Chapter 35: Marketing One’s Own Daughter

Chapter 35: Marketing One’s Own Daughter

Tang Zheng was flabbergasted and doubted himself if he had misheard, but seeing Feng Siniang’s serious face he was sure that she was not joking.

It must be known that a daughter knows her mother well and Ye Dingdang completely did not doubt the truthfulness of these words. She was clearer than anyone that Feng Siniang would say such words, and she simply wished for nothing more than to find a crevice and burrow into it, as she agitatedly roared: “Feng Siniang, what are you blabbering about?”

“Who’s blabbering, I’m speaking the truth. Little handsome brother, what do you think of my suggestion? Just look at our family’s Dingdang, if you want cheeks, she’s got them, if you want breast… eh, in a few years they will naturally appear. Moreover, this mother-in-law is extremely reasonable and will most definitely not make it difficult for you.” Feng Siniang enticingly said acting like a child trafficker trying to lure a child.

Tang Zheng did not know whether to cry or laugh, and he was left completely speechless.

“Are you that… Feng Siniang?” She Mengqin finally came back to her senses, a hundred different feelings welled up within herself as she looked at Feng Siniang.

“Could there be a second Feng Siniang in Chang Heng City?” Feng Siniang asked in return.

She Mengqin was dumbstruck and speechless, her heart was overwhelmed with turmoil as she had previously heard of Feng Siniang’s name, which was honestly too big. This was especially true for her husband’s family, the Ye Clan, which normal people can’t afford to provoke. The Fang Family can’t even be compared to the Ye Clan, moreover it was said that Feng Siniang was temperamental and loved to make trouble without reason. If one gave her a reason they would definitely not be able to handle the results.

She felt that she should not stay any longer in this place and hurriedly made for the car to leave but Feng Siniang’s body flashed and she stopped in front of the door and said: “Yo, we haven’t finished talking and you want to leave already.”

“What are you trying to do?” She Mengqin asked without confidence.

“Didn’t you say that you don’t want Tang Zheng as your son-in-law? Well I think he is great and want him to be my son-in-law. In the future please do not bother him anymore, otherwise I will be very angry. Do you understand me? Feng Siniang said with all smiles.

She Mengqin felt her heart go cold, for legend has it that the anger of Feng Siniang increased the happier she smiled, and at that time it is the most dangerous. Whoever is there at that time should retreat as fast as possible otherwise when they meet the Yama King of Hell they would not even know how they died.

She Mengqin decided to make a strategic withdrawal and hurriedly said: “If you want him to be your son-in-law, I do not mind, as long as he does not bother my daughter in the future anymore.”

“Hehe, relax, he's my son-in-law so of course he would not go bother your daughter. Since my daughter is so outstanding how could he possibly care for your daughter? So you stop bothering him.”

“No.” Tang Zheng finally found the opportunity to speak.

“What do you mean no?” Feng Siniang asked, “What opinion do you have to raise, I am a very open minded mother-in-law.”

Tang Zheng did not know whether to cry or smile but he must be clear otherwise the waters will become even muddier.

“Aunty Feng, right now I am seeing Feng Shishi and we are in a relationship.”

“I know, but her mom disagrees so you should just leave it. You see how good our family’s Dingdang is, she completely cannot be compared with that little girl surnamed Fang.” Feng Siniang like before did not forget to market her own daughter.

Ye Dingdang wanted nothing more than to tunnel down into a crevice. With this kind of weird mom, it was simply angering her to the point of losing ten years of her life.

“But this matter can’t be forced. Moreover, me and Fang Shishi’s matter is between the two of us and others can not interfere.” Tang Zheng resolutely said.

She Mengqin did not expect Tang Zheng to be so resolute and fiercely glared at him, but Tang Zheng remained unmoved.

“Ai, you sure are a foolish child, but the other family do not like you. Do you know how much pain and hardship you will suffer later? A mother-in-law is really a scary creature!”

