Chapter 17: Baseless Father

Chapter 17: Baseless Father

Tang Zheng was shocked, her hands were soft and even though they weren’t as exquisite as Ye Dingdang’s they still possessed their own grace.

He was surprised by Feng Siniang’s boldness but heard her say: “Little handsome man, thank you for saving our family’s Dingdang. Hurry and sit, eat some dessert and drink something.”

She then pushed him onto the sofa, then gave Ye Tianlei a glance, slightly shaking her head to say that she did not find any leads.

They have already interrogated the assassin but still have not uncovered the mastermind, as the assassin has kept a tight lip, not revealing anything.

The husband and wife were extremely worried at heart as they only have Ye Dingdang, this one daughter, and if she was to meet an unexpected accident then it would be a devastating blow, hence why they must find out the mastermind of the assassination attempt.

Tang Zheng’s appearance was sudden and abrupt causing the two to not help but be suspicious, especially when they discovered after their investigation that his life had undergone a drastic change. He who was originally not supposed to be a martial artist, was actually without a doubt, a martial artist. He also knew how to use the Pressure Point Technique, and more shocking was that the husband and wife were unable to see through his martial arts level.

It must be known that a martial artist of a higher level could see the strength of a martial artist with a lower level, this was an undisputed fact. However, here was Tang Zheng, who didn’t apply to this rule, causing others to be shocked.

What they did not know was that martial artists and cultivators had two completely different body types, so of course they wouldn’t be able to see through him. Especially Feng Siniang who had just grabbed Tang Zheng’s hand and secretly revolved her inner energy to investigate his level, but instead ended up being like a clay ox in the sea, unable to get even the tiniest bit of reaction.

Anyway, this was the first time the couple has met with this kind of situation. Since Tang Zheng was also involved in the assassination attempt, they could only be more cautious as things would become exceedingly troublesome if he turned out to be the enemy.

Feng Siniang took care of him with great enthusiasm, making him unable to resist as she called him ‘little handsome man’ which caused his face to be flushed red.

Ye Dingdang flipped her mom a white eye, but could do nothing about it as this was her mother’s personality.

Feng Siniang meticulously asked about his health and his life as if she was interrogating a future son-in-law, her eyes were passionate, causing Tang Zheng to feel almost unbearable as if he were sitting on pins and needles. He wished for nothing more than to hurry up and leave this place… rich people were truly very troublesome.

“Little handsome brother, I heard the process in which you saved our family’s Dingdang, it was truly dangerous but you are also very strong.” Feng Siniang said patting her erect chest, her heart still had a lingering fear, “I heard you also know how to use the Pressure Point Technique so you must have a famous teacher. We hope to be able to personally thank your teacher because without this teacher there wouldn’t be such a talented disciple like you and our family’s Dingdang would have been in great danger.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Ye, my master travels at his leisure, traveling wherever he wants and even I do not know where he currently is.” Tang Zheng could not help but fabricate a master, otherwise he would not be able to trick the couple, causing them to be suspicious.

“Ai, that is a real shame, it seems like he is a man above the mortal world (T/N unbothered by worldly issues). How should we address him then?”

Tang Zheng shook his head, “He did not tell me.”

“Which sect or branch?”

“He didn’t say, only that he and I are connected by fate and so he passed onto me some martial arts.”

“I will be bold and ask this, what is your martial arts level? I can’t see through you.” Several people stared at Tang Zheng, very curious about his martial arts level.

Tang Zheng was hesitant, since if he did not tell them his cultivation level it will most definitely draw their interest and suspicions. Since his time was precious and he did not have a lot of it to waste with them, added to the fact that he wanted to completely dispel their doubts and suspicions, he honestly said: “I am at the First grade Refining Body.”

“What, First grade Refining Body?” The three simultaneously stood up and looked at him like he was an alien.

First grade Refining body stopping a Sixth grade Refining Body, moreover being able to use the Pre-Natal Stage Pressure Point Technique?

Is this a dream?

This simply defies logic.

“Tang Zheng, you were actually at the First grade Refining Body, yet you still pretended to be strong, you are simply bullying me.” Ye Dingdang said angrily, jumping straight up.

The First grade Refining Body was the entrance to the martial arts world and to be defeated by a newbie was simply too unbearable.

Ye Tianlei and Feng Siniang looked at each other, their hearts were as shocked as Ye Dingdang, as they also considered the unheard of news of a First grade Refining Body being able to train in the Pressure Point Technique unbelievable. Moreover, he was able to hide his martial arts level, this was a testament to his master’s strength. If this kind of man wanted to kill Ye Dingdang then they would have no way of defending her and there was also no need to send Tang Zheng.

Thus, Tang Zheng was innocent.

The two felt a bit guilty and Ye Tianlei said with a straight face while cupping his hands: “Tang Zheng, I misjudged you, I apologize.”

Ye Dingdang stared wide eyed and foolishly at her father. What was wrong with her father, he was doing way too much even going as far as to apologize? It must be known that Ye Tianlei had an indomitable nature and getting him to apologize was as hard as ascending the sky.

She was not clear about her parents intentions, that even though Tang Zheng’s level was not high, it was incomparable to having a great master and it was this master that the Ye Clan would not dare offend.

Tang Zheng became more at ease, understanding the concept of forgiveness, clasped his hand and said: “It’s alright.”

Feng Siniang smilingly said: “This time it was all thanks to little handsome brother’s help. If there is anything you need, we will do all we can to help.”

