Chapter 33: The Truth Comes To Light

Chapter 33: The Truth Comes To Light

Tang Zheng stood in a daze, that soft and clear touch lingered in his heart.

When he turned his head to her he discovered she’d also quickly turned away, her face red down to her neck.

“This is your surprise?” Tang Zheng asked.

Fang Shishi secretly stole a glance and said: “You are not allowed to speak of this. Since you are already recovered then I will not help you review anymore.” Finishing her words she made to run.

But how could Tang Zheng allow her to succeed? He reached out to grab her hand, pulling her into his embrace.

“What are you doing?” She snuggled up in his embrace, timidly asking just like a helpless little cat.

“What do you think I am doing?” Tang Zheng naughtily laughed.

Fang Shishi heart was beating chaotically, not daring to look at him as she hurriedly lowered her head and said: “Naughty Boy, you are not allowed to do naughty things.”

“Since you called me a naughty boy then if I don’t do anything bad wouldn’t it be an injustice?”

“You smooth talker.” Fang Shishi said shyly, ashamed of showing her face yet she couldn’t help but feel a bit of anticipation at what was about to happen.

Tang Zheng’s heart was overwhelmed with emotion as he lifted up her chin, his intelligent and bright eyes stared into her, full of affection. Those small lips of hers were like the most enticing delicacy in the world, attracting him over to get a taste.

He slowly lowered his head towards her. Fang Shishi seeing his face coming closer, her body became tense as she tightly clasped both hands while her breathing became faster as if her heart felt like it would leap out of her throat at any moment. She found herself slowly closing her eyes as she lifted up her neck.

This one second felt like it was an eternity, as if time itself froze. The two could hear each other’s heartbeat.

Dong dong dong!

The sound of footsteps rang out. Someone was coming.

Tang Zheng was momentarily stunned and Fang Shishi was like a frightened little kitten jumping out of his embrace. Her face a deep red she ran away as if she was flying: “Tang Zheng, today’s study will end here, see you tomorrow.”

Tang Zheng looked at the doctor coming up the stairs in annoyance, wishing for nothing more than to kick him down the stairs. He helplessly sighed but did not return back to his grandfather’s room, instead choosing to leave the hospital and disappearing off into the night.

Deng Maocai strode out of the bar, his face red as he carried within his hand a leather bag filled with hundred dollar bills. The night wind blew, clearing up his tipsy mind as he thought highly of himself, blowing a whistle.

“Heihei, I raked in quite the haul tonight. When this daddy makes a move if no blood is shed then who the f*ck would hire me. In this society one not only needs money, but also authority in order to be a granddaddy.”

Even though he messed around in the government and used his position for personal gains, there were countless others who did the same in the country. So much so that it became omnipresent within society.

Deng Maocai suddenly thought of Qiao Fei and his expression darkened: “F*cken shit, it really is true that the wealthier you are the stingier you will be, actually not giving the money you promised to this daddy. You rely on the fact that this daddy is a boss and you don’t put me in your eyes. There will be a day when you will come begging this daddy and then I will get back all the money and interest combined.”

He sat inside a police car and prepared to go home. Even though it was a car from the police station, it was turned into his personal car after a long time of personal use. There was not a single person who dared to utter a sound of complaint.

But once he thought back to the old woman waiting at home his interest died down, “It has been awhile since I went to the hussy’s place, so tonight is the perfect time to go vent my energy.”

The police car charged through an apartment area. He stopped the car and climbed the stairs in big steps, entering into a room.

Tang Zheng had been following behind, but seeing the closed door he was placed in an awkward situation. He was able to completely grasp Deng Maocai’s movement was all due to Lin Hu’s help.

Tang Zheng followed Deng Maocai with the intent of finding out who the real culprit that framed him was. However, he thought that if he were to directly confront Deng Maocai he would for sure not tell. Therefore Tang Zheng wanted to find evidence of him committing a crime and then use that evidence to threaten him into confessing.

This place was definitely not Deng Maocai’s home and coming somewhere in the middle of the night means that he was doing something that could not be revealed. So Tang Zheng would watch and wait, not letting this this rare opportunity go by.

“It’s just a door, don’t think it will stop me.”

Tang Zheng arrived at the roof and leaned over looking down. Deng Maocai had entered the fifteenth floor and this building has twenty five floors so Tang Zheng must climb down ten floors in order to enter.

“F*ck, I can only risk it.” He grabbed onto the fence and leapt over it. The wind was blowing gently causing his neck to turn cold but he was not afraid. He carefully flipped onto the twenty-fifth floor and thankfully it was nighttime so no one could see him acting like Spider-man.”

He grabbed onto the window of the twenty-fifth floor, afraid to make any big movements. He was fearful that he may be discovered by the tenants and like that he slowly descended one floor after another. There were several times when he was almost discovered and there was even once when he almost slipped to his death. In other words, he faced danger after danger to ultimately arrive at his goal.

He lightly fell onto the fifteenth floor’s window sill and looked inside only to see two people intertwined on a large bed, causing it to shake, re-enacting a scene full of youthful vigor.

The girl was actually quite pretty and the fact that she was a prostitute was clearly evident. Deng Maocai was currently on top of her and thrusting with great effort.

