Chapter 177: God’s Blade

Chapter 177: God’s Blade

Tang Zheng was not as relaxed as Tian Chanzi and said: “The Martial Organization must have Scholar realm experts and most likely more than one at that so you may not have the advantage if you were to go attack them. It would be better if we were to wait for them to send people after us. If they send one person, we’ll kill one person. I doubt they would send everyone at once.”

Tian Chanzi’s eyes lit up, and he smiled: “Haha, you little brat! You're pretty smart. This idea is not bad, drawing the snake out of its hole, while we lie in wait. If one comes, we kill one; if two come, we kill two. Just like this, we will slowly chip away at Martial Organizations strength.”

Tang Zheng nodded and added: “But then we will have to be passive, and that in itself may bring us danger.”

Tian Chanzi did not mind at all: “What is there to be afraid of? There is nothing that is completely safe in this world. Only where there is danger will there be benefits. Little brat, during this period I will focus on training you. Since you have a Spirit Stone, you will be able to achieve the same results with half the effort.”

Tang Zheng calmed his agitated emotions as even though his cultivation was increasing at a rapid rate that exceeded ordinary people, he knew that his cultivation was still insufficient to face the looming danger.

“Then where will you be staying during this period?” Tang Zheng curiously asked.

“If you ask me then who will I ask! You are the host so shouldn't you be taking care of this?” Tian Chanzi said.

Tang Zheng gave a bitter smile: “I can't possibly just take you home can I and I don't have an extra bed for you to sleep on. I also do not want to sleep with you.”

“Do you think I want to sleep with you?” Tian Chanzi shouted loudly, “Since I have rebirthed then, of course, I want to experience society a bit so take me to Lin Hu.”

“You want to live with him?”

“I can't? His Sheng Shi Bar seems pretty good and lively, and there are a lot of people. It would be an absolutely amazing life experience living there.”

Tang Zheng doubtfully looked at him then said: “Shouldn't an expert like you be more suited for a quiet place? That way you'd be more able to purify your heart better and cultivate calmly in peace.”

“Purify my ass!” Tian Chanzi knocked on Tang Zheng's head, “If people were to purify their soul and had no desires in this world then why the hell did they start cultivating? For the past thousand years, I would always think back to my cultivation days locked up within the sect. I would then ask myself if things would've been different if I were to cultivate in the mundane world and whether it would allow me to have twice the gains with the same amount of effort.”

Seeing Tian Chanzi looking all contemplative, Tang Zheng did not believe him one bit and shouted: “Who are you trying to lie too? Enter the mundane world to cultivate? The way I see it is that you have fallen for this flowery world. Heng, to think you previously told me to focus wholeheartedly on cultivating and not to be distracted by love and such. You probably just never had the chance so now you're moved.”

It was unknown whether Tang Zheng's words hit the mark but Tian Chanzi hearing these words felt embarrassed before his embarrassment turned into rage. He then refuted: “Little brat, what do you know? I'm merely intrigued by the new things in this life so if you don't understand you shouldn't attempt to speak of it. Now hurry up and bring me to Lin Hu.”

Tang Zheng merely smiled, and the two of them went to Sheng Shi Bar.

Lin Hu just happened to be at the bar, and even though he currently had many venues under his palms, he still had deep attachments towards the place he started himself. For this reason, he spent the majority of his time here.

Dong’zi and Dao’zi, on the other hand, were left with handling the pressure that came with the additional major revenues under their power. With this, the smaller powers looking to eyeball their venues in murky waters we're afraid of making a move for it was without a doubt that Lin Hu and Fire Phoenix were the great powers of Chang Heng City.

“Young Master Tang, why have you come?” Lin Hu hurried stood up and said once he said Tang Zheng walk into the room.

“I have a matter I need to take care of.”

“What?” Lin Hu couldn't help but glance at Tian Chanzi with eyebrows sharp as swords, and long hair. He was simply a man oozing with character but who is he?

Even with his curiosity without Tang Zheng saying anything Lin Hu wouldn't bring it up.

“Little brat, you guys talk. I'll go downstairs to take a look.” Tian Chanzi casually said before pushing open the door.

Lin Hu felt his heart jump at the voice as he suspected that he might have heard once before. This mysterious person actually called Young Master Tang “little brat” and was so casual about it. This gave him a lot to think about.

Tang Zheng understood the others thoughts and said: “He will be staying at Sheng Shi Bar for a period of time. If he has any needs just satisfy it for him.”

“No problem.” Seeing Tang Zheng act so deferential Lin Hu patted his chest and guaranteed, “As long as he is happy then anything is alright.”

“Relax, I don't think he'll cause trouble either.”

“Then should I send a few ladies to service him?” Lin Hu carefully asked.


Tang Zheng couldn't help but laugh leaving Lin Hu confused, was his words really that funny?

Tang Zheng really wanted to know what Tian Chanzis reaction is when faced with these ladies. Would he be unable to handle them? Tang Zheng then shook his head and decided not to think about such random matters, then said: “Alright, stop messing, just go follow with whatever he wants and don't provoke him. He has a terrible temper and when he makes a move he doesn't know restraint so he may easily take lives.”

Tang Zheng knew that Tian Chanzi had no qualms with killing and especially didn't put the law in his eyes. So he naturally wouldn't abide by them, and for this reason, it was best that no one provoked him. Otherwise, they would be in for a headache.

Lin Hu’s eyebrows jumped, and he asked: Young Master Tang, could it be that he is an expert?”

