Chapter 23: Demonic Energy

Chapter 23: Demonic Energy

In the hospital, Tang Dahai was already within the emergency room. Meanwhile Tang Zheng and Liu Qingmei sat outside in the corridor extremely anxious and expectant.

Tang Zhang buried his head into his knees. If it wasn’t for him, his grandfather wouldn’t have ended up like this. This thought caused him to fall into a deep sea of self-blame.

Liu Qingmei advised: “Tang Zheng, don’t worry, Heaven will help those who are worthy. Your grandfather will be fine.”

Tang Zheng did not reply but silently prayed instead.

Suddenly, footsteps hurriedly approached, Ye Dingdang and several people came forward and asked him: “Tang Zheng is your grandfather alright?”

Tang Zheng lifted his head and look at them, saying: “He is still in the emergency room. How come you guys are here?”

“We just went to the police station and heard that you went to the hospital so we hurried over.”

“Thank you everyone.”

“Boss, don’t say thanks, this is what we should be doing.” Feng Yong said.

Feng Siniang nodded her head and said: “You saved our family’s Dingdang so this is what we should be doing too.

The other people looked at Tang Zheng and Ye Dingdang in astonishment, not knowing that something like this had actually happened between them.

Ye Dingdang saw the anxious and worried Tang Zheng that was completely different from the normally self-confident Tang Zheng. This made her feel a sensation akin to heartache within herself.

She wanted to say a few words of comfort but discovered that any words that she could say would sound feeble and weak. Right at this moment, the emergency room door was pushed open and Tang Dahai was pushed out.

Tang Zheng hurried over and asked: “Doctor, is my grandfather alright?

“His life is temporarily preserved.” The doctor’s voice said, “But then…. His situation is not optimistic, his heart had originally suffered from some injury and after this stimulation his injury became worse. He must stay in the hospital for treatment. As for his condition after the treatment, we are unable to give you a guarantee.”

Tang Zheng felt his heartbeat, and a pain arose within his heart.

“Little brat, his life force has been cut short and he only has half a month to live.” Tian Chanzi suddenly said.

“What, half a month? Tang Zheng was terrified and shocked. His grandfather originally had twenty days to live, but now it was cut short a few days. This left Tang Zheng with even less time. He still had to find the Heaven Fragrant Flower and moreover he needed to reach the Third grade of Refining Qi. This was simply an impossible task that stretched to the heavens.

“I can’t give up. I will definitely let grandfather live on.”

“Little brat, sometimes people can’t help but be faced with a cruel and bitter reality. You don’t need to force yourself.” Tian Chanzi advised.

“Shut up!” Tang Zheng involuntarily roared out, scaring the others into a jump and to look at him in fright.

“Tang Zheng(Boss), what happened?” Everyone asked.

“Nothing.” Tang Zheng said changing the topic while he agreed to have his grandfather stay in the hospital. He then proceeded to handle the procedures for staying in the hospital. On his body, he only had several tens of dollars, but the surgery fee was paid for by Liu Qingmei.

“Tang Zheng, I will pay for the frees to stay in the hospital. When you have the money you can repay me then.” Liu Qingmei saw that he was poverty-stricken and hurriedly said.

“Money is not a problem; you do not have to worry about it. The important thing is to treat the old gramps.” Feng Siniang said.

Feng Yong hurriedly nodded and patted his chest saying: “Boss, your grandfather is my grandfather. However much money you need I will ask my dad to give.”

Tang Zheng looked at several people and shook his head, saying “For matters concerning the money I will think of a way. Thank you guys for your kind thoughts.”

He knew that within his house there was only twenty thousand dollars, and it was gathered by their frugal living for the past few years. Sadly, living in a hospital was a bottomless pit. He had no idea how long the twenty thousand dollars would last, but he was unwilling to accept other people’s money. He believed that he could find a way to get past this difficult time.

Seeing that he was set on his decision, no one pressured him. Immediately after, Tang Zheng settled the procedures necessary to stay in the hospital. After Tang Dahai’s anesthetic wore off and he woke up, unconsciously yelling: “Little Zheng is not a criminal, Little Zheng is wrongly accused.”

“Grandfather, I am fine.” Tang Zheng tightly grasped his grandfather’s hand and Tang Dahai opened his eyes, surprised: “Little Zheng, I am not dreaming am I? The police said you were a criminal and that they had apprehended you.”

“Grandfather, this was all a misunderstanding. It is all fine now.” Tang Zheng explained.

Tang Dahai let out a relaxed breath and said in rejoice: “I said that my grandson was not a criminal and I most definitely would not get it wrong. It is good that you are alright, everything is okay then. Yi, why am I in the hospital?”

“Grandfather, you just fainted.”

“I am fine, let’s hurry up and go home, this hospital is not cheap.” Tang Dahai tried to struggle up but was instead stopped by Tang Zheng, “Grandfather your body is not completely healed yet. The doctors suggest you stay a few days for further observation.”

“My body is fine, why should I stay in the hospital, it’s a waste of money.” Tang Dahai splayed his hands and said with a heartache.

“Old gramps, just listen to the doctor.” Feng Siniang advised.

It was then that Tang Dahai became aware that there were other people in the room, and he turned to look at all the strangers. Tang Zheng introduced them saying “Grandfather, this is my teacher and my classmates.”

“Aiya, I apologize for troubling you all…” Tang Dahai said with embarrassment.

“Old gramps, just take care of your body and don’t worry about anything else. Let Tang Zheng study in ease, okay?” Liu Qingmei amiably advised.

Tang Dahai hesitated a bit and looked at the crowd saying: “I really am fine, this is just an old problem, it’s nothing.”

