Chapter 39: Golden Bell Canopy

Chapter 39: Golden Bell Canopy

“Tang Zheng, how come you’re sleeping in class?” Liu Qingmei asked unpleasantly.

“Teacher, I did not.”

“Heng, you already have your eyes closed, so how are you not?” Liu Qingmei said disappointedly.

Tang Zheng blushed with shame. He couldn’t possibly tell her that he was cultivating.

“Tang Zheng, I know that many things have happened to you recently but you can’t give up on yourself. Look at how everyone is so focused, you must also work hard, do you understand?” Liu Qingmei said seriously.

“I understand teacher. In the future, I will study hard.” Tang Zheng helplessly said.

Satisfied, Liu Qingmei left. Seeing Tang Zheng’s misery, Ye Dingdang gave him a look, “Who told you to cultivate during class? See, now you got caught.”

Tang Zheng did not know whether to laugh or cry and left the school carrying his backpack.

Sheng Shi Bai. Lin Hu pulled up alongside Tang Zheng and carefully said, “Little brother, today’s stakes are not small, are you sure you;re confident? If you aren’t confident, we should not fight. If you are lacking money you can take some from me.”

Tang Zheng had already won two hundred and fifty thousand from his two previous matches and also received another two hundred thousand. He was in no dire need of money.

“Brother Hu, thank you for your concerns but I am fighting not only for money but also actual battle experience.”

Lin Hu shook his head and said, “This is simply too dangerous. There are many dangers in the arena, and it’s impossible to win forever. Losing could be equivalent to death.”

Tang Zheng became serious as he firmly said, “I know but I still want to fight.”

“Okay, then I can only support you. I heard that this time young master Huang will send out his number one fighter, Jiang Tielong.”


“Yes, he is a Fifth Grade Body Refining expert. Rumor has it that he’s proficient in the Golden Bell Canopy Technique, which makes his bones as hard as steel. As a result, it is extremely difficult to injure him.”

Tang Zheng slightly relaxed. In the past, he hadn’t died when he’d battled a Sixth Grade Refining Body assassin. Now that he had broken through to Second Grade Refining Body, there was no chance that the would die facing this Tielong.

Within the factory in the suburbs, several hundred spectators had gathered. Everyone had heard that a young expert had rise; this was sure to make the battle exciting.

When Tang Zheng stepped onto the stage, he was immediately greeted by a tidal wave of cheers. He was young in age, and had a delicate appearance when compared to the other battle worn fighters. As such, he was well liked by the crowd, especially by females who went silly at the sight of him. They wanted nothing more than to apply to be his pillow mat (bed….. Lol these are literal tls which i found funny and kept).

Tang Zheng turned a deaf ear to the cheers and focused on tuning his body so as to reach his most perfect state.

“Haha, little brother, you came. I thought you would choose to back out at the last moment. Youngsters sure are brave and dependable.” All smiles, Huang Ziyang pretended to be someone close to him, “Previously, the fighters you fought were too weak so you weren’t able to enjoy yourself, but today I have set up an expert to let you fight to your heart’s content.”

“Thank you” Tang Zheng said nonchalantly .

“Heng, little brat, don’t get too arrogant. You’ll be facing Tielong, a veteran fighter with ten matches and no losses to his name.. You, little brat, have charged to your death.” Boss Fan said disdainfully.

“Boss Fan, if you don’t speak no one will treat you as a mute.” Lin Hu’s eyebrows jumped in annoyance as he said, “Tielong is very strong but my brother is not weak either.”

“Haha, of course, little brother is not ordinary and Tielong may not be your opponent.” Huang Ziyang said without care, “Tielong, in a bit you can fight with all your might. Little brother is an expert so you cannot be careless.”

A person stepped out from behind Huang Ziyang. He wasn’t too tall, but his physique was lean and his muscles were well defined, with a burnished look. In particular, his eyes were bright and full of light.

“Don’t worry, young master Huang, I will definitely fight with my all.” Tielong’s gaze passed over Tang Zheng, a once over that was like the biting cold cutting deep into Tang Zheng, causing others who saw to tremble.

“Such a fierce aura, no wonder he’s an expert.”

“Okay, we should first enjoy their spectacular battle.”

The intensity of the crowd’s cheers escalated when the two stepped onto the elevated stage. It was as if they wanted to rip off the roof of the building. This was especially so for those who have seem Tielong battle before, as they loudly called out: “Tielong will definitely win!”

A dispassionate smile crossed Tielong’s face as he looked at Tang Zheng, “Little brat, it really wouldn’t bring me any joy if I defeat you in a flash. Make sure to persevere so that I can enjoy it a bit.”

Tang Zheng remained calm as he said: “If you want to defeat me, you must first have the ability to do so.”

“Haha, even though I can not see through your cultivation, I dare to bet that your little person is not my opponent. Don’t pee your pants later, the ones who’ve died by my hands are not few in number.”

“Little brat, this Tielong really has killed a lot of people. Otherwise he wouldn’t reek of blood so much.” Tian Chanzi did not support this kind of danger, but there was nothing he could do. Tang Zheng had resolved to save his grandfather and didn’t heed his advice. So, he could only remind Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng kept Tian Chanzi’s words in mind, bringing forth all his attention and more to bear.

The two stood firmly on the stage. The atmosphere abruptly changed as the start of the battle was announced. Tielong attacked first; his body flashed, advancing several meters in the blink of an eye to appear before Tang Zheng. His attack was akin to a gale bringing a fierce onslaught of rain.

