Chapter 2: Nine Yang Saint Body

Chapter 2: Nine Yang Saint Body

The basement floor was filled with discarded laboratory apparatuses, covered in a layer of dust and interwoven with spiderwebs.

Tang Zheng wrinkled his eyebrows, this wasn’t cleaning, the old witch was purely trying to torment him.

In order to avoid any further cause for reprimand, he picked up the broom and started sweeping. An hour later, his body started to sweat a little but the basement floor was cleaned so that it was as good as new.

“So the ghost floor is only so, it seems like it really is used to scare little cowards.” Tang Zheng threw his sides of his mouth up, not the least bit fearful.

“Little brat, you finally came!” A not loud voice rang out, scaring him into a jump.

“Who are you?” All the goosebumps on his skin rose up, he looked to all four sides and found not a shadow, “It must be me being too nervous, causing me to hear things.”

“Little brat, the time I waited for you was so bitter.” The sound once again rang out.

Tang Zheng’s face instantly became ashen, this was definitely not his imagination, the sound was real.

“You… just what are you, don’t hide, otherwise I will grab you out and give you a beating.” Tang Zheng’s voice trembled.

Someone scaring others may result in scaring a person to death, even though he had guts he still knew how to fear.

“Tian Chanzi, you want to change your fortunes just like that? You are thinking too much.”  Another gloomy voice rang out, just listening to this sound causes an absolutely horrifying feeling.

“Yin Mo, what do you want to do?”

“Hei, of course it’s to kill him, so you can never revive yourself.”

“Don’t you dare!”

Gaga, years ago I absorbed a mysterious yin energy and these few years I have successfully refined it, you are no longer my opponent. Do you think you can stop me?”

“Little brat, run!” The first voice who spoke out, roared.

Tang Zheng was already certain that this was no prank, so were there really ghosts? He wanted to hurry up and escape but discovered that he was incapable of moving, just like he was being stuck to the ground.

“Why can’t I move?” Tang Zheng panicked, his eyes wide open.

“Haha, of course you can’t move, I already used my immobilizing technique, if you can move then that would really be weird.” That cold and icy voice said with great joy and satisfaction. “Tian Chanzi, I will immediately swallow his soul and cut off your last hope, gaga.”

*think of ‘gaga’ like a wicked, gurgling laugh.

“Yin Mo, you are to despicable!”

“Haha, I am a devil descendant, being despicable is in my very nature.”


Tang Zheng pitifully cried out, his brain felt like it was being pierced by needles, it was ten thousand times more painful than his usual headache making him suddenly faint and lose conscious.

Two streams of consciousness entered him brain charging towards its depths, one was black colored and the other was cyan colored. The black colored consciousness was faster and was the first to enter Tang Zheng’s brain center administration.

“Tian Chanzi, you have lost, your soul will soon be scattered around this plane, gaga.” Yin Mo smiled fiercely, extremely proud of himself.

The black colored consciousness entered Tang Zheng’s central nervous system.

“Heaven wants me to die.” Tian Chanzi cried out in sorrow.

After waiting for so many years, he finally meets a mysterious yin body and he originally thought that he could borrow his powers and fight Yin Mo to the death. Unexpectedly, a few years ago Yin Mo had acquired mysterious yin nourishment, and his strength now surpasses him. This time he is also a step behind Yin Mo and if Tang Zheng were to die then so would Tian Chanzi’s chance at acquiring his body.

“Ah! How could it be like this, this fellow is not only a mysterious Yang body, he… is actually… a Nine Yang Saint Body!”

Suddenly, Yin Mo turned pale and let rip a roar, wanting to escape from Tang Zheng’s central nervous system but a wave of boundlessly pure yang energy wrapped around him.

“Nine Yang Saint Body!” Tian Chanzi couldn’t help but be shocked.

The Nine Yang Saint Body only existed in legends, he never would have thought that he would actually meet one, the Nine Yang Saint Body is similar to the mysterious Yang body both being pure Yang bodies but the Nine Yang Saint Body was much more pure and contained more Yang energy.

“Haha, Yin Mo, you are the cause of your own injuries, this time you are sure to die!” Tian Chanzi felt elated.

Yin Mo cultivated with a focus on being soft (Yin) arts and pure Yang energy was his nemesis, but he thought that he was able to handle the Yang energy within Tang Zheng’s body, hence why he entered his body with the intent to kill him so that Tian Chanzi can not absorb his pure Yang energy.

Tian Chanzi cultivated in the masculine arts (Yang), so if he were to absorb pure Yang energy his energy would greatly increase and could then threaten Yin Mo’s safety.

“Tian Chanzi, I am unwilling, how could this little brat have the Nine Yang Saint Body?” Yin Mo released a heart rending roar.

“Yin Mo, you evil demon, this is heaven’s will, god wants to destroy you!” Tian Chanzi said.

“Ah! I am-- UNWILLING--” shouted with great effort, everything resumed back to normal, Yin Mo’s consciousness was completely refined by the pure energy.

Tian Chanzi’s consciousness did not dare venture farther and wanted to escape Tang Zheng’s brain but he suddenly found that there was a suction force that held him in place.

“What happened, does he want to deal with me too?” Tian Chanzi charged forward, but found out that he could not break out of the binds.

