Chapter 170: Attracting fire to burn the body

Chapter 170: Attracting fire to burn the body

Seeing the two, one running and one chasing, Tang Zheng and co hurriedly followed. On the way, Tang Zheng conveniently picked up the command medallion on the ground and returned it to his pocket.

This medallion was precious so he could not throw it away.

He saw the two were nearing the edge of the Ancient Battle site and the Ghost General fought more vigorously as the battle continued while Martial slowly fell to a disadvantage but not enough to fall completely.

A thought struck Tang Zheng causing his mind to tremble if he were to go up and help the Ghost General then wouldn’t that girl be done for?

After that idea surfaced in his mind, Tian Chanzi hurriedly stopped him: “Little brat are you looking to die? Let me tell you, right now since the battle is raging at its peak you should hurry up and run otherwise no matter who wins you little brat will have no good ending.”

Tang Zheng was shocked. Right, since the Ghost General was helping him this did not mean that he was his friend. The Ghost General was actually here on a mission to investigate the Messengers death and weren’t they killed by him?

“No, I must run. Ai, how regretful. I don’t know which of the two will win. It’ll be best if both suffer grievous injuries and die together.” Tang Zheng cursed.

“There will be a definitive answer to this battle as there will be no reconciliation for the two. If the Ghost General does not settle this fight, he will be unable to return to the ghost realm, so you just relax. Right now we should hurry up and find a place to hide.” Tian Chanzi advised.

Tang Zheng understood and hurriedly said: “Dingdang, let's run.”

“Right, let's escape, whats the point in seeing ghosts fight with people. Let’s escape. Quickly.

The three under cover of the night hurriedly ran out of the Ancient Battle Site while Martial could only watch wide eyes, with her hands tied. She couldn’t help but roared: “Kill!”

Her Scorching Blade technique clashed with the Ghost’s General’s blade. Thankfully her hands smacked against the back of the blade otherwise her hands would have been chopped in two.

The Ghost General was clearly a bit stronger than Martial as his blade danced through the air causing her to dodge and glare.

“This Ghost General is too strong, and if I were to get caught up here, I would not be able to gain any advantages. I did not expect that the little brat would have such a strong helper.” Martial said with thoughts of retreat fluttering around her mind as even though she was unwilling, there was no other choice.

With a slash of her knife palm she forced the Ghost General into a retreat before she herself beat a hasty escape but how could the Ghost General let that happen? With a roar, he cut down with her swords releasing another eight ghost heads into the air resulting in a total of nine ghost heads that each contained dense yin qi which surrounded Martial making it seem as she was a lone person fighting against the Ghost Realm. From the bystander's perspective, the howling and terrible cries of the ghosts really struck deep into the heart of the other.

“Making the ghost realm your enemy will only result in your death.” The Ghost General roared as his blade once again descended forcing Martial to hurriedly defend.

It was at this time that she accidentally revealed an opening which the nine ghost head immediately pounced upon, biting down on her body.

These Ghost Head were not ordinary as they actually drilled straight into her body causing her scream out pitifully as she panicked and tried to escape.

The Ghost General did not give chase as he merely looked into the direction she ran off too before giving a chuckle: “Once the Ghost Heads penetrate into the body then it will result in death without a doubt!” He then turned around to search for the command medallion only to find it had disappeared without a trace.

He suddenly remembered that there were three more people present so it must be them who took it away. Without the command medallion, he would not be able to cross back over into the Ghost Realm so he must definitely get it back.

He looked around before choosing a direction and fiercely gave chase.

Martial used her fastest speed to find Ding Yi, her face was already suffused with a dark gloom, and the dark qi seemed to want to pervade her entire body.

Ding Yi seeing her like this was greatly shocked: “What happened? Didn’t you go retrieve that little girl?”

Martial shook her head and made to speak but found out that she could not. Her head was dizzy as her vision started to blur and she toppled over, the black qi immediately covered her entire forehead looking exceptionally scary.

“What happened?”

Ding Yi froze as he had never seen this situation before. He hurriedly checked her body to discover that it was cold like a chunk of ice. Moreover, there was also this weird form of energy that was rampaging through her body, swallowing her life force.

“Men, someone hurry up and send her back to the sect otherwise there really will be no hope.” Ding Yi decided and immediately ordered one of his men to take martial away.

Ding Yi’s face no longer had any trace of a smile as his current situation was very serious and most importantly is that he had not gained any news from martial. Even so, it was clear that she had gained her injuries while chasing the little girl so once he finds the girl, he will be able to make head of the situation.

“It seems Chang Heng City really has a cultivator otherwise how could Martial be hurt to this degree?” He thought to himself as he wrinkled his eyebrows.

“Ye Tianlei and Feng Siniang are both stubborn so to force them to speak would be as hard as ascending a mountain. As of now to the only thing we can do is to find Ye Dingdang but even though Chang Heng City is not big it wasn’t exactly small either so how should we do this?”

“The local gang.” Suddenly, he was struck with an idea.

When Tang Zheng and co left the Ancient Battle Site, they discovered that they had nowhere to go as he could not possibly go home otherwise he might drag his grandfather into this mess.

Could it be that he should go to Ye Tianlei and Feng Siniang’s house to see what happened to them?

