Chapter 179: Purely Fictional

Chapter 179: Purely Fictional

Liu Qingmei flipped through her bag once again before returning to the bus to check if she dropped it but no matter what she did she could not find Tang Zheng’s test identification card.

The usually calm Liu Qingmei couldn’t help but feel anxious as she couldn’t help fret internally: “How could it possibly just disappear.”

Fang Shishi anxiously stamped her feet: “Tang Zheng, what do we do?

Even though Tang Zheng’s expression was steady, he was also anxious at heart as his grandfather placed great hope in the high school exam moreover he also had a bet with the old witch. If he were unable to take the high school exam, then he would have to kowtow in front of her and admit wrong.

And this was something that he absolutely could not accept.

Their commotion over here drew the attention of many teachers as they hurriedly came and asked what was going on.

“How could the test identification card just disappear? It must have been dropped somewhere” someone said.

“That is impossible. I remember very clearly that all the test identification were inside the bag!” Liu Qingmei firmly said as she viewed Tang Zheng in a unique light and had even specifically checked his ID.

Someone muttered quietly: “Isn't this tang Zheng? So, it was his identification card that was lost. He’s last place in school, so if he doesn’t take the test, then the school's average would be higher a bit.”

Someone nearby heard and said: “Right, it seems like this is Heaven’s Will.”

Wu Cuihong hugged both her hands as she looked at this scene in satisfaction: “Tang Zheng, you dare fight me. You are still too tender; this lady has countless methods to make you lose face and play you to death.”

Seeing that the test was about to begin Tang Zheng advised Fang Shishi: “Shishi, you should go in first, I will enter later.”

Fang Shishi mournfully said: “What is the point in going in? If you can’t participate in the exam, then I won’t either.”

“Fang Shishi is first in the school, and if she didn’t participate, then it will be the school's loss.” Someone said.

Fang Shishi also heard, but she did not acknowledge it and stubbornly stood in place.

“Be good and listen to me. Could it be that you don’t believe me? I will definitely find a way.” Tang Zheng placed both his hands on her shoulder and solemnly vowed.

Fang Shishi continued to nod her head as without the test ID it would be hard to enter the test venue and even if he did manage to sneak in the test examiners would check his ID.

“No, I will look for it with you.”

At this time the principal walked over as for this year's high school exam he personally led the students to the venue. Upon seeing the situation and that Fang Shishi was obstinate about not taking the test he hurriedly advised: “Student Fang Shishi, please don’t be so stubborn and enter the testing venue. The test is very important, and you have studied for ten plus years for this day. It would not be good to just stop halfway through.”

“What the principal said is true so you should hurry up and go.” Tang Zheng advised.

Ye Dingdang and Feng Yong had already entered the door and seeing that something was not right, Feng Yong hurriedly called out in question: “Boss, what happened? How come you aren’t entering?”

Tang Zheng splayed his hands and said: “You guys go first, I will follow shortly.”

Ye Dingdang had superior hearing and heard everything, so she said: “Tang Zheng lost his testing ID.”

“AH!” Feng Yong was shocked, “How could this happen? Boss, you wait for me, if worse comes to worse, then I won’t take the test and help you look for your ID.”

Saying up to here, he was reading to rush out.

Tang Zheng hurriedly stopped him: “Fatty, hurry up and go back, could it be that you do not have faith in me? I definitely have a way to find my test ID.”

Ye Dingdang gave him a complicated look and did not say anything.

“What method do you have? It’s not like the test ID will suddenly appear out of thin air?” Fang Shishi anxiously shouted as if it were her test ID that was lost. The reason for this panic was because she was more clear on the importance of the high school test to Tang Zheng than anyone else.

Liu Qingmei’s complexion turned ashen, and she said: “Tang Zheng, I’m sorry. I really lost the test ID.” She was at a loss at what to do as she was sure she checked everything before she left to make sure everyone ID was present.

Seeing her complexion turn bad Tang Zheng comforted her: “It’s okay Teacher Liu, I will go look for it. Who know’s maybe I’ll even find it.”

People shook their head in succession as they all thought to themselves that Tang Zheng must not be wagging his tongue. After all, they had already looked everywhere so where was he to look.”

When Wu Cuihong heard this she gave a big smile thought “Tang Zheng; I want to see where you will go to find your test ID. Unless you come check my pocket.” At this point, she pinched her pocket to check that the ID was still there.

Fang Shishi was clear that this kind of situation would not happen, so she obstinately shook her head: “If you want to find it then I will accompany you.”

Tang Zheng, seeing that his urgings wouldn’t move her circulated his qi and sent a message to her ear: “I will go find your master. His abilities are all-encompassing, so he will definitely have a way.”

Fang Shishi’s eyes lit up: “Really?”

“Really. So, hurry up and enter. Do not worry about me as I really will follow you.”

Fang Shishi sucked in a deep breath and said: “Then I will wait for you inside. You better hurry up.”

Tang Zheng smiled: “relax.”

The others did not know how Tang Zheng convinced Fang Shishi, but this was not their concern as the important point was that with Fang Shishi’s participation then their school’s average score will be raised as well as the school’s reputation.

The principal smiled and gave Tang Zheng a praising glance and said: “Classmate Tang Zheng, this is indeed the right action, but you should not give up and continue looking for your test ID.”

