Chapter 176: At most I just won’t get married!

Chapter 176: At most I just won’t get married!

With a wave of his sleeves, Tian Chanzi led Huang Ziyang away leaving Ye Tianlei and his wife staring at their disappearing backs with wide eyes. The couple could only then turn their gaze onto Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng awkwardly said: “Uncle Ye, Auntie Feng, please don’t look at me like that or I’ll feel weird.”

‘Little handsome brother, this is all thanks to you otherwise I don’t know what would’ve become of Tianlei and me.”

“It's something I should have done.” Tang Zheng said with embarrassment as he couldn’t help but unconsciously look at Ye Dingdang who stared back at him with her two large eyes that were swirling with complex emotions.

Feng Siniang happened to catch their exchange, and a thought occurred to her: “Flirting with your eyes now haha, you silly girl finally grew up. Now the handsome little brother won’t be able to escape.”

Just as Feng Siniang was ecstatic, Ye Tianlei had a bitter face as his heart became solemn. He glanced at the corpses in the courtyard, and his heart sank even more.

“Tang Zheng you guys just killed the people from the Martial Organization just like that?” Ye Tianlei asked seriously as he was still feeling incredulous.

Tang Zheng nodded his head: “If they don’t die then there will only be more trouble.”

“Right, this group of bastards randomly kidnapped us here so how could I ease the fury in my heart if they did not die.” Feng Siniang said with anger.

Ye Tianlei shook his head, took a deep sigh: “The Martial Organization is not as simple as you guys think it is. This time after killing so many of their members they definitely won’t let this go.”

“If we don’t kill them then were we supposed to wait for them to kill us? Just what kind of logic is that?” Feng Siniang did not think so and retorted.

“They came to Chang Heng City because of the disturbance that occurred last night but just what exactly happened?” Ye Tian Lei said as his gaze fell upon Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng hesitated for a moment before he gnashed his teeth and said: “I don’t know, but these people from the Martial Organization sure are weird. Anyways since they are dead, then they are dead, and if more soldiers come in the future, then we will deal with them too.”

“Right, handsome little brother has the right mindset. Other people may be afraid of the Martial Organization, but we are not. If worse comes to worse, then we still have your mysterious master. He couldn’t possibly just watch on the side as his precious disciple is being bullied right?” Feng Siniang said before chuckling.

Ye Tianlei mutely nodded his head before solemnly saying: “I don’t know exactly how high Ding Yi’s level was but you guys dealt with them so easily. Even though we were inside we could hear everything clearly, and from the start, to finish the battle didn’t even last for ten minutes so just how powerful is your master?”

This was the most shocking thing as even though he previously thought Tang Zheng’s master was an unfathomably powerful character it was only now that he realized he may have still underestimated Tang Zheng’s master.

Feng Siniang’s interest was also intrigued by this question as she nodded her head nonstop: “Right, just what level is your master at?”

“Scholar Stage.”

“What?! Scholar Stage?” Ye Tianlei and Feng Siniang both exclaimed as even Ye Dingdang was staring with big eyes as it wasn’t until now that she knew Tian Chanzi’s level.

In the current world, a Scholar Stage martial artist stood at the apex, and another family clan with a Scholar martial artist would be able to allow that clan to prosper. It was unknown just how goddamn lucky Tang Zheng was to find a Scholar Stage martial artist to be his master.

Ye Tianlei sighed enviously and said: “Little Tang, you just keep giving me surprises so much so that I don’t think my heart can handle it anymore.”

Tang Zheng gave a distant smile: “Uncle Ye over compliments me.”

“I am speaking the truth, and I believe your Aunt Feng also feels the same way.”

Feng Siniang nodded her head: “Right, I feel like I am more unable to see you. But even so handsome little brother I very much like your surprises and this also goes to show how brilliant my sight is, haha.”

With a laugh, she gave Ye Dingdang a meaningful glance.

Anyone would know what she was hinting for Ye Dingdang to do but Ye Dingdang merely glared at her, and Tang Zheng could only pretend not to have heard.

Ye Tianlei awkwardly coughed and said: “This time the matter with the Martial Organization has been blown out of proportion, and since that Martial character has been sent back she will surely talk. At that time the Martial Organization will know of our involvement, and so we can no longer stay at Chang Heng City.”

Feng Siniang sank into deep thought as she previously still wanted to stay in Chang Heng City even though Ye Dingdang and Ye Tianlei were going back to Jing Cheng. In the end, it was because she was unwilling but after this event staying in Chang Heng City was no longer an option, and they must all return to Jing Cheng.

The Ye Clan in Jing Cheng had deep roots and could shelter them so even if the Martial Organization wanted to do something they had to know their own limits.

“Dingdang, after the high school exam in a few days we will immediately move to Jing Cheng.” Ye Tianlei gave his wife a look and decided.

“That quickly?” Ye Dingdang was shocked, “I grew up in Chang Heng City and have grown fond of it.”

Feng Siniang smiled and said: “I think you’ve grown fond of the handsome little brother more like it. Relax, handsome little brother after your high school exam you can also move to Jing Cheng with us.”