Tang Zheng nodded his head.

“How strong is he?”

Tang Zheng didn't know how to describe it nor did he want to scare the other witless hence he casually said: “in any case, it's very high, and he is much stronger than me.”

Lin Hu’s jaws nearly dropped to the floor as he was exceedingly clear on how strong his Young Master Tang was yet this other person was much more powerful than him? From Tang Zheng’s tone, Lin Hu knew that the other was not joking so just how strong exactly was this mysterious man?

He difficulty swallowed a mouthful of saliva and took a deep breath before saying: “Young Master Tang, don't worry I will take good care of our guest.”

Tang Zheng didn't think he'd scare Lin Hu like so and gave a bitter smile: “For this period of time I'll be focused on my exam so if there are any matters I'll have to tell you and Fire Phoenix.”

“Young Master Tang, I will definitely not throw your face.”

Tang Zheng was not worried at all, so he walked downstairs with Lin Hu and Huang Ziyang only to see Tian Chanzi sitting at the bar casually drinking wine. When Tian Chanzi saw Tang Zheng come down, he even raised his glass towards Tang Zheng and gave a wiggle of his eyebrows: “Little brat, this wine is not bad.”

Tang Zheng shrugged his shoulders and said: “I would never have thought that you were an alcoholic.”

“Who says I'm a drunk. It's just been a while since I last drank so I'm just trying to enjoy.” Tian Chanzi refuted.

Lin Hu glanced at the wine in the others hand, and his eyelids twitched before he anxiously said: “Senior, let's change cups.” He then fiercely stared at the bartender and said: “Hurry and give him the best.”

The bartender was frightened, and he hurriedly switched the cup. Tian Chanzi did not know what was going on and said: “That wine was pretty good.”

Tang Zheng thought of how people said lots of bars have fake wine. It seems like Tian Chanzi was drinking fake wine so he couldn't help but laugh: “I have finally confirmed that you aren't an alcoholic.”

“Yi, did this little brat finally become smarter and grow eyes.” Tian Chanzi said in satisfaction.

Tang Zheng chuckled: “because a real alcoholic would be able to differentiate between real and fake wine yet you could manage to enjoy fake wine. That is the reason why I said you weren't an alcoholic.”

Tian Chanzi froze as he stared at his half-finished cup. He then wrinkled his eyebrows and angrily said: “Fake wine?”

He then heavily placed the cup on the counter as the wine evaporated becoming a white haze that dispersed.

Lin Hu and the bartender looked at this scene in a daze as just how strong does one have to be to cause a cup of wine to boil and turn into smoke so quickly.

Lin Hu felt his heart thud as he apprehensively said with a bitter face, “Senior, please be magnanimous. This is all because my underlying did not know your identity and it became like this.”

The bartender was frightened to the point where he couldn't stand any longer as he face turned ashen and his eye stared at the cup in a daze.

“Don't worry about him. It's his problem if he couldn't distinguish between real and fake wine, so it's not your problem.” Tang Zheng bluntly said.

Tian Chanzi gave a cold hmph and said: “if you dare give me fake drinks next time I will tear this place down.”

Lin Hu wiped cold sweat from his forehead and hurriedly nodded his head: “It won't happen again, I promise. We will only use the best drinks to treat senior.”

“Not drinking anymore. My mood is sour now. Go find my disciple I want her to see just how powerful her master is.” Tian Chanzi said as he strode outside with large strides.

“Right, see just how amazing this master who can't even tell what a real drink is.” Tang Zheng took another stab at him nearly causing Tian Chanzi to trip at the door.

Lin Hu’s expression turned to a bitter melon. Young Master Tang, can you please say fewer words? If you really provoke him, then he'll tear down the bar. This is after all one of your venues.

Tang Zheng gave a loud laugh as he did not acknowledge Lin Hu’s apprehensive feelings and proceeded to leave Sheng Shi Bar with Tian Chanzi and headed towards the school.

By the time Tang Zheng and Tian Chanzi arrived at school, the students were let out, and Fang Shishi who saw Tang Zheng quickly ran over to his side. She also gave Tian Chanzi a second glance as she was curious who this handsome uncle was.

“Tang Zheng, how come you are here? Didn't you have some matters to attend to today?” Fang Shishi pulled his hand and curiously asked.

“I came to pick you up from school.”

“How nice.” Fang Shishi sweetly said with a smile. She then looked at the uncle with a bright smile as she felt a bit shy for acting so intimately in front of him. In the end, she couldn't help but ask: “Who is this?”

Tian Chanzi couldn't wait to introduce himself: “I am your master.”

“What?” Fang Shishi froze, “Master?”

Tang Zheng nodded: “Right, last time didn't I tell you that someone has accepted you as his disciple but that he temporarily couldn't reveal himself.”

Fang Shishi nodded her head: “Right, master passed onto me my technique.”

Tang Zheng then pointed at Tian Chanzi and said: “That person is him, he is your master.”

Fang Shishi looked at Tian Chanzi in shock and said: “He really is my master.”

Tian Chanzi had a profound look as he profoundly said: “Of course!”

Fang Shishi was ecstatic: “Master, you are really handsome.”

Tian Chanzi smiled brightly: “Haha, my disciple has good vision, unlike other people who don't have good vision.”

“However, I still think that Tang Zheng is more handsome.” Fang Shishi said while looking at Tang Zheng adoringly.

Tian Chanzi nearly tripped in his place as wasn't this just stabbing him with a knife.

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