Chapter 167: Capture

Chapter 167: Capture

Ye Tianlei struck out as did Ding Yi, both exchanging blows and Ye Tianlei gave a muffled grunt before retreated as he was clearly placed at a disadvantage during their exchange.

Ding Yi, on the other hand, advanced and his cotton like palm strike pushed forward pressing down on Ye Tianlei’s chest.

Ye Tianlei struck out with both hand, but they were like throwing clay cows into the ocean as Ding Yi’s palm contained a large suction force which absorbed all of Ye Tianlei’s strick before ultimately grabbing onto his fists.


Ye Tianlei roared into the sky as he wanted to free both hands but could not. He retreated but with each step, he took Ding Yi would take a step forward and like this, the two went from the center of the hall all the way to the corner.

A loud sound rang out as the wall was shattered into pieces, and a silhouette appeared. Ye Tianlei’s face was beet red as both his eyes contained fury and helplessness.

“I already said that if I made a move, then you would not be able to make a counterattack.” Ding Yi calmly said with great self-confidence.

Ye Tianlei roared unwillingly: “That may not be so!”

The power behind his fist disappeared as the qi quickly dispersed from his arms allowing him to escape from the cotton-like palm.

At this moment, the veins on Ye Tianlei’s forehead popped out as if he were suffering from immense pain.

Ding Yi said with interest: “Yi, impressive, you actually released your martial arts so that you could escape from my grip. You indeed are insightful as you immediately saw through my weakness but without qi to protect you, then your hand would be greatly injured.”

As if to verify the validity of his word, Ye Tianlei’s fingers were snapped with a crisp ‘kacha’ causing the pain on his face to become even more evident. Ye Tianlei could only gnash his teeth, bare the pain as he once again raised his fist.

A muffled sound rang out as a wave of qi exploded out and Ding Yi took two punches forcing him to retreat.

Ding Yi’s expression became more solemn as his smile now contained a trace of coldness as he icily said: “Impressive, impressive, you are actually willing to injure yourself in order to get at me. I must admit that you, Ye Tianlei are not simple but you are still not my opponent.”

Ding Yi fiercely stomped his back foot as he stopped his backward momentum before he shot forward and arrived before Ye Tianlei before he could block.

Ye Tianlei was like a bullet that was shot out as he fiercely smashed against the wall with a loud bang causing the wall to dent inwards.

Feng Siniang saw this scene from the corner of her eye and screamed: “Tianlei! No matter who you guys are I will kill you all!”

Feng Siniang hissed, and her Wind Fire Blade cut towards Martial.

An air wave caused a ripple to spread through the air and with a ‘honglong’ Martial was sent flying.

A line of blood slide out of the corner of Feng Siniang’s lips as it was evident that in order to force back her opponent she had forcibly used a move that caused her organs to be shaken up.

Even so, she did not care for her injuries as she rushed at Ye Tianlei and hurriedly supported him up. Ye Tianlei’s face was ashen white as the clothes on his shirt was ripped open, and a clear handprint was imprinted onto his chest, looking extremely frightening.

“If you dare then you better kill us otherwise we will definitely get revenge and kill everyone in your Martial organization.” Feng Siniang angrily roared.

“Hehe, don’t be mad there are wins and losses and like I said I do not feel like killing anyone so you guys will temporarily not have to die.” Ding Yi had on his usual smile, but the underlying coldness was still there.

Ding Yi and Martial approached Feng Siniang step by step while Feng Siniang retreated step by step with her husband on her back. Like this, they slowly went from the hole in the wall to outside.

“You want to run? I’m afraid it’s not that easy.” Ding Yi calmly said and when his voice rang out Martial’s body flashed blocking off Feng Siniang’s retreat.

Defending against an enemy on two sides with her husband heavily injured Feng Siniang had no way of escaping.

“In reality, I am very curious where you secretly told your daughter to go to but don’t worry. We will investigate it clearly and if you guys are related to our Martial Organizations enemy then even if Ye Xuanji appeared he will be unable to protect you guys.”

“We don’t even know what you are talking about. What enemy of the Martial Organization. We do not know.” Feng Siniang gnashed her teeth and said.

“No rush, we will investigate everything.” Ding Yi said, and with a flash, his palm was pushed forward. Feng Siniang tried to defend but was blocked by the cotton palm.

Just like this, the Ye Clan’s couple was captured by the Martial Organizations people.

“Martial, you go chase that little girl.” Ding Yi said.

Martial wordlessly obeyed.

Ye Dingdang madly ran while dialing Tang Zheng’s number: “Hey, where are you?”

“I just got home. What?” Tang Zheng asked curiously. Ye Dingdang’s breathing was rushed and it gave him an odd feeling.

“Okay, wait for me, we must leave immediately.” Ye Dingdang did not stupidly rush back in a futile attempt to rescue her parents. When she moved she did not waste time as she was very similar to Feng Siniang in this case.

Since Feng Siniang told her to run then she will not turn back because she had absolute confidence in her mother.

“What happened?” Tang Zheng had never seen Ye Dingdang so shaken up before and couldn’t help but be surprised.

“I can’t explain this in a word or two so wait for me.”

Tang Zheng heard the call end and was put at a loss. Just what had happened? From her tone, it sounded as if some heavenly calamity was descending.

