Chapter 172:

Chapter 172: Ten Direction Killing Formation

Heaven Flying Immortal. One sword broke through space appearing between Huang Ziyang and Battle Soul causing the Ghost General to use his ghost blade to block hurriedly. The two swords struck against each other, and True Fire leapt onto the Ghost blade causing crackling noises.

But the Ghost General was on a different level from Daoist Tianji so with a flick of his hand the true fire on the blade was put out as it rushed towards Tang Zheng.

Battle attacked from the front while Huang Ziyang was attacking from the back.

The Ghost General roared to the sky as his blade danced. In that moment the shadow of his ghost blade could be seen from all sides.

Peng peng peng!

Three muffled sounds rang out as Tang Zheng and co were all sent flying. Tang Zheng spat out a mouthful of blood as his qi was sent into disarray.

He hurriedly circulated the Ancient Clear Heaven Scroll as he tried to suppress his turbulent qi only to see the Ghost General rush at him again. Battle Soul and Huang Ziyang both rushed to stand in front of him acting as his shield.

Under the three pronged attack, the area of effect was large as large winds stirred the dust causing it to look as if a sandstorm was striking. This coupled with the howling yin qi formed a wind that seemed to turn into a tornado also arose unwittingly sweeping up Huang Ziyang and Battle Soul.

Hou hou!

They angrily roared, but the two were helpless as if they swept into the air with nowhere to land.

“Little brat, I already said that you guys are not his opponent so hurry up and escape!” Tian Chanzi anxiously urged.

Tang Zheng’s gaze fell on the satisfied Ghost General who had a big smile on his face. With a big sweep of his blade, the tornado like wind brought Huang Ziyang and battle soul to a distant area.

“What will you do now that you are without helpers?” The Ghost General said as he walked closer, his aura billowing out.

Tang Zheng clenched his blade with two hands with a solemn face but did not back down.

The Ghost Blade flashed once again while Tang Zheng raised his blade with two hands in an attempt to block. Dang, a muffled clang rang out as Tang Zheng was sent flying into the ground while he spat yet another mouthful of blood. This time his qi was once again sent into disarray.

“You actually took one of my blows? Here have another one.” The Ghost blade cut down again while Tang Zheng raised his blade once more, but the blade did not descend. It was unknown when Ye Dingdang grabbed onto the Ghost General’s body as she loudly screamed: “Tang Zheng, RUN!”

Tang Zheng felt his heart tremble as Ye Dingdang even with her great fear of the Ghost general actually clung it all to save him.

But towards the Ghost General, her insignificant level made it seem like it was a mantis trying to stop a car. Tang Zheng cried loudly: “Stop!” But it was already too late as with a palm strike struck her back.

A mouthful of blood was forced out as she lightly fell to the ground. Tang Zheng’s eyes immediately turned scarlet red as his qi exploded outwards.

Within his body, a sound rang out as his qi uncontrollably broke through to seven inches as he simultaneously broke through to the Seventh-grade Refining Qi.

Last time when he took the Spirit Pill, he could have broken through to the Seventh-grade if Daoist Tianji did not disturb him. But right now his surging emotions was what allowed him to pass this barrier.

A fierce aura shot out from his body and rushed into the sky. His spirit seemed to have grown as he also gained enlightenment on the fourth move of the Heaven Flying Immortal.

With a total of 24 moves seemingly being displayed in the sky it was as if a real immortal was descending. Matching with this was his battle soul blade which appeared to encompass the entire sky.

Dang dang dang!

The Ghost General used his blade to block and with each strike, sparks were sent flying appearing to be oddly conspicuous while each strike also carried great killing intent.

A blade cut across the Ghost General’s shoulder bringing with it a chunk of flesh sending it into a rage as he was actually injured. This was beyond his comprehension as he swept his blade across like a tornado.

Seeing that he was about to be swept up in the tornado, Tang Zheng hurriedly landed on the ground, grabbed Ye Dingdang, and turned to escape.

This time he did not hesitate as his momentary breakthrough allowed him to raise his cultivation and hard the other he knew that this was like lighting a gunpowder keg. Now that the Ghost General was in a rage he would absolutely not hesitate to kill them.

So he must run now and moreover he has to take Ye Dingdang with him.

Ye Dingdang was currently unconscious as her face was ashen. It was unknown how severe her injuries were, but Tang Zheng temporarily did not have time to think too much as he could only make a mad dash for Chang Heng Mountain.


The Ghost General raised his heads to the heavens and gave a thunderous bellow: “I want to obliterate you utterly and don’t you even think about escaping."

Dong dong dong!

The Ghost General gave chase with big steps and like in the dark of the night with one in the one and one in the back. The two left flashes of shadows whereas further back two more silhouettes appeared. It was Huang Ziyang and the Battle Soul who after being swept to the distance by the tornado landed but quickly tried to return to provide Tang Zheng with support.

“Run!” Tang Zheng gave a loud roar causing the two to turn stand in the back protecting his escape into Chang Heng mountain.

At this moment, both parties were reaching the foot of Chang Heng Mountain approaching from the back mountains and not the front. The back mountain had a deep precipice, and it was also where Tang Zheng had plucked the Heaven Fragrant Flower so he could be considered as knowing his way around.

