Chapter 175: Decisive Kill

Chapter 175: Decisive Kill

In the suburbs sat a single courtyard that was isolated. No one seemed to be present and it looked no different from an ordinary courtyard, but Tang Zheng knew this was the location the Martial Organization was located as it was the location Lin Hu had given him.

Knowing this Tang Zheng and co immediately rushed over after breakfast.

“How do we enter?” Ye Dingdang curiously asked as she looked at the courtyard from afar.

“Tian Chanzi took one large stride after another as he said: “Of course we just walk straight in.” As his voice rang out he strode through the door causing the three to stiffen up and follow.

Tian Chanzi pushed the door open with a loud crash causing it to fall to the ground, cracking into pieces, all the while causing a large commotion.

“WHO GOES THERE?” Several people rushed out from within the courtyard as they stared at the four with predatory gazes.

“Ye Dingdang!” One of them recognized her and cried out loudly.

Ding Yi floated out as his face was once again all smiles as he said: “Yo, is this considered as sending yourselves to death's door?”

Dingdang angrily glared at them and said: “hurry up and release my family.”

Ding Yi gave a bright smile and asked: “So these are the helpers you brought?” His gaze swept over Tang Zheng and Tian Chanzi’s body as he raised his eyebrows, his smile becoming more concentrated. “As expected, they are cultivators. Haha, this is indeed a worthwhile trip.”

“Since you know we are cultivators why aren’t you afraid of us?” Tian Chanzi asked.

Ding Yi gave Tian Chanzi a disdaining look and said: “What is there to be afraid of? The motto of us Martial Sect is to hunt down and kill cultivators. You guys are just prey to us so why would a hunter fear their prey?”

“Prey? I think you are the prey today. Just what kind of crap is your Martial Organization to dare talk about hunting down all the cultivators under the heavens? Truly not knowing death.” Tian Chanzi said as his killing intent spiked.

Ding Yi looked at Tian Chanzi with some thoughts of his own: “You are different from the cultivators I had met before as they were all scared witless when they met us. You, on the other hand, are not but I guess you guys deserve what little confidence you guys have from injuring Martial yesterday. But, today I will let you know the true strength of the Martial Organization.”

“What? Then I want to have a taste. Kill! Kill them all!” Tian Chanzi gave a cold grunt and rushed forward.

“Dingdang, you’re injured so stay put and hold the fort.” Tang Zheng advised before he and Huang Ziyang also rushed forward.

In the courtyard, aside from Ding Yi, there were another six martial artists but they were not Innate Stage experts so Tang Zheng was not afraid of them. With Soul Blade out he stabbed at the closest person.

This martial artist managed to twist out of the way before engaging in combat with Tang Zheng.

Huang Ziyang too also exploded with power as grabbed out with his hands towards a person’s head, who happened to have stabbed his sword through Huang Ziyang’s chest drawing blood. All the while, Huang Ziyang completely ignored the injury and expressionlessly brought his palms down.


The other’s neck was immediately snapped and his eyes rolled but before he died.

This decisive kill gave those from the Martial Organization a great shock as the battle had just started but they were already at a disadvantage as they had lost one of their own.

Tang Zheng and Huang Ziyang, on the other hand, fought more vigorously as the battle progressed due to the tacit understanding they had towards one and another. Shortly afterwards Battle Soul pierced through his opponent's chest taking their life.

Although the two were surrounded they still possessed confidence and undaunting fear, continuing to attack together pushing back their enemies.

Ding Yi stared at this scene with a hint of oddity and thought it was no wonder that Martial was heavily wounded last night.

But he did not have time to continue observing as a cold gleamed flashed and the ghost head blade sliced through the air towards him.

Ding Yi’s expression slightly trembled as his smile disappeared. This was an expert and it showed in his move.

Seeing the blade Ding Yi employed his Cotton Palam to use soft to fight hard but when the strength of the blow was simply to strong and when he made contact a piercing pain immediately blossomed in his head.

“Not good!”

Ding Yi shouted internally as he dodged to the side.

Even though the ghost head blade ended up striking thin air the force of the airwaves caused a gigantic gash on the walls causing debris to fly.

The corner of Ding Yi’s eyes twitched as he internally sighed. If he had not avoided that strike then his body would be like that wall, split into two.

“Just who are you?” Ding Yi had never seen such a powerful cultivator and couldn’t help but feel the color drain from his face.

Tian Chanzi coldly said: “Didn’t you say you want to kill all the cultivators in the world? Today I will let you know the strength of a cultivator and see if you have the ability to kill me or not.”

Tian Chanzi loosened his hand and the ghost blade flew from his hands towards Ding Yi.

Ding Yi’s pupils dilated and he shouted: “Blade Control!”

The Blade Control Technique and the Imperial Sword Technique were both techniques to control flying weapons but the only difference was the weapon controlled.

When Daoist Tianji used the Imperial Sword Technique he had to be careful while Tian Chanzi clearly did not have the same self restraint as he moved with great killing intent sending the ghost head blade for the killing blow.

Ye Dingdang stared with wide eye at this scene as the awe inspiring image of a cultivator once again was elevated to a whole new level in her mind.

With this blow Ding Yi had nowhere to hide and could only gather his strength to counter but his Cotton Palm did not pose a threat to Tian Chanzi.

“A measly fifth grade Innate stage martial artist wants to spew such arrogant words?! Go to hell!” Tian Chanzi roared as the ghost head blade gleamed with a sinister light as it once again descended.

