Chapter 174: Turning oneself in

Chapter 174: Turning oneself in

The Ghost General was simply so poor that it sent Tian Chanzi into a letting out a string of expletives: “A Ghost General yet he only has a single Mysterious grade treasure and nothing else?! Poor! Simply too poor!”

Tang Zheng couldn’t help but laugh loudly: “Tian Chanzi, in your previous life, were you a known bandit or something because I think fighting and stealing from others is your greatest strength.”

Tian Chanzi’s eyebrows jumped as he refuted: “Bah, lies!”

The reason why he was so anxious for magical treasures was actually because he had just found a body but had no weapons to use.

In the end, he grabbed the ghost blade and regretfully shook his head: “Well whatever, I guess I can use a Mysterious rank weapon for a while.” A black light flashed, and the ghost blade disappeared.

Tang Zheng stared wide eyed: “Where’s the ghost blade? Where did it go?”

“Of course I stored it within my body.” Tian Chanzi said, “When you have the same cultivation level as me then one can store magical treasures within their body, so there is no need to be shocked or surprised.”

Tang Zheng was incredibly jealous as he could only physically carry Battle Soul and at times it was an inconvenience, but if he were able to store it in his body, then that would make things a lot easier.

“Let’s take another look to see if there are anything good in this tomb.” Tian Chanzi said with a hint of unwillingness.

With this, the two started their search but came up with nothing. Finally, Tian Chanzi’s gazes fell on the high pedestal and clapped his hands together: “How could I forget about that! Now, this is the greatest treasure here.”

Tang Zheng shifted his gaze over to see Tian Chanzi looking at the pedestal with illuminated eyes.

“Weren’t you just laying on that?”

“Right, that is one of the main reasons why the body had not rotted with the passage of time. It was all due to this spirit rock nourishing the body.”

“Spirit rock?”

“Right, the spirit energy between the heaven and the earth could congeal to form spirit stones. Each one of these spirit stones that are formed has dense and concentrated spirit energy, which happens to be exactly what cultivators need. Even though this large spirit stone in front of us has indeed used up quite a bit of spirit energy, but it is still countless times more concentrated than the spirit energy available than in our surrounding.”

Tang Zheng felt his heartbeat increase as didn’t he use the spirit gathering pills just so he could absorb more spirit energy? Then since this spirit stone is packed with spirit energy, his cultivation would rapidly increase if he used it.

“Little brat, even observers can partake. We will split it in half, so don’t say that I bullied you.” Tian Chanzi said magnanimously.

Tang Zheng shook his head: “No, I want to split this into three as there is also Fang Shishi.”

“Haha, right, I nearly forgot about my disciple. Relax, I will keep this spirit stone and then split it with you later.” With a wave of his hand, Tian Chanzi stored the spirit stones in his body.

The two walked out of the mountain wall to find Huang Ziyang and Battle Soul still protecting Ye Dingdang. Seeing this, Tang Zheng hurriedly rushed over. Thank god although Ye Dingdang’s breath was faint she was still alive.

“Tian Chanzi, you have to help her.”

Tian Chanzi flicked his lips and said: “I already told you to devour her, but you just wouldn’t listen to me. Anyways, relax, she won’t die.”

Tian Chanzi walked over and put his hand on her forehead. A wave of light then left his palm and entered Ye Dingdang’s forehead. Suddenly the light completely enveloped Ye Dingdang and when it disappeared Ye Dingdang opened her eyes in a daze as she loudly called out: “Where?! Where’s the Ghost General?”

Her face was cover with terror.

Tang Zheng hurriedly hugged her and patted her shoulder as he soothingly said: “The Ghost General has been killed, so there is nothing to worry about. Nothing at all.”

Ye Dingdang did not even mind the closeness of their body as she excitedly cried out: “Really? I thought we were dead for sure.”

Tang Zheng let her go and seeing her happy; he smiled as he said: “Dingdang, thank you for disregarding your safety for me.”

Ye Dingdang did not think much of it as she waved her hands as if it was nothing: “Didn’t you also do the same for me.”

Speaking up to here the two looked at each other with nothing but smiles.

“Hey, can you guys not get all mushy right now? We have stuff we need to attend to.” Tian Chanzi’s voice rang out at just the wrong time.

Ye Dingdang was given a good scare as she discovered that there was now an extra person by her side. This person had eyebrows as sharp as swords and looked like a handsome middle aged uncle, but there was a hint of oddity between his eyebrows that made it seem as if something was out of place.

“Who is he?” Ye Dingdang hurriedly asked, “Could it be another ghost?”

Tang Zheng was dumbstruck as this girl was frightened by ghosts and now there was a follow-up event.

Tian Chanzi rolled his eyes and said in a mocking apologetic tone: “Have you seen a ghost as handsome as me?”

Ye Dingdang let out a breath of relief as she did not acknowledge his jab because everything was fine as long as he was not a ghost: “Then you are?”

“He is…” Tang Zheng really did not know how to introduce Tian Chanzi.

“I am his master.” Tian Chanzi followed up and said.

Tang Zheng stared at him as this old fella actually took advantage of him. Tian Chanzi then deliberately winked at him causing Tang Zheng to come to his senses: “Right, didn’t I always talk about my master? Then I will just let him take up that role.”

“Then you are also a cultivator?” Ye Dingdang asked curiously, “and it was you who took care of the Ghost General?”

“Of course.” Tian Chanzi said without the least bit of modesty.

“Alright, we should first leave here.” Tang Zheng hurriedly stored Battle Soul back into his blade, and they made their way back towards the city.