He could not get a feel of the situation, so he greeted his grandfather before going downstairs where he said Ye Dingdang rushing at him full of sweat and looking slightly awkward.

“Just what happened?” Tang Zheng asked.

Ye Dingdang sucked in a deep breath as her chest heaved, beads of sweat poured from her forehead as she no longer had her collected aura while seeming to gain a bit of a woman soft beauty.

But her expression was not the least bit beautiful as it was filled with worry and anxiety mixed together.

“Two experts came to my house and are currently being held down by my parents. Feng Siniang told me to come find you and hide…” Ye Dingdang summarized.

Tang Zheng’s expression became solemn: “Even the two of them aren’t enough? Is that why you had to escape?”

These two were First-grade Innate stage experts and people who they are unable to defend against must definitely be major characters. What he completely did not know was that the disaster that fell upon the Ye Clan was because of him.

“How could your clan have such powerful enemies?”

“I do not know.” Ye Dingdang said without any good feeling, “When I got home the situation was already tense and on the verge of breaking out. It was then that Feng Siniang quickly had me come find you to escape.”

“So you aren’t clear on what happened to your family too?”

“I ran the whole way here so how would I know?”

Tang Zheng nodded his head, “Then come with me.”

Since such powerful experts appeared in Chang Heng City, then Tang Zheng must also make some preparations.

If Ye Tianlei and Feng Siniang could deal with them then everything would be fine but if they could not then Tang Zheng’s days would not go smoothly.

Of course, since Feng Siniang sent Ye Dingdang to him then he would not refuse Ye Dingdang at his doorsteps, so the two called a taxi and quickly went to a remote area in the North sector of the city.

Huang Ziyang was currently residing in this place, and since the opponent was strong, he would need Huang Ziyang’s help.

When Ye Dingdang saw Huang Ziyang she nearly screamed out: “Why would he be here?” She seemed to suddenly remember that Huang Ziyang and Tang Zheng did not mix well, like water and fire.

“Don’t be afraid. He is one of my men.” Tang Zheng comfortingly said.

Ye Dingdang was unable to calm down and gave Huang Ziyang a deep look. It was only then that she saw him sit there without saying a word and even keeping his eyes tightly closed without a single reaction to the two entrances.

Tang Zheng knew that Huang Ziyang was training, so he did not wish to disturb the other. Hence he said in a low voice: “This place is safe and ordinary people would not appear here.”

“That is good but what is going on here?’ Ye Dingdang pointed at Huang Ziyang and asked.

“Don’t worry about him. We first need to figure out what happened with your family.”

“How would I know? I had never seen them before, but they are definitely not weaker than my parents.” Ye Dingdang said with worry.

Tang Zheng felt his eyebrows jump: “Weird, why would experts appear in Chang Heng City.”

“I also felt it weird as yesterday such a large commotion happened in Chang Heng City and there seems to be a rumor that it was caused by experts fighting.” Ye Dingdang suspiciously said.

Tang Zheng gave a mocking smile but did not mention yesterday night's matter and continued to say: “Right now we need to quickly figure just what is going on with your family.”

Ye Dingdang nodded her head: ‘Of course, we must find out what's going on. My dad has dispersed the people under his control in the recent days otherwise they would be able to at least delay these people.”

For the past few years the Ye Clan’s business has been a powerful force, and even though they have not involved themselves in underground affairs, they had some power nonetheless. But now that Ye Tianlei was returning to Jing Cheng he started to disperse his men.

This was also the reason why no one appeared when such a large commotion occurred in the Ye Clan’s house.

“I will call someone to go scope out your house.” Tang Zheng had said before he dialed Lin Hu’s number telling him to check out the Ye Clan’s house but to be careful not to be seen.

Hearing him make the phone call Ye Dingdang suspiciously said: ‘it seems your connection with the underground world is getting deeper and deeper especially this Lin Hu. I heard that when Huang Si died all his territory was taken up by this Lin Hu fella.”

Saying this she turned her head to look weirdly at Huang Ziyang only to see that both his eyes were still closed. He did not have the least bit of reaction towards her words making her feel extremely uncomfortable.

Tang Zheng smiled but did not answer her question. A moment later the atmosphere in the room became weird. Tang Zheng hesitated a moment before breaking the silence and asking: “This time is it your Clan’s enemy that came knocking?”

“Definitely not because my family has no enemies.”

“That may not be the case as last time wasn’t there someone who tried to assassinate you?” Tang Zheng did not think so as there was no other movement after that assassination attempt and Ye Tianlei’s investigation showed up with nothing.

Ye Dingdang’s parents originally thought that someone was out to get Ye Dingdang hence why Feng Siniang had even specifically requested Tang Zheng to look out for their daughter at school, but nothing else happened.

After all this time, the matter was nearly forgotten.

When Ye Dingdang was reminded of that assassination attempt, some lingering fear arose as without Tang Zheng she may really have become a ghost who forever wanders around Chang Heng Mountain.

She gave Tang Zheng a deep and meaningful look as she couldn’t help but think that both times her life was in danger it was Tang Zheng who came saved her. It was as if he was her lucky star.

“Heng, who wants be saved by him. My level will quickly break into the Sixth-grade Refining Body, and at that time I will surpass him.” She said with feeling stifled.

Suddenly, the phone rang. It was Lin Hu.

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