Chapter 171: Fighting Side by Side

Chapter 171: Fighting Side by Side

Huang Ziyang being in the back twisted his body around to strike against the blade and with a ‘peng’ Huang Ziyang was sent flying over Tang Zheng and Ye Dingdang’s head.

Tang Zheng felt the yin qi from behind him grow stronger, but he did not dare continue to run as he also stabbed out with his Battle Soul.

The two blades met, and a crisp clang rang out.

The Ghost General was flabbergasted: “Yi, you’re actually a cultivator? Quite rare.”

Tang Zheng and Ye Dingdang turned their body to look at the Ghost General who gave off a heavy yin aura. Ye Dingdang’s small face was pale but still kept her body straight.

Tang Zheng solemnly stared at the other and asked: “If I were to return the command medallion to you will you let us go?”

The Ghost General firmly said: "Of course not, killing a Messenger from the Ghost realm and taking their command medallion is punishable by death.”

“Since that is the case then there is nothing more to say.”

Tang Zheng slanted the sword before his chest as he whispered to Ye Dingdang: “I’ll hold him while you run. In front is Chang Heng Mountain, as long as you reach there, it will not be easy for him to find you.”

Chang Heng Mountain was already looming overhead and the darkness of night gave it a savage and fierce aura.

Ye Dingdang shook her head: “That won’t do. You are not his opponent and if I run then what will you do?”

“I have a way so don’t worry.” Tang Zheng gestured with his hand, “Now hurry. Otherwise, it will be too late.”

Seeing Tang Zheng so grave and anxious Ye Dingdang felt an indescribable warmth well up within her heart as she said: “I won’t leave. I will fight by your side. Ghosts are just ghosts, after a bit, I will get used to it.”

Her face became firm as she bit her lips, trying to suppress her internal fear.

“Why are you so stubborn?” Tang Zheng said helplessly.

Ye Dingdang flicked her lips: “I’m stubborn. So what? What are you going to do about it? It’s my legs that are attached to me so if I don’t want to leave then no one will be able to force me to leave.”

Ye Dingdang clearly understood that if she were to leave, then Tang Zheng would die without a doubt and by staying she may not help much either. In the end, even though she knew this she really could not bring herself to let Tang Zheng face this by himself.

“Then listen to my words. We will fight as we run but as for whether we can manage to escape this situation will depend on how the situation progresses.” This time Tang Zheng did not have any guarantees, and even Tian Chanzi was silent.

From this, it was clear that this was the most dangerous situation Tang Zheng had been in.

“Whispering back and forth. Are you guys done yet? It's time to send you on your way now.” The Ghost General gave a low roar before rushing forward. Tang Zheng saw this and hurriedly brought his blade forward to parry.

With just one blow Tang Zheng was sent flying as the Ghost General seemed to possess immense and boundless power.

“Tang Zheng!” Ye Dingdang was very shocked and even sucked in a deep breath. In the end, she managed to gather up her courage to charge at the Ghost General. She did not inherit either of her parent's martial arts but was entirely relying on the Jade Women’s Heart Sutra.

The Jade Women’s Heart Sutra was not only a training method as it had corresponding moves. A pair of jade like arms shot out bringing with it a fierce and aura.

“Unable to even take a single blow.” The Ghost General gave a cold grunt as his blade descended bringing with it a frightening amount of power causing her attack to immediately be crushed.

Ye Dingdang took a few steps backwards before falling on her but as she watched the Ghost head blade cut down towards her neck.

She wanted to let out a scream but discovered that she could not.

“Huang Ziyang, save her.” Tang Zheng gave a loud roar, and Huang Ziyang was like a bullet that shot forward using his own body to block Ye Dingdang. The only thing Ye Dingdang could see was his back and that blade that was buried within his shoulders.

“Run!” Tang Zheng screamed, but Ye Dingdang acted as if she was still in a daze. She finally woke up a moment later and hurriedly retreated while Tang Zheng rushed forward at the Ghost General.

He was clear that he was not the other's opponent but he still had to fight because if he didn’t, he would die.

The Ghost Blade cut against Huang Ziyang’s body and blood flowed, but suddenly a dazzling black light encased his body making it hard for the Ghost Blade to cut deeper.

The Ghost General let out a sound of surprise: “What is going on?”

Tang Zheng did not care about the others surprise as he stabbed Battle Soul forward. The Ghost General only gave him a sideways glance before a ghost head flew out of his blade and bite down towards Tang Zheng’s neck.

A wave of True Fire burst forth from Battle Soul, igniting the air around it before lighting up the ghost head.

The ghost head let out a pitiful screech as it was covered by True Fire and in the blink of an eye, it was reduced to ashes.

“True Fire? How did you do it?” The Ghost General exclaimed loudly, unable to cover his surprise as he hurriedly pulled back his blade.

Huang Ziyang was freed as he quickly pressed down on his shoulder so that the blood slowly stopped flowing. A dark haze floated to the surface of his face as his entire eye turned an inky black, just like that of the darkness of night.

“What the hell is this thing? Weird, I’ve met so many weird things today.” The Ghost General could clearly tell that the other was not an ordinary person as the other's body was hard as steel and even though he cut the other and drew blood, he was unable to sever the other's arm.

Bone stronger than his blade? That was truly unbelievable.

On top of seeing the might of True Fire, he felt that he could not underestimate the other as they did things that surpassed his understanding.

