Chapter 173: Rebirth

Chapter 173: Rebirth

Tang Zheng urged: “Hurry up and tell me how I can safely enter this Ten Direction Killing Formation?”

“Every Ten Direction Killing Formation has one life door, and as long as you find it, then you can safely enter.” Tian Chanzi profoundly said.

“Well, how do I find this life door?”

Tian Chanzi did not answer bluntly but had Tang Zheng circulate his qi and gently place his hands on the wall.”

The mountain wall stirred as a stone door actually appeared and opened miraculously. Tang Zheng had Huang Ziyang and Battle Soul stand guard outside to protect Ye Dingdang while he touched the door and entered.

A large sound rang out as the stone door slammed shut.

Inside the mountain wall, the light was bright illuminating everything but it was unknown where exactly the light shone from.

Ten common pathways laid out before him each taking him towards a different direction and only one of them will bring him to the Life Door. If he were not careful and entered any of the other nine pathways, then he would die without a doubt.

“Take the third from the right.” Tian Chanzi firmly said.

“Are you sure? Don’t point me down the wrong path as there is no medicine for regret.” Tang Zheng said.

Tian Chanzi confidently said: “Trust me. I am not wrong.”

Tang Zheng was helpless as he could only take the path. The walls of the path were simple stone but it was clean and the air was also refreshing.

After walking for about thirty meters Tang Zheng out of this path and entered a large hall where his eyes were immediately attracted to a specific corner.

The Ghost General was lying in that very corner his body ridden with holes as if he was shot by countless so that he became a bloody gourd.

“Do you see that? That is the result of walking down a path that does not lead to the Life Door.” Tian Chanzi said with satisfaction, “Previously when he touched the formation he entered one of the paths that resulted in a Death door hence this result. This could be considered as taking the frontal charge for you.” Tian Chanz said.

Tang Zheng nodded his head as his gaze finally landed in the middle of the large hall where a tall tower stood with something laying on it.

“Go take a look.” Tian Chanzi said.

“There won’t be any danger right?”

“I’m here so don’t worry.”

Tang Zheng carefully walked over to the tall tower and slowly climbed it. When his gaze swept over the top, he was momentarily stunned.

“There’s someone!” Tang Zheng whispered in a soft voice.

“I can see that. I don’t need you to tell me but the person is dead so there is nothing to be afraid of.” Tian Chanzi said as he got a clearer glimpse.

Hearing that the other person was dead Tang Zheng slightly relaxed as he continued to slowly walk forward so that he could clearly see the entirety of the tower.

On top of the tall tower lay a corpse of a middle aged man who’s long hair billowed outwards. The figures five orifices were very well defined and lifelike as there was no hint of rotting just as if he were alive. Moreover, he possessed a fierce aura to him so that even though he was dead, he gave others a feeling of pressure.

What was most weird was that this corpse was suspended in air and was at least ten centimeters off the ground. Tang Zheng knew this because he paid special attention but found nothing to be supporting the body.

“What is this?” Tang Zheng asked.

Tian Chanzi became solemn, more solemn than ever before as he finally said: “This person during his life must have been an extremely powerful expert and this is his tomb that is specifically sealed with a Ten Direction Formation to prevent anyone from disturbing his rest.

“Do you recognize him?”

“No, I don’t. There were countless cultivators so how could I recognize everyone? But it is without a doubt that he stood atop his generation.”

Tang Zheng stared at the floating corpse as his thoughts churned: “Tian Chanzi, didn’t you say that you wanted to find a suitable corpse? Is he okay?”

Tian Chanzi was surprised: “Are you saying for me to use his body for rebirth?”

“Right, since he is dead it shouldn’t be a problem to borrow his body. It’s not like he is going to be using it anyway and moreover, you using his body is putting it to good use so why would he not be happy about it?" Tang Zheng said with a shrug.

Tian Chanzi thought for a moment as Tang Zheng did indeed have a point. Tang Zheng then continued: “It’s not like you don’t know how hard it is to find a suitable body. In this person’s previous life he was a powerful cultivator so he must be able to accept your consciousness. This is an extremely rare chance. Moreover, there is a hint of karma attached to this and maybe it is due to you?”

“Do you really think so?” Tian Chanzi’s tone became extremely careful.

“Of course I think so. Didn’t you also say that you wanted to formally meet Shishi? If you do not have a body then how will you do so? Moreover this time with the big problem looming over us I will need your help otherwise how will not able to handle the situation.” Tang Zheng bitterly advised.

“Okay, since our stumbling upon is due to luck then I will use his body to continue to live on in this world. If there is a day where I become famous then he will share in that glory.” Tian Chanzi decided.

Tang Zheng was ecstatic as there may be a way out of his sticky situation hence he urged: “Then hurry up and do what you gotta do to rebirth.”

“Don’t be in such a rush after I have been in your mind for awhile and have gotten somewhat used to it. I feel slightly reluctant to leave.” Tian Chanzi said with a hint of unwilling.

Tang Zheng’s face turned bitter: “Don’t. If you don’t move and always stay in my mind, then you will never become anything. Moreover, won’t you have more freedom if you have your own body?”