Ye Dingdang looked at him in curiosity, his family was in poverty, just based on a word from her parents, Tang Zheng’s family would be able to ascend to the sky and live a life of wealth.

“No need.” Tang Zheng refused in a breath, not at all moved.

A nobleman loves wealth but has their morals. He was poor but he would not be poor for life. Depending on others alms will not bring him the comfort that making his own money would.

Moreover he did not save Ye Dingdang with hope for repayment, additionally he had a more important priority and that was to save his grandfather, which the Ye Clan could not help with.

Ye Tianlei and Feng Siniang were having a hard time containing their astonishment, seeing this unmoving and firm will within the teenager. As a martial artist one must have a firm heart, so his future potential may not be bad.

“Hehe, since that is the case then we won’t force this issue and seeing how you were anxious to get home we will send a car to take you home.”

“Thank you.”

Ye Dingdang disappointedly looked at his back, pouted, and said: “Heng, why is he acting so noble and virtuous, such a rare chance and he passed it up. He must be silly.”

“Hehe, my Dingdang, you are the silly one.” Feng Siniang walked over, patted her head, “This handsome little brother is not simple. I see that you and him have your conflicts but remember to rein in that Big Sister attitude of yours and get along well with him.”

“Just where is he handsome, from what I can see he is ugly to death.” Ye Dingdang said unwilling to give up.

“Really? I think he is pretty handsome, Dingdang, is he pursuing you?”

“How could that be? In our school there are plenty of people like him, and the people who are better than him can fill the seas. Even if he was chasing me I would not put him in my eyes.” Ye Dingdang said flustered, acting just as if someone touched her sore nerve.

Feng Siniang teasingly winked her eye and said: “Oh, really? Then why did someone follow him to Chang Heng Mountain?”

“Feng Siniang, I don’t know what you are talking about.” Ye Dingdang said stamping her feet, her face drooped down as she raced towards her room.

Feng Siniang smiled and looked at Ye Tianlei, then said: “Tianlei, do you think that this girl could have liked that little brat? I have never seen her act this interested in another person.”

“Impossible, Dingdang’s heart is higher than the sky. She wouldn’t like just any man.”

Feng Siniang’s rolled her eyes and profoundly said: “He is not your ordinary man. Hehe, this little girl is very much like me when I was younger, daring to love and daring to hate.”

“She was much more obedient than you when you were younger.”

“What, are you saying that I was wild when I was younger?” Feng Siniang’s angrily glared with wide eyes, ready to go berserk.

Ye Tianlei knew that he had said the wrong words, and smiled before he hurriedly changed the topic: “Dingdang is in a lot of danger and I have no time to take care of her so you have to take this responsibility.”

Feng Siniang nodded her head: “That is correct, if it wasn’t me, her mom, who protects her then would I even have to depend on you? Heng, if anyone wants to kill my daughter they have to first get through me.”

By the time Tang Zheng arrived home the sky was already dark, and he gained nothing today but he was not discourage even though he only had half a day every week to search for the Heaven Fragrant Flower. Time was to tight.

“There are still twenty days and I must break through during this time. Moreover I need to find the Heaven Fragrant Flower.” Tang Zheng clenched his teeth and silently vowed.

“Little brat, it’s not that I am discouraging you but today when I investigated Chang Heng Mountains situation, the spiritual energy was really sparse and may not have the Heaven Fragrant Flower.” Tian Chanzi said

“We didn’t even finish searching the whole cliff.”

“Whether you searched the whole mountain makes no difference. The Heaven Fragrant Flower only thrived in an area rich in spiritual energy and Chang Heng Mountain does not possess this condition.”

“No, I must search once again, this time we only searched the top of the cliff and could only see for several tens of meters. I must go to the depths to take a look.”

“Little brat, are you seeking death, based on your current cultivation level, if you aren’t the least bit careful, falling down the cliff would result in your body smashing to death.”

“If I can’t save my grandfather then what use is there living by myself?” Tang Zheng said stubbornly. He must save his grandfather.

Tian Chanzi was speechless, “Then you must prepare some rope, next week we will go again.”

Dong dong!

A knocking sound rose from the door.

“Who is it?” Tang Dahai doubtfully opened the door as the two had no relatives and no one ever visited.

The sound of the door creaking open rang out and Tang Dahai was shocked to the point of losing all color in his face. He unconsciously took a step back and exclaimed: “Why is it you guys, are you guys here for me again? Didn’t you already vent your anger out on me? Please don’t hurt my grandson.”

Tang Zheng hearing these words felt anger burst up, which person who doesn’t open their eyes is it now? Was it the people who came and smashed apart the house?

He couldn’t contain his fury and charged straight out, colliding directly into several familiar faces—— Lin Hu, Dong Zi, and several other strange faces.

“Little Zheng, hurry and run, I will stall them.” Tang Dahai shouted out with fear, not knowing where he found the energy he suddenly exploded forth, extending both his arms to block the people.

Lin Hu and the others looked at each other not knowing which act was being played.

“Old Gramps, we are here to find your grandson.” Lin Hu said politely.

“I know, if there is anything just direct it at me. You can hit me or curse at me but please do not hurt my grandson.” Tang Dahai implored with a begging tone.

Tang Zheng’s heart hurt, and he leapt forward to protect his grandfather causing his grandfather to become anxious and continuously tug at him telling him to quickly run.

“Old Gramps, we are not bad people.” Lin Hu awkwardly said, not knowing whether to cry or laugh. Suddenly Tang Zheng said “I called them here.”

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