Tang Zheng avoided the strike, sending a punch out of his own. Peng, his fist landed firmly on his opponent’s body, but it felt like he was hitting a steel plate, causing his fist to feel pain. A cold smile appeared on Tielong’s face; it was as if nothing happened.

Tang Zheng felt his shoulder clench as he was actually thrown by Tielong.

Tang Zheng flew out, and landed roughly some distance away, almost thrown off stage.

During the first exchange, Tang Zheng had the obvious disadvantage.

“Heihei, little brat, you should be able to sense my strength right now. You’re delusional if you think you can break through my Golden Bell Canopy with your insignificant strength.” Tielong said with satisfaction. He had long since received the order from Huang Ziyang to heavily injure Tang Zheng and to leave him with one breath of life so as to make this match more spectacular. As such, he didn’t intend to immediately strike down Tang Zheng, but to slowly play with him before finishing him off with his killer move.

Tang Zheng gritted his teeth, not saying a word. His heart sank as he realized that if he couldn’t break through the Golden Bell Canopy, he would be forced to be passive, which would land him in a great deal of danger.

“I don’t believe that he’s really like a steel wall.”

Tang Zheng kicked off, appearing in front of Tielong like a gale. He released six Heaven Gathering Hand strikes in succession, striking Tielong rapidly as he covered the sky with silhouettes.

Tielong’s eyelids didn’t even blink as he looked on in amusement.

Peng peng peng...

Six muffled sounds echoed as Tielong stood completely unaffected. He didn’t even move an inch.

Tang Zheng leapt backwards, shocked beyond words as he stared at Tielong: “Could he really have no weaknesses?”

If a person lacked weaknesses, then it didn’t matter if they were an expert or not. Trying to defeat them was like ascending to the sky, not to mention there was already a large cultivation gap between the two.

“Little brat, the Golden Bell Canopy is just an ordinary martial arts technique. It would be delusional to think that he could train to the realm of having a body that guns and knives cannot penetrate. The Golden Bell Canopy has a lethal point located in his dantian. Even if he’s trained all his muscles to be highly durable, he most definitely would not have trained his lethal point. As long as you strike his dantian, he’ll lose for sure.” Tian Chanzi advised.

Tang Zheng was incomparably happy, even though Tian Chanzi could not do much, his insights were extremely helpful, “Okay, then I will attack his lethal spot. As long as I successfully attack it, then this battle will be a piece of cake.

Both fist struck out again as Tang Zheng once again resumed his assault. This time, Tielong didn’t passively stand there and let himself be beaten; he charged forward and angrily roared: “Get on the ground!”

A fist struck out!

The pressure in the air grew heavier; Tang Zheng felt that it had become difficult to breathe.

Both fist struck against each other, and Tang Zheng retreated backwards, his leg stepping out to stabilize his body. Tielong once again charged, causing Tang Zheng’s pupils to constrict How oculd he let such a rare opportunity pass? His hands struck out and accurately hit Tielong’s pressure points. Upon contact, Tielong’s body immediately grew rigid.

Tang Zheng was overjoyed when his Pressure Point Technique was successful. He then sent out another strike aimed straight at Tielong’s dantian.

Tielong’s pupils grew wider as he roared: “You’re seeking death!”

Tielong’s muscles suddenly emitted an explosive sound as his body suddenly expanded and grew to become like a fatty, recovering his mobility.

He had actually forcibly broken through the Pressure Point Technique.

Tang Zheng did not expect this; even if he wanted to draw back his attack, it was already too late.

Tielong’s hands swept downward, one hand blocking Tang Zheng’s strike while the other lashed out at Tang Zheng’s chest. Tang Zheng felt like he was struck by a car and flew backwards, spitting out fresh blood as he crashed hard into the ground.

“Little brother!” Lin Hu’s face went pale with shock. He was unable to do anything but call out.

“Little handsome brother, hurry, stand up and defeat him. Defeat him!” The crowd erupted into cheers.

“Tielong, kill him! Kill him!” The other half of the crowd also cheered out, unwilling to lose out to Tang Zheng’s supporters.

The whole factory went crazy; this match was more spectacular than any of the previous matches. The attacks of the two experts had everyone on the edge of their seats as they stared in suspense, some even unconsciously breathing faster.

Huang Ziyang’s face split in a smile of satisfaction as he said, “I guessed correctly. His level isn’t that high; he just has a way to conceal it. I must dig out the secret from him so that I can break through in my own training.”

Boss Fan smiled in joy and mockingly said to Lin Hu, “Lin Hu, didn’t you say you were confident in this little brat? Well, looking at him eat one of Tielong’s fistsz, I don’t think he will even be able to get back up. Heihei, he is dead for sure.”

Lin Hu’s expression was fierce as he stared at Boss Fan and said: “Don’t count your chickens just yet; the match isn’t over.”

“Heng, what is there to fight about? Victory has already been decided. Tielong will win for sure, and the little brat is dead for sure.”

Many people had the same thought, including Tielong. If a normal person had taken one of his blows, their internal organs would rupture, immediately killing them. But Tang Zheng’s dantian strike had really scared him. He knew full well that his dantian was his lethal point. A strike there would’ve killed him for sure.

‘This little brat actually knows the weakness to my Golden Bell Canopy. I don’t know whether it’s because he is knowledgeable or that he got lucky. Also, that Pressure Point Technique was just too damn evil, breaking it consumed an incredible amount of my energy. But now that’s it’s about to be settled, I guess it’s okay.’ Tielong strode towards Tang Zheng with large steps.

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