Chapter 20: Framed

Chapter 20: Framed

Qiao Fei wanted nothing more than to throw away his phone, the forum post and the picture caused a fire to burn within his stomach. He looked unhappily at Fang Shishi’s back, gnashed his teeth, and silently said: “You constantly refuse my advances, saying you don’t want to think about matters concerning the heart and that you want to put all your energy into your studies. All of what you said was lies and you actually like that poor bastard, Tang Zheng. Where is the reason in that?”

“Just what is so good about him? He is both poor and last place within the school, he is completely useless. So based on what reason do you like him?”

Qiao Fei’s anger burned even more as he thought of another that even that added oil to the fire: the men he sent out to destroy Tang Zheng’s house sent back a message saying that they were beaten up. Moreover, it was by Lin Hu from the north territory. According to them, Tang Zheng and Lin Hu’s relationship was not a shallow one.

Qiao Fei thought this was a joke, how could Tang Zheng and Lin Hu have a deep relationship with each other. Did they think that they were trying to trick a three-year-old child?

Qiao Fei did not believe them at all. Instead he was thinking that they exaggerated the situation in order to get more money from him, but he will not fall for their trap.

“Since using an underhanded method didn’t work, then I will try acting in broad daylight and will have the police apprehend you instead. Let’s just see what you can do.” Qiao Fei’s thoughts moved as he had an idea.

Gao Dazhi stared fiercely at the whispering Tang Zheng and Ye Dingdang, with eyes almost falling out while he was practically gnashing his teeth to pieces. Since he suffered a defeat at Tang Zheng’s hand, he has always bore resentment in his heart, waiting for a chance at revenge. Then suddenly, Tang Zheng learned how to fight. This made him clueless as what to do since this went way beyond his expectations.

The phone rang and Gao Dazhi picked it up speaking a few words before hurriedly walking out to meet up with Qiao Fei in the hallway. They spoke secretly and slowly their faces revealed a sinister smile.

Fang Shishi stared blankly at the blackboard, not listening at all. Her heart was distracted, she has never faced such a situation before and didn’t know how to react.

“What is wrong with me?” She scratched her head in distress while her brain kept flashing back to the event that occurred in the morning along with that deep feeling of forlorn and grieving. “Could it be that I have fallen for him? That is impossible, I have set my mind to become a learned person and my goal is Yan Jing University. Then, how was that feeling so strong, as if I had lost the most important thing to me? Heng, Ye Dingdang, you are truly evil, to dare to disturb my heart. Take a deep breath… focus on the class and study well…”

A day passed quickly and Tang Zheng and Ye Dingdang were inseparable and even at lunch together, causing others to come up with different opinions and comments but Ye Dingdang continued to do her own thing. While at first she was angry, she slowly became accustomed to it.

In reality, she didn’t have any true friends in school, and since Tang Zheng was also a martial artist it gave her a sense of closeness. Moreover, she also wanted to pry into his secrets, so why wouldn’t she grab onto any opportunities to interact with him.

After school was out, Tang Zheng easily went over the study contents for Feng Yong. Since he has already promised to help supplement his studies. Even though he was busy this week and had no time, he still managed to put together some study information for Feng Yong to review.

Tang Zheng carried his backpack and started running, not long later he turned his head back to make sure Ye Dingdang was not following him before he finally relaxed. This girl was simply weird; he must be careful around her.

As he ran he could clearly feel the true qi revolving quicker within himself offsetting the tired feeling he has, making him instead feel as light as a bird.

“Someone save me!” A sound rang out disturbing his thoughts. He halted his steps and looked in all directions to try to find where the sound came from. In the end he found it to originate from a small alleyway, but he was not going to rush in carelessly.

As of today he possesses martial art skills and could become a righteous hero who swoops in to prevent injustice. Moreover, his grandfather always told him to be a good person, which means he can’t just sit idly by and watch evil things happen.

“Heihei, little girl you look very pretty. Why don’t you play with us brothers for a bit. I guarantee that you will so good that you will think that you are in heaven.”

“That’s right, us brothers have good skills.”

The three were happily giggling as they surrounded a beautiful girl who was forced against the corner, crying nonstop for help and for them not to come any closer. Sadly, this was all in vain as they continued to take steps closer. One of them hugged her while tracing her hands with his fingers.

“Stop!” Tang Zheng shouted loudly, “Doing this in broad daylight, is there no law?”

“F*ck, where did this stinky brat come from? Don’t you want to live anymore?” One said as they all jumped forward to attack.

Tang Zheng didn’t block or run but grabbed the others fist instead, using his momentum to cause him to cry out for his mommy and daddy. His bones were snapped into pieces causing the other two who saw what happened to be scared into a retreat.


Tang Zheng shouted and the three gangsters ran away.

Tang Zheng smiled with satisfaction, the feeling of having power was just to awesome. For it gave him the power to help those in need, fighting injustice.

“Miss, are you alright?”

“Thank you.” The pretty girl said while grabbing his hand, shedding tears of gratitude, her shirt was already torn open, revealing a pink bra, brightly attracting other’s gaze.

Suddenly, the girl hugged Tang Zheng, causing Tang Zheng to turn stiff as he was embarrassed, wanting to tell her ‘Miss, don’t be like that’ but instead he heard her cry out loudly: “Rape, there is a pervert.” The girl shouted loudly on one hand while the other tore at her shirt, in a moment her upper body was bare except for her bra.

