Chapter 21: Holy Shit

Chapter 21: Holy Shit!

Tang Dahai hurried as fast as possible and arrived in front of the police station only to be harshly cursed at by the police, saying how did he raise his grandson for him to end up being a rapist. Tang Dahai loudly called out the injustice, saying that it was impossible and that he wanted to see Tang Zheng but he was refused. They said that Tang Zheng was undergoing an interrogation and that all other people were unable to see him and had to wait.

Afterwards, the old man sat panicked alone in the lounge, not knowing how this calamity had happened. He knew that Tang Zheng was most definitely not a rapist. Being both angry and anxious, his whole body was trembling nonstop. When suddenly, his eyes turned white and he fainted……

A bright stinging light flashed on Tang Zheng’s eyes, causing him to squint in order to see the police officer behind the blinding light.

Liu Gang pounded the table fiercely saying: “Tell the truth, how many times have you done this? Is it because you did this before that you are doing it again? Do not think about hiding anything from us, us police will investigate everything, so don’t think about trying to get lucky. Heng, you students right now have all become like this, and troublemakers like you should be cleared out. We have already notified your school and your teacher will be coming shortly.”

“What, why do you need to notify the school?” The always silent Tang Zheng finally erupted. If the school was notified then his grandfather would also be notified, and he could not help but be unsettled as he does not know how his grandfather would react.

Heng, you doing something like this and you’re still afraid of others knowing? You should have considered the results before doing it in the first place.” Liu Gang said with a look of despise.

Tang Zheng knew that he was caught up in a big set up. That girl and the police already have everything planned out, otherwise how would there be something so coincidental. He tried to explain at first that he was not a rapist and that he was just trying to help someone in need. However, the police did not listen to him. Moreover, the girl kept saying that he was the one, causing all his words to be useless. At this point even jumping into the Yellow River will clear him of his sins.

“Shameless, you guys are too shameless!” Tang Zheng said and gnashed his teeth.

“Haha, shameless? Little brat you do something wrong and dare to say others are shameless. You are too amusing, I have seen countless stubborn people like you, but no matter how hard your bones are or how stiff your mouth is I will get you to admit your crimes.” Liu Gang’s face turned fierce to the extreme as he pounded the table, standing up. He coldly walked to stand in front of Tang Zheng and looking down upon him saying “Little brat, I will let you know the strength of the police.” He said while holding onto a thick book on Tang Zheng’s chest.

“You want to extort a confession under force?” Tang Zheng’s face changed abruptly, never expecting the police to be so shameless.

“You can say that, but I promise in a moment you will tell me everything like beans spilling out of a bamboo tube.

The police officer punched the book, the force of it passed through the book and smashed against Tang Zheng’s chest, causing him to only feel a wave of suffocating force causing him to cough nonstop.

“Little brat, retaliate. You are already framed, if you don’t retaliate then you will be messed with to death.” Tian Chanzi advised.

Tang Zheng gnashed his teeth, no if I were to retaliate it would only make things worse by giving them an excuse.

Peng peng peng…

Tang Zheng suffered fist after fist. His chest ached and he coughed as he gasped for breath, his face red. Suddenly, true qi came out of his eight meridians and converged at his chest, causing the pain and ache to disappear, his face returning to its normal color. Liu Gang looked at him weirdly, yi, this brat could take a beating, if it were others they would have long been unable to handle it. He must be pretty strong in order to be able to last this long.

“Little brat, this is just the appetizer, the real meal is coming afterwards.” Liu Gang coldly said.

“The things you do to me today; I will repay you several fold in the future.” Tang Zheng said without fear while he gave him a death glare.

“F*ck, you still dare to threaten your daddy, not crying without seeing the coffin first. Liu Gang said angrily, furiously hitting him, the muffled sound ringing unending.

“Little brat, I will teach you a way, move your true qi to your chest and taking a few of his hits won’t hurt you.” Tang Chanzi looked on and decisively said, giving him a pointer.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this earlier then.” Tang Zheng said angrily before hurriedly revolving his true qi. The true qi in his chest completely stopping all the force before it entered his body, not letting him feel even the least bit hurt. His face returned to normal and he mockingly looked at the police officer who was raining fist down on Tang Zheng. Liu Gang secretly cried out evils, he really has met the devil, is this brat’s bones made of steel? How can he take such a beating?

“F*ck, I won’t hit you anymore, this daddy’s fist hurts.” Liu Gang angrily said in defeat, fiercely throwing away the book, completely losing all reason. “This is completely missing the point and won’t work on you, this daddy still has other methods.” He smashed his fist against Tang Zheng’s head, not caring about leaving marks of physical abuse and just wanted to hurt Tang Zheng so badly that he would beg on his knees to be spared.

Tang Zheng’s eyes flashed with a stern look as he avoided, and angrily said: “If you make another move, then I will not be so kind.”

“Heng, do you have the abilities to not be kind? Both your hands are already cuffed, so how are you able to retaliate?” Liu Gang said with contempt.

