Chapter 168: Lifeline

Chapter 168: Lifeline

“Young master Tang, something big happened, according to what I know the Ye Clan has been attacked and everyone related has been captured.” Lin Hu said in a panicky tone.

Lin Hu has messed around in Chang Heng City for many years so he knew that the Ye Clan was not someone he could provoke even if he were a martial arts expert. But this time they were actually captured making the entire situation bizarre.

Tang Zheng felt his heart weigh down as he asked: “Do you have any information on them?”

“No, young master Tang but they are definitely impressive characters who are not from here. What should we do?”

Tang Zheng sunk into thought: “Just carry on with what you normally would do. Also, find traces of the Ye Clan. If you guys find anything immediately notify me.”

“I understand young master Tang; you take care of yourself.”

Ye Dingdang seeing him hang up hurriedly asked: “What happened to my parents?”

Tang Zheng wrinkled his eyebrows and shook his head: “Your dad and mom have been captured, but we do not know their current whereabouts.”

Ye Dingdang’s expression became heavy as she originally thought that her parent's martial arts were unparalleled so they could escape but never in her wildest dreams would she expect that they would be captured.

“What should we do?” She said with despair.

“We must find a way to rescue them.” Tang Zheng made as a decision as he thought back to how the couple had treated him well.

Ye Dingdang gratefully looked at him and said: “Thank you, Tang Zheng.”

Originally Tang Zheng could have chosen not to get involved, but when he decided to help rescue her family, Ye Dingdang was deeply moved.

‘The most pressing matter is to figure out their background and why they wanted to go against your family.” Tang Zheng thought for a moment before saying.

After the initial shock and loss, Ye Dingdang gradually calmed down but still could not think of a method as where would she be met with such crisis on a daily basis.

During this period of time, Tang Zheng had changed quite a bit and so had his thinking. He said: ‘We’ll first hide here as I had already sent someone to look for their whereabouts. As long as they are in Chang Heng City, then we will definitely find them.

Ye Dingdang could do nothing but slightly nod her head.

Dong dong.

Knocking sound rang out shocking the two.

“Someone came?” Ye Dingdang anxiously asked.

Tang Zheng made a hush motion as he carefully walked to the door and peeked outside to see a tall woman who even he had to raise his head to look up to.

Ye Dingdang also took a look and covered her mouth barely stifling her scream of shock. Even so felt anger rushing up as she quietly said: “It’s her!”

Tang Zheng’s eyebrows jumped, oh shit, no wonder the others let Ye Dingdang escape. They were clearly using letting out a long line to reel in a big fish.

Except for this time the big fish was Tang Zheng while the other was a First-grade Innate stage expert. Even if Tang Zheng teamed up with Huang Ziyang, they would still be helpless.

What should we do?

Tang Zheng looked around as his gaze fell upon the window. He then pointed out the window to Ye Dingdang who quickly understood as they both made rush over.

Although she really wanted to ask the other where her parents were she clearly understood that she would only be sending herself over to be capture if she did.

It was especially in times such as these that one had to maintain a calm, collected mind and Ye Dingdang was in the end still an intelligent lady.

The three quickly ran the stand under the window and with a leap they carefully landed outside before running.

The front door was kicked in as it flew and crashed into the wall breaking into splinters.

Martial looked out the window and saw the three distant silhouettes. She coldly said: “You want to run away from within my palms? I want to see just where you bring me.”

She too leaped through the window and followed in pursuit.

The three ran like mad as if their lives were on the line while Martial followed in the back neither hurried nor slow giving them even more pressure.

“Little brat, the person does not bare you good will and that women is even a First-grade Innate stage martial artist. You guys have nowhere to run.”

“Don’t just sit by and watch the show. If I do not escape then nothing good will happen to you too so hurry up and think of a way to let us escape.” Tang Zheng said with great annoyance.

“There is no option unless I get a body.”

“Stop bullsh*tting me, just where the hell am I supposed to find you a suitable host body?”

“There is another method. Head towards the ancient battle site.” Ye Tianlei solemnly said after a moment with a hint of a chance.

“Why should we go there? It’s not like there are any evil spirits.”

“It’s already dark so just run. When it is time, I will tell you a method which may be your only chance, your one, and only lifeline.” Tian Chanzi secretively said.

Tang Zheng really wanted to roll his eyes at him but had no choice but to focus on madly running.

“Tang Zheng where are we going?” Ye Dingdang anxiously asked between breaths.

“Ancient battle site.”

“Ah? Ancient battle site? Why are we going there?” Ye Dingdang said with surprise as after living in Chang Heng City for so many years she had heard quite a few fearsome rumors about the place.

“If you want to throw her off them stop asking questions.”

“Heng!” Ye Dingdang flicked her lips and remained silent.

Martials true speed most definitely surpassed the three, but she was in no rush to run over as she leisurely followed like a sharp knife that loomed over the three's head.

She was doing this intentionally as to her the three were like little shrimps. Her true intent was that she hoped that the three might reveal something of interest to her as they lingered in front of death's door.

