Chapter 36: The Might of a Ninth Grade Pre-Natal Martial Artist

Chapter 36: The Might of a Ninth Grade Pre-Natal Martial Artist

Seeing Ye Tianlei’s solemn look, Tang Zheng was sure that he was not joking and could not help but he momentarily stunned. Ye Tianlei actually wanted him to protect Ye Dingdang.

Ye Dingdang acted as if she had heard the funniest joke under heaven and angrily jumped up, saying: “No, he is not that good. Based on just what can he protect me?”

“Dingdang, stop clamoring!” Ye Tianlei deeply said, “Even though Tang Zheng’s martial arts level isn’t as high as yours, his actual battle strength is not any weaker. Do not forget that if it wasn’t for him you would have died by the assassin’s hands.”

“Heng, it was just because he was lucky, that’s it.” Ye Dingdang said unwilling to admit defeat, “Moreover, he is only a First grade Refining Body and he wants to protect me. If others heard this aren’t you afraid that they may laugh.”

“Actually, I have entered the Second grade Refining Body.” Tang Zheng weakly corrected.

Ye Tianlei happily raised his eyebrows and asked: “You broke through?”

“Yes, I broke through not long ago.”

“Good, congratulations.”

“What’s so good about that? Even if he just broke through he is still just a Second grade Refining Body martial artist while I am a Fourth grade Refining Body martial artist.” Ye Dingdang pridefully said.

“What do you understand? How long has Tang Zheng trained and how long have you trained?” Feng Siniang mercilessly said.

Ye Dingdang was immediately dumbstruck and speechless. Based on what Tang Zheng said he has only cultivated for a few months and in these few months he has already reached the Second grade Refining Body. This means his future potential is simply too great.”

It must be known that Ye Dingdang’s potential is also not bad, but after ten years of training she has only reached the Fourth grade Refining Body. The two martial artist were simply comparing the heavens to the earth.

Ye Tianlei and Feng Siniang looked at each other, further strengthening their will to rope in Tang Zheng. Feng Siniang said: “Little handsome brother, don’t listen to Dingdang’s blind words. We really want you to help protect Dingdang since the enemy is strong and we are powerless to constantly protect Dingdang from danger.”

Ye Dingdang made a grunting noise but did not dare refute.

Tang Zheng fell into deep thought then looked at Ye Dingdang’s pouting face, even though he doesn’t have many interactions with her he still admired her straightforward nature. If there were bad people who dared to make a move under his eyes he would most definitely not sit there without caring.

“Okay, I promise you guys but like Ye Dingdang said, my martial arts level is not high and if an opponent is too strong for me to handle then I can make no guarantees.”

“Thank you.” Ye Tianlei and his wife said, expressing their joy, “No need to undervalue yourself for you have the Pressure Point Technique and just this point is enough to catch others off guard. We actually only hope that you are able to gain a bit of time for us to rush over so Ye Dingdang would not be in any great danger.”

Tang Zheng nodded his head, if the opponent was to strong then trying to defeat the opponent was unrealistic but if it was simply to stall for time then he was pretty confident in himself.

Ye Dingdang pouted, her eyes looking at them in dissatisfaction, thinking that she is strong enough and does not need another person’s protection.

“Tang Zheng, we will not make you work for free so here is a reward of two hundred thousand yuans.” Ye Tianlei said handing over a large bag.

Tang Zheng hesitated for a moment but did not reject as this was the reward he earned.

“Two hundred thousand yuans, that much?” Ye Dingdang speechlessly said.

“Compared to your life, is two hundred thousand yuans a lot?” Feng Siniang said without any good feelings.

Ye Dingdang was left speechless.

Feng Siniang silently let out a sigh, how come this little girl was so stupid? Last time Tang Zheng saved you we didn’t even give him a proper thanks and now this is our way of saying thanks.

