Chapter 163: Mysterious Ranked Treasure

Chapter 163: Mysterious Ranked Treasure

Daoist Tianji lowered his head and looked at the glimmering Soul Blade stuck within his chest in disbelief as fresh blood dripped from the blade onto the floor. Suddenly, his mind was overwhelmed with intense pain.

His face turned ashen as his lips trembled uncontrollably. He unconsciously cried out miserably and waved his two hands weakly in a futile attempt to retaliate only to find that they had lost all power.

“You… you… how is this possible. I am a first-grade Foundation Building cultivator so how could you kill me?!” Daoist Tianji stared wide-eyed and said incredulously as if he wished everything was false.

Tang Zheng gave a cold hmph but did not waste his words on him as he quickly grabbed the others head and employed his Soul Search Technique. Since Daoist Tianji had his heart pierced he would die shortly and before that happened Tang Zheng had to grab hold of this opportunity to gain as much information from the other as he could.

“... Soul search.” Daoist Tianji looked shocked as if his two eyes were about to pop out but even with this realization he could not do anything except miserably cry out: “Nooo….”

His miserable cry came to a sudden halt as the Soul Search Technique was in effect causing Daoist Tianji to look as if he were in a daze. All the while, his life force was quickly seeping out of him.

At this moment, Tang Zheng loosened his grip and his expression became solemn.

Tang Zheng’s guess was indeed correct as the number of cultivators in this world was scarce while the number of martial artists was constantly growing. There were also a large number of martial arts experts and even an organization that was dedicated to fighting against cultivators.

Daoist Tianji had once met people from this organization but he killed them all. Even so, Daoist Tianji clearly understood that behind this group must be an expert that he could not afford to provoke hence why he and his disciple have been keeping low key as they searched for other cultivators.

“Thankfully I did not reveal myself otherwise this mysterious organization might come knocking on my door and since even Daoist Tianji feared them then that means I am most definitely not their opponent.” Tang Zheng said with a sigh.

This world was becoming more complicated than he thought.

Tian Chanzi’s emotions were clearly feeling more complicated than Tang Zheng as he incredulously mumbled to himself: “How is this possible? Back then cultivators and martial artists coexisted but the cultivators' strength still far surpasses that of martial artists. How can it be that a thousand years later the martial artists are the one flourishing while the cultivators dwindled in numbers to nothing, even to the point of being hunted down and killed by martial artist? This… is simply too vexing!”

As a cultivator expert from a thousand years ago, Tian Chanzi was incredibly arrogant but today he found out that this sense of pride as a cultivator has changed with the passage of time.

“This won’t do. Little brat, you must bring back the glorious days of the cultivators. We can not fall!” Tian Chanzi suddenly roared loudly, “Moreover, I believe there must be more cultivators in this world. Even though we do not know what happened in the past thousand years to make them go into hiding.”

Tang Zheng was shocked as he had never seen Tian Chanzi so emotional and hurriedly said: “Tian Chanzi, times have changed so this shouldn’t be anything surprising. You know how dynasty’s change as it is the law of nature for things to change.”

“Nonsense! Dynasties can disappear but cultivators will definitely not! A cultivators dignity will not be trampled upon!” Tian Chanzi agitatedly roared.

Tang Zheng did not know whether to cry or laugh and asked: “Tian Chanzi, what day in age is this that you are still so heated about honor?”

“This is not about my sense of honor but a question of dignity! You also saw how cultivators were hunted down. Under the heavens what the hell are the martial artist that they dare hunt down cultivators?!” Tian Chanzi disdainfully said.

Tang Zheng was left speechless for a moment before he said: “When you find a suitable body then you can pursue your goals. So why are you depending on me? My cultivator is so low.”

“Do you know what? Even though my cultivator level may be higher than yours I can tell that your future potential is much higher than mine. Moreover, you also possess the Nine Yang Saint Body constitution as well as the Ancient Clear Heaven Scroll. It seems like this is Heaven’s Will to have you bring back the glorious days of cultivators.”

Tang Zheng really was at a loss of whether to laugh or to cry. With just a few words Tian Chanzi had pushed upon a heavy responsibility onto Tang Zheng’s shoulders making it hard for his small heart to handle. At the same time, Tang Zheng felt this whole situation to be unbelievable.

“Tian Chanzi, didn't you say that I wasn’t human and that I shouldn’t let others know my secret? Yet, you want me to jump up and bare this heavy responsibility? Isn’t this the equivalent of pushing me towards the center stage where the whole world can see? Even if the martial artists don’t kill me the cultivators would if they discover that my True Fire is in my Sea of Consciousness. So, in the end, wouldn’t this just be a dead end?”

“This…” Tian Chanzi did not know how to reply.

“Therefor, let’s not talk about such big problems and focus on raising my cultivation.” Tang Zheng said.

Tian Chanzi helplessly let out a long sigh: “That is all we can do now. Let’s see if Daoist Tianji had any magical treasures.”

Tang Zheng felt himself heat up as he hurriedly started searching finding nothing.

“Oh right, I remembered that within his memory he had hidden his secret cultivation methods in a place. Why don’t we go retrieve it?”

Tian Chanzi stuck up his nose: “His technique is so weak so what is there to retrieve?”

Tang, on the other hand, did not think so as Daoist Tianji had cultivated for several tens of years so he must have some good things. It also wouldn’t hurt to go take a look. Moreover, those cultivation techniques falling into other people’s hands may not be a good thing so it’ll be better for him to get it.

