Chapter 165: Martial Organization

Chapter 165: Martial Organization

Within the off-road vehicle, the atmosphere was tense as Martial sat straight like a knife and said: “This was a battle between two cultivators and what more is their strength is not weak. I suspect that one of them is involved in wiping out our team last time.”

“Oh? Are you sure?” The male’s voice rang out again.

Martial paused for a moment: “I am sure. My feeling can not be wrong.”

“Last time our men were too curious hence why they fell to this man. This time we came with full force and they will not be able to get away.” The male’s voice sounded out with a hint of mirth, not at all sounding like Martial whose voice was filled with killing intent.

“Heng, we must wipe out this group of cultivators otherwise as they actually dared to come mess around in our world. We can not let a single one live.” Martial said with her killing intent surging.

“This time there are two of them and we are unsure of the other one’s identity.

“No matter who he is he will only be met with death. Cultivators must be exterminated as this is the goal of our Martial Organization.” Martial’s voice was icy cold that would cause others to tremble.

“This time it is really weird. How did this small Chang Heng City actually manage to attract two cultivators? Is there something special about this place?”

“No, this is only an ordinary city.”

“I heard that Ye Tianlei is the local tyrant within Chang Heng City so someone go find him and ask if he is clear about what happened last night,” Martial instructed.


The off-road vehicle headed towards the Ye Clan residence before finally stopping in front of their house. Martial got out of the car and spoke loudly towards the door: “Tell Ye Tianlei to come see me.”

Martial was only twenty some years old yet she dared call out Ye Tianlei by name. This caused the sentry who heard to be shocked and lose all color to their face: “What do you want with our boss?”

Martial wrinkled her eyebrows as she did not even place the sentry in her eyes and kicked off flying into the sky. The several meters high door was crossed as if it were flat ground and she landed in the courtyard before walking along the small path towards the house.

Her steps were small but her speed was fast. She quickly arrived at the doors entrance where Feng Siniang was already standing as she had heard the sentry’s report.

Feng Siniang’s gaze flickered as she stared at the person and asked cautiously: “Who are you?”

“Tell Ye Tianlei to come out.” Martial completely did not put Feng Siniang in her eyes and bluntly said.

“If you want to find Ye Tianlei you first must pass through me.” Feng Siniang’s face did not look benevolent as her attitude flared. Even so, she was shocked at the other's level.

She was so young yet she was already in the first-grade of the Innate stage which was the same as her, but Feng Siniang was older than her by at least ten years. From this, it could be seen that Martial was not a simple character.

“You are Feng Siniang?” Martial asked.

“Who knows of me?”

“Heng, twenty years ago you had made quite a name for yourself in Jing Cheng so of course, I would know about you. I had heard that you were a prodigy who did not enter any famous sect yet managed to gain enlightenment from scraps of a martial technique. It is even said that your strength does not lose out to those famous disciples.” Martial listed out Feng Siniang’s achievements as if she was listing something.

Feng Siniang smiled: “It has been so many years yet someone actually remembers my, Feng Siniang’s name. I don’t know whether I should be happy or not.”

Martial seriously shook her head: “You should not be happy because since I remembered you then I will definitely have you taste defeat and know what it is like to be stepped on under my foot.”

“Haha, little lady, one shouldn’t boast.”

Martial used action as a reply, stepping forward while simultaneously hitting out a fist towards Feng Siniang while saying: “You have comprehended Wind Fire Blade, where the wind is like fire and fire is like a blade. This is an extremely strong form of martial arts and logically speaking it is not suitable for female practitioners but you, Feng Siniang, actually managed to gain enlightenment on it. Moreover, what you learned is very powerful so today I will fight you with a similarly masculine based technique.”

As her voice range out, Martial’s hand slashed down as sharp as a blade and even bringing with it more fear than an actual blade.

Her knife hand possessed awe-inspiring amounts of masculine Yang Qi making her seem more manly than men.

Feng Siniang already made her move which was another knife hand bringing with it the wind which was as scorching as fire. Her palm whistle through the air before arriving before the other.

The two knife hands collided and a muffled pounding sound range out before the following wind that resulted from the two blows sent the two people flying backwards.

Both people’s expressions were solemn but their eyes glinted even brighter as if they finally met a formidable opponent.

“Good martial arts. What martial arts is it?” Feng Siniang asked.

“Scorching Blade!”

Scorching Blade, blade-like fire, masculine to the extreme.

“Good name then I will use my Wind Fire Blade to test your Scorching Blade.” Feng Siniang roared then straightened her body, immediately giving off the feeling that she was imposing and powerful.

Even though she was only around 160 centimeters and Martial was 180, Feng Siniang indeed did seem small but once she straightened up it seemed as if she immediately grew ten centimeters making others feel as if she grew taller and more powerful.

Martial’s aura could not be compared with this domineering aura and it completely bridged the physical height gap difference between the two.

“Interesting.” Martial’s mouth curled up beautifully in a smile. Even her smile had a masculine beauty to it which stood in stark contrast with her person giving onlookers the feeling of having their perception distorted.