Of course, he could recognize True Fire, but at the same time, he knew that True Fire could only be used to refine pills and not as a method of attack. Yet right now, someone was using it and although the others cultivation was not high what he did was weird and could not be underestimated.

“Just who are you?” The Ghost General pointed at Tang Zheng and asked.

Tang Zheng gave a cold grunt but did not reply. He stood next to Huang Ziyang and gave him a once over. Seeing that Huang Ziyang was fine, Tang Zheng loosened his breath.

“Little brat, thankfully the puppet's training for the past several days had paid off, and he is now at the Second-grade Natal stage, so his bones are as hard as steel. With this, he was able to block the others strike.” Tian Chanzi joyfully said.

“This Puppet Technique of mine if trained to the limit will result in a puppet that aside from his flesh has a body as strong as steel. With this, no bullet or knives will be able to penetrate his body, and even magical treasures will be pushed to injure him. The only thing is that right now he is too weak so he could only dangerously and closely avoid the Ghost General’s attack. At this rate, if he is attacked a few more times he will still be killed.”

Tang Zheng did not have the heart to sigh at the abilities of the Puppet and only looked at the Ghost General before saying: “If you want to fight then fight what is with all these wasted words?”

The Ghost General flew into a rage: “Not knowing your own death. Do you think that you can stop me with this measly amount of strength? Die!”

Nine Ghost heads suddenly flew out of his blade as they flew towards Tang Zheng’s body, roaring and crying. Tang Zheng wanted to once again use True Fire but he sensed that there was a strong wave of energy within the blade that was eager to escape.

It was the Battle Soul!

This aura was very familiar as it was the Battle Soul. He felt his heart move and he suppressed his true fire as he watched Battle Sword hum and tremble, releasing a dark light, as a colossal figure flew out from within the sword, flying straight for the nine ghost heads.

Sou sou sou!

This large colossal figure was actually the Battle Soul, and with his appearance, he had already thrown out his hand to grab at the nine ghost heads as they were each thrown into his mouth where they were chewed to pieces and swallowed.

The Ghost General saw this scene and was mystified: “You actually nurtured your own evil spirit?”

This was too unthinkable as this cultivator was simply an anomaly. How could his underlings be such weird things?

For the past several days the evil spirit has been living off of the Battle Soul's nourishments allowing its strength to grow several times stronger. He was currently wielding a broadsword made with yin qi, and he shouted as he used it to charge at the Ghost General with.

Tang Zheng looked at this scene in shock as when he first put the Battle Soul into his sword he did not think that there would be today’s scene.

“Your luck is not bad you little brat, the Ghost General’s strong yin qi actually aroused the Battle Soul’s reaction hence why he was so excited to come out.” Tian Chanzi said with a sigh.

Tang Zheng could not suppress his happiness as he obtained yet another source of power which allowed his chances of victory to increase.

Ye Dingdang looked on with fear and awe at this large being that flew out of Tang Zheng’s sword. Her eyes almost rolled to the back of head as she was about to faint.

Tang Zheng seeing this quickly supported her and fiercely struck her acupuncture which caused her to awake. She tremblingly said: “This… is another ghost?”

She thought that she was slowly becoming accustomed to new things but this sight really did give her a tremendous fright especially since Battle Soul looked exactly like a small mountain giving others a sense of suppression.

Tang Zheng nodded his head and said: “Don’t be afraid as he is on our side.”

Ye Dingdang said with a bitter face: “Where do you find these weird ass things?”

“This… uh… by chance.”

“Do you usually carry it on you?”


Ye Dingdang’s eyes nearly rolled to the back of her head as she almost fainted once again. She said with a pant: “And you sit next to me everyday so does that mean that I spend my entire day with this thing?”

Tang Zheng gave an awkward cough as that was indeed the case.

“Tang Zheng, I really want to kill you right now. Ye Dingdang chewed on her lips as she nearly cried out.

“Hey, Ye Dingdang, is your guts big? Why are you afraid of ghosts?” Tang Zheng curiously asked as wasn’t Ye Dingdang unfearing of anything.

“I am not afraid of people, but I am afraid of ghosts. Don’t you know that? I don’t even dare to watch horror movies.”

Tang Zheng felt like trouble was coming so he hurriedly comforted: “Well don’t be afraid as he is our helper now hurry up. I need to go help, and if it’s three against one then there may be a chance at victory.”

“Little brat, I advise you to hurry up and run and even though the Puppet and Battle Soul can hold the Ghost General they are still not on the same level. As long as the battle is drawn out, then they will not be the Ghost Generals opponent, and at that time it will be too late for you to run.” Tian Chanzi bitter said.

Tang Zheng was shocked as his confidence was originally high, but it felt as if someone poured a bucket of ice water over his head. He could only look at the Ghost General fighting against Huang Ziyang and battle Soul, both of who were unfeeling, hence why they could fight without a care. The battle was surrounded with a dense killing intent, and even though the two were both cut up they still fought fiercely.

Tang Zheng gnashed his teeth. To go or not to go?

“I won’t go as they are fighting to protect my life. If I were to leave then am I still human? Even if I were to go, I will bring them with me. I will not throw away Battle Soul and don’t you still want to raise your Puppet so that its entire body is as strong as steel? If I go then how will your dreams come true? For that reason, I will go all out with them.” Tang Zheng firmly decided.

“Little brat, what you are doing is seeking death!” Tian Chanzi cursed blisteringly.

Tang Zheng did not acknowledge Tian Chanzi as he raised Battle Soul and charged.

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