Chapter 32: Pleasant Surprise

Chapter 32: Pleasant Surprise

Everyone seeing the solemn look on Liu Qingmei’s face that they have never seen before, could not help but feel apprehensive causing them to run to their seats with the fastest speed possible.

“You guys have been pointed at and cursed as weak students, as trash. How does that feel?” Liu Qingmei coldly asked, her sound was like a gust of wind blown from a glacier.

The crowds heart was still, as if the very air itself was frozen solid, nobody moved or made a sound.

“We are not trash.” Feng Yong said standing up his face red.

“Yes, it is true that our studies are poor but we are not trash for even we have our own dignity.” Yet another student stood up.

At this time, the crowd started clamoring and people after people continuously stood up.

“This isn’t determined by just you, other people have mouths too and they only look at grades. Your grades are at the end so how could you stop others from speaking?” Liu Qingmei ridiculed.

“So what if our grades are not good. We may have bad grades but that is just because we don’t want to study. It does not mean we are stupid.” Feng Yong’s loud voice said, and several others loudly parroted.

“Yea, we are not stupid.”

“If you guys aren’t stupid then how will you prove it? If you can’t even keep your grades up then how will you have the right to prove that you are not stupid?” Liu Qingmei’s words were like sharp needles that stabbed into the hearts of these young teenagers hearts, mercilessly stabbing nonstop.

“Isn’t it just studying? You make it sound like we don’t know what it is. We will just study hard and let those people who look down upon us be dumbstruck and speechless. We will let them know that the words they say are just dogshit.”

“Yea, dogshit, we will let them know just how strong we are.”

The classroom was as if a bomb was dropped there. Everyone’s chest was filled with righteous indignation and each acted as if they were soldiers willing to meet their deaths for their cause.

“Falling for such a simple encouragement and you say you guys aren’t stupid.” Ye Dingdang coldly mumbled from the side, spectating.

Tang Zheng looked at her and said: “I think that the teacher went through all that painstaking effort was actually for everyone’s benefit.”

Ye Dingdang coldly ‘heng’ and said: “There is only three months left to the exam. How will she be able to turn around this desperate crisis and let these ignorant and unlearned people raise their grades.”

“It depends on the person. If these youth are unable to struggle now then how will they be able to fulfill their lofty aspirations.” Tang Zheng said in objection.

“You sound like an old man in his seventies trying to sound all old and decrepit, moreover, the worst student in our class is you.” Ye Dingdang teasingly said.

Tang Zheng shrugged his shoulder and said: “I don’t need you to worry. I have faith that I will be able to achieve satisfactory marks in the high school exam.”

Ye Dingdang immediately revealed a suspicious face, completely at a lose at where his self-confidence came from.

Liu Qingmei’s mouth slightly curved up, seeing everyone aroused spirits, she let out a sigh of relief. She previously wanted to find a way to excite her students’ will to study but that was easier said than done. Never did she expect that Wu Cuihong would give her an extremely rare opportunity to do it. Hence she set up a small plan and everyone ended up falling for it.

“Good, since everyone is that sincere then I will wipe my tears and wait for the fruits of your labor. Also, in these coming ten days is the end of the month test and I hope that everyone will work hard and show me the results of your efforts.”

“Teacher, relax, our grades will definitely rise up, what does everyone say?” Feng Yong said loudly with a red face.

“Yes, we will definitely raise our grades!”

“Okay, let’s start class!” Liu Qingmei opened her textbook and started her lecture. This time it was evidently different, as previously everyone was focused but not on her lecture but her beauty. Now though, everyone was focused on the lecture. Even though their foundations were lacking they only need a bit of perseverance and then studying wouldn’t be too difficult a task.

On this day, there was a miraculous sight occurring at Peng Cheng International School. The originally noisy and clamorous Hell Class actually changed. After class was let out, instead of creating a ruckus, the students were all focused on their studies, causing people to doubt whether they came to the wrong place.

Weird, this is simply to weird!

The students continued to study until school was let out, and everyone seeing the originally playful students turn into good students caused them to be filled with disbelief.

Tang Zheng walked out of the classroom to discover Fang Shishi standing at the doorway, both her eyes were red as if she had just cried. His heart ached as he hurriedly asked: “Shishi, what happened to you?”

Fang Shishi lifted up her head and looked at him with those lovely yet pitiful eyes and suddenly charged into his embrace, sobbing loudly: “Wuwuwu, it’s all my fault that you had to suffer injustice.”

“What happened? I didn’t suffer any injustice?”

“That isn’t called injustice? Teacher Wu even came to your classroom and condemned you and even cursed at you, she simply went too overboard.”

Tang Zheng patted her back and said: “For you, this little injustice is nothing, don’t feel sad. Since it has already passed then don’t bring it up.”

“I truly like you yet she says those things towards you. I never thought she was that kind of person.” Fang Shishi said grievously.

“Alright alright, let’s not talk about her, how dispiriting.” Tang Zheng held her hands, “Come, smile a bit, your smile is the prettiest. When you cry you look like a girl with runny make-up.”

Fang Shishi pouted, turned her tears into a smile, and said: “I don’t look like a girl with runny make-up.”

“Let’s go. See all those people watching us, their eyeballs are almost falling out.”

Fang Shishi lowered her head in embarrassment and allowed him to lead her outside the campus.

“Where should we go to study?” Tang Zheng asked.

Fang Shishi rolled her eyes and said: “Follow me, I will take you to a place.”

“Where are we going? Why so secretive? Is this the surprise you were talking about?”

“Not telling, you will know when you get there.”

Fang Shishi dragged him onto a bus which drove toward the city center. The people on the bus continuously and secretively shot glances at her, causing her to shyly hid within Tang Zheng’s embrace as she said in a low voice: “Why are they looking at me for?”