Tang Zheng’s brain froze, shouting to himself that this is bad.

“Little brat, you fell for a trap.” Tian Chanzi sighed.

Tang Zheng also knew that he fell for a trap and the only thought in his mind was to escape, but the girl was holding onto him like a dead fish not letting go.

“Don’t move!” Several police appeared, their guns aimed at Tang Zheng causing him to have nowhere to go even if he wanted to run as he was not faster than bullets.

“Police, hurry and arrest him, he wanted to rape me, wuwuwu…” The young girl pitifully cried out.

“Heng, you’re a student yet you want to rape a girl in broad daylight. You sure are driven mad by sexual desires.” The police angrily howled while two other police grabbed onto Tang Zheng’s shoulder.

“Let me go, this is all a misunderstanding.” Tang Zheng shouted.

“Misunderstanding? We clearly saw it, so how could it be a misunderstanding? Little brat, prepare to go to jail.” The police coldly said.

Tang Zheng’s heart turned cold, this was all a plot specifically set for him. This was simply too much. He stared fiercely at the girl and said: “Why do you want to harm me? Why?”

“Police, he was to fierce, please arrest him.” The girl’s eyes turned frantic as she hurried to avoid Tang Zheng’s gaze.

“Little miss, don’t worry, we’re the police and he will not be able to harm you.” A police said while kicking the back of Tang Zheng’s knees but discovered instead that he did not move at all causing him to be shocked while he angrily said: “You’re not allowed to move otherwise I’ll have you know that our bullets don’t have eyes.” The gun was point right at his temple, causing him to not dare to move.

“No, I must run away. This is all a set-up, if I am taken to the police station then it will really be over.” Tang Zheng panicked internally as his emotions were in a mess. Even if he wanted to run the police wouldn’t let him as they straightforwardly put him in handcuffs. One on his left and one on his right, binding him, “Follow us to the police station little miss, you can come with us to help with the investigation.”

The pretty girl quickly nodded her head and put on her clothes while the police pushed Tang Zheng into the police and drove towards the police station in a hurry.

Not far away, Qiao Fei and Gao Dazhi looked on without blinking, then turned to give each other a high five, with big smiles on their face: “Haha, this time he is doomed and will most definitely be expelled from school.”

Qiao Fei’s ashen face said: “Simply having him expelled is not enough, I must not give him any chances to make a change in his life. Heng, I want to have him sentenced to prison. He is now eighteen and therefore is responsible for his own actions.”

“Yes, Qiao Fei, you sure are treacherous. To be able to actually think of this plan, to cruel.” Gao Dazhi said in approval.

Qiao Fei coldly smiled in satisfaction: “This is the result for offending me, I want to see just what he can do now.”

“Of course. Now he can't bother Ye Dingdang anymore, moreover Fang Shishi can’t escape from your grasp now.”

Qiao Fei’s eyes flashed, saying within his heart: “Fang Shishi, you used studying to reject me but you still liked this poor bastard. I want you to watch as I destroy him, also since you’re not a chaste woman anymore I don’t need to slowly pursue you.  Now, I must have you at the fastest possible speed.

*TL: Well… apparently for Qiao Fei, being in a relationship with another person makes one’s not chaste. >.<

The news of Tang Zheng being arrested was quickly spread around the forum and it was said that some people saw the scene after school was out and took pictures. Pictures of Tang Zheng handcuffed by two police at his side, entering the police car followed by a scared pretty girl were quickly uploaded. This led people to have enough information to let their imaginations run rampant.

Another person revealed information saying that Tang Zheng was the prime suspect of a rape, which immediately blew up on the forum.

Rape. This was a word that caused High Schoolers to be frantic and in an instant a large group of people who were unsatisfied with Tang Zheng being with the two beauties, Ye Dingdang and Fang Shishi, felt joy at his misery. Sending their curses towards Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng’s popularity rate once again skyrocketed to an unreachable height. The new was like a snowball that passed through the whole school and whether one was a teacher or student they all knew that this former genius, now at the bottom of the class has been arrested as a rape suspect.

Tang Dahai had already finished making dinner, waiting left and right, the dinner already became cold but his grandson was not yet home. He stood at the door looking outwards and mumbled to himself: “Little Zheng should be home by now but how come he isn’t back yet? Could it be that there is something at school delaying him?”

He waited a bit longer till the sky was black, the food was now completely cold and worry crept into his heart. He felt for his phone and called his grandson’s phone number, “Hello, Little Zheng, where are you?”

“Who are you?” The phone was answered by a stranger.

Tang Dahai felt his heart beat loudly, a premonition arose within him, “I am his grandfather. Where is Little Zheng.”

“Tang Zheng has been apprehended as a prime rape suspect. Are you his relative, hurry and come to the police station. Heng, just who are you and how did you raise such an animal.”


Tang Dahai felt as if thunder struck his body, he swayed a bit before he grabbed the door for support, nearly falling to the ground, his face a pale white. Trembling, he slowly got up.

E/N: Man makes you just despise Qiao Fei doesn’t it? I honestly hate that girl more than Qiao Fei since she actually went through with it, to someone who would try to save a young girl in trouble.

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