Chapter 34: Mother-In-Law Snatching Her Son-In-Law

Chapter 34: Mother-In-Law Snatching Her Son-In-Law

Early morning, Tang Zheng looked at Qiao Fei in the distance getting out from his luxury car, arrogant and surrounded by his lackey. He fiercely gnashed his teeth but did not charge straight up to hit him because that would be pointless. If he wanted revenge then he must succeed in one strike and make Qiao Fei fall from his aloof and high position into an abyss. Simply beating him up was giving him the easy way out.

“Does Qiao Fei have any mortal weaknesses?”

Qiao Fei was one of the teacher’s favorite students. Additionally, his grades were good, he was also ranked at the top academically and his family was well-off. His father was even one of the school’s board members, so trying to strike him down was definitely not an easy task.

“I must not act with undue haste and must act step by step. My top priority is to raise my cultivation level and save my Grandfather. For now I will let Qiao Fei live for a few more days.

Tang Zheng turned his head and leisurely walked over to welcome Fang Shishi, her face had a hint of blush as she sweetly smiled at him. Unconsciously reminding him of last night’s charming and gentle scene.

The two held hands and entered the campus, and this scene just happened to be seen by Qiao Fei who felt anger burn within himself. He wanted nothing more than to charge straight up and break the two apart but he knew that this was a pointless action.

“Qiao Fei, this warm and romantic scene is simply marvelous right?” Gao Dazhi walked over and asked with a cold smile.

Rage flashed through Qiao Fei’s eyes as he said: “Gao Dazhi, what cynical remarks are you making. Do not think that just because he is with Fang Shishi that you can sleep peacefully. I heard that Ye Dingdang treats him better than she treats you.”

Gao Dazhi coldly heng: “Ye Dingdang will one day know how great I am.”

“Stop trying to comfort yourself, I have a way to go against him. Do you want to know what it is?”

“Tang Zheng in Class 7 is becoming more popular so how could you have any methods to go against him? If you have a method then I would very much want to chop him to pieces.”

Gao Dazhi could not help but remember the scene where Tang Zheng humiliated him in public, causing him to hate Tang Zheng to the bones. However, the Class 7 of today was not the Class 7 of before and several people did not fear him anymore, making him angry but unable to do anything about it.

This was all caused by Tang Zheng. As long as he can chase him away then he will be able to recover the might he had in the olden days.

“Chop him to pieces?” Qiao Fei’s gazes clashed, as he mumbled “That’s a pretty good idea.”

Gao Dazhi’s whole body turned cold as he unconsciously shivered and said: “You are saying…. To kill him?” Saying this he made a motion of slitting one’s throat.

Qiao Fei looked in the distant at the disappearing silhouette of Fang Shishi and Tang Zheng, smiling but not answering.

“Tang Zheng, I’m really sorry but today after school is out I need to first go home. My mom called me back home to eat dinner so I will be unable to study with you today.” At Class 1 entrance, Fang Shishi unwillingly said.

“It’s alright, there will be more chances in the future.”

“En, thank you, you are really good and obedient. Next time I will reward you.” After Fang Shishi finished speaking she vivaciously bounced into the classroom and Tang Zheng unconsciously thought back to the kiss from last night and felt his heart beat, pengpai.

“Yo, seeing that excited face of yours, radiating happiness. Don’t tell me you did something naughty.” Ye Dingdang’s voice rang out with interest as Tang Zheng sat down.

Tang Zheng gave an embarrassed smile and said: “Why would you think that, you must be seeing things.”

“Tang Zheng, don’t blame me for pouring ice water on you but the Fang family is not an ordinary family. You and Fang Shishi won’t have smooth sailings.” Ye Dingdang said.

“I am not afraid of hardship after all if I don’t go through thick and thin then how would I be able to see the rainbow?” Tang Zheng said with confidence in himself.

“Right, Boss, I support you.” Feng Yong came up, “Our boss is not a normal person, right? In the future his accomplishment will be greater than everybody else, so the Fang Family is the one getting the benefit.”

“Haha, you sure are confident in him.”

“That is of course since he is my boss then I have confidence in him. My, Feng Yong’s boss, is not idle.” Feng Yong said with glory, “Then again if the Fang Family does not have eyes, even if you, Ye Dingdang, want to chase after boss then I think that you two as a couple are pretty suitable for each other.”

“Fatty Feng, do you want a beating?” Ye Dingdang stared with her almond shaped eyes, raising her fist.

Feng Yong laughed, heihei, and slipped away just like a mud fish.

Tang Zheng awkwardly said: “Don’t listen to his blind words.”

“Of course I won’t listen to his blind words, me and you? Heng, you aren’t even as strong as I am so why would I want you? I, Ye Dingdang, want to find a man who’s able to support both the heaven and earth. One’s whose martial arts skills are comparable to mine.” Ye Dingdang said in a solemn vow.

“Tang Zheng, my dad told me to ask if you have time tonight because he wants me to invite you to our house to eat dinner.” Ye Dingdang said.

“He wants to invite me to dinner? Is something the matter?”

“He said there is a matter he wants to discuss with you. However, I am not sure what it is as he was being all secretive about it, which is really annoying.”

“Alright.” Tang Zheng promised. Towards Ye Tianlei and Feng Siniang he did not have any bad feelings towards them. Moreover last time Feng Siniang specifically went to the police station to rescue him.

“Then we will leave together once school is out, Feng Siniang will come pick us up.”

