Chapter 27: To Have No Choice But To Pick Up Girls

Chapter 27: To Have No Choice But To Pick Up Girls

The fighter’s consecutive fist strikes landed on empty air, causing him to be agitated to the extreme. Releasing a loud roar he once again resumed his attack.

Tang Zheng did not dodge and instead crossed his arms, causing the sky to be covered in hand silhouettes that layered upon one another. The fists appeared to be dazzling and it became difficult to see Tang Zheng’s appearance as he did not retreat but instead struck out with both fists like a dragon exiting the sea.

The fighter’s fist struck a bunch of hand shadows, the hand shadows then disappeared causing the fighter to be extremely pleased with himself as he said: “You still dare to flaunt such insignificant skills in front of me, go die!”

On the platform, Huang Ziyang’s pupils shrank as he silent said: “This youngster’s martial arts skill is not simple, it’s perfect. Yes, this is a complete martial art skill and not some random incomplete skill. The other still believes himself to be infallible, and will most definitely lose.”

Peng peng peng……

A series of muffled strikes rang out as the hand shadows completely disappeared only for the fighter to discover that Tang Zheng has disappeared. Suddenly, his heart jumped and he quickly turned around. However, it was to late as a wave of energy struck him from the back, easily sending him flying out of the arena.

The whole crowd was silent, no one expected this outcome as Tang Zheng should have been the loser, right? How could he so easily have pushed his opponent out of the ring?

The fighter harshly crashed outside the ring, feeling a bit ticked as he did not expect this result but the match was already decided and he had lost!

A gong rang out, and the judge raised up Tang Zheng’s arm, announcing his victory.

Lin Hu released a loud laughter that lingered within the whole factory as countless spectators drooped their head cursing loudly: “F*ck, how come it ends like this, this daddy has lost all his money.”

Boss Fan’s face turned ashen as he fiercely stared at his fighter causing the fighter to lower his head, not daring to meet his eyes.

Lin Hu ran up to the arena and gave Tang Zheng a big hug, saying: “Little brother, thank you for letting me vent this unpleasant feeling I have inside me.”

Tang Zheng lightly smiled, this match was not difficult as his opponent was only a Second grade Refining Body. While Tang Zhen was also only at the Second grade Refining Body his true qi was thick and profound. Moreover his Heaven Gathering Hand was not an ordinary skill and made him completely able to suppress his opponent.

In order to gain more experience he did not start off with a fury of attacks but instead allowed his opponent to attack first before he defeated him.

“Little brat, calmly get a feel for the battle just now, even though this person’s strength isn’t all that good, this battle can still be a bit beneficial to you.” Tian Chanzi said.

Tang Zheng silently nodded his head as he felt his true qi gradually settle but feeling that it became a bit more firm and vigorous as the battle was a good way to allow him to increase his true qi.

“Go, little brother, we should go see Boss Fan. Heng, boasting shamelessly that he will have your lower body crippled, I want to see just what he has to say now.”

The two walked in front of Boss Fan, not giving Boss Fan enough time to run away. Lin Hu cruelly smiled and said: “Boss Fan, who was the one who was boasting shamefully just now?”

Boss Fan stared dead straight at Tang Zheng, his eyes seeming as if they might spew out fire. From the beginning to the end he could not see through Tang Zheng’s strength. From his appearance, Tang Zheng appeared to be a normal human, but now he did not dare treat Tang Zheng as a normal human.

Could it be that he achieved the realm of returning to one’s origin?


Boss Fan unconsciously rocked his head, how could a youngster reach such a mysterious realm.

“Just who are you?”

Tang Zheng lightly smiled and said: “There is no need for me to tell you.”

“Little brat, do you know the ending of those who dare speak to me like this?” Boss Fan said, his two eyes revealing a coldness to them.

Lin Hu straightened up his back and walked over, standing in front of Tang Zheng, protecting him, and said: “Boss Fan if you dare touch a single hair on his body, just you watch! Heng, if you can’t afford to lose then why did you come here to play.”

“Haha, you two bosses, why is the tension here so heavy, we are all here to relax and to have fun. This hundred thousand to you two bosses is nothing but pocket change. So, why is there a need to be angry?” Huang Ziyang walked over and said.

“Young Master Huang, Boss Fan cannot afford to lose and still wants to bully others.” Lin Hu indignantly said.

Huang Ziyang laughed, hehe, and said: “Boss Fan, winning and losing is commonplace, so why get mad.”

Boss Fan’s imposing aura dimmed quite a bit as he said: “Young Master Huang, since I dare bet then I can naturally afford it. I am just curious as to just who this little brat is and how come I have never heard of him before.”

Huang Ziyang nodded his head, turning to Tang Zheng and said: “Little brother, I am also very curious as to your identity. I don’t know if you are willing to tell me, I love to make friends, especially with outstanding youths like little brother.

“I apologize but it is not convenient for me to tell.” Tang Zheng rejected without fear, as he did not want to reveal his identity. Lin Hu looked at him and hurriedly said: “This little brother of mine is thin skinned, Young Master Huang please understand.”

Huang Ziyang let out a resentful smile and gave Tang Zheng a profound look before saying: “I saw in the previous match little brother did not reveal his true strength. I would like to know if you are willing to participate in another match.”

“Yes!” Tang Zheng said without the slightest hint of hesitation. Since he has experienced the sweet taste of battle, of course he wouldn’t rest just like that.

“Good, tomorrow night I look forward to little brother’s match. When the time comes I am sure that you will fully demonstrate your abilities.”

Liu Hu’s dissuading words rested at the tip of his tongue but he ultimately swallowed it and said: “Young Master Huang, then we will be leaving first.”