The two people in question were embarrassed by Feng Siniang’s words, but Tang Zheng had a thick face so he did not express his discomfort but calmly said: “Thank you auntie Feng for your kind intentions, but after I graduate I still have some matters that I must attend to so I am temporarily unable to leave.”

“Little Tang has his master protecting him, so it is safer than our Ye Clan.” Ye Tianlei added.

Feng Siniang was suddenly reminded of this matter: “Oh right, I forgot about this point, but you must go to a college in Jing Cheng as Jing Cheng has the best environment and study material. Moreover, your master prefers to be unfettered so it wouldn’t be good for him to always have to take care of you. Therefore, if you come to Jing Cheng, we can take care of each other. You can also be together with Dingdang if it’s like this.”

“Feng Siniang if you don’t speak no one will take you for a mute.” Ye Dingdang couldn’t contain herself and loudly roared as Tian Chanzi’s casual phrase about them ‘flirting’ was swirling in her mind. She couldn’t help but look at Tang Zheng and fiercely thought to herself: “Could it be that even though I know he has a girlfriend that I am supposed to cling onto him? Peipeipei, I, Ye Dingdang, am not that kind of person. I don’t like being the third wheel, and the person I like is a hero while Tang Zheng, he….”

Her train of thought stopped for a moment as Tang Zheng’s image had already overlapped with her image of a hero. Thinking up to here, she firmly shook her head to try to remove this thought.

But yet another image appeared in her head and that was when she first made a bet with Tang Zheng saying that if she could surpass Tang Zheng’s level then he would have to declare to the world that he lacked compared to her. On the other hand, if she were to lose to him then she would marry him.

Now that she learned that he had a Scholar Stage master how could she possibly surpass him?

A thought occurred to her; this couldn’t be his plan all along, could it? He clearly knew that she could not surpass him so he made this bet then that means she would have to marry him.

So evil, there are actually people like this? Among all these people he has such a godly master, it's no wonder that he would have such despicable thoughts and he even wanted to set foot in two boats!

But what is she to do now? I, Ye Dingdang, am a person of my word so what I say I will definitely not take back. Could it be that I really have to be a third wheel and marry him as a concubine?

Ye Dingdang felt her heart go numb as she fiercely glared at Tang Zheng this evil bastard.

Suddenly, a light went off in her head, and her eyes lit up as she said: “Oh right, I never set a time so even if I never surpass him in this life that is fine. If worse come to worse then I just won’t marry!”

But once she thought about being single for life she felt annoyed at heart as what girl doesn't want to embrace her youth and marry the man of their dreams. In the end, the rosy image of marriage was still slightly lacking compared to her promise.

“Whatever, I’ll just do that. If I really can’t surpass him then I just won’t marry. If worse come to worse I’ll just sacrifice a bit, but I definitely won’t let him take advantage of me. Heng!”

Of course, Tang Zheng would not know of the complicated emotions Ye Dingdang was feeling nor did he really listen to Feng Siniang’s blatant matchmaking as he was currently engrossed in his own thought as to which college to attend.

Jing Cheng is indeed a good place and could be considered the land of elites. Since he was living in this world it would be a shame if he did not take a look.

“Auntie Feng, I have decided, I want to go to college in Jing Cheng.” Tang Zheng decided.

Feng Siniang was excited as she thought that Tang Zheng was going because of Ye Dingdang and bobbed her head: “Good, that is for the best.” At this moment she smiled so brightly like a flower that had just bloomed.

Ye Tianlei, on the other hand, couldn’t help but look at Tang Zheng with his own thoughts. Could this little brat really have his eyes on Dingdang?

Ye Dingdang was overwhelmed with emotions as she looked at Tang Zheng. This man was simply too evil to actually want to chase her all the way to Jing Cheng. It seems he really did harbor bad intentions for her so no matter what she must not let him succeed.

Poor Tang Zheng who finally accumulated some positive feelings within Ye Dingdang only to have it all crumbled down.

“Uncle Ye, can you tell me a bit about the Martial Organization?” Since they were destined to be enemies then Tang Zheng wanted to collect as much information about the other as possible.

Ye Tianlei nodded and said: “I have only heard bits and pieces of them, but the Martial Organization is made up of experts with many among them being Scholar Stage experts. Their power is immense, but they do not place a role in the mortal powers. They are pretty secretive about their objective, so even I am not clear on what the purpose of their existence is.”

Tang Zheng internally said ‘of course you wouldn’t be clear as they are specifically formed to murder cultivators while you haven’t even heard of cultivators before.'

“Then where is their headquarters located at?”

Ye Tianlei gave a bitter smile: “This point is especially mysterious, but it is said that outside of people from the organization no one knows.”

Tang Zheng internally took a deep breath as information on the Martial Organization was simply too limited.

“We should first leave this place. I will send someone to clean up this place as we definitely must not leave any evidence for those from the Martial Organization.”

After the group left, each leaving for their separate ways Tang Zheng finally arrived at a small hut where he met up with Tian Chanzi and Huang Ziyang.

Both sides had solemn gazes, but Tian Chanzi broke the silence and said: “We must eradicate the Martial Organization and that Martial surviving is outside of our plans. She will definitely reveal all our information, so you are no longer safe. In reality, it is best to find their headquarters so that I can make a trip to see just what this organization is made of.”

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