The atmosphere of Class 7 was good, making the teachers shocked and to believe they entered the wrong room. The mischievous students actually became eager students who wanted to learn. This new was quickly dispersed around campus causing several people to be puzzled. Was the sun coming out from the west?

But several other people were silently cursing saying that this was an act and that in several days Class 7 will revert back to its original behavior. That it was hard to change one’s nature.

After school was let out Tang Zheng and Ye Dingdang exited the campus. Feng Siniang was not there yet but another car stopped in front of Tang Zheng and a dark big man stepped out, arrogantly saying: “Tang Zheng, our madam requests to see you.”

“Who is your house’s madam?”

“You will naturally know when you get there.”

Tang Zheng wrinkled his eyebrows and said: “I do not know any madam and will not enter your car.”

Ye Dingdang’s brain churned and she had an idea of the situation.

“You will have to go even if you don’t want to, the decision is not yours.” The big man unquestionably said, reaching forward to grab at Tang Zheng’s arms.

Tang Zheng instinctively charged forward, his shoulder crashing into the others chest sending the big man retreating two steps and almost hitting the car, his face abruptly changed.


“I already said that I do not recognize any madam so do not provoke me.” Tang Zheng said unhappily as the others arrogant attitude caused him to feel annoyed.

“So you are Tang Zheng? You have quite a bit of guts.” The car’s backdoor abruptly opened and a voice drifted over.

Tang Zheng clearly saw that person seated inside was a graceful and luxuriously dressed housewife. It was also evident that she was a beauty during her youth.

Tang Zheng’s heart moved as he guessed at the others identity since she had the same bearings as Fang Shishi.

“You are Shishi’s mother?”

She was Fang Shishi’s mother, She Mengqin, and she expressionlessly nodded her head. She got out of the car and went straight to the point saying: “Tang Zheng, today I came because I want to discuss your relationship with my daughter.”

Tang Zheng had an ominous premonition but he still maintained the respect of the younger generation and nodded his head, saying: “Aunty please speak.”

“Don’t call me aunty, you and I are not related.” She Mengqin coldly and expressionlessly said.

Tang Zheng awkwardly did not know how to reply.

“Long story short, you will stay away from Shishi. You and her are not people of the same world. Do you hear me?” She Mengqin ruthlessly said resolutely and decisively.

Tang Zheng suddenly froze, he did not think that the other would come to break them apart, so he gnashed his teeth not saying a word.

“You are not worthy of my daughter.” Seeing the unwillingness on Tang Zheng’s face, She Mengqin continued to speak.

“May I ask if you are finished?” Tang Zheng asked repressing his anger.

“You want to continue bothering my daughter?” She Mengqin’s two eyebrows deeply furrowed, “I know people like you who want to fly up into the air but let me tell you. You are wrong, my Fang Family is not that easy to enter and your hopes are simply too extravagant. You have no hope of succeeding.”

“This matter is between Shishi and me, others can not make a decision for us.” Tang Zheng expressionlessly looked at her then added: “Even if you are her mom you can not.”

“Obstinately pursuing the wrong path, heng, it seems like you wholeheartedly want to climb into our Fang Family. So young yet so devious, simply too frightening, but the one you are facing is me so how could I let you succeed.” She Mengqin arrogantly said.

“Yo, Fang Family eh, how frightening. Just hearing this can scare others to death.” Suddenly, another woman’s voice rang out, it was Feng Siniang who leisurely walked over, “Just how strong is the Fang Family? Are they able to casually gather clouds and make it rain? How come I have never heard that the Fang Family has such a capability?”

“Who are you?” She Mengqin slightly squinted her eyes, her illuminated eyes fell on Feng Siniang. She Mengqin was a person from a big household so her eyes were discerning, from Feng Siniang’s speech and her mannerism she was able to see that she was definitely not an ordinary person.”

“Hehe, who I am is not important. The important thing is that the Fang Family is not as powerful as you make it out to be and is also not as unreachable as you say.” Feng Siniang said with ridicule.

“What do you know?” She Mengqin disdainfully said, “The Fang Family's strength is not something you can see through.”

Feng Siniang shook her head and said: “Those truly powerful big families have no need to show off, nor do they need to be appear all that powerful. In the recent years the Fang Family has been flourishing but from the beginning to now the inside is still lacking as can be seen from this madam. Ai, this really makes one feel disappointment.”

She Mengqin felt her heart clench and even though her opponent was not ordinary she was unwilling to swallow this and prepared to refute when she heard Feng Siniang say: “You think that little handsome brother Tang Zheng is trying to take advantage of your daughter. I do not think so, some people’s potential can not be seen through by such debased people like you. Your view is simply too shortsighted.”

Saying this her gaze fell upon Tang Zheng’s body as she smilingly asked: “Little handsome brother, since other people look down on you then there is no need to bustle up to them. How about you and my Dingdang get together? I personally think you two are a good match, simply a pair destined by the heaven and earth, what do you think?

Feng Siniang had an earnest expression, clearly showing that she was not joking. This causing She Mengqin to temporarily freeze then to smile in disdain: “Haha, you dare say others view is short and you yourself stand tall and see all. Okay, you want to push your daughter into a fire pit, then please by all means, I will not participate in this matter.”

Feng Siniang acted as if she could not hear the mocking, her burning gaze still on Tang Zheng as she urged: “Little handsome brother, don’t stand in a daze, hurry and answer me.”

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