Chapter 26: Death Match

Chapter 26: Death Match

Before the match started people placed their bets on their respective fighters. The atmosphere gradually became increasingly heated as people cheered nonstop.

At the start of the match the two fighters stared fiercely at one another. Using all their strength at the onset, fists collided on flesh, striking to one’s content. The sight seeming to be incomparably amazing.

“Aren’t they afraid that someone might die during these matches?” Tang Zheng curiously asked.

Lin Hu laughed, heihei, as he said: “It is hard to avoid injury and death in these intense battles. There have been previous cases of people dying but in the end they were settled. This shows the strength of Huang Ziyang, as even the police are unwilling to come find trouble.”

Tang Zheng nodded as he gleaned more insight into the Huang Clan’s strength.

“However, since it is normal to be greatly injured in these matches, it is hard to find a fighter. The fighter I invited was only willing to come after I had spent a large amount of money.”

“How much money?”

“Fifty thousand.” Lin Hu extended both arms, “A normal fighter is easy enough to find but finding a martial artists who is willing to stake his life is hard to come by. For those who are able to become martial artists, they usually have a bright future ahead of them. Very few are willing to fight to make some quick money. This fighter of mine was an expert I invited from a foreign dojo and today I hope he will be able to stand above others. I don’t really mind paying the money to have him stand out for me.

“A First grade Refining Body martial artist is worth fifty thousand dollars per match.” Tang Zheng silently said, speechless, martial artist sure are worth a lot of money.

“This is just a First grade Refining Body martial artist, if he was stronger than he would be worth more money. Huang Ziyang has a subordinate who is of the Fourth grade Refining Body and has consecutively won five matches. He is worth several million dollars, now that is a true expert.” Lin Hu said with envy.

Tang Zheng concentrated on the match before him. The two fighters used very crude and simple martial arts, striking each other like robots one fist after another. The sound of fist striking flesh rang out like muffled thunder, becoming all the more distinct within the cheering crowd.

“These fighters possess a wave of vicious energy that I am lacking. In the future it is unavoidable that I will meet a mortal enemy, so I must cultivate this viciousness.” Tang Zheng said with some awareness of his situation.

A fighter fell to the ground and the other hurriedly charged over, kacha, like the sound of thunder the fighter’s two legs were snapped in half as the other mercilessly attacked, the victor already decided.

A gong rang out and the match ended, the winner rose up both hands looking at all four sides, sending his greetings while the loser was dragged off like a dead log, no one inquiring about him.

The crowd released a thundering roar, some people were cheering for having won money while some people were cursing loudly at having lost money.

The second match was similar to the first and the victor was determined in ten minutes. Although, this time the loser was beaten till he was bleeding from the head and ultimately dying, looking incomparably wretched.

“The third match is between my fighter and Boss Fan’s man.” Lin Hu said clenching both fist, his eyes stared straight at the arena, appearing to be extremely anxious.

The two fighters stepped onto the arena while the crowd was in a frenzy.

“Second grade Refining Body martial artist.” Lin Hu sucked in a cold breath as he stared straight at Boss Fan’s fighter. He unconsciously looked towards Boss Fan’s direction only to see Boss Fan looking at him, their two gazes intersected with Boss Fan’s gaze containing a bit of mocking and satisfaction.

Lin Hu angrily roared: “F*ck, where did Boss Fan find a Second grade Body Refining Expert! Shit, I originally thought that I would win for sure but this time it seems like there is no hope.” He lowered his head in discouragement.

The others seeing the disparity between the two fighters strength one after another in succession placed their bets on Boss Fan’s fighter to win. At this time the whole stage was cheering as this match was already decided and it was basically accepting free money with not an ounce of suspense.

“Boss, it seems like our five hundred thousand dollars is wasted.” Dong Zi said as he hung his head in dejection.

“Five hundred thousand dollars is a small matter, the key is that Boss Fan has once again received satisfaction and just seeing this make me feel so annoyed.” Lin Hu said vexed.

Tang Zheng seeing the situation felt his heart move as he said: “Brother Hu, what if I went up?”

“You go?” Lin Hu said feeling shocked since if Tang Zheng went up he would basically win for sure.

“Yes, I’ll go, I am currently in need of money and fast so I want to make some money.” Tang Zheng said getting to the point. If a fighter can make fifty thousand from a match then it would be enough to pay for a portion of his grandfather’s medical fees. Moreover he can gain some experience during the death match and improve his training. This was what you called killing two birds with one stone.

Lin Hu had joy written on his face as he did not expect this pleasant surprise: “You sure?”

Tang Zheng nodded his head seriously.

“Little brother, if you go on stage then the reward won’t just be fifty thousand, whether you win or lose I will give you one hundred thousand.” Lin Hu excitedly said, but of course he was certain of Tang Zheng’s victory.

Inwardly Tang Zheng was excited as one hundred thousand dollars would solve his desperate situation.

Lin Hu immediately brought Tang Zheng over to the platform and applied for a switch in fighters. Boss Fan seeing the situation hurried over and asked: “Lin Hu, what are you doing?”

“Changing fighters.”

“Changing fighters?” Boss Fan wrinkled his eyebrows and coldly laughed: “Lin Hu you aren’t thinking about going up yourself are you? Heihei, Young Master Huang has made a rule that us bosses cannot personally go into the arena.”

“Of course I won’t go up against Young Master Huang’s rule. Relax, it is not me who is going up.”