They arrived at the ancient battle site and even though the evil spirits have been removed the place had accumulated quite a bit of yin qi over the years, and it wouldn’t completely disperse after such a short period of time.

When the three entered the are Ye Dingdang could clearly feel a wave of cold yin qi causing her to unconsciously shiver.

“Why are you bringing me to such a shady place at night?” Ye Dingdang couldn’t help but grumble.

“Tian Chanzi what do I do now?”

“You brought the ghost medallion so hurry up and take it out.” Tian Chanzi urged.

Tang Zheng hurriedly took out the ghost command medallion which he took and kept on his body since the time he killed the two Messenger.

Ye Dingdang took a look at the greasy black medallion and had great suspicions: “What are you doing?”

“Don’t ask a question. In a bit no matter what you see you can not be shocked nor can you be afraid. Hold onto my hand and follow me closely.” Tang Zheng already heard Tian Chanzi’s method and did not have anytime to explain as he hurriedly advised Ye Dingdang.”

Ye Dingdang had a belly full of suspicions and muttered a few words before she helplessly agreed.

The three stood in the desolate and abandoned area with the moonlight shining down, casting a gloomy and sinister look to everything. Not long later a wave of frigid night wind blew over causing everyone to shudder.

Yet, Tang Zheng was not afraid as he was waiting for the other to approach.

Under the moonlight, a tall figure rapidly approached and stopped before the three giving the feeling that she was looking down on them with predatory eyes.

“Why did you stop running?” Martial mockingly asked.

“Who are you? Why did you capture my family members/” Ye Dingdang loudly screamed.

“Your parents would not cooperate with us so of course, we captured them.” Martial reasonable said, and from her words, it seemed as if anyone who did not cooperate with them deserved to be captured.

With these words was an incredible amount of self-confidence.

“Shameless! Thugs! Just because my parents are willing to work with you, you go and kidnap them? Where is the logic in that?’ Ye Dingdang was angered to death.

Martial remained unmoved as she coldly said: “I have that kind of logic.”

“You…” Ye Dingdang was angered to the point of being speechless.

Tang Zheng stared at the other as if trying to see through her because of no matter if it was her level or her mindset she was exceptionally strong. So, even if Tang Zheng was courageous, when faced with her he still could felt trepidation.

At the same time he felt this emotion, he realized that he did not have time to dwell on it as he must get a clear understanding of this formidable character who has appeared in Chang heng City otherwise the territory that he took from Huang Si will be taken.

For this reason, he did not burst out into a rage but calmly asked: “Who are you?”

Martial was also looking at him as he was the only person she could not see through causing her to feel a bit excited. It seems she was close to finding her target.

However, since the others, age was so young, and he had not demonstrated much strength she had some suspicions and did not rashly make a move. Her lips quirked up as she lightly threw out a word: “Martial.”

“Martial?” Tang Zheng and Ye Dingdang were both surprised.

“That is my name. I am a member of the Martial Organization. I don’t know if you would know of it?” Martial intentionally spoke the words ‘Martial Organizations’ very clearly as she stared at Tang Zheng wanting to see if she could gain anything from his reaction.

But she was sorely disappointed as Tang Zheng aside from suspicion showed no other reaction.

“Could it be that he is not the cultivator as he did not react to the two words Martial Organization.”

Of course, Tang Zheng would not have a reaction as he has never heard of it. From the beginning through all of Daoist Tianji’s efforts he only learned that there was an organization that hunted cultivators but did not know their names. For this reason, Tang Zheng did not connect the name Martial Organization to the fearsome organization that hunted cultivators.”

“What kind of group is the Martial Organization?” Ye Dingdang asked curiously.

Martial did not look at her but continued to stare at Tang Zheng and said: “We are a group dedicated specifically to killing cultivators.”

The word ‘cultivator’ was a foreign word to ordinary people and even to martial artists such as Ye Dingdang. It is also because of this that aside from surprise she had no other reaction but Tang Zheng upon hearing the word felt his heart beat faster: “Martial Organization, so that is the name of the group that was made to hunt and kill cultivators. I actually met them.”

The fluctuation in his eyes could not be concealed, and just this rippled was enough for martial as her eyes couldn’t help but light up. Her gaze turned incomparably cold as her killing intent soared: “You’re a cultivator!”

Ye Dingdang turned her head to look at Tang Zheng in confusion.

Tang Zheng nearly jumped up, but this woman was crafty as she actually saw through his identity. It must be known that this was the first time that his identity of a cultivator was made known.

“It really as they say to travel far and wide only to find something easily. Chang Heng City actually has a cultivator. Heng, it seems this trip here wasn’t wasted.” Martial muttered to herself in excitement.

Since the other knew Tang Zheng had no reason to continue hiding as he bluntly said: “Then what do you want to do?”

“Of course I am going to capture you and then find those of your kind so we can kill you all,” Martial said bursting with killing intent that rippled outwards, shocking to the extreme.

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