“I am not afraid, since I am the one who chose this path, no matter how bitter it is I will continue to walk onwards.”

“You have spirit.” Feng Siniang stuck up her thumb, “Right now there are few people who have as much spirit as this little handsome brother and for this reason I like you even more. This will not work; I will not let other people have you. For my daughter’s future happiness, I will definitely not let such a good son-in-law escape. The person from the Fang family, speak, how should we deal with this so that you are willing to promise to cut off the relationship between your daughter and Tang Zheng?”

“I couldn’t hope for anything more than for them to immediately cut off all ties.” She Mengqin said. Even though she was not clear why Feng Siniang was so intent upon Tang Zheng, she seriously did not have a single feeling of goodwill towards him. She also did not want to further mix with the Ye Clan.

“Haha, did you hear that, so little handsome brother, don’t hesitate anymore. It would be better if you get together with my family’s Dingdang. You will definitely find happiness and have many children together if you do so.” Feng Siniang smiled as brightly as a flower.

“Feng Siniang, if you keep talking I will never listen to you anymore.” Ye Dingdang was finally unable to stand it any longer and exploded out.

“Fine fine, I won’t say anymore, you silly brat, you’re really stupid, your mother is trying to fight for your happiness and you actually don’t know good from bad. Never mind, since this is your younger generations matter I will not interfere. Hey, you can leave now.”

She Mengqin let out a big breath in relief and hurriedly entered the car, yet she could not resist the temptation to turn back and look at Tang Zheng. Looking at him up and down but not finding the least bit of peculiarity. Even so she did not intend to rest, and internally she felt thankful that Wu Cuihong notified her of the news. In the future she will have to carefully monitor her daughter so that the little brat won’t have any chances.”

“Little handsome brother, don’t worry about others, come, let’s go to my house to eat. Today, I personally cooked and made a whole table of delicious delicacies.” Feng Siniang passionately said.

“Feng Siniang, today you personally cooked?” Ye Dingdang acted as if she had heard something scary.

“Of course, my cooking skills is very good.”

“Then I won’t eat, if your food doesn’t poison others to death then it can be considered good. You actually dare to make food for Tang Zheng, do you want to make him die?”

Tang Zheng awkwardly said: “Ye Dingdang, Aunty’s cooking can’t be as bad as you make it out to be right? You shouldn’t frighten others so with your words.”

“Right, right, right, this little handsome brother is knowledgeable, don’t listen to this silly little girl blabber. All she thinks about is ways to slander me.” Feng Siniang smilingly said.

“Heng, is this how you repay all my kindness? Be careful that you don’t eat yourself to death.” Ye Dingdang said without any good feeling.

Feng Siniang rolled her eyes and said: “Little handsome brother, you see how much our family’s Dingdang care for you, even going as far as to go against me. Ai, so this is the so called good wife and loving mother ah, I will need to reconsider my previous suggestion.”

“I…” Tang Zheng stared foolishly.

“Feng——Si——Niang!” Ye Dingdang was on the fringe of exploding.

“Fine, I won’t speak anymore. I will drive, stop screaming at me and let me focus on driving.”

The car quickly arrived in front of the Ye Clan’s house and even though this was his second time here he still felt shocked.

“Little Tang, you came.” Ye Tianlei said with all smiles in greeting, losing the solemnness he had on their first meeting and with a bit of benevolence instead.

“Uncle Ye, how are you?”

“No need to be so reserved. Today we are having a feast so everyone can eat a big meal and chat. Also, how is your Grandfather right now?”

“He is still in the hospital.”

“If you need anything just say the word.”

“I know, thank you.” Tang Zheng silently sighed, thinking if you really could help me then I would have sought you out. However, the key point is that others aren’t able to help me and I am the only one who can successfully refine the Life Continuing Pill to save my Grandfather.

“Come come come, let’s eat, we can eat first then talk.” Feng Siniang invited everyone over to the dining room, revealing a sumptuous table full of food.