“But, this blade of his is clearly of higher quality than your Battle Soul so you can take it.” Tian Chanzi advised.

Tang Zheng’s gaze fell upon the longsword which was longer than Tang Zheng's current blade. The longsword was also much thinner and gleamed like the autumn water which stood in stark contrast with battle Soul’s blade color, looking much more appealing.

“This is an Emperor grade treasure which is much stronger than ordinary weapons. Of course, I must collect it as Shishi still does not have a magical treasure so I can gift this to her.” Tang Zheng said with a hint of satisfaction.

“Ai, back then I had collected a few magical treasures myself but all was lost in the great battle otherwise I wouldn’t allow my disciple to use a measly Emperor grade magical treasure.” Tian Chanzi said sighing in sadness as if letting Fang Shishi use a Emperor grade treasure was throwing his face.

Tang Zheng was dumbstruck as he gesticulated: “Tian Chanzi, everyone can speak big words but the key right now is you don’t have a single magical treasure nor do you even have a greeting gift to give your disciple so I want to see how you have the face to meet Shishi.”

Tian Chanzi gave an awkward cough then said: “I may not have one but that doesn’t mean I won’t go get one. Moreover, didn’t Daoist Tianji just say that Mu Hongyan’s deceased husband had a magical treasure?”

Tang Zheng felt his heart move as he recalled during his soul searched he learned that it was a Mysterious grade treasure which was higher than Soul Blade by one entire grade. It is no wonder that Daoist Tianji would even kill to obtain it.

“But that person is already dead so how will I find it?” Tang Zheng said hopelessly.

“Little brat, I said you’re stupid and you wouldn’t believe me. Well even though he’s dead Mu Hongyan is still alive and she is not a simple character. You can try looking from her as even though Daoist Tianji did not obtain the magical treasure he still killed the other and by killing Daoist Tianji you have gained revenge for Mu Hongyan. Moreover, if this treasure is just hiding away then wouldn’t that be a waste? So, by finding it you would be doing this world a favor.” Tian Chanzi advised.

Tang Zheng felt moved as a Mysterious grade magical treasure was quite enticing and he also slowly came to realize the importance of magical treasures. If he were able to obtain this magical treasure then even if he were to meet a stronger opponent his strength would be able to raise by quite a bit.

“Okay, after the high school exams I will find some time to go to Dian Nan. Anyways, I did promise Nannan I’d go see her so it’ll be a good opportunity to ask about the magical treasures whereabouts.” Tang Zheng decided.

Tian Chanzi smiled in praise: “That’s more like it. You must use everything you can to raise your power.”

Tang Zheng looked at the messy garage and dialed Lin Hu’s number: “Hu’zi, come clean up the garage, there's a corpse here.”

“Young master Tang, what happened? I heard from Dao’zi that you had encountered trouble and wanted to rush over. Did someone with no eyes provoke you?” Lin Hu said his anger boiling.

Tang Zheng calmly said: “The situation has already been resolved so you should send someone to clean up the garage. I will wait for you.”

“Okay, I will immediately head over. Young master Tang, there has been quite a commotion tonight. We do not know who did it and have sent someone to investigate. We have only just taken down Chang Heng City so we definitely can not mess up now.” Lin Hu said unsettled.

Tang Zheng gave a bitter smile and said: “That commotion was caused by me so stop looking into the cause.”

“Ah, so it was young master Tang, no wonder it was such a large commotion. I was just wondering just which expert had come to Chang Heng City.” Lin Hu gave an amazed sigh before hanging up. Ten minutes later a car arrived and stopped in front of the garage.

“Young master Tang.” Lin Hu greeted him from afar. He only brought his two confidents Dong’zi and Dao’zi as he wanted to keep this a secret.

“Tonight the entire police force is moving and all our men have been looked into. Even so, nothing major happened, heihei. Who knew that it was young master Tang’s handiwork. The commotion caused was simply too great as I heard the shops on commerce streets had great losses and there has been severe damage to the road as if heavy stones were smashed into the ground causing holes in the ground making it look like the moon’s surface.” Lin Hu excitedly said.

Tang Zheng shook his head as this large commotion was not something he wanted but with Daoist Tianji’s reckless attacking there was no way the results would be nothing less than shocking.

“We aren’t here to enjoy the scene. Hurry up and clean him up.” Tang Zheng pointed at Daoist Tianji and said.

Lin Hu did not ask who the person was as he was only a follower. He solemnly motions with his hand for Dao’zi and Dong’zi to move the corpse to the trunk of the car.

“Be clean about it.” Tang Zheng warned.

“Understood.” Lin Hu nodded his head. His gaze unconsciously landed on Huang Ziyang which was filled with wounds and fresh blood, making him stand out even more. The others felt their hearts beat faster as their gaze towards Huang Ziyang became more fearful.

“Also bring him back to treat his wounds.” Tang Zheng pointed at Huang Ziyang and said.

“Oh right, no one else is too know of this.” Tang Zheng eyes flashed and everyone’s heart trembled. They hurriedly said: “Young master Tang, even if we were to die we will bring this to the grave.”

Tang Zheng’s might was awe inspiring and the few people present felt suffocated.

Tang Zheng nodded his head in satisfaction before walking out of the garage heading towards Daoist Tianji’s hideout.

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