Chapter 166: Don’t cooperate? Fight!

Chapter 166: Don’t cooperate? Fight!

Both sides sat down and Ding Yi glanced around his surroundings before sighing and saying with a smile: “You two have done pretty well in Chang Heng City for the past couple of years.”

“You overly praise us.” Ye Tianlei replied alert.

“Hehe, no need to be so tense. We aren’t here to kill people even though I have killed quite a few. Today, I do not feel like killing people.” Ding Yi splayed his hands and gave a light smile but his words were laced with killing intent.

Martial, on the other hand, had been staring wide-eyed and solemnly at Feng Siniang and her killing intent was also dense but she did not have a face of smiles like Ding Yi.

Ye Tianlei flicked his gaze over to Martial before turning it back to Ding Yi. Compared to the tough Martial, Ding Yi gave Ye Tianlei a sense of being unable to see through the other.

“What is the purpose of your visit?” Ye Tianlei solemnly asked.

Ding Yi smiled: “I would like to trouble you two to help me find a person, as you are the local tyrants here no?”


“I don’t know.” Ding Yi shook his head.

Ye Tianlei exchanged glances with Feng Siniang as both their eyebrows congealed. He then said: “Are you two commanding us?”

“Of course not. We do not know who we are looking for but we do have a hint. You guys must be aware of the large commotion caused last night in Chang Heng City right?’

Ye Tianlei nodded his head as he waited for the other to continue.

“We want to find out just who would cause such a large commotion.” Ding Yi finally revealed his goal.

Ye Tianlei shook his head: “I am returning to Jing Cheng so I do not care for matters of Chang Heng City hence why I will be unable to help you two.”

“Oh? So you are saying you two won’t cooperate?” Ding Yi asked.

“It’s not that we won’t cooperate but that we originally do not know.” Ye Tianlei explained as he did not wish for the other to misunderstand.

“I see, but based on the control you have over Chang Heng City it shouldn’t be hard to figure out what happened last night right?” Ding Yi slowly said.

“Just who do you want us to find?” Feng Siniang could not help but ask.

“Enemies!” Martial coldly answered.

“I do not think there is anyone in Chang Heng City that is worthy of being your opponent.” Feng Siniang refuted.

Even though she was not clear on what kind of organization the Martial Organization was but from her husband's reaction she could see that this group was very powerful. Chang Heng City is so small and she and her husband had been here for twenty or so years yet had never found any powerful characters.

Ding Yi smiled: “Is Feng Siniang praising the Martial Organization? Haha, many thanks but there are many things in the world that can not be explained clearly. Last nights people are our enemy and they are more so Martial organization’s enemy.”

Saying up to here he gave Ye Tianlei a deep look. From this, Ye Tianlei was able to grasp the meaning but was incomparably shocked. Just who was this person that they can go against the Martial Organization.

“Then let me switch to a different approach. Has there been any weird characters or anyone who has abilities that surpass the norm?” Ding Yi once again asked.

Ye Tianlei and Feng Siniang both thought of a person but immediately hid their thoughts as they did not wish to reveal anything.

“Chang Heng City has been normal and there has been no such amazing character.” Ye Tianlei replied.

“You are lying!” Martial suddenly gave a loud roar, “You guys hesitated so there must be someone right?”

Martial’s aggressive attitude caused Feng Siniang to be incredibly annoyed as she refuted: “Since you guys don’t believe us then why are you asking us?”

Ding Yi waved his hand with a smile: “Why are you moved to anger. The two of you please think carefully as this person is my, Martial Organization’s, enemy. Ye Tianlei you should be clear on the importance and weight of the situation.”

Ye Tianlei was, of course, clear on the weight of the situation but he could not be certain that Tang Zheng was the person they were looking for. The reason was in order to become the Martial Organization’s enemy one has to be incredibly powerful and how could a mere recently turned Refining stage martial artist fit the bill?

But Tang Zheng had demonstrated weird points that left him with a deep impression as he had done things ordinary people would not be able to achieve. It is because of this that both he and Feng Siniang both thought of him.

“Our two guests there is no need to use the Martial Organizations name to threaten me as the group is so big I would, of course, be aware of the severity of the situation. Even so, I am indeed not sure of who the two of you are looking for as this Chang Heng City does not have anyone that would require you to move such great forces.” Ye Tianlei thought for a moment before saying with all seriousness.

Ding Yi smiled: “I heard that Ye Xuanji was heavily wounded trying to break into the Scholar stage and did not have much longer to live yet he managed to get treatment in Chang Heng City. He has been secretive about it but I am sure you two are aware of the details so no one would believe it when you say that there are no weird people in Chang Heng City.”

Ye Tianlei felt his heart thud loudly as only a few people were clear on what happened and he did not expect the others to connect the dots. Even so, Ye Tianlei maintained his calm and said: “This is all thanks to Senior Medicine King’s work.:

Ding Yi shook his head: “How it makes me bitter that you would not tell the truth even now. How could us people from the Martial Organization not know of the Medicine King’s abilities? Just who was it that saved Ye Xuanji? It is not too late to tell us now.”

“I do not know what you guys are talking about.” Ye Tianlei firmly said.