“Heng, I think you, little brat, just want me to quickly leave. Oh, well, I can’t stay in your mind for forever and this is for the best.” Tian Chanzi said with a bit of regret as when he first entered Tang Zheng’s brain he wanted nothing more than to leave but couldn’t as he was tied down by Tang Zheng’s Nine Yang Saint Body constitution.

As of today under Tang Zheng’s body’s nourishment, he had recovered much of his power and was no longer restricted by Tang Zheng’s Nine Yang Saint Body constitution.

“Little brat, I am leaving. In the future, we will not be able to have this kind of communication.”

“Relax, we can just talk and still communicate effectively.” Tang Zheng anxiously said as even though he too also had a bit of unwilling due to their period of mutual cohabitation. What more was the connection they had between was unique and only something they could have.

But in the end, all things must come to an end and they too had long since known that this day was coming. In the end, this could be considered as a good conclusion to things.

Tang Zheng placed his hand on the corpse’s forehead and suddenly felt his mind go empty as if he had lost something. It was then that he knew that Tian Chanzi had left.

After this, he took a step back as he stared at the corpse only to see its forehead flash with light before it encompassed the entire body. The scene looked peculiar but it held an attractive force for those who saw it.

Suddenly, the light disappeared within the body and the body opened its eyes. Seeing this Tang Zheng felt his heart tremble as he called out: “Tian Chanzi!”

The body turned to look at him before cracking open a smile: “Heihei, I really have been rebirthed. I am also much younger than before.” These words of his completely shattered the fierce and awe striking aura of the corpses previous owner but Tang Zheng felt an odd sense of familiarity.

“You’ve succeeded.” Tang Zheng joyfully said.

Tian Chanzi gave a matter of fact nod: “Of course I succeeded. I have been waiting for this day for a thousand years. Haha and now I have succeeded.”


“Thanks, little brat, without your help then I wouldn’t have this day so you could be considered as having saved me.”

“If I had not met you, then I would’ve died by bodily explosion by the age of twenty so you also saved me. So, we’ll just call it even.” Tang Zheng said and gave a smile that came from the bottom of his heart.

“Haha!” Tian Chanzi gave a boisterous laugh and stood up. He exercised his muscles a bit before saying with praise: “This person must’ve been amazing in his days as his body was much better than mine back in the days. So, now I not only can recover my previous cultivation but also continue soaring on to a higher level!”

“Tian Chanzi, just what cultivation were you at? You still haven’t told me.” Tang Zheng curiously asked.

“Back in the days I was a Ninth-grade Yuan Ying cultivator but after the thousand years of wasting away I fell to the Fifth-grade Golden Dan stage.” Tian Chanzi regretfully said.

“Fifth-grade Golden Dan?” Tang Zheng’s jaws fell as he stared with wide eyes. Even though Tian Chanzi’s tone was extremely regretful, Tang Zheng could only look on with great admiration.  

It must be known that the ranking of cultivators from lowest to highest is Refining Qi, Foundation Building, Abnegation, Golden Dan, Yuan Ying, Ascension, and Mahayana. Each stage is then broken down into nine grades so in other words the gap between Tang Zheng and Tian Chanzi’s cultivation is separated by more than one hundred and eight thousand li. *TL: basically very far*

A Yuan Ying cultivator was the equivalent of a Scholar stage martial artist but because cultivators usually have several techniques in their arsenal and so they would be slightly stronger.

If the huge Ye Clan had even a single Scholar martial artist, then it could guarantee their Clan’s future prosperity hence why Ye Xuanji had to break through the Scholar stage even if it means staking everything. But Tian Chanzi was actually stronger than an ordinary Scholar Martial artists so from this it could be seen how powerful he was.

It is unknown just how many large clans would just at the opportunity to recreate him as long as he was willing to jump out and declare that he was a scholar stage martial artist.

On the same note he had to be careful since he was a cultivator and if he stood out too much, then he may draw the attention of the Martial Organization.

Seeing Tang Zheng’s shocked expression with his jaws hanging free Tian Chanzi nodded his head with satisfaction and chuckled: “Little brat, now you know how amazing I am right? Previously you still dared to laugh at me but now let’s see how you do it.”

“Heng, what is there to be afraid of? You have only lived a thousand years longer than I have. If I was as old as you then I will definitely be stronger than you.” Tang Zheng said fearlessly as he retorted.

Tian Chanzi was dumbstruck before he sighed and said: “You, little brat, your mouth is becoming sharper and sharper. I can’t beat you with words.”

Tang Zheng’s mouth hooked up as scoffing at Tian Chanzi was still the same as it was but Tang Zheng still needed to get used to seeing a real life person in place of Tian Chanzi.

“Alright enough of this, let’s go take a look at the Ghost General. I don’t know what kind of commotion his death will bring in the Ghost Realm, but I’m worried that they may just send a Ghost Scholar.” Tian Chanzi said smiling while deriving joy from another’s misfortune.

Tang Zheng rolled his eyes: “He was the one who charged into this Ten Path killing formation so why are you pinning it on my head?”

“If I don’t pin it on you then who should I pin it on? Myself? But then again you don’t need to worry since this Ghost General is dead those of the Ghost Realm will not know who did it. As long as you are more careful, no one would come seeking trouble. Right now, let’s go check if he has any good items on him.” After speaking excited Tian Chanzi’s body flashed and he arrived by the Ghost General’s side.

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