Chapter 169: Double-Edge Sword

Chapter 169: Double-Edge Sword

Tang Zheng’s face became ashen as this Martial person was actually very poisonous as she not only wanted to kill him but all other cultivators too.

Tian Chanzi anger reached the point of cursing blisteringly: “Little brat you must finish this b*tch off. You also have to destroy that whatever Martial Organization as they simply infuriate me to death.”

“This task is impossible for me alone to complete, so I would need you to put in an effort too.” Tang Zheng said.

“No problem. After this situation is taken care of, we will immediately find me a body. I must regain my power and give this little Martial Organization a peek at what is true power.” This time Tian Chanzi did not try to push around responsibility and righteously said showing just how angry the Martial Organization made him.

Ye Dingdang looked at Martial then at Tang Zheng as if she did not recognize him anymore. Tang Zheng is a cultivator? What the hell were cultivators?

“What are cultivators?” She hurriedly asked.

Martial stole the limelight and said: “You don’t even know what cultivators are yet you are with him? He is a cultivator, and they are us, martial artists, greatest enemy so we should kill them all.”

“That serious?” Ye Dingdang said foolishly.

Martial solemnly said: “It’s more serious than that as cultivators are a weird race on top of being martial artists greatest enemy.”

“What bullsh*t, what did cultivators do to you that you have to carry out such a massacre?” Tang Zheng angrily roared, “Everyone is simply trying to increase their power so why do you have to label cultivators as a weird group?’

“Heng, this is a rule that has been passed down and naturally has its reason. Where is there any room for you to interfere and point fingers.” Martial said with disdain, “If you cooperate and give up your other cultivators then I will let you die a more painless death. Otherwise, I’ll make you wish you were dead.”

“You want to kill me? Then come.” Tang Zheng said without fear.

Ye Dingdang was not clear on what a cultivator was, but she knew that she was with Tang Zheng, so they had to stick together to go against Martial who was an expert. Thinking up to here, she quickly stood next to Tang Zheng's side and firmly said: “If you want to kill us then come. Don’t think we are afraid of you.”

“Interesting, let me guess your cultivation. Are you a second or Third-grade Refining Qi? You are so young, and the spirit energy in the world is so sparse. You also couldn’t have cultivated for a long time.” Martial said unhurriedly as before she killed cultivators she liked to see their fear.

“Sorry to disappoint I am already at Sixth-grade Refining Qi.” Tang Zheng coldly said.

“Sixth-grade Refining Qi.” Martials eyebrows jumped as she became serious, “You are so young, yet you are already a Sixth-grade Refining Qi cultivator? How is that possible?’

“Heng, that is only because you have not seen the world.” Tang Zheng said with disdain as he was seriously annoyed at the others high and almighty attitude.

“Very good. I have not met such an interesting prey in such a while. Since your cultivation is so high, then your companions must also be abnormal. It seems I have really caught a big fish this time. If you guys had not made such a large commotion in Chang Heng City, then I would not have found my way here. Hei, simply seeking your own death.” Martial’s gaze became brighter like a hunter who has spotted her prey.

“You want to kill me? Then you’ll have to have the ability.” Tang Zheng became solemn.

“You are too weak, so that isn’t even a question.” Martial rushed at Tang Zheng with full confidence.

“I’m going to go all out with you.” Ye Dingdang’s voice rang out as she also rushed forth, but Tang Zheng yanked her back and calmly watched as the other approached.

“What are you doing? Could it be that you want to turn yourself in? We can’t let her have it easy.” Ye Dingdang said without any good attitude.

Tang Zheng ignored her and silently circulated the Ancient Clear Heaven Scroll allowing hi qi to enter the command medallion causing a black light to flash. Seeing this Tang Zheng quickly threw the medallion away.

Martial was not the least bit afraid as she reached out her hand to snatch the medallion before mockingly said: “Your magical treasure only has this little bit of power?”

Tang Zheng gave a cold mocking smile which suddenly gave Martial chills as she had a foreboding sense of premonition.

Suddenly, the black light the medallion gave off grew brighter as it completely enveloped her hand and she felt a cold, gloomy air smashed into her face.

Cold yin wind bellowed out as the door to the ghost realm appeared right in front of Martial's face.

She was greatly shocked as she had never seen such a situation before but even so, she did not throw away the medallion nor did she retreat as she stared at the door to the ghost realm which just appeared.

The cold yin wind billowed out of the door causing the surrounding yin qi to grow exponentially.

A whistling noise penetrated the air as a large blade chopped from within the ghost door aimed to behead her.

This time she finally retreated in order to avoid the knife. The command medallion also fell to the ground just in time as a large figure stepped out of the ghost realm holding a large knife with the image of a demon bearing green fangs on its hilt, looking extremely frightening.

“Ghost General! Little brat, your luck is not bad. You actually managed to call out a Ghost General.” Tian Chanzi suddenly clamored.

“Whats a Ghost General? Is it stronger than a Messenger?” Tang Zheng curiously asked.

