Chapter 37: Miracle Cure

Chapter 37: Miracle Cure

Tang Zheng truthfully said causing the three to appear as if they were struck by lightning. Ye Tianlei immediately became excited, his voice shook as he asked: “Tang Zheng, you really know a way?”

“Tang Zheng, you can’t speak randomly.” Ye Dingdang said with disbelief, her father had already sought out countless famous doctors but they were all hopeless in the face of his heavy injury so how could Tang Zheng possibly have a way?

She unconsciously felt that Tang Zheng was just speaking good words and felt displeased since this was an extremely serious matter, so saying random crap was pointless.

Tang Zheng solemnly nodded his head and said: “Of course I am not speaking randomly, but the only thing is that it will take up a bit of time in order to completely open the meridian.”

“No problem, as long as you can unblock my meridian no matter how long it takes it will be okay.” Ye Tianlei said agitatedly.

“When this meridian is open I believe that Uncle Ye will be able to break through the Natal realm within ten days.”

Ye Tianlei was normally a calm and collected person, acting as a role model for many but today he was like an agitated kid, his emotions going through ups and downs, completely unsettled.

“What equipment do you need? Any medicine? I will immediately tell them to prepare it.”

“No need.”

“Ah, then how will you do it?”

“I will use my energy to break through your meridian.”

The three looked at him like they just heard the craziest thing. Ye Dingdang could not resist anymore and angrily said: “Tang Zheng, what bullshit are you spouting now! You want to use your inner qi to break through my dad’s meridian? Just how strong is your inner qi that you want to accomplish such a task?”

Ye Tianlei and Feng Siniang were also both concerned as they originally thought he had some amazing skills but it was this method. If it really was able to work then they would have long since used it and there would have been no need to wait till now. Moreover, Tang Zheng’s cultivation was to low so they could not help but be doubtful.

“This group of people are unable to differentiate good from bad. Little brat, let’s not save them. Previously lots of people have begged me to help them but right now they actually dare doubt me. This is infuriating.” Tian Chanzi angrily said, unsettled.

Tang Zheng understood the others’ concerns as he calmly said: “Uncle Ye, if you believe me then we can start immediately but if not then it doesn’t matter.”

At this moment, Ye Tianlei muttered to himself then said through his teeth: “I believe you. Just use your method and whether it works or not it will be okay, so do not feel any pressure.”

Tang Zheng smiled as the others’ was still not confident.

Ye Dingdang large almond eyes stared at Tang Zheng as she said: “Tang Zheng, this is an extremely grave matter and if something happens to my dad then I would never forgive you.”

Letting others use their inner qi to heal an injury is an extremely serious matter. For if one was not careful enough they may cause further damage to the meridian. So the risk in itself was not small.

Feng Siniang stared at Ye Dingdang and said: “Dingdang since your father trusts him then we must also trust him, moreover I think that he may be able to bring about a miracle.”

“How come you two trust him so? It is completely against your nature to do such a thing. Moreover, I sit with him everyday but I do not feel that he is at all capable of healing someone.” Ye Dingdang said bursting with anger.

Tang Zheng did not feel bothered with Ye Dingdang’s doubts as the best way to dissolve one’s suspicious was to carry out their words truthfully. Therefore he found a quiet room with just him and Ye Tianlei so that he would be able to focus.

Within the quiet room the two were sitting cross legged, Tang Zheng placed a palm against Ye Tianlei’s back and a wave of hot true qi poured forth from his palm. This caused Ye Tianlei to feel his heart jump as he was surrounded by a wave of strong energy. He thought to himself, is the inner qi of a Second Grade Refining Body supposed to be this thick?

The true qi was like a dragon that charged into his meridian and quickly arrived at the closed off meridian. *ED: reminder- martial artist have ‘inner qi’ while cultivators have ‘true qi’.*

The true qi mercilessly charged on causing Ye Tianlei to let out a miserable scream as the sky spun and the earth shook. In a moment he fainted.

“Little brat, if you were to achieve the Third Grade Refining Body and can train in techniques, you would not have to use such barbaric methods to heal others. However for right now there is no other way, and he must suffer some pain.” Tian Chanzi said.

“Don’t just stand there and watch, hurry up and help.” Tang Zheng urged.

“What’s the hurry? What they said is very true just using true qi is not enough to break through the meridian. One must also use it with one’s awareness and right now I am using my awareness in tempo with you so his meridian will soon be opened.”

After he heard the words, Tang Zheng suddenly felt that Ye Tianlei’s meridian suddenly had another mysterious wave of energy within. Could this be the so called awareness?

The true qi suddenly became active and continued to strike against the clogged up meridian and after a few successive strikes a crack appeared within the clogged meridian which turned into a tiny hole. After another half hour the hole quickly became bigger until the meridian was completely opened up.

Tang Zheng let out a long breath feeling weary with his body drenched in sweat as if someone just dragged him out of the water.

“Little brat, my awareness energy is depleted. I will need to rest so do not disturb me.” Tian Chanzi exhaustedly said to him, then ceased speaking.

Ye Tianlei slowly opened his eyes, unable to restrain his emotions he loudly cried out: “It’s opened, my meridian is opened!”

Suddenly he turned around to see Tang Zheng’s weary complexion he couldn’t help but feel endless gratitude, “Tang Zheng, you really did it! Thank you!”

Tang Zheng squeezed out a thin smile and said: “No need to thank me.”