But the key was that the precipitate was so sharp that there was absolutely no way to climb upwards. In the midst of his rush as well as the dark of night Tang Zheng rushed to the back mountains, and he couldn’t help but ask himself why he did so instead of running to the front side of the mountain.

This was simply seeking death!

Tang Zheng and co stopped while the Ghost General also stopped and mockingly said: “How come you aren’t running anywhere? Run why don’t you!”

Battle Soul and Huang Ziyang both rushed forward to kill as if they were to die it would be during battle and not being slaughtered like chicken as they escaped.

Tang Zheng gently put Ye Dingdang down as she was still unconscious and said: “Dingdang, as long as you still have a breath left in you I will definitely protect you.”

He then rushed towards the Ghost General with his blades drawn.

The Ghost General was looking quite satisfied with himself as his blade was quite special. Under the coordinated attacks of the three, the Ghost General was left unscathed while Tang Zheng and co’s wounds seemed to increase making them look extremely worn.

The three slowly retreated as they fought until they were pushed up against the steep slope. After an exchange where the Ghost General blocked both Battle Soul and Huang Ziyang’s attack he immediately made to finish off Tang Zheng who only saw the gleam of the Ghost Blade as it cut at Tang Zheng with surety.

With one strike Tang Zheng’s blade was smacked aside as the Ghost Blade turned around to cut Tang Zheng’s neck off. Tang Zheng quickly dropped to the ground and rolled away as the Ghost Blade chopped off some of his hair and embedded itself into the cliff wall.

The Ghost Blade cut into the wall without the smallest of sound as if there was no collision, to begin with.

Right, it was as if the wall was not made of stone but clay. Then it seems as if there was a large suction force that pulled the Ghost Blade into the wall.

The Ghost General was greatly frightened: “Just what the hell is going on?”

But he did not have the chance to react as he saw his blade disappear into the mountain wall.

“AH! NOOOO!” The Ghost General let out a pitiful cry as he disappeared into the rock wall.

Tang Zheng stared foolishly at this scene as he had absolutely no idea what had happened. How did the Ghost General just disappear and why did it seem as if this wall had a great suction force as to devour the Ghost General.

“Tian Chanzi, hurry up and take a look. Just what is going on?” Tang Zheng hurriedly ask.

Tian Chanzi’s voice sounded out as his tone carried a bit of agitation: “It seems the heavens have not forgone you. Little brat, the place you have chosen is not a place of death but a place of life!”

“Stop blabbering. Hurry up and tell me.” Tang Zheng’s interest was completely hooked.

“This is a formation, and if I am correct, then this should be the Ten Direction Killing Formation. As long as anyone touches this formation, they will be pulled into a killing formation. If one’s power is not sufficient then they will die by this formation.”

Ten Direction Killing Formation.” Tang Zheng was shocked as this was his first time hearing of such a formation but the main question is why was there a formation here?

This Chang Heng Mountain must have some background to it otherwise why would someone place a Ten Direction Killing Formation here. Just now, the Ghost General must have accidentally touched the formation and was sucked in.

“Okay, so where is he now?”

“Of course he’s currently in the Ten Direction Killing Formation.”

Tang Zheng’s illuminated gaze on the mountain wall: “Could the Ten Direction Killing Formation be on this mountain wall?”

“Of course, but the Ten Direction Killing Formation must be used to protect something otherwise it would not just be randomly placed here.” Tian Chanzi doubtfully said.

“Are you saying that there is something precious behind this mountain wall and that the formation is protecting it?”

“If my deductions are correct then that should be the case. Little brat, in a little bit you have to go in and see what’s in there. Since there are already so few cultivators in the world than anywhere with a formation such as this must be weird. We must investigate this to the end.” Tian Chanzi agitatedly said as he really wanted to know what happened in the past thousand years and why cultivators were so sparse nowadays.

Tang Zheng felt moved as understood Tian Chanzi’s meaning as he too also had such thoughts. Right now since he was considered an oddity, it would be a waste if he did not find out all he can.

“Then do you think the Ghost General would be killed inside?” Tang Zheng finally voiced his biggest question.

“If there is no movement then he is definitely dead otherwise there would be fighting. To begin with, the Ghost General didn’t have much to fight against the formation with.” Tian Chanzi said with a matter of fact tone.

“Then wouldn’t I just be sending myself to my death if I were to go in?” Tang Zheng thought as if this formation could even kill the Ghost General then why would he be stupid and seek his own death?

“Do you, little brat, really have that low of a trust in me? The Ghost General rushed into the formation without any preparation, but we, on the other hand, are prepared, so that is different. Moreover, don’t you have me? With me here this Ten Direction Killing Formation amounts to nothing.” Tian Chanzi said with utmost confidence.

“Don’t try to scam me with big words. If I were to die inside, then you would be unable to come back to life.” Tang Zheng said with palpitation.

“Bullsh*t, I lie to you? It’s merely a Ten Direction Killing Formation, and I have absolute confidence in keeping you safe.” Tian Chanzi said without a doubt.

Tang Zheng chuckled and once he was certain that Tian Chanzi had a method his eyes couldn’t help but light up as he stared unblinkingly at the mountain wall. Just what exactly was hiding behind this mountain wall.

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