“Little brat, at the end of one’s patience you must find more patience, if you are this cowardly and weak then you are not a true man. A cultivator being bullied by a normal human, even I feel ashamed for you.” Tian Chanzi incited.

Liu Gang’s fist came barraging in, Tang Zheng’s hands were unable to budge, but his two legs were free and like lightning one of his legs kicked out, hitting the police officer’s crotch. A sound of a dying pig rang out and Liu Gang covered his pants, falling towards the ground with veins bulging on his forehead while his face was distorted in pain.

“You… you dare hit a police officer.”

“Are you even fit to be a police officer, you scum!”

Zhiya *TL: creaking noise*

The interrogation room opened and several people came charging in, and a cold voice angrily said: “If you guys dare hurt my student, you guys will regret it…”

Suddenly, the rush came to an abrupt stop, the people stared foolishly at Liu Gang crying pitifully on the ground then at Tang Zheng sitting on the chair, this… what is going on?

The people who entered were also confused, they knew what the methods used to interrogate Tang Zheng were and so they did everything in their power and used every method to block. Little did they expect however that Liu Qingmei to be like Buddha himself and made them all powerless before her. Before they were even able to give her a whole warning, they all came crashing into the room.

The police chief Deng Maocai had already made the decision that if the worst came to worst they would simply blacklist Liu Gang, but the scene in front of them caused them to be taken aback. Just what exactly was happening?

Tang Zheng looked curiously at them, his gaze falling upon Liu Qingmei’s body. Why was she here?

“Tang Zheng, are you alright, are you injured? Liu Qingmei hurriedly walked over, patting his body and checking. Showing great concern and worry.

“Teach Liu, why are you here?

“You are my student, how can I not come?” Liu Qingmei icily said giving him a look.

Deng Maocai stood on the side and swallowed his saliva, this pretty lady was simply beauty to the extreme. Her scowl and smile each carried their own unique charm, but he was only observing from afar. Even though he did not clearly understand her identity, the other person who came with her made him not dare to have the slightest intentions.

On Liu Qingmei’s side stood a man in a suit who looked to be around thirty years of age.

Song Donghua, Chang Heng City Chief’s Secretary, who carried with him the will of the Mayor. His intervention caused Deng Maocai’s heart to tremble, he originally thought that this would be an easy case to handle since he was already familiar with doing stuff like this. Never did he expect that he had kicked a steel plate. Nowadays he has been clinging to his dark ways so now he could only clench his teeth in determination and he definitely must not admit that this was a trap. Otherwise, he would be forced to bear all the responsibility.

“Station Chief, this little brat hit a police officer.” Liu Gang said while pointing at Tang Zheng and crawled up with great difficulty.

Everyone’s eyes focused on Tang Zheng’s body, Liu Qingmei’s cold eyes swept and said: “Liar, his hands are restrained, how could he hit you?”

“He didn’t use his hands, but his feet.” Liu Gang said, sucking in a cold breath.

Everyone looked at Tang Zheng’s feet, Liu Qingmei thought before saying:

“Do you have evidence?”

“I…” Liu Gang was dumbstruck and unable to reply.

“Tang Zheng, did he do anything to you?” Liu Qingmei asked.

“He hit me in my chest.”

“Liar, I did not.” Liu Gang immediately denied, and a secret smile arose, “You said I hit you, but do you have any proof?”

“Tang Zheng, don’t be afraid, I am here, they will not be able to hurt you. I will definitely make them face the consequences.”

Song Donghua nodded his head and said: “Student, if they did anything wrong just tell me, and we will definitely uphold justice.”

Deng Maocai suddenly froze, he suspiciously looked at Liu Gang, as if to ask if Tang Zheng’s body had any injuries.

Liu Gang tacitly understood and shook his head, meaning that there were definitely no injuries and so there would definitely not be any proof, which eased Deng Maocai’s heart. Tang Zheng looked at Song Donghua, not knowing who he is, but believing in Liu Qingmei said: “I have evidence.”

“What a joke, how could you possibly have evidence?” Liu Gang obviously did not believe him, since he has used this method countless times and it has never left a mark before. So how could Tang Zheng have any evidence?

“You mean you actually hurt him and purposefully did not leave any evidence?” Liu Qingmei caught onto Liu Gang’s slip of the tone and inquired.

Liu Gang was shaken up and he hurriedly denied: “No, I never hurt him, if he says that I hurt him then he must take out the evidence. Otherwise I will sue him for slander against a police officer.”

“Tang Zheng, don’t be afraid and hurry up and take out the evidence.”

“He hit my chest several times and it really hurts, so I must be injured. Can you undo my shirt and check.” Tang Zheng said with confidence.

Deng Maocai suspiciously looked at Tang Zheng, as he knew Liu Gang and he was already familiar with how these methods work, so how could there be any evidence. Yet, Tang Zheng keeps insisting, could there have been a change?

Since Tang Zheng’s arms were restrained and he could not move, Liu Qingmei undid his shirt for him, revealing his smooth chest, drawing everyone’s attention.

At this time, several cries of alarm rang out.

Liu Gang fell onto his ass, holy shit!

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