“Tang Zheng, since you are already at the Second grade Refining Body stage why don’t we compare notes?” Ye Tianlei he said his blood boiling.

Tang Zheng felt his heart move as he said: “Okay!”

“Hey, Tang Zheng you are just a Second grade Refining Body, my dad is a Ninth grade Pre-Natal martial artist, this difference is simply too big, you are completely unable to compare.” Ye Dingdang incredulously said.

Tang Zheng nodded his head and said: “Of course I know that Uncle Ye’s strength far surpasses mine but it is exactly for this reason that I want to compare notes with him. It is only by fighting against experts that I am able to better comprehend my own strength and make improvements.”

Ye Tianlei’s eyes flashed with a praising look, not arrogant and not hot-tempered, moreover this unyielding attitude could not help but make others praise, as he said: “Dingdang, do you hear, in the future you have to learn more from Tang Zheng. One of the reason why he can increase his martial arts at such godly speeds is because of his attitude.”

Ye Dingdang stuck out her tongue unwilling to admit defeat.

The training room was a spacious area with all four corners lined with different types of weapons, dazzling those who saw it.

“Tang Zheng do you need any weapons?” Ye Tianlei asked.

“No need.” The Heaven Gathering Hand does not require a weapon.

“Okay, then let us begin, you attack.” Ye Tianlei casually stood there as if to open himself up to attack but upon a closer inspection one would discover that his whole body had completely no openings.

Tang Zheng still clearly remembered the few moves which Ye Tianlei used to deal with the assassin, hence he did not reject and decided to try to gain the advantage by attacking first. His hand struck out like a tiger descending from the mountains, attacking straight towards Ye Tianlei.

Ye Tianlei did not avoid nor did he need to avoid, he merely wanted to test Tang Zheng’s martial arts prowess and also wanted to deduct from his sequence of attacks what sect his master came from.

In an instant the two had exchanged at least ten moves, the Heaven Gathering Hand was both swift and savage, moreover it acted like an interweaving net that completely enclosed Ye Tianlei within itself. True, it would be easy for Ye Tianlei to escape from the net but he did not do so. For even with his energy restricted he allowed himself to be trapped and started to fight against Tang Zheng.

The two flashed around, attacking nonstop, avoiding nonstop, looking like two beautiful butterflies dancing lightly and gracefully, yet this dance also gave off a sense of incomparable danger.

Feng Siniang’s eye revealed amazement as she clicked her tongue in praise: “This little handsome brother knows when to advance and when to retreat. Moreover, this set of martial arts technique can be used both offensively or defensively, as if it was a prestigious sect’s secret art.”

Ye Dingdang completely retracted her heart full of contempt as this was the second time she had truly seen Tang Zheng display his skills and it was clearly stronger than the last time.

“How does he train? How come I can not tell that he has the strength of a Second grade Refining Body martial artist?” Ye Dingdang could not help but say with a sigh.

“This is the mysteriousness of practicing martial arts. Even though he is only at the Second grade Refining Body, his martial art skills are superior. This causes him to be stronger than a normal Second grade Refining Body, even allowing him to reach the strength of a Third grade Refining Body.” Feng Siniang explained.

The two’s fight had already reached an extremely intense level and Tang Zheng’s true qi was revolving at its fastest speed, his pores were wide open and his head had already started to release steam. In this battle, Tang Zheng was fighting to his heart’s content completely using all of what he had learned.

Suddenly, he found an opportunity and straightened up his body, a fist struck out like a cannon and charged towards Ye Tianlei, while his other fist that stuck by his body upon getting close to the enemy, also struck out like lightning.

Pressure Point Technique!

He finally used the Pressure Point Technique, his hand accurately striking Ye Tianlei’s body. The move was successful but suddenly before he had any opportunity to feel satisfaction, a wave of energy poured forth pushing his hand out. At this moment, Ye Tianlei’s fist arrived in front of his face, bringing with it a cold wind that stung Tang Zheng’s cheeks, as if it was a knife thrust (cut).

