Chapter 31: You Are Not Worthy!

Chapter 31: You Are Not Worthy!

Everyone unconsciously looked towards the door to find Witch Wu Cuihong standing there evilly with both her arms crossed, like a beast that was looking for someone to devour.

Tang Zheng saw Wu Cuihong and thought what was she doing here?

“Tang Zheng, get out here for me!” Wu Cuihong’s face once again demonstrated “Lion’s Roar Technique”.

Tang Zheng wrinkled his eyebrows, Wu Cuihong was just an unreasonable crazy person so he was unwilling to get into a pointless conflict with her. However, he couldn’t possibly leave her clamoring at the door since there wouldn’t be any good influence.

He stood up and walked over.

Wu Cuihong adopted an aggressive stance as if she wanted to grab at Tang Zheng’s ears but Tang Zheng easily avoided, glared at her and said: ‘What are you doing here?”

“Heng, Tang Zheng, why don’t you take a piss and look in a mirror at what your identity is? A toad wanting to eat swan meat, you are too shameless.” Wu Cuihong cursed at him in contempt.

Tang Zheng was moved to anger, Wu Cuihong came and just started spouting nonsense not even giving him the opportunity to understand what was going on. He gnashed his teeth and coldly said: “Do not push your weight around as a teacher thinking you can get away with anything. Right now you are no longer my teacher. If you think of discipling me, you are not worthy.”

“You are a student in this school and I am a teacher so I can teach you a lesson. Moreover just look at what you did, everyone can teach you a lesson.” Wu Cuihong chattered and jabbered nonstop.

“Hey, old witch what are you doing? This is not Class 1, this is Class 7. Do you think you can come here and behave atrociously? You still dare to teach my boss a lesson? You clearly do not see just what kind of creature you are.” Feng Yong charged up and angrily roared.

In Class 1 Wu Cuihong was almighty and never was there anyone who dared go against her aside from Tang Zheng. Now there seemed to be another little fatty who dared contradict her. This really was flipping the sky over.

“Who are you to dare not put a teacher in your eyes? You better watch out that I don’t have you expelled.” Wu Cuihong agitatedly said in anger.

Feng Yong used to be a coward who was afraid of everything but ever since he started following Tang Zheng, this youth’s courage began to grow. Now he stared at her completely unafraid and said: “Just where do you come in, to think of expelling me. Just you try, the amount of money my dad donates to this school every year is enough to smash you to death.”

Wu Cuihong’s heart turned cold, her domineering aura diminished quite a bit. There were countless wealthy people in this school and this little fatty must be the child of some wealthy family. She must absolutely not offend him and she coldly heng, pretending not to hear him and turned her attention back to Tang Zheng, and said: “Tang Zheng, follow me.”

“Why should I go with you?” Tang Zheng was previously afraid of her but not anymore.

“Okay, you really have grown up and your wings have hardened, I want to see just how hard your wings are.” After finishing speaking she made to grab Tang Zheng’s arm but his true qi was released outward and she was immediately thrown off, making her cry out in pain.

“What are you howling for?” Ye Dingdang walked over, boldly standing in front, looking towards the seemingly crazy Wu Cuihong and said: “This is Class 7, if you even think about taking away one of our classmates, you should at least ask if the rest of us agree, is that right?”

“Right, on what bases are you taking away Tang Zheng?”

“You aren’t our teacher.”

“Just what is your status that you dare criticize our classes student.”

Ye Dingdang had a high status and power within Class 7 and with a single sentence she caused everyone to rise in succession. Class 7 was named Hell Class for a reason and aside from their poor academic achievements the students also had personality. Aside from their own teacher Liu Qingmei they have never feared other teachers. Wu Cuihong trying to throw her weight around as a teacher had come completely to the wrong place to do so.

Wu Cuihong’s face turned red, never had anyone dared act so defiantly towards her. Her anger was about to blow up like thunder as she continued to jabber on saying: “The sky’s collapsing, the sky’s collapsing…”

“Teacher Wu, what is your purpose in coming here?” Liu Qingmei appeared, walked over and asked. Her face was cold and her eyebrows wrinkled.

Wu Cuihong’s eyes immediately brightened and like gunfire she immediately found her target, turning towards Liu Qingmei and asked: “Teacher Liu, you came at just the right time. Just what kind of people do you have in this class, not putting a teacher in their eyes.”

Liu Qingmei directly stopped her words since she clearly knew the others temperament and that her words could not be completely trusted. She got right to the point and said: “I know what kind of students are in my class, so there is no need for others to come making a ruckus. Teacher Wu, you coming here and clamouring about, is that how a teacher should act?”

“Heng, you have no authority to lecture me.” Wu Cuihong had no way with the students but she was not afraid of Liu Qingmei, “Teacher Liu, Tang Zheng is your student right?”

“Of course he is!”

“That is good, then ask him just what the hell is he doing?”

Liu Qingmei’s was incomparably flabbergasted. She knew that in the past few days Tang Zheng went to visit his Grandfather after school and moreover yesterday when he specifically returned the hospital fees she gave him. This made her feel a sense of respect for the strong independent child to multiply.

Tang Zheng seeing Liu Qingmei’s questioning look, said: “I didn’t do anything, she was like a crazy who just came running and started cursing.”

“Teacher Liu, he sure is one of your good students. Knowing what he did wrong yet still dare to have the audacity to deny it.”

Liu Qingmei angrily said: “Teacher Wu, just what did he do? If you can not say just what it is, heng, I will find the principal for this matter. Since you again and again seek trouble for Tang Zheng, just what evil intent do you bear him.”