Ding Yi shrugged his shoulders: “Then there is nothing more to discuss.”

“If there is nothing more to say then let’s fight. I never like talking anyways and listening to you guys blabber on is not the least bit useful.” Martial impatiently said.

Ding Yi splayed his hands: “Discussion should come before everything as it is standard procedure. Moreover, if we do not talk and just fight then other people will think us people from the Martial Organization do not speak with reason.”

“Since when does the Martial Organization need to care about what others think about us?” Martial coldly said.

“That is true.” Ding Yi’s smile became brighter yet caused others to feel shaken up. This smile was filled with danger.

“Yi, there are guests?” Ye Dingdang walked over and curiously looked at the two strangers.

“Your daughter is already this big.” Ding Yi said with a smile.

Feng Siniang stood up and pulled Ye Dingdang to her side before saying: “Our two guest, we do not welcome you. Please leave.”

“So you are saying that you won’t cooperate with us?” Ding Yi asked.

Ye Tianlei also stood up: “We did not say we would not work with you but that we do not have the information you are looking for.”

“Oh, then I have no other choice. Martial, it seems we can only use your method.” Ding Yi shrugged his shoulder and helplessly said.

Martial stood up and in that moment the atmosphere in the hall changed becoming full tense as if swords were drawn and bows were pulled.

Ye Dingdang stared wide eyed as even though she was not clear on the situation it was clear that the others did not have good intentions. In addition, the oppressive force the others gave off caused her heart to tremble as she could not help but ask: “What are they going to do?”

“Of course we’re going to fight little girl.” Ding Yi said with a smile.

Ye Dingdang’s gaze trembled and she fiercely said without fear: “You’ll have to first get through me”. Just like a newborn calf who was not afraid of a tiger she jumped at the other.

Thankfully Feng Siniang reacted quickly and hauled her backward as she was exuding a solemness never seen before: “Don’t move.”

“They have already come knocking on our door so could it be that we still can’t retaliate?” Ye Dingdang angrily said.

Feng Siniang whispered into the ear so only Ye Dingdang could hear: “This battle is unavoidable but the others background is too big and their strength is also great. In a bit when the fighting starts you are to quickly run and find the little handsome brother then go into hiding. You can not let anyone discover you two.”

Ye Dingdang wanted to refute but Feng Siniang solemnly said: “This time you must listen to my words.”

Ye Dingdang pouted her lips as she was not someone who could not understand the situation. Seeing both her parents act so cautiously the others must definitely be powerful.

“Are you done whispering?” Ding Yi asked with interest.

“Dingdang, go.” Feng Siniang pushed Ye Dingdang towards the door sending her out of the hall like a bullet.

Martial’s body flashed as she wanted to stop her but Feng Siniang quickly attacked her preventing her from getting in Ye Dingdang’s way.

Ding Yi did not make a move as he calmly stood there staring off at Ye Tianlei: “You make a move first otherwise if I make a move you will not have a chance to retaliate.”

Ye Tianlei did not doubt the others arrogant words as the other had calmly took one of his blows hence he had all the rights too.

“HOU!” Ye Tianlei roared and charged forward like an ox his fist shooting out in what seemed to be a simple punch.

But this could not be underestimated because when used by an expert even a simple fist contained power that can not be underestimated. Ding Yi extended his soft hand and gentle aimed it moved it towards the fist.

There was no sound as the fist struck the palm causing it to shake a bit before the palm quickly tried to wrap around the fist.

Ye Tianlei was very clear that if the other’s palm wrapped around his fist then he would not be able to strike again hence he quickly withdrew his fist and retreated a small step.

Ding Yi’s palm moved swiftly like a shadow that trailed a few centimeter after Ye Tianlei’s fist.

Ye Tianlei seeing the situation hurriedly struck out with both fist bringing with it two strong gust of waves which flew at Ding Yi. Seeing this Ding Yi still remained calm and had a smile on his face. He then continued to use only one hand and waved it oh so softly causing it to fly by the two fist and strike Ye Tianlei like a thousand catty force causing the other to quickly retreat.

This one simple sweep of the hand actually contained more power than Ye Tianlei two fist. This was simply unbelievable.

“What kind of martial arts is this?”

“Cotton Palm.” Ding Yi replied.

Ye Tianlei’s eyebrows congealed. He had heard about this sects martial arts before and how difficult it was to train in it. Even so, if one was able to gain some success in it then their powerful would be incredibly powerful using soft to defeat hard. So, the more powerful Ye Tianlei’s blows were then the stronger the others retaliation.

Of course if your power was sufficiently stronger than the other than you can just use brute force to destroy the others Cotton Palm.

“Ye Tianlei, if you were to speak now it wouldn’t be too late otherwise it would be. This matters importance far exceeds your understanding.” Ding Yi said.

Ye Tianlei gave a cold grunt: “There is nothing to say. You Martial Organization people only know how to use power to bully others. If I do not die then I will definitely not let this go.”

“Since that is the case then I will not be polite.” Ding Yi rushed forward as if he was not subject to the world’s gravitational force and swept a palm at Ye Tianlei.

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