Chapter 180: First and last in history!

Chapter 180: First and last in history!

The worker’s eyebrows jumped as he solemnly asked: “How do you know that his ID is fake?”

In the history of the high school exam, there have been plenty of stories of people taking the test for others hence the workers do not let down their guard.

“I…” Wu Cuihong wanted nothing more than to immediately pull out the test ID in her pocket but that would cause the situation to change and everybody would know that she stole Tang Zheng’s test ID, preventing him from participating in the exam, and the penalty for that would be big.

Not only would the school board punish her but no one would dare be her student.

“Just check carefully, you must not let anyone use a fake ID to enter the venue as this would be the greatest shame in the history of the test.” Wu Cuihong vividly said.

Liu Qingmei had always known of Wu Cuihong’s prejudice towards Tang Zheng but Liu Qingmei did not expect that at such an important moment Wu Cuihong would make such a despicable move. Liu Qingmei roared angrily: “Wu Cuihong, you have to take responsibility for your words. You are a teacher so how dare you say a student’s test ID is a fake. This is slander don’t you know that?”

Wu Cuihong was without fear as she was sure that Tang Zheng’s test ID was fake hence she brazenly said: “Of course I will take responsibility for my words but I also can not look on wide-eyed as someone who harms the group tries to sneak his way in.”

Saying up to here she gave Tang Zheng a satisfied look.

Tang Zheng had guessed by now that his missing ID was related to Wu Cuihong but since the other wanted to seek death then he will accompany her in this play. For this reason, he raised his head and proclaimed: “Today, in front of so many witnesses, the principal, several teachers, as well as many parents, Wu Cuihong as a teacher claims I want to enter the test venue with a fake ID. I would like everybody present to act as a judge. On this note, I would like to ask what should we do if my ID is proven to be real?”

“Tell her to scram. These kinds of people aren’t fit to be a teacher!” The students shouted first as it was clear that many of them had suffered injustices under their teachers.

There were also quite a few people who were agitated and added: “If she really did indeed tried to intentionally harm a student then not only is she unfit to be a teacher but her basic human character needs to be called into question as the high school exam is the most important test in a student’s career. If she really did harbor bad intentions then she should be subjected to the law.”

The teachers, on the other hand, were more restrained as they looked at Wu Cuihong with complicated gazes. Many of the teachers present knew of Wu Cuihong’s conflict with Tang Zheng and internally looked down upon her as the way she treated Tang Zheng was now how a teacher should be treated her students.

The principal’s expression turned cold as something like this happened from his school left him with no face. Right now his anger was not directed towards Tang Zheng but the trash like Wu Cuihong.

As the head teacher of grade three, she was unable to see the bigger picture and these type of people were not fit for any position with heavy responsibility. Even though the principal had these thoughts he could not fly into a rage as those present would think that he was protecting Tang Zheng for their school’s reputation.

But right now, his gazes could kill.

Liu Qingmei did not have any such restraints placed on her as she furiously roared: “Wu Cuihong if Tang Zheng’s ID is real then I will definitely sue you for slander so that you can be punished by the law.”

Wu Cuihong grunted but was not deterred as if she could not hear Liu Qingmei. All Wu Cuihong could think of right now was that: “As long as it is discovered that Tang Zheng’s ID is fake, then all the problems will be swept away. Other people may even praise me for being an honest and upright person.”

She felt that she calculated everything meticulously so as that not only could she get her revenge but her reputation wouldn’t take too much of a hit.

But the key to the success of her plan was that Tang Zheng’s ID must be fake.

Seeing the smug Wu Cuihong, Tang Zheng gave a cold chuckle internally as he said towards the worker: “Please check my test ID and clear my name.”

The worker solemnly nodded his head as this was serious business which could easily explode out into something even bigger. A few other workers came together to triple check and the results came out not long later. They all turned and looked towards Wu Cuihong with clearly colder gazes that contained hints of disdain and annoyance.

Those present were able to glean some information about the situation, and at that moment they were all silent as they awaited the verbal results by the workers.

Wu Cuihong seemed to be blind to the sh*t she was about to land in as she continued to urge nonstop: “Hurry up and announce the results. This kind of trash actually wants to go to college. Keep dreaming!”

The workers looked at her as if she was an idiot before scanning the ground and proclaiming: “This student’s ID is real.”

The crowd broke into an uproar as Wu Cuihong actually had the intent to harm a student and moreover it was using such an underhanded method. At this moment everyone looked at her with gazes filled with undisguised hatred and disdain as they wanted nothing more than to distance themselves from her otherwise they would be bringing humiliation to themselves.

Wu Cuihong’s satisfied smile froze as if her entire being was frozen. Her face turned stiff as she suspected that she heard wrong.

How could Tang Zheng’s test ID be real? The real one was clearly in her pocket.

She unconsciously cried out: “No, that can’t be right. His ID must be fake. It definitely must be fake. I beg you guys to please check again.”

What the f*ck is wrong with you? You want to beg us?

The workers gave her a white eye as these people were crazies and could not be reasoned with. She even dared to interfere with our job, this caused them to feel annoyed as they berated: “Is it our words that hold more weight or yours?”

If the admitters say it was real then it is real and no one would believe Wu Cuihong. Everyone pointed their hands at her in succession and said: “How are these people allowed to be teachers? They must be fired otherwise how could us parents feel at ease sending our children to study under these kinds of teachers? Just how is she nurturing students, she is simply trying to ruin students? Simply too despicable!”