The fist came to an abrupt stop as Ye Tianlei stopped. Tang Zheng had lost!

“Wa, dad, you won. You are the best.” Ye Dingdang said with joy running over.

Tang Zheng cupped his hand and said: “Uncle Ye purposefully restricted his strength and I still am not his opponent.”

Ye Tianlei’s face looked unsettlingly at Tang Zheng before he finally lightly shook his head and said: “You already did very well. Did you know that when you used the Pressure Point Technique just then I was momentarily unable to move? It was only after my inner qi forcibly broke through the pressure point that I was able to regain my mobility and was able to strike back.”

“What?” Feng Siniang could not help but exclaim, “Tianlei, you are a Ninth grade Pre-Natal martial artist and his Pressure Point Technique was actually effective against you?”

“Yes, so his inner qi must be very mysterious. Your teacher must have come from a famous sect, if there is ever an opportunity I would really like to meet your master and see just which expert he is.”

Tang Zheng embarrassedly said: “Uncle Ye over compliments me, if it wasn’t for you going easy on me then my insignificant talent would be completely useless and I would not be able to last that long.”

“No, I believe that if you keep working hard your future potential will be limitless and you will go farther than me, breaking into the Pre-Natal stage, achieving the Innate Stage, and becoming a real expert.

“Innate Stage?”

“Yes, there is a watershed between the Pre-Natal and Natal stage. For martial artist who are able to step into the Natal stage are able to step into a whole new world with its own mysteries. However, no matter how hard I work, these past few years I can only dither around the doorstep and am unable to step past.” Ye Tianlei said with incomparable regret.

“Little brat, Ye Tianlei’s martial arts has already reached a plateau. However, the thing is one of his meridians is obstructed as he probably suffered an injury in the past preventing him from being able to break through. Tian Chanzi suddenly said.

“Do you have a method?”


“What’s the method?”

“You and I need to combine energy and use your true qi to aid him in breaking through this meridian and in less than ten days he will have reached the Natal Stage.”

Tang Zheng felt his heart move as he asked: “Uncle Ye, did you previously receive a heavy injury?”

Ye Tianlei felt his hair stand on ends as he curiously asked: “How did you know?”

Ye Dingdang disdainfully cast her lips aside and said: “He must be guessing randomly.”

Feng Siniang glared at her and suddenly turned to look at Tang Zheng as Ye Tianlei’s injury was not something many people knew yet Tang Zheng somehow guessed correctly.

Tang Zheng pondered for a moment then said: “Just then when we were comparing notes, I felt that some of Uncle Ye’s move had a bit of stagnation seeming as if you had injured one of your meridians hence my question.”

Ye Tianlei and Feng Siniang looked at each other, both unable to contain the shock they were feeling. For Tang Zheng was able to discern so many things just by comparing notes, showing that he had the eyes of a great scholar. Little did they know that Tang Zheng’s mind had a cultivators consciousness within.

“Tang Zheng, I previously said that you would surely surpass me in strength but right now I am sure that you will.” Ye Tianlei seriously said.

Ye Dingdang stared foolishly as she had never heard her father compliment someone so highly, even she had not received such compliments causing her to unconsciously feel jealousy towards Tang Zheng. Was he really that strong? How come she couldn’t tell.

Tang Zheng ashamedly shook his head: “Uncle Ye over compliments me.”

Tian Chanzi grunted and said: “Of course you will surpass him. If you aren’t able to surpass him then where would I place my dignity.”

“...” Tang Zheng was speechless, Tian Chanzi sure was confident in him.

“Little handsome brother since you are able to see that Tianlei’s meridian is injured do you mayhaps have a method of solving this problem?” Feng Siniang asked cautiously.

In reality even she felt that this notion was funny: to actually ask one of the younger generation this question was clearly looking for the impossible as even they were unable to solve it.

“I do!”

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