Gazhi *TL: creak sound

The door opened and Feng Siniang and Ye Dingdang both charged in. At first when they heard Ye Tianlei’s pitiful cry they had almost charged in, but in the end Feng Siniang restrained herself. However, upon hearing her husband’s cry of joy she and her daughter hurriedly rushed in.

“Tianlei, your meridian really is opened?” Feng Siniang believed in Tang Zheng but did not think that the problem that has bothered them for so many years would be solved so easily.

“Yes, my situation is completely unprecedented. This time it is all thanks to Tang Zheng.” Ye Tianlei said excited, expressing his joy in his speech.

Ye Dingdang’s face was complicated as she looked at the weary Tang Zheng and said: “Tang Zheng, I want to apologize to you as I shouldn’t have doubted you, I’m sorry.”

Tang Zheng was slightly caught off guard, hearing Ye Dingdang being so solemn he splayed his hands and said: “No need to be so polite, if I were you then I would also doubt myself.”

Ye Dingdang felt her heart relax as he was actually so magnanimous. In the end she was the one who was nearsighted and she unconsciously felt ashamed of herself.

“Little handsome brother, you are drenched in sweat. Dingdang, you take him to the shower.” Feng Siniang said with deep concern.

The two exited the room and came to a renovated mansions shower room. When Tang Zheng saw it he realized that this room was bigger than his own room. Rich people sure do know how to enjoy life.

“Hurry and take off your clothes, I will have it washed so that you can wear it later.”

“Oh, you aren’t going to go out?”

“Of course I am going to go out.” Ye Dingdang’s face turned red as she hurriedly retreated then closed the door, “When you finish taking off your clothes hand them to me outside, do you hear?”

“I hear ya.” Tang Zheng quickly took off his clothes, cracked open the door and handed them to her.

“Take your time showering, you may have to wait a bit.”

“No worries.”

As Ye Dingdang carried the clothes, a wave of sweat smell assaulted her nose and she unconsciously wrinkled her eyebrows, mumbling: “It’s full of stinky sweat.” When she arrived at the washing room, a servant came forward to take the clothes but Ye Dingdang’s heart moved and she said: “I misjudged him but he did not get angry and still helped dad open up his meridian so as an act of repayment I will wash his clothes.”

“I will do it myself.” The servant, flabbergasted, watched as she started to wash the clothes. However, since she was a child she was raised like nobility and this was the first time she had washed clothes so she was completely clueless and had no idea how. After half a day of bumbling around she still did not know how to wash the clothes causing her to be both angry and frustrated.

“Little miss, it’s better if I do it.” The servant seriously could not bear it any longer as she said with a heartache. At the same time she felt curiosity at just whose clothes were these that the little miss actually wanted to personally wash them, because his face was simply too great.

“No, you teach me and I will do it myself.” Ye Dingdang pouted, being incomparably stubborn, saying to herself that since she has set her mind to washing his clothes then she will finish the task. How could she possibly give up halfway through the task?

The servant had no choice but to teach her step by step and after she clumsily washed for half a day she gradually got used to it. Suddenly, she caught sight of underwear and her face turned as red as a ripe apple. Could it be that I have to also wash his underwear?

Any girl who has to wash a man’s underwear would find it an embarrassing matter and Ye Dingdang was not an exception.

“Little miss, let me wash it.” The servant hurriedly said, seeing her awkwardness.

“Don’t move, I will do it.” Ye Dingdang said biting her teeth, isn’t it just a single underwear, it’s not like it’s a poisonous snake, so what is there to be scared of? She feigned indifference as she swooped down to pick it up but her heart was completely different from her expression of calm as this was the piece of clothing that was closest to Tang Zheng. Moreover, it also tightly covered the most secret part of his body. Through this, it was as if she was indirectly touching Tang Zheng’s body.

“Bastard, you actually gave me your underwear to wash. Ye Dingdang, you are simply looking for trouble, why are you trying to act all kind hearted.”

Ye Tianlei and Feng Siniang sat looking at each other, their faces’ still contained expressions of disbelief as Feng Siniang said with a sigh: “Tianlei, Tang Zheng really is a miracle worker. He is only at the Refining Body stage but he can actually use the Pressure Point Technique and today he even healed your long time injury. What other miracles do you think he will bring about?”

Ye Tianlei shook his head and said: “Even I don’t know but he is a real mystery, making others unable to see through him. His martial arts is also complete and even I don’t know what martial arts it is.”

“Since he is unwilling to say more then we shouldn’t keep asking. Wait until you break through the Natal realm, then we can return to the Ye Clan in Jingchen.”

“Heng, of course we will return and take back what is mine. After all these years of holing up in Chang Heng City I already lost all hope, but I did not think that Tang Zheng would once again give me hope.” Ye Tianlei said once again getting agitated.

“So, how should we thank him?’

“Giving him money is not enough, as in the future he will not lack it.” Ye Tianlei said with worry.

“What do you think about him getting together with our Dingdang?”

Ye Tianlei was stunned as he said: “What you said the other day is true? You really intend to play the matchmaker of the two?”

“Why can’t I? This kid’s future potential is limitless and there will be a day when he will fly to the Nine Heavens like a dragon and with our Dingdang following him how could she be at a disadvantage.”

“But it’s not like you. Don’t you know Dingdang’s personality? Moreover, it’s a major event in her life so how could it only be us who makes the decision.”

“It’s you who doesn’t know Dingdang’s personality. You saw how even though she acts coldly towards Tang Zheng, there seems to be contradictions between them. He has already attracted her gaze, so I think there is hope for it.”

“Let this matter take its nature course. You should not interfere in it.” Ye Tianlei pondered a bit then warned.

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