Even those teachers who would occasionally come in conflict with Wu Cuihong stepped out to speak and find joy in another misfortune: “Wu Cuihong, I did not think you were that kind of person and I am ashamed of being your acquaintance!”

Liu Qingmei also finally let out a breath of relief as Tang Zheng was finally fine but towards Liu Qingmei she felt a belly full of anger rise up causing her to turn to the principal and say: “Principal, you saw everything too. People like Wu Cuihong are unfit to be a teacher as she brings shame to our profession. As of today, in our society there are a lot of people with negative opinions about teachers and it is all because of these people who ruin our reputation. Principal, if you don’t fire her then I quit. Shameless!”

The principal’s expression was unsightly like the sky before a thunderstorm. As he listened to Liu Qingmei’s righteous and powerful words, as well as looked at the crowd he felt that he was riding on a tiger that was hard to get off of.

This entire situation arose from Wu Cuihong so he could only blame himself for being blind as he actually let her be the head teacher of the class. Now that things have blown out to become a big joke she really tarnished the school’s reputation.

Just as he was hesitating over what to do, it was unknown which parent furiously roared out: “She is unfit to be a teacher. She brings shame to teaching!”

At that time a loud tsunami like ocean wave of a sound rang out: “She is unfit to be a teacher. She brings shame to teaching!”

The principal felt his head drench in cold sweat as it seems even his position as principal might not be his for much longer. When he returned he will most likely have to give the Board of Directors an explanation.

But, at a time like these he must act decisively so he roared: “Wu Cuihong, you are no longer needed. Return home immediately and reflect upon your actions while you await for the school’s decision. Your job will be taken up by another teacher.”

Wu Cuihong’s expression was ashen as her body tremble and she nearly tripped. Right now she really wanted to take out the test ID from her pocket but that wouldn’t help her situation, as if the ID in Tang Zheng’s hand is real then the one she is holding is fake but how could it be fake?

She did not dare take it out as things would only become more serious. All she could do was look at Tang Zheng who had a faint smile on his face causing her to feel dizzy as blood rushed to her head.

Tang Zheng gave a cold chuckle: “Wu Cuihong, you do not have any of the qualities of a teacher so you shouldn’t think about being a teacher in the future.”

Wu Cuihong felt something sweet in her throat as she coughed up a mouthful of blood, her eyes going dark as she fainted, falling to the ground.

At that moment another ruckus broke out as there were cases where students fainted from nervousness before the high school exam but it was unheard of for a teacher to spit out blood before fainting. Wu Cuihong was the first and most likely the last.

Even so, no one pitied her as these type of people seek out their own destruction.

The principal allowed two male students to drag Wu Cuihong away before flicking his sleeves and returning to school. This matter must be carefully and severely dealt with otherwise Peng Cheng International School’s reputation will be completely ruined.

A school for the wealthy?

Will these types of teachers make the wealthy want to send their students to this school?

Looking at Tang Zheng’s gradually disappearing silhouette, Liu Qingmei finally let out a breath of relief and also felt a burden lift from her heart.

Previously she did not understand why Tang Zheng and Wu Cuihong’s relationship was so terrible but after experiencing this matter she was finally clear on the fact that the fault lies not with Tang Zheng but with Wu Cuihong. Also, when dealing with people such as her one can not act benevolently otherwise it will only cause more damage in the future.”

As for Tang Zheng, he had completely thrown the entire matter to the back of his mind as Wu cuihong could only be counted as a small seasoning in his life as she could not even cause a single ripple.

When he walked into the test venue, Fang Shishi who was gazing at the entrance had her gaze light up as she finally let go of her worry. In the place of her concern, a dazzling smile appeared on her face attracting the gaze of the male students around her.

Tang Zheng nodded towards her before finding his seat. Immediately afterwards the testing bell rang signaling the start of the exam.

At that time Tang Zheng gathered all his attention as he waited for the teacher to pass his exam to him. Since he started cultivating his memorization skills has risen to a terrifying level so that he could remember everything with a glance. This coupled with the fact that his studied were originally good and the supplementary classes he took allowed his studies to jump to a godly level.

His pen seemed to fly across the paper, his pen flicked around like a dragon as he did not even lift his head. This scene caused even the proctor to be unable to help himself and to walk to his side to quietly observe him.

Not even mentioning if the answers were correct or not the Chinese characters that were written evoked an awe-inspiring feeling in the observer.

Tang Zheng seemed as if he did not even need to think as he merely glanced over the test before immediately replying. To the unknown observer, it would seem as if Tang Zheng had the answers imprinted within his heart and this caused the proctor to suspect that maybe Tang Zheng had long since seen the tests otherwise how could he be so good.

But in the end that was just a feeling as the proctor was not sure.

An hour later, Tang Zheng raised his head and under the disbelieving gaze of the proctor and the other test takers he walked towards the podium and said: “Teacher, I want to turn in my test.”

The proctor was shaken awake as he asked: “You aren’t going to check it?”

He saw very clearly that Tang Zheng had just finished before he wanted to turn it in, not even giving it a second glance.

“No need!” Tang Zheng confidently said before he walked up the podium under everyone's gaze.

Since he wanted to prove to others that he was not ordinary then he must do something to stand out from the crowd and turning in the test an hour and a half early would definitely do so as he may as well be the first and last person to do so.

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