Tang Zheng smiled and said: “I’ll do that.”

Liu Qingmei hurriedly said: “I will go with you.” She bore the responsibility for losing his test ID, and the amount of guilt she carried was unspeakable so of course she would just sit and watch.

Tang Zheng splayed his hand and said: “Teacher Liu, it’s better if you stay here. I will be back shortly.”

The surrounding people looked at Tang Zheng weirdly as he walked over. Wu Cuihong, on the other hand, spoke aloud: “Big words are not dependable. I think that he is not going to look for his test ID but to hide in the corner to cry, haha.”

Tang Zheng turned the corner and flipped open his phone to call Tian Chanzi who caught on with the recent trend and had requested a phone.

“Little brat, aren’t you taking the exam so why are you calling me for?”

“My test ID got lost. Do you have any method to make me one?” This was Tang Zheng’s only hope.

Tian Chanzi was confused: “What is this test ID?”

“It’s an identification, a very simple one at that.”

“Oh, easy, just wait for me to go over.” Tian Chanzi calmly said.

Tang Zheng urged: “Hurry, the test is about to start.”

After ten minutes Tian Chanzi arrived in a hurry, his long black hair was especially conspicuously as several ladies openly stared at him: “What a handsome uncle.”

Tian Chanzi smiled in satisfaction as he took big strides towards Tang Zheng: “What items are needed to make the test ID?”

Tang ZHeng hurriedly opened his phone and pulled up a picture of his ID which Fang Shishi took when they first received their IDs. Until now, Tang Zheng never thought that he would need to use it.

Tian Chanzi glanced at it: “And here I thought it was something but this is child's play for me.” Tian Chanzi squatted down to pick up a small business card, “This little thing here can solve all your problems.”

Tang Zheng suspiciously looked at this piece of paper and asked: “How?’

“Watch.” Tian Chanzi casually waved his hand and the business card disappeared in its place was the test ID, looking exactly like the picture in Tang Zheng’s phone.

Tang Zheng stared in astonishment as this scene was simply too stupefying: “How…?”

“Heihei, Illusion technique, it’s only good for deceiving the eyes and nothing more than a trick. Wait till you are at the Foundation stage then you too will be able to learn it.” Tian Chanzi said in satisfaction.

Tang Zheng the card in his hand and glanced it from different sides. It did indeed look exactly like his test ID causing him to click his tongue and said: “Too miraculous, how long can this hold for.”

“This can easily maintain for your two days of testing.” Tian Chanzi said confidently, “This is the most basic of the Illusion technique. The real high-level Illusion Technique is what is amazing…”

Tang Zheng did not have the heart to think about the high-level Illusion Technique and turned around heading back towards the testing venue entrance. He did not turn around as he said: “This time it is all thanks to you. Wait for me to finish my test, I’ll go look for.”

“Hei, little brat, I am not finished yet, and you wanna run.” Tian Chanzi muttered.

When Tang Zheng arrived at the entrance, everyone gaze once again landed on him. Liu Qingmei palely said to Tang Zheng: “Tang Zheng, I am very sorry.”

Tang Zheng hurriedly waved the test ID in his hand and said: “I found it.”

Liu Qingmei was shocked and said in astonishment: “You found it?” She hurriedly went over and saw that it was indeed Tang Zheng’s ID.”

Everyone who saw this scene all sighed at Tang Zheng’s good luck as he was actually able to find his test ID at the very last moment.

Wu Cuihong looked on in disbelief as she stared at that ID. Just how does he have it wasn’t it in her pocket?

She unconsciously reached into her pocket and felt that it was indeed still there so where did Tang Zheng’s ID come from?

This was purely fictional. She must be seeing a ghost. She stared in a daze as Tang Zheng entered the testing venue.

“This can’t be right; this can’t be right. His test ID must be fake. He lied. I can’t let him succeed. I can’t let him take the test. He MUST bow before me and admit his mistake.”

Wu Cuihong was like a possessed demon as she took big strides toward the entrance and loudly shouted: “His ID is fake!”

Her loud lioness roar attracted many people's gaze as they all looked at this teacher who actually said a student’s test ID was fake. The test admitter was already holding Tang Zheng’s ID looked at Wu Cuihong and asked: “What did you say?”

“His test ID is fake. You can’t let him through.” She roared.

Tang Zheng’s eyebrows jumped as there was something fishy about this. How could the old witch know that his test ID was fake? Could it be that she had a hand in this whole situation?

He immediately thought about her exceptionally wicked personality, and it suddenly struck him that the loss of his ID must be her doing. If Tian Chanzi had not helped him, then he would definitely be unable to take the test.

She actually dared to do such a despicable thing. Tang Zheng’s face sunk.

Liu Qingmei who had originally let out a breath of relief only to discover Wu Cuihong jump out and say such words, caused Liu Qingmei to fly into a rage: “Wu Cuihong, are you crazy? You have to take responsibility for your words!”

The Principal and the other teachers surrounded them, and they all looked at her weirdly as if she was crazy. If Tang Zheng really did make a fake then wouldn’t Wu Cuihong’s ruckus defame their school!

Wu Cuihong held the ID in her hand within her pocket, her face solemn, as she stared ferociously at Tang Zheng. The worker solemnly looked at the test ID in his hand.

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