By now he was clearly aware that Ye Tianlei and Feng Siniang were innocent bystanders who were dragged into this mess as the Martial Organization members were sent here to investigate yesterday night’s commotion. In the end, Ye Tianlei and his wife did not give him out. Hence they were captured.

For this reason, he felt that he had the responsibility to save them as he could not let them be injured otherwise Ye Dingdang would definitely hate him to death and he himself would feel guilt.

Ye Dingdang’s internal fear was slowly receding as her eyes slowly regained their former light. She could not help but stare at Tang Zheng which even under the moonlight it was hard to mask her interest and surprise.

“Tang Zheng, so the Martial Organization was after you right? Also, the commotion last night was caused by you?” Ye Dingdang voiced her questions with a mixture of emotion.

Tang Zheng was her classmate, and he was someone who could be considered to be very close yet he was hiding such a big secret. If anyone were to be switched in this situation, then they too may also feel very complicated emotions.

Tang Zheng scratched his head and distantly said: “I also did not want to attract the Martial Organization as even I did not know of this group. This time I have even involved your family, and for that, I am extremely sorry about it.”

Ye Dingdang grunted and said: “It’s all your fault that this happened but anyways you are actually a cultivator? What is that?”

“It’s not a thing.”


“Pei, that was not what I meant. I meant to say that cultivators are not much different from martial artists as the only difference is the system in which they train. Martial artists strengthen one’s body from within by using martial arts technique while cultivators absorb spirit qi from the heaven and the earth to strengthen their qi. From this, they are actually pretty similar and are not as different as Martial makes them out to be, so much so to the point of leading mass genocide.”

Ye Dingdang acted as if she was struck with a sudden realization: “So it was like that, I also thought that the Martial Organization made such a small issue into a big problem. In this society one needs to be understanding and accepting of others, and how could there be only one type of people who exist? Moreover, the other groups must be exterminated?”

Tang Zheng hurriedly stuck up his thumb and praised: “Good eyesight, I also think that too, but some people are really annoying. Thankfully we have temporarily gotten rid of them, but that does not mean that problem wouldn’t follow.”

Tang Zheng felt very helpless as he merely cultivated a technique and did not go around provoking others so why was the other so adamant about killing him?

“First save my parents.” Ye Dingdang anxiously said.

Tang Zheng solemnly nodded his head: ‘Of course. Even if I have to risk my life, I will definitely rescue uncle and auntie, but first, we must devise a plan. I will send my men to investigate the situation while we stay around the side, what do you think?”

Ye Dingdang did not have a better idea so they could only go with Tang Zheng’s plan.

But their very first goal should not be to find the other's background and information but to raise his own power. Otherwise, even if he finds the other, the three would merely be sending themselves to death. In the end, they would not be able to save anyone.

“Tian Chanzi it seems like we must first help you find a body.” Tang Zheng helplessly said.

“Okay, then help me find a suitable body.” Tian Chanzi agreed but where was Tang Zheng supposed to find it? They have after all gone to many different morgues so Tang Zheng could only hopelessly shake his head as this would not do.

A wave of yin qi blew over from the distance causing Ye Dingdang to tremble as she unconsciously said: “It’s cold.”

‘Cold?” Tang Zheng felt his heart tense up as this wasn’t a cold that came from natural occurrence but a wave of yin qi. He immediately turned his head and was greeted with a black mass that was rapidly closing in on them.

“Oh shit, the Ghost General is here. F*ck, how is he so quick?” Tang Zheng was immediately placed in a difficult situation.

Tian Chanzi was also very surprised: ‘it seems that the death of those messengers really caused a big ruckus hence why there is so much importance placed on it otherwise why would they send a Ghost General. Moreover, in order for him to return back, he must get the Messengers command medallion while also getting rid of anyone associated. This is indeed very much like how the Ghost Realm would act as they would not easily let go of anyone who goes against the Ghost Realm.”

“Then what should I do?” Tang Zheng could only bitterly laugh as he did indeed kill two messengers and had also called upon this Ghost General to get rid of the girl. In the end, he also attracted fire to burn his own body, and now the enemy was in front of him.

It seems the ripple effect was pervasive and Tang Zheng really wanted to ask god why the hell he was placed in such a situation.

“What do you do? Run! The Ghost General isn’t like that girl who only wanted to capture you as he will kill you outright.” Tian Chanzi shrugged and directly said. Even if they were still separated by several hundred meters, Tang Zheng could still feel the others concentrated killing intent which was directed at him.

“Hurry up and run!” Tang Zheng barked in a low voice only to discover that Ye Dingdang did not move but was staring at the Ghost General with uncontainable fear.

“Don’t be afraid, if you stay here, then you really will die. Quick!” Tang Zheng dragged her by her hand and started running.

Huang Ziyang ran behind the two to block any attacks, but the Ghost General approached at a rapid speed as he was far stronger than the three and so was his speed.

“Halt! Since you dare steal the command medallion, then you deserve to die.” The Ghost General angrily roared in the distance which caused the three to burst forward with increased speed as no one wanted to die

In the end, the Ghost General’s speed was also fast and arrived at their backs, his ghost blade chopping down towards the three.

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