“It’s because you are the prettiest and others can not compare to you. Could it be that when you use to sit on the bus no one would look at you?”

“I… this is my first time sitting on a bus.”

Tang Zheng was speechless. She was a proud daughter of the heavens and whenever she went somewhere it would be with a car designated for her. Therefor she would not have these kind of experiences that normal people would have.

“Actually, this is pretty good, much more lively than sitting in the car by my lonesome.”

“We are arriving at the City Hospital!” The announcement rang out.

“Aiya, we are here, let’s get off the bus.” Fang Shishi hurriedly pulled him off the bus and strode towards the hospital in big steps.

Tang Zheng was momentarily stunned as his Grandfather was currently residing in this hospital. What was she doing bringing me here?

“Shishi, do you have relatives staying in the hospital?” Tang Zheng asked out of curiosity.

Fang Shishi lifted her head up but did not reply.

“Who is it?”

“You will know once we get there but first we are going to buy some stuff.”

The two went to a fruit stall and bought a fruit basket which Fang Shishi carried, refusing Tang Zheng when he wanted to carry it for her. She then walked into the hospital and proceeded to take the elevator upstairs.

Tang Zheng was filled with suspicion, not knowing what plan she had cooked up.

The elevator arrived.

“We are here.”

“Your relative lives on this floor?” Tang Zheng was momentarily shocked as this was the floor where his Grandfather currently resides.

Fang Shishi was just like a spy who would rather die than submit, not saying anything at all. She was pulling him along as she looked at one room after another, finally stopping in front of a certain room.

Tang Zheng looked at the room number, his eyes were wide open, wasn’t this his Grandfather’s room?

Fang Shishi turned her head and looked at him, her face red as she said: “Why didn’t you tell me that my Grandfather was sick. If I didn’t hear it from Feng Yong then I would still be oblivious.”

Tang Zheng was stunned, as he stammered, not knowing how to explain.

“Heng, this is the first time so I will forgive you, but you can not do it again, do you understand?”

Tang Zheng nodded his head.

“Go in, let’s go see Grandfather.”

The two entered causing Tang Dahai to look on in shock as he saw his grandson walk in with a girl who looks as if she was carved from jade enter the room.

“Grandfather, this is my classmate, Fang Shishi, she knows that you are sick so she came to visit you.” Tang Zheng did not dare introduce her as his girlfriend hence he just said she was his classmate.

“Grandfather, how are you? I sincerely apologize for visiting you so late. Is Grandfather feeling better?” Fang Shishi cutely asked.

Tang Dahai already saw Feng Yong and Ye Dingdang, so for Tang Zheng bringing another beautiful friend caused him to not wonder at strange sights. Even so, seeing that she was cute and cared for his health his face brightened up in a smile as he nodded his head nonstop, saying: “I am fine, it is just little Tang who was making a big fuss out of nothing.”

“Grandfather, sickness must be treated and one must not be too careless. However, seeing that Grandfather looks fine you should be able to leave the hospital shortly.”

“Hehe, little girls speaks correctly. Little Tang having a classmate such as you is his luck. You are so busy with studies, yet you still find time to find me. Moreover you also brought some stuff, which is a waste.”

“It’s not a waste, this is what I should do.”

“Little Zheng, what are you doing just standing there? Hurry up and wash these fruits for our guest.” Tang Dahai urgingly said.

Tang Zheng bitterly smiled a bit, took several of the apples to wash and then returned to find Tang Dahai repeatedly laughing, not knowing what Fang Shishi was saying that caused this.

“Grandfather, I will peel the apples into pieces.”

“When will is it your turn, have little Zheng do it.”

“How can he do it, he is so clumsy. Let me.” Fang Shishi unquestionably took the apple and the knife. Tang Zheng did not know whether to laugh or to cry, just where was he clumsy. He was sure that his skills should be higher than this little miss.

“Grandfather, eat some apples.” Fang Shishi handed the cut peeled apples to Tang Dahai.

Tang Dahai was extremely happy, the three got on well, talking for a while before Tang Zheng and Fang Shishi withdrew from the room.

“Okay, now we can go study.” Fang Shishi said happily.

“Where do you want to study at?”

“Of course it’s in the hospital. Grandfather needs care and we can’t go too far. You see over there by the stairs, that place is fine. It is sufficiently lit and we can also sit down, killing two birds with one stone.” Fang Shishi said.


“Let’s go and not waste anymore time.” Fang Shishi pulled him towards the stairs. She used the napkins to pad the floor and then sat down, then took out a book and started studying, “Today we will first study math. This is the exam paper from our last mock exam, we will look at it again.”

She knew that nowadays whenever Tang Zheng studies he will have a headache. She can only help him nonstop, hoping to further strengthen his knowledge and memory in an attempt overcome this difficulty.

“I already did this exam paper so there is no point.” Tang Zheng said.

“If you did it already we can do it again so that it will be further carved into our memory so next time you see a similar problem it will be easy.” Fang Shishi patiently explained.

“Okay, I will do it again then.” Tang Zheng could not argue over her and started doing the problems. The 150 point math exam was finished in forty minutes, causing Fang Shishi to stare foolishly at him speedily write answers like a dragon flying through the sky.

“You… are you that quick?” Fang Shishi remembered that the last time he did the math test he only got 20 points. This time however he was actually so quick and also answered everything correctly. This was simply to unbelievable.

Tang Zheng smiled in satisfaction. Since he started cultivating he discovered that his thinking abilities and memory became even stronger, allowing him to answer questions three times faster than before.

“Let me tell you some good news. My sickness is healed.” Tang Zheng said.

“Really, that’s great!” Fang Shishi said knowing what his words signified and in her excitement, ‘bada’ her lips landed on his cheeks…

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