Chapter 38: Qiao Fei’s Retaliation Plan

Chapter 38: Qiao Fei’s Retaliation Plan

After Tang Zheng finished putting on his clothes, he walked out to see Ye Dingdang with her face slightly red. He felt that it was a bit weird so he asked: “What happened, why is your face red?”

“Nothing?” Ye Dingdang frantically covered up as she would definitely not tell him that she had personally washed his clothes and also washed his underwear. This was simply throwing away all her face and asking her to die from embarrassment.

At this moment, Ye Tianlei and Feng Siniang walked over to see their daughter’s face completely red. Feng Siniang had her suspicions as she said: “Tang Zheng, did you rest well?”

“Yes, it is late, and I should return home.”

“Tang Zheng, this time it is thanks to you for helping me with this big favor, and I do not know how to repay you.” Ye Tianlei sincerely said.

“Uncle Ye there is no need to be so polite, it took no effort at all.”

Ye Tianlei nodded his head, his heart let out a sigh, this young and he already possessed this steadfast calm. Moreover he did not expect any repayment for his actions, which really gave Tianlei a whole new level of respect towards Tang Zheng. “Tang Zheng, if in the future you ever need help just come find me. My Ye Clan owes you too much, and even if it is extremely dangerous we will not shirk from our duty.”

Ye Dingdang fiercely glared at Tang Zheng, saying internally that I have already personally washed his underwear and is that not enough?

“Uncle Ye your words are too heavy.”

“Little handsome brother, let’s go, I will send you back.” Feng Siniang said liking Tang Zheng the more she looked at him. Getting this little handsome brother to be her son-in-law was simply like picking up a gem.

Tang Zheng sat in Feng Siniang’s car, and along the whole way Feng Siniang was extremely passionate speaking about all of Ye Dingdang’s good points causing Tang Zheng to be incomparably embarrassed. Even a fool who listened would know her meaning, in the end he hurriedly stepped out of the car and Feng Siniang called out in question if he wanted to reconsider being with Ye Dingdang.

Tang Zheng hurriedly escaped, seriously unable to bare her passionate personality anymore. This added on top of Tian Chanzi who was also voicing that he should take down Ye Dingdang so that he could better adjust (balance) his true qi.

Even though Tang Zheng would occasional masturbate to the thought of being surrounded by pretty ladies, that was in the end still just masturbating. To actually have him make his dreams a reality as a bashful (shy) eighteen year old was difficult as he is unlike other experienced people who are able to do so with a clear conscience.

After Tang Zheng collected himself he thought back to the gains of the day. Even though he did not fight in a death match he still used all of his strength causing his true qi to increase a bit. However, he still had a distance as large as the sky to fill in order to reach three inches of true qi. Still, if he were to fight Ye Tianlei again in order to gain more experience it would not be as fruitful as his first battle with him.

“Could it be… that I really have to promise to fight another one of Huang Ziyang’s fighters?”

“What are you afraid of? For your grandfather even if I were to stake my life it would be alright! If we must fight then we will fight!”

Huang Ziyang sat in his villa looking at Qiao Fei sitting in front of him, deep in thought. He rocked the wine glass within his hands and said: “Qiao Fei, you haven’t came to your brother’s place in a while? How is senior year of high school?”

“Thank you, Brother Yang, for your concern, senior year is going well, but I have actually been a bit busy recently, so I have not had time to come visit you, brother.”

“Hehe, just you thinking of me is enough. I know that you will not come here without a cause so speak, what is it?”

Qiao Fei smiled and said: “It seems like I can’t hide things from Brother Yang. There is a matter I need your help with.”


“Help me eliminate someone.”

“Oh, is there someone in school who has provoked you?” Huang Ziyang asked out of curiosity. “Even with your methods, you still aren’t able to finish him off yourself?”

Qiao Fei blushed with shame as he said: “It seems like I can’t hide anything from you. Before coming, I had already thought of a plan, but I am unable to implement it.”

Huang Ziyang’s interest was piqued, don’t judge Qiao Fei by the fact that he is a high school student as he is naturally sly and cunning. Moreover he is treacherous and normal high schoolers would not be his opponent so those who he deem hard to deal with are definitely rare people.

“What kind of person is he?”

“He is one of my classmates, Tang Zheng, but I hear he is a martial artist. I know that Brother Yang has many experts under him otherwise, I would not have bothered Brother Yang.”

“Martial artist?” Huang Ziyang’s eyebrow moved, “Interesting, which family is this prince from.”

“No, he is a destitute bastard.”

“Destitute bastard?” Huang Ziyang said in disbelief, the poor study while the rich cultivate. It was simply impossible for a poor person to become a martial artist otherwise he was destined to.

“Yes, he is a destitute bastard. There is no doubt about it as he is an orphan and depends on his grandfather who raised him by picking up scraps. His grades have always been good but he became a trash, his grades falling to last place.”

“Hehe, interesting, I really want to meet him now.” He was very curious how a poor person could become a martial artist.

Qiao Fei felt joy blossom within his heart, it seems like he took the right steps and hurriedly took out a picture from his pocket and said: “Brother Yang, this person is Tang Zheng. I hope you can make him disappear from this world.”

Huang Ziyang’s eyes fell on the picture and he unconsciously let out a sound of shock: “How could it be him? Are you sure you didn’t get the wrong person?”

Qiao Fei had a stomach of doubt as he nodded his head and said: “This is the person Brother Yang. Is something the matter?”

