Chapter 19: Jealous of a Love Rival

Chapter 19: Jealous of a Love Rival

As Tang Zheng arrived at the school’s entrance, a car stopped by his side. The windows rolled down to reveal Feng Siniang’s passionate face as she said: “Little handsome brother, what a coincidence for us to meet again.”

Ye Dingdang stepped out of the car and angrily said: “Feng Siniang, hurry up and leave. I’m going to class now.”

Feng Siniang gently said: “What are you so panicked about? It’s still early and I haven’t finished speaking to this little handsome brother.”

Tang Zheng had already experienced Feng Siniang’s boldness and politely nodded his head, before saying with a smile: “Aunty, how are you?”

“Aiya, you make me sound old calling me Aunty, am I really that old?” Feng Siniang said with a hint of anger as she lifted herself up poisefully.

Tang Zheng was shocked, indeed she wasn’t old and had taken good care of her appearance, looking to be around thirty years old. She was both charming and sexy.

“Tang Zheng, let’s go.” Ye Dingdang grabbed Tang Zheng’s hand and took large strides into the school.

Feng Siniang shook her head and said: “Girls really do change when they are of age. She even complained about this mother of hers. Aiya, this is not good, kids are calling me aunty now. Aim I really that old? I must go back and take better care of myself, otherwise I really will become an old lady.”

As Ye Dingdang was holding Tang Zheng’s hand, a wave of pure Yin energy continuously flowed into his meridians.

“This is angering me to death, that Feng Siniang is going more and more overboard.” Ye Dingdang was annoyed to the extreme.

Tang Zheng smiled and said: “How come you don’t call her mother, but instead address her by her name?”

“It was she who requested this of me, saying that by calling her mother I make her sound old. Just what part of her is she like a mother anyways.”

“Actually… I think she isn’t that bad.” Tang Zheng never had the joy of having a mother’s love and thought that Feng Siniang’s energetic personality made other feel at ease. Which was a really good feeling to have.

“Heng, good my ass.” Ye Dingdang said showing the whites of her eyes.

The two holding hands caused a spectacle as everyone had previously thought of Ye Dingdang as a stranger who was unapproachable. Never would they have thought to see her come into contact with anyone, but here she is with Tang Zheng, holding his hand in broad daylight while striding through the courtyard. This was sure to be explosive news.


Some people secretly recorded this scene with pictures taken from their cellphones.

Everybody speculated that the news on the forum a few days ago was true, and that Ye Dingdang really did fall in love with Tang Zheng. Oh god, just what is so good about him? It’s not like he was the genius he was before. Right now he is just trash. Could it be that one of the school’s campus belle actually has a unique preference for people who aren’t good at school?

Ye Dingdang was preoccupied with hurriedly getting away from Feng Siniang’s clamor and didn’t notice the sensation that she was causing. Tang Zheng on the other hand was happy with holding her hands, as he was able to absorb her pure Yin energy. Moreover her hand was both smooth and soft, and truly quite comfortable to touch.

“Tang Zheng?” Someone suddenly called out from behind.

The two stopped their steps and looked back to see Fang Shishi standing there. She had a complicated expression on her face as her gaze fell upon the two tightly clasped hands.

Ye Dingdang was momentarily shocked, she and Fang Shishi were considered the two campus belle and even though she didn’t really pay any head to her reputation, as a girl she still had some vanity. She had long ago investigated Fang Shishi, but had discovered that they were completely different people and would therefore not cross paths in their entire lives.

At this time, since Fang Shishi was so close, Ye Dingdang could not help but appreciate her beauty as she possessed a soft kind of beauty that contained a ladies’ aura.

“You guys…” Fang Shishi had also seen the forum post and didn’t really believe in the gossip surrounding Tang Zheng and Ye Dingdang. For Tang Zheng has been burying himself in his studies for the past two years and had never brought up the topic of love. However, seeing as how the two are holding hands, Fang Shishi couldn’t deny it and came to believe that they were really together.

She suddenly felt a faint feeling of grievance and forlorn within her heart as if she has just lost something extremely precious to her.

Tang Zheng felt his own heart beat loudly as he hurriedly loosened his hand. Ye Dingdang glared at him while her heart said that she was too careless for holding his hand this long. While not realizing it, but seeing the panic within his eyes she could not help but feel a wave of stuffiness inside. As a girl she did not say anything, but he dares act as if he was taken advantage of. Could it be… her eyes shifted and she looked from Tang Zheng to Fang Shishi. Her heart moved, could these two have something going on between them?

She felt as if she had discovered a new world, and felt a bit of incredulous while at the same time feeling a bit of interest. Just what is so good about him that Fang Shishi would see something within him.

“Tang Zheng, I saw the forum message already.” Fang Shishi said, clearly wanting to say something else but stopping herself instead.

Tang Zheng felt his heart tighten as he hurriedly explained: “Don’t believe in it, that was a story someone fabricated.”

“But you guys…”

“It was a misunderstanding, it was all a misunderstanding.”

Ye Dingdang felt annoyance upon hearing these words, and how he hurriedly emphasized their relationship as if she was something bad. This caused her to glare at him with her large almond shaped eyes, saying: “Tang Zheng, what did you say was a misunderstanding?”

“It was originally a misunderstanding.” Tang Zheng said speaking truthfully.