“This… how could the Nine Yang Saint Body be this strong? Coming in was easy but escaping sure is hard.”

“Yi, my consciousness has strengthened a bit.” Suddenly, Tian Chanzi felt that it was a bit weird as the wave of pure Yang energy did not harm him but instead strengthened his consciousness.

Tang Zheng opened his eyes, dazed, the pangs of pain completely disappeared, the scenes before he fainted was still fresh.

“Ghost, there’s ghost!” His whole body felt ice-cold, those kind of weird feelings made him an atheist feel scared.

“Little brat, I am not a ghost, you do not need to be afraid.” Tian Chanzi’s voice rang out.

“You… who are you, where are you?” Tang Zheng asked in a stutter, looking at all four sides, not a single person’s shadow was present.

“I am in your sea of consciousness.”

“....Sea… of consciousness?” Tang Zheng swallow his saliva.

“Relax your heart, I will not harm you.” Tian Chanzi warmly said, his heart saying if you do not harm me then thank god, how could I possibly hurt you.

Not harm me, and still run into my brain, do you take me for a fool? Tang Zheng silently cursed.

“You don’t believe me?”

“No, I do believe you.” Tang Zheng still did not make heads or tails of the situation and decided to first stabilize the other, wasn’t there previously some Yin Mo? How come there is now only a Tian Chanzi.

“Yin Mo already died by your hands.” Tian Chanzi’s broke through his thoughts.

“Died by my hands?” Tang Zheng’s eye’s was stupefied, ei, that’s not right, how could he know what I was thinking?

“I am in your consciousness, what you think, I know, later you and I do not need to communicate through words, we can just directly use our consciousness to communicate.” Tian Chanzi explained.

“Then hurry up and leave my consciousness.” Tang Zheng did not like the idea of his emotions and thoughts laid bare to others.

“I can’t escape.” Tian Chanzi said with a bitter smile, “I am currently very weak, and confined by your pure Yang energy, so unless I can recover my energy or you have enough energy to control the Nine Yang Saint Body’s pure Yang energy and let me out otherwise I could only stay within your consciousness.”

Truth be told, he temporarily did not want to leave, his consciousness was feeble and could at any moment scatter, plus Tang Zheng’s pure Yang energy could nourish his consciousness.

Tang Zheng’s face became a bitter melon, what was with this situation.

“I am equivalent to a cultivator from a thousand year ago, and had the ability to move mountains and fill seas. Relax, I will temporarily stay in your consciousness and will not take advantage of you, I will also teach you how to cultivate, allowing you to have the ability to be known by all under heaven.”

“Cultivate?” Tang Zheng’s heart was moved, it seemed like the legends were true, I never thought that such things would exist.

Since the other temporarily could not exist, then he could only accept, his heart could not help but be moved by the idea of being able to cultivate.

“Of course, I will also make you into a strong cultivator, a real cultivator.” Tian Chanzi made a solemn vow, Tang Zheng has a Nine Yang Saint Body if he could take him under his wing then in the future he would have limitless potential and could then have a chance at returning to Gui Sect.

He originally was a disciple expelled from the Sect, and his life’s greatest wish was to return back to Gui Sect. If he has a disciple who possesses a Nine Yang Saint Body then he will have the ability to return back to Gui Sect.

“First, help me get something then I will pass on techniques to you.”

Tang Zheng followed the command and broke off a corner of the wall, revealing a old rolled up sheepskin embedded in the stone, with the four words “Ancient Clear Heaven Scroll”.

“What is this?”

“Something good, first put it away, I will tell you about it later, first let me refine the clogged blood from your brain. Then, impart to you a technique.” Tian Chanzi just delved into Tang Zheng’s brain and discovered that a lot of his meridians were clotted by blood, which must be cleared in order to cultivate.

“Clogged blood?”

“Yes, did your brain previously receive some major injury?”

Tang Zheng immediately thought of the event half a year ago when he received an injury, could it be that the reasons for his headaches are because of the clogged blood.

“Relax, this is just a minor problem, I will help treat you but my power will be greatly consumed, so I will have to temporarily rest for a period of time, you do not need to be panicked, I will quickly regain consciousness.

“Thank you!” Tang Zheng felt a wave of gratefulness. After the injury was healed he would recover to being in his most optimal condition, and then show up everyone who looked down upon him.

A wave of warmth, bundled up and headed towards his brain, the feeling brought about an unprecedented feeling of tranquility.

A moment later, this feeling disappeared and he felt his brain was a lot clearer and did not longer felt slow and muddled anymore.

“Is that it?” He carefully recalled the knowledge that he learned, and the knowledge started flooding in like tides, causing no headache whatsoever.

“I healed, this is amazing!” He was excited and started doing a little dance, “Tian Chanzi, I really am fine now!”

But no one replied him, he then momentarily remembered that Tian Chanzi used up a lot of energy and was resting now.

“Just what exactly is this, Ancient Clear Heaven Scroll, that makes it so important.” Tang Zheng’s eyes fell upon the ancient sheepskin scroll, the four letters atop it were like magic, attracting his gaze.

He gently opened the ancient sheepskin scroll, a passage of ancient yet appealing characters was displayed before his eyes and he unconsciously read it aloud.

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