Chapter 164: A Woman Called Martial *Wu=Martial

Chapter 164: A Woman Called Martial *Wu=Martial

Looking at the empty cave, Tang Zheng could only stare blankly. Where was the cultivation technique? Wasn’t it supposed to be in this cave?

Daoist Tianji was a crafty person and never carried his cultivation technique on his person for fear that someone stronger would steal it from him.

Since this was not a martial arts technique but a cultivation one, if anyone with a discerning eye were to see it then Daoist Tianji would just be seeking trouble for himself.

Hence, every time he went somewhere new he would carefully hide his cultivation technique and this time was no exception as he should have hidden it in this very cave.

The location of this cave was very remote and no one would come here making it extremely difficult for it to be discovered, yet the cultivation technique managed to grow wings and fly away?!

“What happened?”

Tang Zheng’s gaze became more solemn as an unexpected situation arose. Maybe the cultivation technique won’t be of much use for him but for it to suddenly disappear he must investigate everything clearly otherwise he would not be able to get rid of the suspicions in his heart.

After pacing around the cave he did not discover any hints.

“Just who took away the cultivation technique?”

Tang Zheng had many questions but no answers as well as no ways of finding those answers. All he could do was leave the cave and once again return to Fang Shishi’s house. Once he arrived he discovered that the area had once again been closed off by the police as there were quite a few police officers walking around and asking the residence questions.

Tang Zheng saw Fang Shishi within the crowd as it seemed she had finished cultivating.

Both Fang Chongguo and She Mengqin had bitter faces as they would occasionally turn to look back at their residence with hundreds of bullet holes in it. With each look, they felt like crying but had no tears.

The two were just in the midst of a beautiful sleep when a loud crashing sound frightened them awake. When they saw their house looking like this they really wished to curse loudly.

Just who did the Fang Family provoke to bring about such a disaster?

If they were to know that Tang Zheng was the cause of everything they may very well take a stick and drive him away.

Fang Shishi ran towards Tang Zheng her expression one of doubt. She was previously in a deep state of cultivation and was not clear on what happened.

Tang Zheng held her hand and quietly said: “The enemy has been taken care of.”

Fang Shishi felt her eyes light up: “Yesterday’s scene was caused by Daoist Tianji?” Her memory of the beggar like Daoist Tianji was still fresh in her mind.

Tang Zheng nodded: “He will never cause us trouble anymore.”

Fang Shishi covered her mouth in shock and her eyes went wide: “You killed him.”

Tang Zheng did not deny it and said: “He was a huge threat and if I did not kill him then he would kill me. Now, that I have killed someone are you scared of me?”

Tang Zheng was previously a good student and the most he had done was kill a chicken but after he had become a cultivator he had changed much under the guidance of Tian Chanzi. As of now his heart was much stronger than an ordinary human and is more able to accept death and killing.

In this society, it is where the strong devour the weak but Tang Zheng could not be considered as being part of this society. Even so, he had his own set of morals and at times he would not mind going against the law.

This was the attitude of a cultivator.

Fang Shishi pinched his arm hard and angrily said: “What are you talking about? How can I be afraid of you? This could also be considered as doing it for our safety so not to mention faulting you for it I can’t thank you fast enough.  Do you really take me for a fool who only knows how to study? I can still at least differentiate good from bad.” Saying this she swept her gaze over him.

Tang Zheng chuckled: “My Fang Shishi is the smartest."

Fang Shishi’s face blushed as she said: “Who’s your Fang Shishi? Do you feel no shame?”

“Of course it’s you or could it be that you aren’t my woman?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about but my parents are over there so you should hurry over and greet them.” Fang Shishi held his hand as they walked towards her parents. Fang Chongguo squeezed out a smile: “Tang Zheng, how come you came?”

“I heard that something happened over here so I came over to take a look. Ah, what happened here?” Tang Zheng pretended to be shocked as he pointed at the villa and asked.

She Mengqin fiercely said: “I don’t know which bastard it was that my Fang Family provoked to actually do something like this.”

Tang Zheng internally gave a bitter smile but maintained his composure. He happened to be one of the two bastards the couple was talking about. Fang Shishi traced her finger over his palm, her lips secretly curling up into a smile.

“This place is no longer suitable for living especially with all that’s happened including someone dying. Do you see how many people are already moving? We should also move immediately.” She Mengqin anxiously said.

Fang Chongguo sunk into his thoughts for a moment before nodding his head. The Fang family did not only have this one house so they could move immediately, of course, Tang Zheng helped.

The two first went to her room where Fang Shishi impatiently hugged him and fiercely kissed him before asking: “Daoist Tianji is so powerful. Are you injured anywhere?”

Tang Zheng flexed his muscles and said: “Your boyfriend is so amazing so how could he possibly be injured.”

“Let me see, stop trying to trick me.” Fang Shishi hurriedly patted him. In the end, she was still unsatisfied as she rolled up his shirt and checked left and right not letting go the smallest of hints.