Seeing this Ding Yi could only bring both his hands up in defense.

The blade chopped both his hands off and did not seen to weaken in the slightest as it continued towards Ding Yi’s head. At this moment, Ding Yi could only bear the pain from his arms and try to retreat in hopes of escaping.

Even so, it was clear that he had underestimated Tian Chanzi’s decisiveness as the blade wove through the air.


Ding Yi could not escape from this blow as his head was chopped in two with blood splattering the courtyard.

Just like this, without even being able to utter a scream, Ding Yi was killed. This stood in contrast with his extremely domineering image he portrayed just the day before at the Ye Clan’s mansion.


Ye Dingdang couldn’t help but scream as the scene before her was simply too gorey.

Tang Zheng was also deeply shaken by this scene as this was the power of a Golden Dan expert. Now, this is what is called an expert. Like this who needs any fancy technique as they could massacre the other side with just a few moves.


A few more sounds of blades penetrating skins rang out as under the cooperation of Tang Zheng and Huang Ziyang the other four were quickly dispatched.

Seeing the courtyard full of corpses without their faces frozen with odd expression of emotion, Tian Chanzi was as calm as usually, without any ripple of change. It was just as if this whole situation could not even be considered a small matter.

Huang Ziyang’s expression was dead while Tang Zheng had a few ripples in his ordinarily calm expression. Ye Dingdang on the other hand had the greatest reaction as she had never seen so many people killed before her. Moreover, Ding Yi had died in such a cruel and disgusting manner so it was normal that she reacted the way she did.

Tang Zheng hurriedly comforted her: “Dingdang, don’t be afraid, they are already dead. We should quickly find your parents now.”

Ye Dingdang seemed to have awoken from her a dream as she said: “Right, we have to quickly find them.” Saying this she rushed into the house not giving the bloody scene outside another glance.

Tang Zheng could only bitterly smile at this and said: “Tian Chanzi, did you really have to finish him off like that? Why didn’t you keep him alive so that he can shed some light on this Martial Organization? Who knows it may very well have been helpful for us.”

Tang Zheng clearly did not expect Tian Chanzi to move with such decisiveness.

Tian Chanzi only patted his head and regretfully said: “Oh right, I totally forgot about this matter. Welp, we can’t do anything about this line of investigation anymore.”

“Didn’t you say that Martial had suffered a grave injury? So wouldn’t we achieve the same goals if we captured her?” Tang Zheng said not completely giving up.

Tian Chanzi nodded his head: “Oh right, there is that tall woman.”

The two then walked into the house to discover that Ye Dingdang had already supported both Ye Tianlei and Feng Siniang and was walking out. The two’s condition were clearly not good but when they saw tang Zheng both their eyes lit up as they said: “Tang Zheng, thank you for saving us.”

Tang Zheng smiled and replied: “This is what I should do.”

Ye Dingdang flicked her lips and stared at him as only she was clear that the reason her family fell into such straits was because of Tang Zheng.

Even so she had promised Tang Zheng that she would not say anything hence she kept her words to herself.

Ye Tianlei and Feng Siniangs gaze fell on Tian Chanzi and especially Huang Ziyang as they couldn’t help but recall Tang Zheng’s previous words on how Huang Ziyang was now under him.

On the other hand they were extremely curious about the identity of this striking middle age man? Just his aura gave him a feeling of being unfathomable.

Ye Tianlei took a deep breath and probed: “May I ask who is this?”

“I am this brats master.” Tian Chanzi proclaimed.

Ye Tianlei and Feng Siniang both raised their eyebrows as before they guessed that Tang Zheng’s master was at least a Scholar Stage expert and now that they finally met him they found his aura to be unordinary.

Of course, they could not tell that Tian Chanzi was a cultivator but Ye Tianlei cupped his hand and respectfully said: “I finally get to meet Senior. Many thanks to senior for extending aid.”

The two’s appearance look similar and their age could not be that different yet Ye Tianlei gave the other sufficient face by addressing the other as senior.

Hearing this Tian Chanzi felt satisfied and did not reject this address and said: “No need to be so polite and since you guys are safe now we will continue looking for that Martial character.”

“You guys are a step late as she arrived yesterday with a heavy injury and was immediately sent away.” Feng Siniang said.

“What? Sent away?” Tang Zheng was shocked as if Martial escaped then their originally plan of killing Ding Yi to seal his lips would be worthless as the Martial Organization would be able to learn every from Martial. Then Tang Zheng would be placed in great danger.

Tian Chanzi exchanged a look with Tang Zheng as they both thought of this possibility and their expressions changed. They did not expect that after Martial received such a heavy injury the night before that she did not die.

“Tang Zheng, I’ll be leaving first. Once you finish with matters on your side come join me.” Tian Chanzi solemnly said to which Tang Zheng nodded expressing his agreement.

“Senior there is no need to rush, since you have helped us a great deal we still have not expressed our gratitude yet.” Feng Siniang called out as she wanted to get to know the other better.

Tian Chanzi shook his head and said: “I enjoy being carefree and do not like these restricting settings so I will be taking my leave. If there is anything you need just find my disciple as this time in order to save you guys he was greatly worried and also did not have it easy.”

“Of course we will not neglect little handsome brother but we will never forget Seniors goodwill.” Feng Siniang continued and said.

Tian Chanzi gave a boisterous laugh: “Then place this merit on Tang Zheng. I’ll be going now.” Saying up to here, he waved his hand and brought Huang Ziyang away.

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