Tang Zheng hurriedly took some pictures from the camera he bought specifically for this occasion to get some evidence of Deng Maocai doing an indecent act. On the first day he was actually put in a favorable position to use it. After taking a lot of pictures Tang Zheng could not continue watching the scene anymore. Otherwise he just might choke, so he boldly pushed open the window and swaggered in.

When Deng Maocai heard the sound he thought it was the wind blowing. However, when he unconsciously looked towards the window he saw that it was a person walking in, scaring him silly and causing his little brother to go limp.

*TL: you know what I mean by little brother.

The girl, suddenly feeling nothing reproachfully asked why he suddenly became limp, but upon turning her head and seeing Tang Zheng she was scared to the point of screaming.

“Ah! Who are you?” The girl grabbed onto a quilt blanket and covered her body while she stared at Tang Zheng in fear. Deng Maocai, only in a tank-top, wasn’t clear on who this person was. He was thinking could it be a thief?

***, a thief actually came to steal from this daddy, simply looking for death.

“Who are you?” Deng Maocai asked with a powerful voice.

Tang Zheng walked under the light and said in ridicule: “Station Chief Deng, you don’t remember me? Your memory must be terrible.”

“It’s you?” Deng Maocai finally got a clear view of Tang Zheng and involuntarily cried out in alarm, his heart feeling apprehensive. If it was just a normal thief then Deng Maocai was confident that he was able to deal with him. However, the other was clearly going in against him making the matter to be very difficult to deal with.

“What do you want to do?”

“Of course it is to continue the matter that we did not complete last time. So, let me ask you just who was the mastermind?” Tang Zheng’s face deepened as he asked in a stern voice.

“So you are still worried about this problem.” Deng Maocai suddenly came to a realization but seeing that Tang Zheng was unarmed he was not the least bit afraid. For the other was just a student and was a piece of cake to deal with. Deng Maocai boldly put on a bath rode and asked in ridicule: “Why should I tell you?”

“This camera has pictures of what you were just doing and I think there would be several people who would be interested in it.” Tang Zheng said waving the camera.

After the girl heard this, her face lost all color as she shouted: “Beloved, hurry up and take the camera away. It must not fall into the hand of others.”

“Shut up, this daddy knows.” Deng Maocai roared in annoyance. Of course he knew the strength of those pictures. Once leaked then his position as Head Chief would be at its end as this woman was not his wife but one of the prostitutes that he let escape during one of their prostitution sweeps. He saw that she was pretty and secretly let her go with the condition that he would occasionally come for a free ride.

The girl was scared silly on the bed while Deng Maocai gloomily asked: “You want to threaten me using this?”

“Is it not enough?”

“If it was someone else it may be enough, but since it is you, heng, a little brat that is a student without a single hair dares to threaten this daddy. Let’s see how this daddy plays with you to death.” Deng Maocai charged towards Tang Zheng. Even though he has been weakened by wine and woman for the past few years, his foundation was good and he was stronger than the average man.

Deng Maocai confidently struck out at Tang Zheng but suddenly discovered that his fist was caught in Tang Zheng’s hand, causing him to be unable to move.

“Let go!” He roared.

Tang Zheng coldly looked at him and said: “Since you persist in going down the wrong path then I will have to make you wake up.” Tang Zheng grabbed him by the neck and put half of his body outside the window. The night wind blew scaring him so much that he wanted to shout but Tang Zheng stuff the bathrobe into his mouth, causing him to be unable to shout and only release ‘wuwu’ sounds.

Deng Maocai’s body turned limp as he continuously struggled but to no avail. He knew that this was the fifteenth floor and was more clear than anyone else the results of falling down from this height.

“If you are unwilling to speak then I will just throw you down and no one would know it was me who did it. What do you think of this idea?”

“Wuwuwu…” Deng Maocai hurriedly shook his head, his scared face turned ashen as cold sweat started pouring.

“But you stubbornly refuse to say who the real culprit is so tell me what I should do. At most, I would just need to investigate more.” Tang Zheng lightly pretended to say.

Deng Maocai hurriedly shook his head as if to say that was not a good idea and that he would spill the beans.

Seeing that he was sufficiently scared, Tang Zheng finally hauled him back inside and Deng Maocai whose legs went limp knelt onto the ground.

“So tell me, who was it?”

Deng Maocai lowered his head, his eyes fluctuated nonstop, thinking back to why he lost as this was only a student. How could he be this strong and have so much strength that he was able to grab him like he was grabbing a little chicken.

“If I say it, will you give me the pictures?” Deng Maocai asked, trembling in fear.

“You have no right to discuss conditions with me.” Tang Zheng coldly said.

“... Qiao Fei.” Deng Maocai hesitated a moment but still revealed the culprit. Qiao Fei, you dare to not give this daddy money so how do you expect me to keep your secret. Keep dreaming.

“So it was him!” Tang Zheng’s eyes flashed with killing intent. Qiao Fei, there was a path to heaven yet you choose not to take it and instead you want to barge into the door to hell. This time no matter what, I will not let you go.

“Can you give me the pictures now?” Deng Maocai nervously asked.

“A person like you who has brought trouble to who knows how many people are not fit to wear a police uniform. The most despicable thing is you almost caused my Grandfather to lose his life so forget about getting these pictures. You’re dreaming.” Tang Zheng swaggered out, leaving behind a soulless Deng Maocai on the floor.


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