“Yi, what is this?” Suddenly, Fang Shishi’s gaze fell on the teeth marks on Tang Zheng’s shoulders. Even though there was no more blood the bite marks were clear.

Tang Zheng froze as he completely forgot about it as it was during this time that he definitely could not show that he was shocked. Instead he pretended that it was nothing and said: “Oh, this? It was Teacher Liu who bit me.”

“Teacher Liu? Liu Qingmei?” Fang Shishi was more shocked than before as her eyeballs looked as if they were just about to fall out. “Why would she bite you? Did you do something to her?”

“What are you thinking about?” Tang Zheng had a bit of a guilty conscious but maintained a calm composure, “Last time when I rescued her from the kidnapper she accidentally bit me.”

“Could it be the kidnapping that occurred several days ago?”

“Right, didn’t I also go look for her? Well, I happened to meet up with a police and when we found her, I conveniently rescued her. You know I am very helpful.” Tang Zheng said with no shame.

Fang Shishi suspiciously looked at him but discovered that there was nothing wrong so she relaxed. She then patted her chest as she felt that her reaction was a bit exaggerated and gave an embarrassed smile: “I also know that it is impossible for something to happen between you and Teacher Liu, as she is the ice goddess and countless people tried to pursue her but to no avail. Oh right, do you have any thoughts towards her?”

Tang Zheng hurriedly said: “Absolutely not, don’t I already have you?”

“Your mouth says yes but your heart says no.” Tian Chanzi popped out and disdainfully said, “This disciple of mine is too benevolent to actually believe in a man’s word. If a man’s words can't be trusted then pigs could climb trees.”

Tang Zheng really wanted to roll his eyes: “Aren’t you a man too?”

“Of course I am but I do not like women.”

“Ah? Could it be you like other men? You’re gay?”

“Stop spouting bullsh*t, I have dedicated myself to cultivation so where would I have the heart to mess around with love.” Tian Chanzi roared furiously.

“But aren’t you forcing me to cast a wide net to capture many fishes?” Tang Zheng refuted.

“Heihei, isn’t it all because of your body constitution?” Tian Chanzi said with a happy smile.

Tang Zheng did not want to continue bickering with him so he looked at Fang Shishi with a smile and changed the topic: “Quickly take this. This is something good but you must keep it hidden for half a day.”

The family packed big and small bags of items they wanted to move into their new house and only after everything was done did Tang Zheng leave under She Mengqin’s fierce preying gaze.

The commotion that occurred in Chang Heng City had become a hot topic of afternoon snacks but no one really put it to mind except for one person who became all the more cautious.

Early dawn that day several black off-road vehicles arrived in front of a villa. Countless people have already evacuated from nearby areas but the marks from yesterday were still clearly evident bringing shock to those who saw.

A pair of long legs wearing flat soled shoes stepped of the off-road vehicle but in front of this person, those present felt as if they were a group of chickens standing in front of a swan.

It would be considered normal for a man to stand at 180 centimeters but for a girl she would really stand out looking to be a bit taller than the several guys standing nearby.

Moreover, she did not share the similar point with other tall women and that was ——being big-boned as she looked slim and well proportioned.

Her face was beautiful and she had eyes that were as sharp as blades hidden behind her bangs. She look reserved causing anyone who saw her to be unsure of what she was really feeling.

Even so, she gave off an aura that was not to be neglected or even looked upon making others feel timid in her presence.

She walked towards the villa ridden with holes and the lead police officer went up to her: “Who are you? This is a crime scene and you are not allowed to get close.”

She acted as if she did not hear and straight up ripped the yellow police tape not putting the police in her eyes. This domineering force caused the police to unconsciously take half a step backwards.

“I am warning you. You are not allowed to go near otherwise I will not be polite.” The two police put their hand on their guns at the ready.

She continued on as if she did not hear and walked straight towards the door of the villa, extending her hand that was not white but was a healthy wheat looking color.

She reached into the walls of the villa and that hard rock wall was like tofu in her hand as her hand easily stabbed into the wall. A moment later she pulled out a piece of rock.

The police at the side were shocked already as this person was simply too scary. Moreover, it was a women but in the end, they remembered their job and immediately pulled out their guns and pointed it at her: “Don’t move otherwise we will open fire.”

She did not react to their words but continued to stare at the piece of rock as if it held more attractive force than the two guns pointed at her.

“Let’s go!” She finally opened her mouth and spoke in in a clear crisp voice sounding like an oriole which did not fit her large stature.

From the car rang out a male’s voice: “Martial, are you sure?”

Her name was “Martial” (“武”), one word and it was a very odd name.

Martial nodded her head: “I’m sure!” Then she walked straight toward the off-road vehicle and silently got on the car. Other people followed suit and got in the car before the car started and disappeared as if it was never there to begin with.

The two police did not dare to shoot from beginning to end as even though Martial was right in front of them the feeling of terror was simply too dense and they did not have the courage to pull the trigger.

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