Chapter 29: Ci Jun

Chapter 29: Ci Jun

Tang Zheng and Fang Shishi holding hands on campus is without a doubt the prettiest sight in school. Other couples are absolutely incomparable to them and can’t be mentioned with them in the same sentence. Countless people stared wide-eyed, unable to believe the sight they were seeing.

They definitely were not seeing things. The worst student was actually holding hands with the campus belle, Fang Shishi, and the two were incomparably sweet. In fact, they were so much so that it couldn’t be faked, causing others to want to blow up with envy.

However, wasn’t Tang Zheng a pair with Ye Dingdang? How come he and Fang Shishi are together?

Several people’s eyes felt as if their brain power wasn’t enough and look at Tang Zheng with envious eyes, wishing for nothing else but to take his place.

Fang Shishi looked at those fierce gazes and sweetly said: “You see, others look like they want to kill you.”

“Heng, they are just jealous of us so let them be jealous.” Tang Zheng said with a bit of satisfaction.

Fang Shishi charmingly said: “Did you plan this out from a long time ago?”

“Of course, but you are a beautiful swan so I had no idea if I would be successful.”

“Lies, just how am I a swan? I am just a normal ugly little duckling.” Fang Shishi charmingly winked at him, “Tang Zheng, even though I already promised to be your girlfriend you can’t let it influence your studies. In the future we should study together after school and both test into a good school.”

“No problem.” Tang Zheng said content.

Fang Shishi felt her heart ache as she cautiously and solemnly said: “If there is anything you don’t understand we can go over it together.”

She knew that the Tang Zheng of today was not the Tang Zheng of the past. He was no longer a genius so she did not want to hurt his feelings.

“Okay, in the future if there is something I don’t understand I will ask for your help.”

Seeing that he was not hurt by her words, Fang Shishi let out a breath of relief as she said: “We should start studying tonight and get a good score on the mock test in half a month.”

“I can’t tonight, but what about tomorrow?” Tang Zheng had promised to fight in a match tonight.

“Okay, I’ll find you tomorrow night but when you go home you must remember to study. Studying is like rowing a boat upriver, if you don’t advance then you will move back. You absolutely cannot be lazy.” Fang Shishi warned.

The two were extremely unwilling to part and return to their respective class but when Tang Zheng arrived back at his own classroom Feng Yong hauled him to a stop.

“Boss, was I seeing things? Are you really with Fang Shishi?”

“Yep!” Tang Zheng said with a happy smile.

“Then what about Ye Dingdang?”

Tang Zheng patted his shoulder and said: “There is nothing going on between Ye Dingdang and I. That was just a misunderstanding on your part.”

Fang Yong stared stupefied, his mouth wide open enough to put in a chicken’s egg. He then looked towards Ye Dingdang and said carefully: “Boss, I think Ye Dingdang is more suited for you since you both are experts.”

“Haha, there’s no need for you to worry about it.”

“Okay, but then again boss, you should impart some of your techniques to me because every time you make a move you are decisive and bring about results. You are simply a Love God.” Feng Yong said in worship, his eyes blazing with stars.

Tang Zheng earnestly said: “First, you have to be as handsome as me!”

“F*ck, boss, you are such a bully. Aside from hardware parts are there anything needed for the software areas?

Feng Yong’s height was at a hundred and seventy centimeters and could not be considered as having a big or impressive stature that could be considered handsome. However, his pair of small bright eyes full with expression gave people a deep impression.

Tang Zheng encouraged: “Learn well, then you can naturally have beauties at your side.”

“Books contain gold, and books are as precious as jade. The people of old will not lie to me so I will learn well from their teachings. Boss, the study plan you gave me I have already started implementing it and in several days I will let you check my progress.” Feng Yong said with confidence.

Tang Zhen returned to his seat and sat down, discovering that Ye Dingdang was looking at him with a smile that was not a smile as he touched his face and asked: “Is there something on my face? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Haha, I am looking at your pleased expression. How does it feel to have a beautiful lady at your side?” Ye Dingdang asked interested.

Tang Zheng said: “Not bad, not bad.”

“Be careful that you don’t end up the target of a crowd. I heard that there are a lot of people who are in love with Fang Shishi, so you now have a multitude of enemies.”

“Thanks for your care, I am able to handle myself.”

“It’s easy to dodge the spear in the open but hard to dodge the stab in the dark.” Ye Dingdang said with allusion.

Tang Zheng’s heart was moved as he was unable to restrain his emotions at the thought of being framed by the police. Even though the case was already closed, he did not forget that the mastermind was still wandering free, evading retribution. This caused him to wrinkle his eyebrows as he was determined to find some time to make the truth come to light.

Nightfall. Within the abandoned factory, the music was deafening as usual. When Tang Zheng walked in with Lin Hu it attracted the crowd’s gaze, who released a cheer that smashed into them like a tidal wave. The crowd looked at Tang Zheng with eyes blazing. They clearly had a whole new view of him after witnessing his strength yesterday.

“Little handsome brother, you can do it! Today we have specifically bet on you so you must win.”

“Yes, you must fiercely beat your opponent and continue to win.”

Tang Zheng turned a deaf ear to his surrounding and walked straight to the arena where Huang Ziyang and Boss Fan were already waiting. Boss Fan’s expression was not as good as yesterday as he commanded his people to investigate Tang Zheng’s background. However, he came up with absolutely nothing, making it appear as if there was no such person and that he had just appeared out of nowhere.”