Huang Ziyang nodded his head and looked towards the departing Lin Hu’s and Tang Zheng’s back, appearing to be indifferent but unable to be seen through as to what his trueing feelings were.

Boss Fan fiercely swallowed his saliva and said: “Lin Hu, this brat is to f*cking lucky to have found such a demonic little brat. Young Master Huang, just what level is this brat?”

Huang Ziyang smiled in a profound and mysterious manner, turning his body to depart leaving behind a confused Boss Fan, whose face was unstable as he said: “Heng, this little brat actually made your daddy, I, lose face. This daddy will expose you. I just want to see what kind of divine place you came from to dare make me, Boss Fan, your enemy.”

In the car, Lin Hu passed over a bag to Tang Zheng and said: “Little brother, this is a hundred thousand dollars. Today, it is all thanks to you, otherwise I would have lost once again to Boss Fan.”

“It was nothing.”

Lin Hu hesitated a moment before saying: “Actually when Young Master Huang asked for your identity you should have just told him.”

“Oh, why is that?”

“The Young Master Huang clearly wants to attract you to his side, and if you have the support of the Huang Clan in the future then your life will become all the better.”

“I like to depend on my own abilities to achieve the things I want.” Tang Zheng said.

“You refusing Young Master Huang like that and making him angry at you would bring you no benefits at all.” Lin Hu voiced his main concern.

Tang Zheng wrinkled his eyebrows and said: “What can he do?”

It’s nothing, since I was the one who brought you then I will be responsible to the end. If Young Master Huang actually wants to do something then I will take it in your place.” Lin Hu said, patting his own chest, “You just need to worry about your match tomorrow.”

Tang Zheng did not say a single word, taking the money with him as he left the car, then returning to the hospital and taking a portion of his money to deposit it in the bank. He then returned to the patient’s room to visit his grandfather while adjusting his breathe, thinking back to his gain from today.

He no longer has to worry about money and could now focus on raising his martial arts level. As he is already at the Second grade Refining Body, to reach the Third grade Refining Body he still must go through more matches and fight against stronger opponents. Also, he must absorb more pure Yin energy.

“Little brat, just holding hands isn’t enough. In order to absorb more pure Yin energy you must go one step further.” Tian Chanzi said.

“What do you mean on step further? I can’t possibly force myself upon a girl.”

“Heihei, if you are willing then I would of course not mind.” Tian Chanzi laughed evilly.

“You old pervert!”

“……” Tian Chanzi was speechless, he was looking out for Tang Zheng yet he was labeled so. Wasn’t this just doing him injustice? However, since if Tang Zheng became stronger then his consciousness would also become stronger hence why he chose to pretend he did not hear anything, continuing to say: “When I say one step further I do not mean to have sex but other bodily contact.”


“Haha, children can indeed be taught!”

Tang Zheng felt his thoughts stirring as this, to a virgin boy was indeed enticing but this act’s difficulty was not that far off from forcibly forcing himself onto another girl.

“Little brat, if you do not quickly conquer a girl then your true qi will become stronger and you will be closer to doom. Moreover, if you want to save your grandfather then this is something you must do.” Tian Chanzi said importantly.

Tang Zheng calmed himself down. Previously he did not give any thought to these kind of things but today he is forced to do these things.”

Moreover, it is human’s nature to love and quite a few of his classmates were in relationships, so him also having a relationship wouldn’t be too unreasonable.

But is it worth considering this? For his only choice for a relationship partner would be from Fang Shishi, Ye Dingdang, and Liu Qingmei.

Even though Liu Qingmei does indeed have a mysterious Yin body constitution and her pure Yin energy is bountiful, she is the least realistic person to choose from. After all she is his teacher and he is her student while Ye Dingdang and Fang Shishi… his mind floated with the image of the two, both were the school’s two campus belle, their beauty each having their own merit as one was craft and unruly while the other was sweet-tempered and gentle.

Fang Shishi!

He made his decision, he and Fang Shishi have been classmates for two years and they know each other. He was secretly influenced by his good feeling toward Fang Shishi, and since the conditions are right then success will naturally follow.

Seeing him make his decision, Tian Chanzi let out his breath and even though he was regretful that Tang Zheng did not chose Liu Qingmei he thought it was better to have a target than to flounder aimlessly.

“Little brat, tomorrow when you go to school you must carry out your plan of flirting.” Tian Chanzi urged.

The sky brightened and Tang Zheng, carrying his backpack, stepped into the school. For him who has never pursued after a girl this was a daunting task that did not lose out to cultivating, in fact it may even be harder than cultivating and there was absolutely no one who was worse than him in this department (flirting).

Then again, even if one has never eaten pork, they surely will have seen a pig run. The key to pursuing a lady is the chance of contact that allows the two to meet.

Unknowingly he had walked to the entrance of senior year Class 1 only to discover that Fang Shishi was already there, burying her head within a book, studying.

He straightforwardly entered the room and immediately attracted everyone’s gaze. Everyone looked at Tang Zheng as if he were an alien and watched as he walked to stand in front of Fang Shishi.

“What is he doing?” Everyone was coming up with guesses in succession.

Qiao Fei’s gaze was all the more glaring as he tried to come up with a plan after plan to frame Tang Zheng but without any results. Now seeing Tang Zheng come to find Fang Shishi he couldn’t help but feel a wave of crisis.

He suddenly stood up and quickly stopped in front of Tang Zheng, glaring at Tang Zheng as if he were his prey.

At this moment the atmosphere suddenly took a subtle change and everyone’s gaze brightened as there was bound to be a good show now.

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