Chapter 178: Scramble over the High School Exams!

Chapter 178: Scramble over the High School Exams!

In an old dilapidated house, Fang Shishi underwent the disciple initiative procedure as she solemnly drank the tea that solidified their relationship as master and disciple. At the end of the process, Tian Chanzi firmly looked at Fang Shishi and said: “From today forth you are my disciple, a true disciple of our Clear Void Sect. Our Clear Void Sect is a unique sect in the cultivator world and so you must understand to carry yourself like so. In the future when I find the sect I will add your name to our sect registrar.”

Fang Shishi said with glittering eyes: “Disciple understands.”

Tian Chanzi’s expression finally revealed a hint of a smile: “All you need to do is to cultivate diligently and I believe that you will definitely make a name for yourself in the future.”

Tang Zheng wrapped his arms around her waist and interjected: “Of course, you should take a clear look at her for she is my girlfriend. Tian Chanzi, let me tell you that you had better not try anything funny or I’ll make you accountable.”

Tian Chanzi wrinkled his eyebrows and replied: “You, little brat, only you would dare disrespect me so. You are simply trying to anger me to death. Since I accepted her as my disciple, of course, I would treat her well.”

“Since you said you’ll treat her well then shouldn’t you at least give her a gift for taking her as your disciple or wouldn’t you be too stingy?” Tang Zheng commented.

Tian Chanzi’s expression immediately turned bitter as he said: “It’s not like you don’t know me. Of course, I will have a world defying treasure prepared for my disciple later.”

“Haha, now that is more like it.” Tang Zheng glanced towards and saw that Fang Shishi was suppressing a smile.

“We can talk about all this later, first hurry up and take the Spirit Rock out. We just happen to need it to cultivate during this time.”

“Right, but the Spirit Rock is too big, so I already divided it into smaller pieces. Here, take it.” With a wave of his hand, Tian Chanzi filled the table with glittering and brilliant spirit stones.

Fang Shishi stared mutely before saying: “It’s beautiful. What is it?”

Tang Zheng took the spirit rock while explaining its usage causing her to be shocked: “Then doesn’t this mean that our cultivation will increase by leaps and bounds?”

“That’s of course.”

“Hurry up and take it these spirit rocks should be enough for you guys to use during this period of time.” Tian Chanzi said as the two quickly accepted the spirit rocks. Fang Shishi enviously looked at Tian Chanzi’s palms and said: “Master, what technique did you just use? It is simply too amazing.”

“This isn’t some technique as when you reach a certain cultivation you too will also be able to do what I just did but if you have good luck then in the future you may be able to obtain a spatial pocket where you can put many things inside.” Tian Chanzi explained.

“Spatial pocket?” Tang Zheng and Fang Shishi simultaneously asked at the same time, “What is that?”

“A spatial pocket is a magical item that is kind of like a storage space where you can keep many objects in. Legend has it the greatest spatial pocket could contain an entire world but that is only a legend.”

“That amazing!” The two exclaimed, “Then doesn’t that mean the spatial pocket is like a portable storage space?”

“That’s right, I used to have a spatial pocket but after the battle with Yin Mo I lost all my magical treasures.” Tian Chanzi said with a hint of regret otherwise how could he not even have a greeting present for his disciple right now.

“In the future, if you guys have a good opportunity then you will naturally be able to gain many powerful treasures so there is no need to sigh over it now.” Tian Chanzi said, “Lil disciple, I will first give you some pointers on cultivation.”

For the following few days, Tang Zheng made great improvements as the spirit rocks were indeed extremely helpful. For this reason he was in no rush to use his Spirit Pills as even though the Spirit Pills could gather the spiritual energy around him it was easy to draw others attention and during such a time they had to be even more on guard.

The spirit rocks effectiveness was also more powerful than the spirit pill as after absorbing ten pieces of the spirit rock his qi has increased be seven to eight parts allowing him to almost break through.

His rapid speed of progression nearly caused him to go mad with excitement which in turn made him cultivate even more furiously so that aside from studying and eating he was practically always cultivation.

Fang Shishi on the other hand under Tian Chanzi’s tutelage was also making great progress as she now barely even had any intimate time with Tang Zheng.

June Seventh, this was an extremely important to students across the country as it was the date of the high school exam which causes a struggle for students to scramble.

Early morning, the seniors of Peng Cheng International gathered at the track field as they prepared to take a big bus to the test venue as this time the test will be held outside of school.

When Liu Qingmei arrived at her office he casually placed her bag on her table before she went to the washroom. At this time Wu Cuihong drifted in like a ghost and after scanning the room to check that there was no one else present she quickly opened up Liu Qingmei’s bag.

Several tens of test papers appeared before her eyes.

Every year there would be students who forgot to bring their exam test identification card into the venue so the school has decided to have the teachers keep the test identification cards for the entire class before passing it out at the venue.

For this reason, Class 7’s test identification card were all in Liu Qingmei’s hands.

Wu Cuihong’s eyes flashed with a satisfied glint as she hurriedly sought out Tang Zheng’s test identification card before she darkly chuckled: “Tang Zheng, didn’t you want to test first? Let’s see how you are able to do even enter the exam venue without your answer! Heng, you want me to no longer be able to be a teacher? Then I want to see you throw away your face as you kowtow to me in front of everyone.”

Wu Cuihong’s eyes flashed with hatred as she twisted her blubbery body to quickly escape from the office. All the while, no one saw her despicable actions.