“Boss Fan, how do you still have the face to come today?” Lin Hu asked jokingly.

Boss Fan coldly heng, and said: “Lin Hu, don’t get too ahead of yourself, today it is Young Master Huang’s fighter so this kid is done for.”

Huang Ziyang smiled profoundly and said: “This little brother is to profoundly mysterious so even I do not dare guarantee the result of this match. This is just a little match to let us all open up our eyes.”

Lin Hu probingly asked: “I wonder who Young Master Huang will send out to fight in this match?”

“Ci Jun.”

Lin Hu sucked in a cold breath and said in astonishment: “Ci Jun is a Fourth grade Body Refining expert.”

“Hehe, since little brother can easily defeat a Second grade Body Refining martial artist then wouldn’t sending another Second grade Refining Body expert be the same as seeking one’s humiliation.” Huang Ziyang smiling said, his eyes staring right at Tang Zheng along with other people’s gazes. They were all waiting for his answer.

Tang Zheng indifferently nodded and said: “Okay.”

“Good, you are bold.” Huang Ziyang complimented.

Boss Fan said in a bad mood: “Little brat, don’t overestimate your strength. Otherwise you will end up not even knowing how you died.”

Tang Zheng turned a deaf ear to him.

Lin Hu asked in a low voice: “Little brother, are you confident?”

“I’ll know after I try.” Tang Zheng said remaining calm and collected.

Lin Hu advised: “This Ci Jun has fought in many matches before. His methods are cruel and his opponents often die or are critically wounded so you cannot be careless.”

Tang Zheng nodded his head as he looked at this difficult opponent, but the stronger his opponent the more excited he got. For only strong opponents can stimulate his strength and provide him with a deeper understanding of his own strength.

Tang Zheng walked up to the arena, the cheers were deafening.

Dong dong dong! *pounding noise*

A series of heavy thuds caused by footsteps rang out and a steel tower like man with a dark face stepped onto the arena causing the cheers to abruptly come to an end. Several moments’ later cries of alarm rang out like thunder across the arena.

“Ci Jun, it’s actually Ci Jun.”

“F*ck, this little handsome brother is done for. This Ci Jun is too strong, there has already been countless experts who fell at his hands.”

“Hurry, bet on Ci Jun, this match is already his. There is no doubt about it.”

“Heng, I will bet on the little handsome brother. Did you not see how at ease he was yesterday. That is how a true expert acts and who knows if this time Ci Jun will be the one to suffer a defeat.

Different spectators had different opinions so they each bet on their respective fighters.

Tang Zheng looked at his opponent in a calm manner. Ci Jun was like the tip of a sharp weapon, showing off his strength.

Ci Jun was also measuring up Tang Zheng but could not see through his strength so he heavily stepped onto the arena. Looking at Zheng as if he were his prey and said: “Your strength is not bad but compared to mine, you will lose without a doubt.”

“That is not for sure.” Tang Zheng said with a straight face.

“Later you will regret the words you just said.” Ci Jun said with a murderous look.

The judge announced the start of the match and immediately the atmosphere in the arena became tense and heavy. Both sides looked towards each other, the only sound was that of Ci Jun’s angry roar as he took a step, charging forward like the tip of a weapon. A biting cold killing aura charged forth.

Tang Zheng slightly squinted both eyes and flipped his palms as he employed the Heaven Gathering Hand to lock down the surrounding area. This time, Tang Zheng did not avoid and decided to fight hard with hard, so as to test just how long he can last.

Cultivating is forcing one’s own body’s potential to manifest and being forced to one’s extreme was one of the best options to stimulate one’s potential. Tang Zheng in this case is placing himself in a dangerous situation so that he could draw out all his body’s potential.

Both charged forth like lightning, exchanging blows like blades crashing against blades. Peng, the sound exploded and a formless energy exploded to all four sides. In the blink of an eye the two have already exchanged at least ten blows, each one containing an immense destructive force.

Ci Jun’s fists not only contain immense force but they also contain inner qi. This caused each strike to be like a steel needle, stabbing at Tang Zheng’s skin, bringing with it immense pain.

Even so, Tang Zheng did not retreat. His own fists contain true qi and his true qi was more vigorous than inner qi. Even though the two were separated by two whole realms, the inner qi could not compare to true qi.

Ci Jun’s pupils constricted as he asked: “You are also a Fourth grade Refining Body?”

Tang Zheng declined to comment. His hands stretched forward as he grabbed Ci Jun’s shoulder, taking advantage of it and twisting causing Ci Jun’s muscles to twist like dough.

Ci Jun released a roar, his energy spread outwards and his inner qi penetrated Tang Zheng’s palms causing him to be unable to do anything but release his grip.

In the next second, Ci Jun’s fist arrived in front of Tang Zheng. This fist and the biting cold inner qi it contained messed up Tang Zheng’s hair, causing him to retreat backwards as he lowered his body to avoid the attack.

The fist struck against the pillars on the corner of the arena causing splinters to fly, completely demolishing the pillar. One could imagine if this strike was to land on flesh then even the bones would be broken into pieces.

“You want to hide? I won’t let you!” Ci Jun’s cold voice grunted as he hurriedly charged forth, locking onto Tang Zheng, not allowing Tang Zheng room to hide anywhere.

Tang Zheng circulated his true qi causing it to increase its circulation and a sound like thunder exploded forth from his body. Both of his hands struck out covering the sky in his hand shadows, completely defending and blocking off all sides.

Both sides used all their strength, trying to use the strikes like thunder and defeat their opponent.

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