Huang Ziyang’s thick eyebrows wrinkled together, during this period of time he himself has been investigating Tang Zheng but with no results. For Tang Zheng was not an ordinary person on the streets but a student, so Huang Ziyang was looking in the wrong direction. Of course his search would yield no results.”

“Are you sure you want to kill him?” Huang Ziyang asked in a deep voice.

Qiao Fei was scared witless by his solemn tone before nodding his head in bewilderment saying: “Yes, I am sure!”

If he didn’t kill Tang Zheng, he would not be able to shine. Moreover, seeing Fang Shishi fall into Tang Zheng’s hands caused him to not help but be worried.

“Okay, I will help you.”

Qiao Fei was slightly caught off guard not expecting Huang Ziyang to promise so easily. He was expecting him to provide conditions but this way it would save Qiao Fei some headache as he coldly laughed in his heart: “Tang Zheng, since Brother Yang is making a move you are dead for sure.”

Huang Ziyang looked at Qiao Fei with a smile that was not really a smile; his mind was plotting. He was not so kind hearted as to just randomly help someone, as he had his own plans.

Tang Zheng was young, and he had great potential. Moreover, he had the Pressure Point Technique which made Huang Ziyang very interested as he had dithered around the Sixth Grade for too long, unable to break through. Tang Zheng’s appearance, however, gave him a sort of hope.

He wanted to first inflict heavy damage on Tang Zheng and then interrogate him about his training techniques to see if they are able to help him advance in his own martial arts. Moreover another talented youth existing was not advantageous to him at all and it was better to remove him earlier than later.

He had long since thought of killing Tang Zheng, and Qiao Fei was someone who just coincidentally had the same goal as him.

Ding ling ling.

The phone rang, and Huang Ziyang picked it up to listen. After a moment a cold smile gradually arose from the corner of his mouth. Qiao Fei seeing the scene felt his heart tremble.

“Tomorrow is the date Tang Zheng will die.” Huang Ziyang said with a smile that was not a smile.

Qiao Fei said happily: “Many thanks to Brother Yang, this gratitude I will never forget.”

Huang Ziyang gave a loud laugh. The phone call was from Lin Hu who said that Tang Zheng hopes to arrange a fight for tomorrow. This could not have come at a better time for Huang Ziyang who was trying to think of a way to remove Tang Zheng. For if a fighter was to be killed on stage others would have nothing to say and more so in front of a large crowd.

Early morning, Tang Zheng looked at the teary eyed Fang Shishi feeling his heart throb as he helped her wipe away her tears and asked: “What’s the matter?”

Fang Shishi looked at him foolishly with her red eyes and said: “Tang Zheng, my mom went to find you yesterday right?”


“She must have said some very nasty words.”

Tang Zheng silently sighed, his heart saying that she really did understand her mother: “It’s alright, it’s in the past.”

“I never thought she would be like that. She went too far. She even told me not to meet you again and to break up with you.”

“Silly girl, this is a matter between the two of us and as long as the two of us have faith then who can tell us to break up.” Tang Zheng held her hands and firmly said.

“But my mom…”

“Don’t worry about it. Just let her say what she wants, it’s not like I will lose a limb or two. Moreover, I even tricked her daughter away, so it’s no big deal if she curses at me.”

Fang Shishi turned her tears into a smile as she made a heng sound then said: “Who tricked me away, you make it sound bad.”

“Haha, didn’t you get tricked by me?”

“I was willing, okay.”

“Okay, you were willing. Anyways, don’t worry about it anymore. I will take care of this matter.” Tang Zheng rubbed her head and said.

He did not really treat this matter as something of a great difficulty because like he said as long as the two had faith then other people would not be able to affect them.

“Shishi, I’m busy these few days as there are some matters I need to attend to so I won’t be able to study with you.”

“It’s okay; you go do what you have to do. Since you have recovered, then I have faith in you, but you must think of me.” Fang Shishi said charmingly.

“I will definitely think of you. I will always be thinking of you.”

Fang Shishi smiled like a flower, looking as sweet if she had just eaten honey.

Tang Zheng spent the entire day adjusting his condition as he has a fight this night. Last time he fought against a Fourth Grade Refining Body martial artist and he could not help but worry this time as he does not know who he will be fighting tonight.

Ye Dingdang occasionally turned her head to look at him, silently seeing that even in class he is training nonstop, really grabbing hold of every second of every minute. No wonder his strength improved so quickly, I should do the same too.

However, after trying for a few times she gave up as she was completely unable to calm down her heart in this clamorous environment. For training, being calm was extremely important as if one was not careful and were disturbed by their surrounding, they may suffer from qi deviation.

Tang Zheng though, seemed as if he was not in the least bit bothered by the noise and was able to sink into a state of deep cultivation. This was the aspect of him that made him different from the crowd.

“He really is a weirdo.” Ye Dingdang said helplessly, pouting her lips as she mumbled.

Even when Tang Zheng is cultivating he sits on the edge of his chair; he has his eyes closed. This makes him look opposite of someone who is studying attentively, making it impossible not to attract others attention.

Liu Qingmei swept her eyes past him and seeing him with his eyes closed as if he was sleeping she unconsciously wrinkled her eyebrows as she angrily said: “This attitude of giving up in despair really makes me feel disappointed in him.”

At this time the bell that releases the students rang, and Liu Qingmei was not in a hurry to leave so, she walked towards Tang Zheng who suddenly opened his eyes.

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