Chapter 4: The Old Witch is Coming

Chapter 4: The Old Witch is Coming

“I have always been here picking up trash, when did this place become your territory?” An aged voice calmly refuted.

“Fuck, you still dare talk back, do you want to find trouble!” A ‘peng’ sound rang out, it was the sound of someone falling on the ground.

Tang Zheng’s heart clenched, anger leapt up, that old man’s sound could not be any more familiar, it was his grandpa Tang Dahai’s voice.

Three steps followed by two steps, he arrived at the scene and discovered his grandfather lying on the ground, stepped on by a large man.

“Release my grandfather.” Tang Zheng snarled.

“Where did this stinky brat come from? Scram!” The big man casted a glance at Tang Zheng, not putting him in his eyes.

“Little Zheng, why have you come? Quick, run.” The old man coarsely gasped for breath and weakly yelled.

“Grandfather, I have come to help you.” Tang Zheng feet moved a bit and he flashed in front of the big man.

The big man was slightly shocked, not expecting Tang Zheng’s speed to be so quick, but upon seeing that it was a student, it provoked his sense of pride, and he was unable to restrain his anger, bellowing: “Little brat, if you want to fight then I will fulfill your desire.”

He waved a fist, which landed on empty air, but before the big man was able to react, his stomach suffered a punch which brought with it an overwhelming sense of pain that penetrated deep into his heart.

“You…” The big man wanted to open his mouth and curse loudly but upon seeing another fist was coming straight at his face, he could only pitifully cry out as blood flew out of his nose, and he landed on the ground.

“Grandfather, are you okay.” Tang Zheng hurriedly supported the old man and asked him with concern.

The old man gasped for breath and weakly said: “I am fine, you hurry and run, this person is evil and not anything good. It is not good to provoke him.”

“Grandfather, I am here, nobody can bully you now.” Tang Zheng said resolutely.

“Ai, you have to study well, don’t fight because of this old man, if your teacher were to know then you would be expelled for sure.” The old man hurriedly said.

Tang Zheng’s heart felt hurt, anytime his grandfather would put him first, making him even more furious at the big man.

“Grandfather, you rest a bit, I will first take care of this person.” Tang Zheng coldly said, staring at the big man.

The big man already crawled up, unable to contain his anger, he said: “Stinky brat, you are seeking death, since that is so, then let this old man teach you how strong he is.”

The big man pulled out a shiny dagger, showing a ferocious look.

The old man was scared and hurriedly shouted: “Little Zheng, hurry and run, I will hold him back.”

“Grandfather, he will be the one who is hurt, not me.” Tang Zheng said comfortingly, suddenly turning a fierce gaze upon the big man: “Why do you want to hurt my grandfather?”

“Fuck, this area is Brother Hu’s territory, you have to first receive his permission in order to make a living here, you guys have the audacity to provoke Brother Hu’s dignity. If I don’t kill you then that in itself is considered benevolent.” The big man said with aggressiveness.

“Brother Hu?” Tang Zheng was a good student and has never heard of Brother Hu.

The big man’s called Dong Zi, and is one Brother Hu’s followers who was sent here to supervise the territory. The people who worked here must first pay a fee to work here.

Brother Hu is one of the cities north sectors gangster, his real name is called Lin Hu, he gathered a bunch of followers and he has made a big name of himself in Chang Heng City.

Originally he had looked down upon this dumpster but a few days ago someone dug out an antique that sold for millions.

Lin Hu then re-evaluated the area and sent a lackey to oversee the site, and those that collected anything must have it evaluated. If the item was of worth it would be confiscated.

Tang Zheng’s grandfather who was sick for a while did not know of this new rule so when he dragged his sick body to collect trash, a series of events occurred that lead up to the current situation.

“What, you scared now, well let me tell you it’s too late for that.” Dong Zi said with satisfaction because he thought that Brother Hu’s name has scared Tang Zheng silly.

“I don’t care about some Brother Hu or Brother Cow, anyone who dares to hurt my grandfather I will not let you go.” Tang Zheng already started cultivating so why would he fear some lackey.

Dong Zi was shocked, this little brat must have ate the guts of a leopard, even the name of Brother Hu was not enough to scare him.

“Heng, little brat, you dare say something like that, you will die for sure, hurry and die!” Dong Zi charged forward, the dagger stabbed towards Tang Zheng’s breast.

Tang Zheng turned his body, grabbed towards the others wrist, ‘kacha’, the others wrist bone was broken, the big man let out a pitiful cry and beads of sweat appeared.

Tang Zheng lashed out with his legs at Dong Zi’s knees, both of his knees went soft, and Dong Zi immediately kneeled on the ground.

“In the future if you dare come here again, I will break both your legs.” tang Zheng’s stern voice said, “Scram!”

Dong Zi was furious but could not voice it, the pain seeped into his heart and he said: “Little brat, do you know the result of offending Brother Hu?”

“Fuck, you still dare to clamor!” Tang Zheng’s bold voice rang out, ‘kacha’, and Dong Zi’s other shoulder was twisted at an odd angle.

“Ah, it hurts, hurry and let me go, I won’t dare.” Dong Zi did not expect that Tang Zheng would act so decisively, and begged in a heart-rending pitiful manner.

The old man looked as if he had seen a stranger and stared at Tang Zheng, fearfully saying: “Little Zheng, hurry and let him go, someone’s life is at stake.”

Tang Zheng released his arms and Dong Zi ran away like a stray dog, not daring to say anymore bold words.