Ye Dingdang felt anger bubbling inside her, as girls were prone to comparing themselves to others, especially between pretty girls. Seeing how Tang Zheng cared so much for Fang Shishi while treating her poorly, she couldn’t help but want to strike at him. She then mischievously thought that she hasn’t yet paid him back for lying about being a martial artist at the Pre-Natal Stage. She thought that this would be a perfect time to mess up something he cares about.

“Tang Zheng, you heartless man, you even held my hand and honestly said you would take care of me for life and treat me well. Now you suddenly change your mind, clearly forgetting everything when you saw Fang Shishi. You’re too shameless.” Ye Dingdang said with her beautiful face tearing up, her intentions clear, causing even Tang Zheng to doubt if he actually said such words.

But he clearly knew that this was all fake and that she was putting on a show.

“You liar.”

“Fine, you don’t want to admit it, then just who was holding my hand.” Ye Dingdang’s eyes flashed with an undetectable cunning as she pitifully said.

“It was you holding my hand, okay?” Tang Zheng was speechless, how could there be someone so thick faced.

“I am a girl, so why would I take the initiative and hold your hand. You were clearly the one who was holding my hand.”

“I…” Tang Zheng was clueless as what to say, how can girls be so annoyingly troublesome, to make black into white and white into black.

Fang Shishi’s face was red down to her neck, Ye Dingdang’s words could not be any clearer, even so she did not believe Tang Zheng to be so fickle. However, she could not deny the truth placed in front of her.

Her brain was in a mess and had turned into mush, causing her to feel like a third party, which she hated. She felt a hundred different feelings well up within her heart so she looked at Tang Zheng and said: “I will leave first.” Then ran away as if she were flying.

Ye Dingdang had a satisfactory smile as if she had won a victorious battle.

Tang Zheng felt great anger as this was all caused by her, so he fiercely glared at her and said: “Just what are you trying to do?”

Ye Dingdang looked upwards and said: “Nothing.”

“Then why did you say those words back then?”

“How come it seems like you care for her, as if you like her?”

“I… it’s none of your business.” Tang Zheng replied while feeling a bit empty inside. Did he really like her?

She was pretty, warm, kind-hearted and moreover she believed in him unconditionally. Who would not be moved by this kind of girl?

Tang Zheng himself was also a young and vigorous youth, and has had long since looked expectantly towards matters of the heart before. However he did his best to restrain himself as he wholeheartedly immersed himself in his studies, but today he has gone through a heaven defying change and the confused thoughts within his heart have started to surface.

Yes, he did indeed have good feelings towards her, he always had, but the two did not interact in an intimate level. Moreover they were as different as the heaven and the earth so he could only bury his feelings deep within his heart.

“Heng, I can see the truth, you really do like her. So you like those type of girls, but I will not let you succeed. Who told you to pretend to be an expert and trick me.” Ye Dingdang said while swaggering away.

Tang Zheng stared dumbstruck, this girl was simply too unreasonable. All this was started because she provoked him. He really could not understand a girl’s logic, and as a guy he was left completely clueless.

The two sat down next to each other, both not acknowledging the other. Tang Zheng sat silently to the side absorbing the pure Yin energy while also cultivating.

“Boss, you are too stubborn.” Feng Yong said excitedly as he rushed forward, “Was it all true, was it?”

“What’s true or false?” Tang Zheng said unable to grasp ahold of the situation.

“Is what the forum says true?”

“What nonsense is being talked about on the forums again?”

Feng Yong hurriedly took out his phone and said: “Boss, look at the picture and caption, this time you really are famous. Your popularity count is sky high. You’re the first to reach such an insane number since the forum was made. It’s no wonder you are my boss.”

Tang Zheng stared dumbstruck, the forum’s picture and caption were taken just then, but the truth was already completely distorted. It said that the two campus belle were jealous over Tang Zheng, silently fighting over him in broad daylight, almost to the point of getting into an actual fight. This was attached with the image of Ye Dingdang holding hands with Tang Zheng.

On the forum one after another ran out of words to use, this was just too f*cking unreasonable. For one campus belle to like him was crazy enough, but for both of them to like him and also to start a silent war in broad daylight to rival for one’s affection, was simply not letting other people live.

Tang Zheng looked on with cold sweat pouring down, these people have insane imagination skills. If they don’t become a paparazzi and write juicy gossip it would be such a waste.

Ye Dingdang grabbed the phone away and swept through the contents with her eyes. Her face paled white as she roared in a loud voice: “What rival for one’s affection, and starting a silent battle in broad daylight, what nonsense!”

“This is all because of you.” Tang Zheng said without any good feelings. If she wasn’t intentionally finding problems then how would this matter have blown up?

“You still dare blame me? This is all my fault?” Ye Dindang fiercely glared at him.

“If you didn’t make a scene, would this have happened?”

“You…” It was indeed so, but Ye Dingdang would never admit it. Staring straight at the phone, the more she looked, the angrier she got, until even her shoulders started to shake. Suddenly, she lashed out with her hands, slamming the phone into the wall with a ‘pa’ sound, shattering it into pieces.

“Ah, my phone!” Feng Yong cried out with sorrow, he was simply unlucky, suffering damage even as a bystander. He only saw Ye Dingdang’s fierce look and could only swallow the anger within his heart.

“Fatty Feng, I will buy you another phone.” Ye Dingdang said feeling embarrassed.

Feng Yong smiled with embarrassment: “It’s just a phone, it’s not worth much money. As long as you make up with the boss, the phone would have died a worthy death.”

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