“Grandfather, this time just listen to me, there is no room for negotiation.” Tang Zheng said firmly. Tang Dahai looked at his grandson with fixed eyes and sighed. He had no choice but to cooperate.

“Old gramps, we are leaving first. Tang Zheng if you need anything give me a call.” The others said their goodbyes.

“Little Zheng, you go send everyone off.” Tang Dahai said.

Tang Zheng saw everyone off at the elevator, Liu Qingmei brought Tang Zheng to the side and said: “Tang Zheng, if there is any news from the police station then I will notify you. They think to harm my student; I definitely won’t let them off. You should just relax.

“Thank you teacher, I want to be excused from school for a few days.”

“That’s okay, you just take care of your grandfather.”

After sending his teacher and friends away, Tang Zheng returned to the patient room and he had already made his plans. His top priority was to cultivate and also find the Heaven Fragrant Flower so that was why he asked to be excused from school. He most definitely can’t tell his grandfather about it, otherwise he would not agree. He prepared to spend his nights cultivating and his days searching for the Heaven Fragrant Flower.

Tang Zheng took a trip home and paid the deposit for his grandfather’s stay in the hospital. Afterwards he returned to chat with his grandfather, determined to stay till his grandfather fell asleep before he started cultivating.

The patient room had two other patients making it inconvenient for him to cross his legs and cultivate, but just as he was mulling over this Tian Chanzi told him the he did not actually have to sit with his legs crossed to cultivate. That he can cultivate as long as he was calm and his whole body was focused on the task.

Extremely happy, he sat down on the chair and entered into a cultivating state of mind and cultivated his Ancient Clear Heaven Scroll.

Chang Heng Mountain.

Tang Zheng went to the back mountains in the early morning. Looking down at the bottomless precipice, he tied the rope on his body and slowly traversed down the cliff.

As the sun rose up high overhead he still kept going without stop. Appearing to be tireless as he continued down the precipice in search of any traces of the Heaven Fragrant Flower.

Tian Chanzi could not help but mock him as this hit-and-miss search was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Moreover, based on his deductions it would be impossible for the Heaven Fragrant Flower to be here unless there was a miracle.

The winds blew, whistling, causing the rope to sway and Tang Zheng to move with it. He hurriedly grabbed onto the stone cliff to stabilize his body.

At the ropes end, he was at three hundred or so meters down the cliff. In this place the cliff was filled with a dense fog that prevented him from seeing more than a few meters ahead of him.

The sun traveled towards the west as he started to climb back up the cliff, deciding to bring a longer rope the next day as that was his only option. He knew that hope was scarce, but he could not give up hope. Since when he did give up hope it would signify that he was letting his grandfather die and he would absolutely not let that happen.

He returned back to the hospital and coincidentally met Feng Yong.

“Boss, you didn’t go to school today, don’t you know that the school is in an uproar and it’s all because of you.”

Tang Zheng wrinkled his eyebrows and was startled at the wound on Feng Yong’s forehead and asked: “What happened to you?”

“I accidentally hit my head.” Feng Yong stammered.

“Liar, this is clearly not a bump, just what happened?” Tang Zheng said as his face deepened.

“……Gao Dazhi hit me.”

“Gao Dazhi, why did he hit you?”

Feng Yong’s face turned red as he ashamedly said: “Boss, it’s all because I’m useless. Gao Dazhi said you were a rapist and I got into an argument with him which resulted with him hitting me. I was not his opponent and threw my face away.”

“Gao Dazhi!” Tang Zheng’s two eyes seemed as if they were going to spit fire, “Feng Yong, thank you.”

“Boss, this is expected of me, I just hate myself for not being his opponent. Otherwise I would smash all his teeth out.”

“There will be such a day, don’t you worry.” Tang Zheng’s heart was moved, wait till he refined the Life Continuing Pill. Then he will prepare a martial arts technique for Feng Yong.

Feng Yong’s eyes brightened at Tang Zheng’s words as he heavily nodded his head and said: “Boss, a bunch of clueless people are shaming your name saying that you have no face to face everyone. That is why you are hiding and not going to school.”

“Let them say what they will. There is no need to pay attention to these clowns.” Tang Zheng said without a care for them.

“Just listening to them make me angry, but in a few days when your grandfather recovers and you go back to school all these rumors will be stopped.”

Tang Zheng did not put the matter at heart and said a few words to Feng Yong before returning back to his grandfather’s room to accompany him.

The next day he returned to Chang Heng Mountain, but this time he brought with him a five-hundred-meter rope. Like Spider-man he easily navigated the cliff, returning back to the position he was at the day before. He did not stop here but instead continued downwards when suddenly after another hundred or so meters.

“Halt!” Tian Chanzi suddenly shouted.

Tang Zheng was momentarily shocked and hurriedly stopped, “What is it?”

“There’s demonic energy?”

“Demonic energy, there’s demonic energy here?”

Tian Chanzi deeply said: “In this multitudinous world, there are not only humans, there are also the devil race and the monster race. The devil race is a group of people who cultivate in evil arts, while the monster race appeared within this world from living creatures who have their spirit knowledge opened, allowing them to possess magic.

If it was before, Tang Zheng would not believe that there would be demons in this world. However, since he was a cultivator now he immediately accepted it and said: “I am only at the First grade of the Refining Qi level, am I the demons opponent?”

“I don’t know; this demonic energy is not strong but it is not to be looked down upon. If you start backtracking now it may not be too late.”

“No, I must advance to find the Heaven Fragrant Flower.” Tang Zheng said, his heart set as he pushed off against the cliff with his feet and speedily descended……

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