Right now they do not need to escape but to rescue others. With Tian Chanzi as a super helper, they no longer need to fear the people from the Martial Organization.

As they quickly made their way, Tang Zheng was thinking about matters concerning the Martial Organizations as how would he explain things to Ye Tianlei and Feng Siniang once they were rescued?

Should he tell them the truth?

No, this was his greatest secret and moreover telling them this would only bring them trouble.

“Dingdang, I want to talk to you about something.” Tang Zheng finally said after much thought.


“Can you not tell anyone about yesterday's matter and how I am a cultivator, not even your parents okay?” Tang Zheng asked.

“Why not?”

“You also saw how the Martial Organization is a large organization and if my identity were to be revealed, then they would definitely send people to kill me. I personally don’t wish to die at a young age.”

Ye Dingdang sunk into thought as too much had happened in this night and she felt as if her world was flipped upside down. She hesitated a moment before saying: “I can promise you, but you must first rescue my parents.”

“Of course, the fewer people know, the better.”

“I will keep this a secret.” Ye Dingdang solemnly vowed.

Tang Zheng let out a breath of relief because if he could deal with the few Martial Organization members, then he would keep a lid on his secret. Now their greatest priority was to find Feng Siniang and Ye Tianlei.

The sky was already brightening as the group returned back into the city when Lin Hu called.

“Young master Tang, I have news for you.”

Tang Zheng felt his thoughts churn as he said: “Oh, did you find them?”

“No, but they found me.” Lin Hu agitatedly said.

“What do you mean?”

“Early in the morning, some people came looking for me to look into Ye Dingdang’s whereabouts. The people's attitudes were strong and left no room for discussion. I assume that they were the people responsible for causing trouble at the Ye Clan yesterday.” Lin Hu had sent his men to investigate into the matter, but the other actually sent themselves to their door. This was truly unexpected.

This was all because Ding Yi had no way to search far and wide for Ye Dingdang and could only try to borrow Lin Hu, the local tyrant, power.

Tang Zheng felt joy blossom in his heart: “Are they still there?”

“They left a contact address where we can reach them if we find anything.”

“Okay, give me the address.”

Lin Hu recited the address before asking: “Young master Tang do you need our help? The others do not bare you good will. I could call the brothers so that we can lock them down.”

“You do not have to worry about this matter as you have other things to worry about. After taking over Huang Si’s territories, you must make sure that nothing goes wrong. As for this matter, I will deal with it myself.” Tang Zheng said.

Lin Hu expressed his understanding before hanging up.

“Do you have any news on them?” Ye Dingdang asked excitedly.

Tang Zheng nodded his head and said: “We will go over shortly. I first need to make a phone call.”

Today he for sure would not be able to make it to class, so he called Liu Qingmei to take a day off. Since their relationship was pretty good, it passed without a big deal. Tang Zheng then called Fang Shishi to notify her about his matters as well as to tell her not to worry about him. *TL: THIS BOI…*

Seeing his finish up his calls, Ye Dingdang flicked her lips and said: “You still have the heart to call girls at this time? Heng!”

Tang Zheng laughed while Tian Chanzi also chuckled before righteously teaching: “Right, with a pretty little girl by your side if you were to speak of love and flirt then you should do it with her.

Ye Dingdang’s pupils dilated, and her face turned red as she said: “Who is flirting with him? He already has a girlfriend.”

Tian Chanzi shook his head and casually said: “It’s normal for a man to have three or four wives, especially someone as bright as my disciple who should not be limited so. Little girl, don’t blame me for not reminding you but you should grab onto him while you can as it will only be beneficial to you!”

Ye Dingdang acted as if she was looking at a monster. He actually dared say such words in such a casual tone.

She unbelievably said: “You… how could you say such words?”

“I am only looking out for you. Ai, you have to understand that I mean you well.” Tian Chanzi said with a sigh.

Tang Zheng could not stand it any longer as he did not know if it was a good thing that Tian Chanzi was reborn as he has no filter when talking. Tang Zheng looked at Ye Dingdang’s beet red face and gnashed his teeth so that a sound akin to that of his teeth falling out arose: “Can’t you speak less?”

Tian Chanzi rolled his eyes and mumbled: “Blind to others good will like Lu Dongbin’s dog who bit his owner’s hand.”

“Let’s first eat breakfast; I’m dying of hunger.” Tang Zheng hurriedly diverted the topic before the other said anything crazier.

Ye Dingdang looked at Tian Chanzi as if he were an alien, as she completely could not understand where he was coming from.

Tian Chanzi was indeed distracted by the thought of breakfast as he jumped in and said: “Right, breakfast. I haven’t eaten anything in a thousand years.”

Ye Dingdang staggered and nearly fell on her head. A thousand years?! Did he mean that he lived for a thousand years and was a thousand-year-old monster!?

Ye Dingdang could not believe it and could only look at Tang Zheng weirdly like she was finally getting to know the real him.

Tian Chanzi just by himself ate a ten man portion causing the waiter to stare foolishly with wide eyes. This person's stomach was simply too big. How could he possibly eat so much as this was a real foodie!

Tang Zheng stared on not knowing whether to cry or smile as he said: “I think you are the reincarnation of a hungry ghost…”

Tian Chanzi did not think so as he familiarized himself with chewing as he said: “You try not eating anything for a thousand year then you will know true pain. Even though the breakfast doesn’t taste all that great, the feeling sure is amazing.”

“Alright, cut the crap we need to go save people.” Tang Zheng finally said unable to resist anymore.

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