“Of course it’s much stronger than a Messenger as in the Ghost Realm the Messenger is the lowest of the low. Above the Messenger is the Ghost Soldier than the Ghost General and on top of the Ghost General is two more levels. So, you tell me if they are strong? This little girl is only a First-grade Innate stage martial artist, and the Ghost General does not lack compared to her. Moreover, the weapon in the Ghost General’s hand is a Mysterious rank treasure which is not like the low ranked yin qi formed weapon that Messengers used.” Tian Chanzi said.

Tang Zheng ecstatically asked: “Then how did this command medallion call out a Ghost General?”

“Heihei, last time the Ghost realm lost two Messengers, and that was a rarely seen event. Now that you activated the command medallion, of course, the Ghost realm would be notified, and they naturally would not send more Messengers to their death hence this Ghost General was clearly sent to investigate the situation. Coincidentally the little girl helped you meet the blade.” Tian Chanzi spoke finding joy in another's misfortune.

“Look at this plan that I gave you. An arrow for two birds.” Tian Chanzi said with satisfaction.

Tang Zheng could not help but admit that Tian Chanzi really did something big today but just as he was about to praise the other he discovered Ye Dingdang was shaking uncontrollably with her teeth clattering together, her face looking as if she were about to burst into tears. She pointed with trembling fingers and asked: “What is that?”

“Ghost General.” Tang Zheng replied.

“Ghost General… Is that a ghost?” Her face was already turning ashen, and her lips were already taking a purple hue.

“Of course it’s a ghost.” Tang Zheng said.

Tang Zheng’s eyes turned into her head as she screamed: “Ghost!” Then she fell over onto Tang Zheng grabbing onto his neck as she pressed her body against his trembling like no other.

Tang Zheng was greatly shocked. Was there a need for such a big reaction.

“Heihei, that’s because your nerves are stronger, so you aren’t afraid of ghosts. Ordinary people, on the other hand, are frightened by them.” Tian Chanzi explained.

Tang Zheng was silent as he thought back to when he first went to the morgue to look at a corpse. In the beginning, he was a bit afraid but afterward, he became numb to it and towards the end when he was fighting evil spirits and Messengers he did not feel an ounce of fear and even rushed them. This showed that his courage really has grown over time.

This was really something that ordinary people could not do.

“Ghosts, how can there be ghosts?’ Ye Dingdang almost cried out. Just a few minutes ago she was using a strong tone against Martial, but right now she nearly burst into tears.

Tang Zheng took a glance at the Ghost general who was much more pleasing to the eye than Martial as he thought to himself’ what was there to fear.'

Tang Zheng patted her shoulders and comfortingly said: “Don’t be afraid, this Ghost General is here to help us. Can’t you see that he is currently fighting with that evil lady?”

“He is a ghost so why is he helping us?’

“Heihei, I will explain to you in the future.” Tang Zheng said with a smile, ‘Now hurry up and get down as if you continue to strangle me then I will also become a ghost.”

“Ah!” When Ye Dingdang heard the word ghost, she nearly screamed out again as she jumped down from his body and fiercely struck him. She the weakly said: “You aren’t allowed to scare me.”

Tang Zheng shrugged his shoulder and said: “Okay, I won’t scare you, but there really is nothing to be afraid of.”

Ye Dingdang gathered her courage and looked at the Ghost General before asking curiously: “Could this be the strength of a cultivator? You could actually get ghosts to fight for you.”

Tang Zheng chuckled but did not deny nor affirm her words choosing not to reveal that he had no such power and that things just happened to line up.

It was not as if Martial had never fought against cultivators or that she hasn’t killed any but throughout her experiences, she had never come into contact with ghosts. So, looking at the Ghost General in front of her she no longer had a calm and aloof expression as her face became extremely serious.

“The ghost realms command medallion is in your hand. To dare kill our ghost realms Messenger, for that I will destroy and scatter your soul that you will forever disappear from this world.” The Ghost General gave a loud roar akin to a tolling bell that shook and brought pain to the listener's ears.

Everywhere his feet touch the wild grass withered as his body was emanating death qi that was incomparably powerful.

Martial looked at Tang Zheng who was looking on with joy at her misfortune and coldly said: “Then we will see whether it is you die or I die. All cultivators will die by my hands.”

She clearly treated the Ghost General as a cultivator and therefore her enemy.

The black light on the Ghost General’s blade brightened as it cut through the air. The ghost head imprinted on the hilt also lit up as a ghost head appeared from within the blade as it opened its maw and bit down towards Martial’s neck.

“Scorching Blade!” Martial spat out as he knife palm cut forward slicing through the yin qi forming ripples as it fiercely came down on the ghost’s head.

A scream rang out as the ghost head exploded.

The Scorching Blade was a yang martial arts technique and had a great effect on yin qi, so the ghost head did not gain any advantages in this exchange.

But the Ghost General did not only have this little bit of strength as in the moment the ghost head exploded the Ghost General had already charged towards Martial. With a flash of his sword, it cut down creating a huge yin wind which smashed forward. At the same time, a frigid cold came up from Martial’s feet and entered her heart nearly freezing her to death.

Her expression changes as she hurriedly retreated and barely survived this blow. The ghost head blade cut into the ground creating a gully which shot towards her. With a tap of her feet, she quickly retreated further.

The Ghost General did not let her go as his body flashed and he followed in pursuit.

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