The two simultaneously took a step back before pushing off forward towards one another. They both formed their knife hand and the air around them seemed to ignite and let out crackling noises as formless energy flashed. The flowers near the door were cut into messy pieces.

As people involved in the situation the two continued to release formless knife hands at one another causing destruction of their surrounding. It was not only the flowers that were cut into messy pieces as even the walls had long gash marks as pieces of rock were sent flying.

“Stop!” Suddenly, an angry roar sounded as Ye Tianlei rushed out from the house and sent a palm toward Martial.

At that moment space was compressed to the extreme as it aligned with the strike while emitting a muffled crackling noise akin to that of thunder.

The fist had almost arrived in front of Martial but she acted as if she did not see the fist that was flying at her as she continued to wave her knife hand.

If she were to be struck with this blow then her brains would really be turned to mush but alas, in the end, there was no fresh blood splattered all over.

A pale sickly hand appeared by Martial's side standing in stark contrast with Martial’s wheat colored skin.

This hand was not big and was quite small when compared to ye Tianlei. It had all five fingers spread out as it caught Ye Tianlei’s fist making it hard for the fist to continue, stably stopping it before reaching Martial.

“Stop fighting. Fighting is pointless.” The owner of this hand said. Even though he was not tall, standing at only 170 centimeters he looked weak and fragile looking like a kid when compared to Martial.

He had a face full of smiled that brought with it the feeling of spring wind but Ye Tianlei did not enjoy this springy feeling at all. All he felt was a shock, shocked to the core.

This small man was comparable to Ye Tianlei in age but the smile he wore on his face made him look much younger and harmless.

But Ye Tianlei knew that he could not see through the others level and his fist strike colliding into the other’s palm gave him the feeling that he was punching into cotton with no rebounding force.

This palm actually absorbed all the force of his punch!

Ye Tianlei was clear on the force behind his punch but the other had so easily taken his blow making it hard for him to believe it.

“Who are you people?” Ye Tianlei solemnly asked.

The male loosened his grip while Martial and Feng Siniang both stopped fighting. Feng Siniang stared at the other as if she were her prey. Towards this uninvited guest, she and her husband both felt a sense of dread.

“I am Ding Yi and she is Martial.” The male smiled and said pointed at himself and then Martial. He then took out a token with unknown origins with a single word ‘Martial’ engraved upon it.

The token was flashed before Ye Tianlei and Feng Siniang’s eyes before it once again disappeared into his pocket. Even so, the two had already seen it clearly.

Feng Siniang did not have too big a reaction as she even expressed some doubt but she saw that her husband had a bigger reaction. After knowing each other for twenty or so years she had never seen such a reaction from him but this time he had actually even tightened his lips as he asked: “Martial Organization?”

Ding Yi smiled and nodded: “I knew that Ye Tianlei would recognize this command token and it seems I did not guess wrong.”

“Martial Organization. It really is the Martial Organization.” Ye Tianlei felt a burning craving within his heart as he had only heard about the Martial Organization from his father once but just that once was unforgettable.  

The Martial Organization was a very special entity as it stands above the government and many large clans. It was said that this organization has been founded for almost a thousand years and the experts were as plentiful as clouds so no one would dare offend them.

The organization would very rarely interfere with large clans or government matters as their goals were different. No one knew what it was but whenever the Martial Organization appeared something serious must have happened.

If one is eyeballed by the Martial Organization then that is the equivalent of being eyed by the God of Death. That year Ye Xuanji very solemnly warned ye Tianlei to not get involved with the Martial Organization and that he was to absolutely not provoke them.

Otherwise, even if it was the Ye Clan they would be crushed to pieces.

With Ye Xuanji’s earnest teachings in mind, Ye Tianlei knew that he had met someone from the Martial Organization as the token had a plain and simple ‘Martial’ word carved in it revealing it to be the Martial Organizations keepsake. No one would dare doubt the authenticity of the token as no one would dare try to replicate it.

Moreover, towards most people the Martial Organization did not even exist as only the people who stood at the apex of the world would know of their existence.

Feng Siniang seeing her husband's expression remain unsteady clearly knew the weight of the situation as she raised her alertness towards the two as her body prepared to burst into action.

As for the two words Martial Organization she had never heard of it making her curious but she did not voice her question.

Ye Tianlei sighed deeply as he did his best to suppress his emotional state and quietly said: “May I ask what the Martial Organization wants by coming to visit me?”

Ding Yi’s smile grew even brighter as he said: “Not bad, you have not been scared witless by my Martial Organizations name. You definitely stand at the top of the crowd of people I have seen over the years and I indeed did not come to you for no reasons. Although your hospitality is somewhat lacking as you have not even invited us in for a seat.”

Ding Yi’s tone was that of long time friends ridiculing the other but Ye Tianlei did not dare treat him as a friend and even though Ye Tianlei had many unwilling feelings he could only extend his hand and say: “Please come in!”

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