“Then who is it? Could it be that you still have another fighter? Heng, I think you are just trying to extend the time, you shouldn’t go through this pointless struggle. Today you have lost for sure.” Boss Fan said, while in his heart he was feeling extremely satisfied with himself.

“Don’t speak such big words too soon, for the good show is yet to come.” Lin Hu straightforwardly walked toward Huang Ziyang and said: “Young Master Huang, I want to suddenly request a change in fighters.”

Huang Ziyang looked deeply at him and asked: “Lin Hu, are you certain?”

“I’m certain!”

“No problem, the rules state that since the match hasn’t started you may switch people, but who do you want to switch up?” Huang Ziyang asked him in curiosity.

“I’ll go.” Tang Zheng said stepping up with his back straight.

“You?” Huang Ziyang and Boss Fan both turned to look at him revealing a hint of suspicion. From the outside Tang Zheng appeared to be no different from an ordinary person. He did not look anything like an expert.

“Haha, Lin Hu, I think you have gone insane. Actually daring to send a tied up chicken of a little kid to fight here.” Boss Fan snorted disdainfully, his voice clearly mocking.

Huang Ziyang locked his eyebrows not believing Lin Hu would be this stupid, as to willingly invite shame upon himself. However, he could not see through Tang Zheng, which caused him to be extremely suspicious.

Lin Hu coldly heng, he also previously did not believe Tang Zheng to be an expert and had suffered at his hand. This time there were others also following in this disastrous belief, looking down on Tang Zheng. This did not cause him to be even the least bit angered. In fact he even felt a bit happy, finding joy in their misfortune. In just a bit he will see just who would not be able to laugh.

“Everything will be revealed with their fists, anything you say right now is too early.” Lin Hu said disdainfully.

“Okay, in a bit I will have you lose to your heart’s content. Heihei, last time you bet five hundred thousand dollars, I wonder how much you are prepared to be this time?”

“A million.”

Boss Fan madly laughed: “Lin Hu you actually want to send me money? Then I will not refuse you, heihei, I dare to promise you that this little kid will not last for more than three minutes and will be beaten to the ground by my fighter. Little brat, backing off right now is still not too late, otherwise later you may lose some hands or legs and your life will be ruined. By then it will be too late to regret it.

“Where did all this useless crap come from.” Tang Zheng cast him a glance and coldly said.

Boss Fan was momentarily shocked, becoming both agitated and angry, since he became famous very few people dare to speak to him like this. Clenching his teeth as he stared at Tang Zheng, saying: “Little brat, just you wait, you will be spending the rest of your life in a wheelchair.”

Huang Ziyang did not say a single word, silently observing the two sides, especially Tang Zheng. Since he said such confident words, causing him to be doubtful as he was not simply being arrogant but instead acted as if victory was in already in his grasp.

The corner of his mouth lifted up as he said: “Hehe, little did I expect that today’s matches would be more interesting than I thought. Very good, then I will look forward to your spectacular performance.”

Tang Zheng walked towards the arena as his opponent looked at him, speaking with disdain: “A little stinky brat actually dared come to fight, you’re simply seeking death.”

Tang Zheng smiled, not thinking so.

Boss Fan angrily ordered: “I want you to cripple his lower body, and let him know this daddy’s power.”

“Boss, don’t worry I will most definitely complete this mission.” The fighter said while rolling up his sleeves, eager to start.

Lin Hu said in a low voice: “Little brother, you have to be careful.”

The spectators discovering that there was a change in fighters quickly looked to Tang Zheng in succession, but upon hearing that he was just a normal fighter they all revealed a startled expression. For a normal fighter fighting against a martial artist was simply sending oneself to death. Those who had originally placed their bets on Lin Hu’s fighter all called out for their bets, saying they won’t bet anymore, and that this power difference was too big. That there was no chance at victory, not willing to have their bets be them gifting their money away.

The others who had betted on Boss Fan were clamoring with excitement while other people who watched were sure of the outcome. At this moment the factory was filled with a ruckus, people cursing unendingly, some even directly told Tang Zheng to scram.

Tang Zheng blocked his ears and did not listen. He only looked straight at his opponent whose energy was emanating but was still lacking when compared to Lin Hu. Since Lin Hu was defeated at his hands, how could he possibly be afraid of his opponent.

“Little brat, you have no chance of escaping so you should obediently kneel, kowtow, and admit defeat and I will let you experience less pain.” His opponent called out arrogantly in satisfaction.

Tang Zheng snorted disdainfully and said: “It should be you who should kneel and admit defeat and I may let you experience less pain.”

“F*ck, such shameful boasting, this daddy will not be polite then.” His fist struck forward, the big fist was like a shooting star while Tang Zheng dodged, easily avoiding the strike.

The fighter was shocked but did not put it at heart. His strikes suddenly became more intense raining down like the rain, while Tang Zheng was like a small boat within a flood that could be capsized at any minute. However, this small boat seemed to possess some incomparable mystic power and after the all-encompassing attack ended, he seemed as if he did not move at all, as if he was a boulder.

A normal person could actually easily avoid the attack of a Second grade Refining Body martial artist? The answer to this was completely obvious —— impossible!

However, Tang Zheng actually did it! Was he really just an ordinary person?

Of course not!

The curses abruptly stopped as pair after pair of eyes fell on Tang Zheng’s body, turning him into the focal point of the stage.

Boss Fan sat up, his face becoming solemn, his gaze stared straight at Tang Zheng.

Lin Hu’s face revealed a satisfied look as if he expected everything.

Huang Ziyang’s face turned deep as his eyes gradually became increasingly thought-provoking.

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