After coming back from the restroom Liu Qingmei casually picked up her bag and walked towards the track field where the students were gathering before heading to the buses.

Seeing Tang Zheng walk over, Liu Qingmei gave a smile and patted him on the shoulder before saying: “Good luck, remember our agreement.”

Tang Zheng of course remembered and confidently said: “Just you wait, I will get first for sure.”

“Haha, you have ambition.”

Liu Qingmei’s smile left everyone in a daze as the Liu Qingmei everyone knew was the beautiful ice goddess who never smiled.

Seeing this everyone unconsciously stole glances at Tang Zheng as he was known to have a relationship with both their school campus belle but now could it be that he also had a relationship with the Ice Goddess? Wasn’t this too OP?!

“Everyone, enter the bus.” Liu Qingmei did not acknowledge the weird gazes as she said.

Not long after Tang Zheng got on the bus Fang Shishi joined him sitting by his side as she looped her arms around him and said: “Are you worried?”

Tang Zheng shook his head: “I have waited for this day for too long so how would I be nervous.”

Fang Shishi secretly stuck out her tongue and said: “I’m a bit nervous.”

Tang Zheng patted her hand and said: “Your grades are good so there is no need to worry. Just believe in yourself.”

Fang Shishi heavily nodded her head and sighed before patting her chest. She then said: “We are both in the same test venue so when I get nervous I will just glance at you and I won’t feel nervous anymore.”

“Boss, Mrs. Boss, you guys are starting so early in the morning?” Feng Yong walked over with hurried steps as he sat in the seat before them. He then turned around and basically climbed over the seat to look at them.

“Fatty, are you confident?”

Feng Yong was incomparably confidence as he waved his fist and said: “Of course I am confident. Boss, during this period of time I have followed your regiment and had made great improvements. On last month’s mock exam I even entered the top fifty.”

“Then if you do well on this test we will meet at Jing Cheng.”

Feng Yong’s eyes glittered: “Boss, have you decided? You really want to continue your studies at Jing Cheng?”

Tang Zheng nodded.

“Wa, that’s great. In the future, I can still follow boss. Boss, there are many crouching tigers and hidden dragons so you need to look out for me.” Feng Yong excitedly said.

“Then I also want to test into Jing Cheng University so that I can go to the same school too.” Fang Shishi firmly decided.

Tang Zheng smiled but did not say anything as the Fang Clan already made plans for Fang Shishi to study abroad. After this period of time, Tang Zheng had also considered very carefully that since studying abroad had always been a little desire of Fang Shishi then he would not prevent her from it.

For this reason, he had decided to let her study abroad and even though they will be apart for four years this does not include the breaks. So, it does not mean that they won’t be able to see each other at all. Moreover, his lifespan is longer than others so four years time isn’t even worth mentioning.

“What so good about Jing Cheng.” Ye Dingdang walked over and coolly said, “Feng Yong, sit inside.”

Feng Yong squirmed to sit next to the window with a hint of mirth on his face: “Sitting with Sister Ding is my greatest glory haha. My luck is truly good and I believe that during the high school exams it will become even greater.”

Tang Zheng’s and Ye Dingdang’s gaze met for a moment before they separated. For the past few days Ye Dingdang’s attitude towards Tang Zheng has grown cold as if she couldn’t care for him at all.

Tang Zheng was a little bit confused, but he never pursued the reason as he did not know that the image of him has within ye Dingdang’s heart has already fallen to the deepest of depths.

“Sister Dingdang, I think Jing Cheng is not bad as it is the heart of the country. Right, Sister Ding where do you want to go to University?” Feng Yong couldn’t help but ask curiously.

Ye Dingdang faintly said: “Jing Cheng.”

“Wa, that’s great then the four of us would be able to gather at Jing Cheng. This in itself is a type of karma, wouldn’t you say so too boss?”

Tang Zheng smiled and nodded his head.

“Alright, everyone take your seat. Today is an extremely important day for you, so I won’t speak any extra words as I believe everyone will do their best. I too have seen all your efforts so… Good luck!” Liu Qingmei stood at the front of the bus and gave everyone an encouragement.

Everyone grew excited as they successively said: “Teacher Liu rest assured we will definitely do well and won’t throw Class 7’s face.”

The bus started to move toward the venue which was packed with people. Aside from students, there were also parents within this crowd.

At the entrance of the venue, Liu Qingmei opened her bag and loudly said: “When I call your name you will come up to receive your exam sheet then enter the venue.”

\One by one the excited high school students received their test identification cards before walking into the venue with their heads held high. Fang Shishi also got her test identification card but did not rush to go in as she stood waiting by Tang Zheng’s side.

Not long later, the test identification card within Liu Qingmei’s bag has been completely passed out yet Tang Zheng’s two hands were empty. Liu Qingmei flipped through her bag again but still could not find Tang Zheng’s test identification card.

Tang Zheng weirdly asked: “Teacher Liu, is something the matter?”

“How come your exam test identification card has disappeared?” Liu Qingmei’s expression revealed a hint of panic as she once again looked everywhere only to turn up within nothing, “I clearly put it together with the other test identification cards.”

Without the test identification card one is unable to enter the test venue so this means that Tang Zheng would be unable to take the test. Fang Shishi was even more panicked than Tang Zheng as she hurriedly asked: “Teacher Liu, did you misplace it?”

Liu Qingmei firmly said: “Absolutely not, it has always been in the bag.”

Wu Cuihong had already completely passed out her test identification card as she looked at Liu Qingmei and co’s panicked expression with a cold satisfied smile.

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