“This is bad, we’ve created a big mess now, it barely enough to avoid those guys but now we have brought trouble upon ourselves.” The old man made a bitter face, release a sigh, ‘ai’.

“Grandfather, if they dare come again, then I will hit them again.” Tang Zheng said comfortingly.

“Little Zheng, they have so many people, all of which are not good people, how could you possibly be there opponent? Moreover you are a student, so how can you get into a fight?”

“Grandfather, I know martial arts, they are not my opponent.”

“Nonsense, what martial arts do you know?” The old man said with a straight face, “it’s important for people to know themself and not to say crazy words.”

Tang Zheng was helpless, in his grandfather’s heart he was always a good student, and would never do something like fighting.

“Ai, never mind, if worse come to worse and they come again, you can just hide, this old man will take a beating and when they released all their pent up energy then it’ll be fine.”

Tang Zheng’s appearance was sour, and he clenches his fist, silently vowing that if they were to come again he would break their dog legs.

The grandfather and grandson duo returned home, Tang Zheng started to make dinner, after all these years the two depended on each other. If he learned one thing it was cooking skills, he was able to make the most plain food have its own unique delicious flavor.

“Little Zheng, your body is currently growing so you need to eat more meat.” The Old man urged, moving the meat pieces from his bowl into Tang Zheng’s bowl.

“I am eating, Grandfather, you need to eat to since you’ve been turning skinnier recently.”

“Hehe, I am already a bag of bones and living this long is already enough, moreover I still have you, Little Zheng, to accompany me, god really has been well to me.” The old man’s smile was brimming with joy and satisfaction.

The two were actually not blood related, Tang Zheng was actually picked up by the old man in the dumpster, so he was actually an orphan.

The old man’s heart was kind and he raised the boy, naming him Tang Zheng and for the past ten years both were mutually dependent on one another. The old man used all his strength to raise Tang Zheng and provide him with his needs, the great thing was Tang Zheng turned out to be extremely intelligent and his academic records were excellent, giving the old man a great amount of comfort.

“Little Zheng, if grandfather is not here anymore, you must take good care of yourself, do you understand?” The old man sighed and spoke a few words from the bottom of his heart.

Tang Zheng frightened, dropped his chopsticks on the floor, stared at his grandfather and said: “Grandfather, don’t speak nonsense, you are fine, tomorrow we will go to the hospital to treat your disease.”

The old man revealed a smile filled with deep wrinkles and said: “I am not thinking random thoughts, my body is fine, and it is just an old habit. We just went to the hospital a few days ago and they said I would be fine if I rested well for a few days.”

Tang Zheng always knew that his grandfather’s health was not good, it was said that when his grandfather was young he suffered from internal injuries which caused a scar but when they went to the doctor he couldn’t tell them the root cause.

A while back, his old disease relapsed so they took a trip to the hospital, the doctor then prescribed some medicine and from these few days he seems to be a bit better.

“Little Zheng, you are going to turn eighteen soon, and by then you will be an adult. Grandfather knows that you have always been good since you were younger and that grandfather has nothing to give you so in the future you will have to depend on yourself.”

Tang Zheng’s heart has a bad premonition, his grandfather’s words were like leaving behind a will, his disease was definitely not as simply as he had imagined.

Tang Zheng was prepared to ask for more details when outside he heard a voice asking: “Does Tang Zheng live here?”

“The old witch!” Tang Zheng said immediately recognizing the voice.

“Little Zheng, someone is looking for you.” The old man said.

“Grandfather, you first eat, I will go out for a bit.”

“Is it your friend?”

“It’s our classroom teacher.”

“If it’s your teacher then I also have to meet her, your grades in school are exceptional all due to your teacher and here I am, having never properly given her my thanks.” The old man said, rousing himself and quickly walked outside.

Tang Zheng was to late to stop him and could only mumble within his heart, just why was the old witch here?

He was in high school for almost three years, and the old witch has never visited his house as a guest, even though it was heard that she has often visited Qiao Fei and Fang Shishi’s house.

“Teacher, how are you, please step inside.” The old man’s stooped figure amiably invited.

Wu Cuihong wrinkled her eyebrow looked at the old man’s face full of wrinkles, head full of white hair, clothed in old clothes and coldly said: “Are you Tang Zheng’s grandfather?”

“That is correct, I am, many thanks to the teacher taking good care of Little Zheng in school, being able to attend the school without cost surely is due to god’s grace.” The old man said with immense gratitude.

Tang Zheng stepped outside, seeing his grandfather being so cautious while Wu Cuihong stood all high and mighty, his heart was stifled with a wave of energy and he asked: “Teacher Wu, may I ask if you need anything?”

“Tang Zheng, I came to notify you of a few things.”

“Teacher, if there is anything please step inside the house to discuss it.” The old man continued to invite.

Wu Cuihong seeing the low house, flung her mouth to the side, impossible to cover her disdain and said: “I will stand here and speak, Tang Zheng, tomorrow you don’t need to attend school, afterwards you will attend Class 7.”

“What?” Tang Zheng was shocked, Class 1 was the best class in the school while Class 7 was the worst, also known as ‘trash class’ the students in the class were all silk-pants boys who only cared for having fun and drinking. The difference between the two classes were practically heaven and hell.

Even though the old man was not clear about the specifics, from Wu Cuihong’s tone and Tang Zheng’s reaction, he got the sense of foreboding and his face turned rigid and he shakily asked: “Teacher, did Little Zheng do something wrong?”

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