It is not me finding trouble for him but it is him finding it himself. Tang Zheng since you are unwilling to admit then fine, I will ask you so that you will be left speechless. Let me ask you just what lowly method did you use to cheat Fang Shishi.”

Tang Zheng was momentarily stunned. He did not think that she would come because of Fang Shishi. Could it be that this was what she meant when she said he was a toad eating swan meat and also why she slandered him, saying he used despicable methods to trick Fang Shishi? This was simply too preposterous.

“You are a liar.”

“Haha, since matters have reached this stage you still deny? Then if you didn’t trick her how come she promised to be in a relationship with you? What background do you have but that of a destitute bastard, and just what background does Fang Shishi have? One is simply up above in the sky while the other is down on the earth. Do you think that is possible? If you did not deceive her then why would she promise you?”

Tang Zheng almost felt like releasing steam from all seven of his orifices. Wu Cuihong was simply like a wild dog, unable to be reasoned with as he said: “There is no need for you to worry about Fang Shishi and my matters.”

“I am her teacher so if I don’t care then who will? You having scored last is fine, but you dare to harbor evil intentions and want Fang Shishi to fall to the back with you, wouldn’t you say that your heart is too poisonous. She is someone who will score top marks and may even get into top schools like Yan Jing University and you, you may not even get into specialized school.”

“Enough!” Liu Qingmei finally exploded. She originally was not clear what was going on but now that she had gotten everything clear, towards the Wu Cuihong who came seeking trouble, Liu Qingmei had not a hint of good feelings for.

She only had a slight knowledge of Tang Zheng and Fang Shishi’s matters, moreover this matter caused a bit of an uproar and long ago created a buzz. Originally she thought Tang Zheng and Ye Dingdang were together so she did not expect that he would be a couple with Fang Shishi.

Students in a relationship is normal enough so she has never meddle in them. Moreover she was once a youth herself.

However, Wu Cuihong actually used this as an example. Moreover she boldly and shameless insulted (humiliated) Tang Zheng, causing her (Liu Qingmei) body to shake in anger as she said: “Wu Cuihong, are you even fit to be a teacher? Is there any teacher that behaves like you? You basically tarnish the two characters for ‘teacher’ this holy word. Tang Zheng is my student and you have no right to lecture him, moreover I do not think that Tang Zheng did anything wrong.” *TL: Teacher=??

“Alright then, Liu Qingmei, it’s no wonder Class 7 is such a terrible class with such a terrible teacher like you. You are basically guiding our youth on the wrong path.” Wu Cuihong roared utterly dejected.

“What did you say? I dare you to say it again!”

“You dare come to Class 7 and behave atrociously and dare to speak with such conceited nonsense to Teacher Liu, this old one will flay you alive!”

The whole class rose up, and everyone charged over wanting nothing more than to rip Wu Cuihong to shreds.

Even though they were poor students they still held Liu Qingmei in the utmost respect. This was not only because she was a beauty but because she taught them from the bottom of her heart, causing everyone to deeply acknowledge her. The students may not say it but they keep her sincerity and all the effort she put forward deep in their heart.

Wu Cuihong never expected to have angered the crowd and that this group of students would be so bold and daring, scaring her to the point of her face turning pale and backstepping till she was distanced from the classroom.

Liu Qingmei stood at the entrance blocking the agitated students and advised: “Everyone listen to me, we should not converse with some people as we would simply be lowering our statuses.”

“What Teacher Liu says is correct. It is a complete waste of energy to get mad at these kind of people so everyone should just straight out ignore them.”

“I will go back and tell my dad to give the school a reminder that keeping these teachers in our school is a humiliation to us and that it is not to our best interest!”

“Right, I will go back and tell my mom. My family does not donate several millions of dollar each year to have these kind of teachers humiliate us!”

The crowd went into an uproar, the sound seemed as if it may just lift up the ceiling.

Wu Cuihong’s face turned ashen, this group of students were not easy to provoke and she especially cannot afford to provoke the families behind them. Wu Cuihong, battered and stuck in a dilemma, wanted to quickly leave the area but Tang Zheng’s figure flashed and he prevented her from leaving.

“What are you doing? Let me tell you hitting someone is against the law.” Wu Cuihong’s face flashed red and white as she threatened, trying to show her strength while feeling weak inside.

Tang Zheng looked at her in contempt and said: “Do not assume that everyone is a crazy like you. I just want to tell you that matters between Fang Shishi and I will be decided by the two of us. While you on the other hand, are not worthy! If you dare do anything to her then I will definitely not let you go. If I say it then I will definitely do it!”

“You…...” Wu Cuihong was scared to the point that all her six organs almost stopped working (tl: all six organs fail) as she deeply felt that Tang Zheng is no longer the Tang Zheng from the past. The sharp eyes and terrifying aura of his made her feel extremely apprehensive.

Pa pa pa!

A loud applause rang out and everyone continued to cheer nonstop: “Well said, you are not fit to make decisions, now scram!”

Wu Cuihong ran away like a stray dog, the applause lasted for a long while. The way everyone looked at Tang Zheng changed becoming more fervent feeling that his imposing aura was simply awesome and to cool. Quite a few young ladies felt there eyes sparkling as they said in amazement: “Wa, this is what a true man is. Simply too cool, if I were to have this kind of boyfriend then it would be worth it if I were to die.”

Ye Dingdang looked at Tang Zheng with illuminated eyes, her gaze containing its unique splendor.

Liu Qingmei gave Tang Zheng a look of praise but suddenly her expression gradually calmed down back to normal as she strode up to the podium in large steps. The applause abruptly stopped!

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