmosphere.” Feng Siniang waved her hand and left.

Fang Shishi stared stupefied as if she was petrified...

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