Ye Dingdang let out a sigh of relief and said: “Feng Siniang, so you lied to me. What a relief, this isn’t the food you made.”

“Who said I didn’t make it?” Feng Siniang said unwilling to give up.

“If you are able to make such delicious food then the sun will rise from the west.”

“Ye Dingdang, you just continue criticizing me.”

“Alright, let’s eat, this table of food is indeed made with your mother’s contribution, as she did cook.”

“Now do you know?” Feng Siniang said with satisfaction.

Ye Dingdang stuck out her tongue and mumbled: “What did I say, you weren’t the only one who cooked.”

When the Ye Clan ate they rarely spoke and just silently ate. Tang Zheng likewise buried himself in his food with Feng Siniang occasionally putting some food into his bowl.

After dinner, Ye Dingdang personally made tea for the four to drink, her skill was smooth and natural, she had completely drawn in her vivacious attitude and became calm like the surface of a lake without the slightest ripple.

Tang Zheng was inwardly astonished not thinking that Ye Dingdang had this side to her.

Ye Tianlei seemingly to see through his doubts, explained: “As a child Dingdang was very active like a boy, but since she is after all a girl I had her learn the art of making tea since she was young. It is only during the time that she makes tea that she can calm down and act like a girl.”

“Dad, who would speak so poorly of their own daughter.” Ye Dingdang said with a playful pout.

Ye Tianlei smiled but did not comment.

“What your dad said is right, you act erratic the whole day so how are you like a lady.” Feng Siniang said.

“Feng Siniang, if you keep slandering me then I won’t make you tea.”

“Fine, I won’t speak anymore, drink the tea, drink the tea.” Feng Siniang said with all smiles.

Seeing how this family interacted his heart felt exceptionally tranquil but he also felt a bit of envy. For since he was young he only had his grandfather and no other familial affections, so seeing Ye Dingdang’s relationship with her parents could only be something he hoped for but cannot demand for. Tang Zheng would often think back to how his own parents could be so heartless as to abandon him because if he had not met his Grandfather then he might have long since went to meet the Yama King of Hell.

“Tang Zheng, you should still remember the battle at Chang Heng Mountain, well I want to tell you that the assassin died.”

“Died?” Tang Zheng felt his heart clench. Could it be that the assassin was killed by the Ye Clan?

“I did not kill him, but he in fact killed himself. These kind of assassins long since give no thought to life or death and see how he could not escape chose to sever his own arteries.” Ye Tianlei explained.

“Did you find out who he was?” Tang Zheng asked in curiosity as the other was a Sixth grade Refining Body martial artist and would most definitely not be a normal person.

“The important question is not who he is but who is behind him that wants to harm Ye Dingdang.” Ye Tianlei said while looking at ye Dingdang. Ye Dingdang then put down the teacup and said: “Dad, it doesn’t matter who it is, I am not afraid.”

Ye Tinalei nodded his head and said: “I, Ye Tianlei’s, daughter would of course not be afraid of those evil men but it is easy to dodge the spear in the open but hard to dodge the stab in the back. This time they have failed and maybe things will temporarily calm down but I fear that they may make a comeback soon.

“Since Feng Siniang sends and picks me up every day then she can protect me.”

Feng Siniang shook her head: “Daughter, of course I am able to protect you when you are with me, but you spend most of the day at school and I cannot possibly always be there for you. It is during your time at school that you are in the most danger.”

“Then what should I do, I can’t possibly not go to school.”

“Of course not, our Ye Clan’s people cannot be so scared of our enemies that we are afraid to step outside our doors since if others hear of this then wouldn’t we be laughingstocks.” Ye Tianlei said his eyes falling on Tang Zheng as he gently said: “We are currently trying to find a way to ensure your safety during school. Tang Zheng, you know the Pressure Point Technique, so I hope you will be able to protect Dingdang in school.”

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