Chapter 162: Waste You To Death

Chapter 162: Waste You To Death

The Imperial Sword Technique would clearly increase the might of the sword blows and Tang Zheng understood this point yet he did not retreat but gave a loud roar and straightened his sword to defend.

In that moment, the twenty forms of the first set of the Heaven Flying Immortal technique was fully displayed as countless sword cuts intersected in the air to form a wall.

The long sword struck solidly against the wall causing it to collapse and reveal Tang Zheng who struck out with his blade sending the long sword flying.

Daoist Tianji gave a cold smile: “You want to win with this measly strength? Stop daydreaming. You clearly do not know your own strength. Attack!”

His hand gestures changed and the long sword once again flew over shooting downward from the sky with immense strength.

“Little brat, hurry up and escape. I already told you that you are not an opponent for the Imperial Sword Technique.” Tian Chanzi anxiously urged.

“Say no more, I will not run away. If I do run away then Huang Ziyang will definitely be slaughtered, leaving me with no helper. For this reason, I must find a chance to work together and kill Daoist Tianji.” Tang Zheng firmly decided not changing his mind.

“Muddleheaded, you really are muddleheaded.” Tian Chanzi really wanted to break out into curses but was helpless.

Seeing the long sword descending from the sky Tang Zheng moved his blade to defend. Battle Soul let out a loud weng as a black light flashed, cutting true as a loud thud reverberated making Tang Zheng’s arm so numb that he almost let go of his sword.

The long sword followed through with another series of strikes and at this time Huang Ziyang also made his move and pierced his blade at the other's shoulder without any regard for his life.

Even though Daoist Tianji was powerful he clearly feared death more than Huang Ziyang as once Daoist Tianji saw the other charge at him he was frightened into a jump and hurriedly gestured, causing his sword to fly back, piercing towards Huang Ziyang’s back.

It was aimed right for his heart and if it hit its target then Huang Ziyang would die without a doubt.


Tang Zheng gave a loud roar and rushed over. He threw Battle Soul which flew through the air and crashed into the long sword.

The long sword flew off of its trajectory and landed on the ground. Daoist Tianji’s expression flashed with an odd red light and he moved to the side to avoid Huang Ziyang’s strike.

“Little brat, you have a chance. I finally understand why he did not use the Imperial Sword Technique to begin with. It is because the Imperial Sword Technique is taxing on Qi and it is clear that his Qi is not sufficient. All you need to do is stall him until he runs out of Qi and then his Imperial Sword Technique will lose its ability.” Tian Chanzi said excitedly.

Tang Zheng’s eyes brightened: “Why didn’t you tell me earlier so I wouldn’t have to attack so vigorously. In this case, I’ll waste him to death!”

Tian Chanzi distantly said: “I also just saw it. No wonder he is only at the first-grade of Foundation Building with his age. It is clearly because his cultivation isn't anything much so his Qi would also not be anything much. This happens to be a good opportunity for you.”

Tang Zheng felt his heart ease up as he raised Battle Soul and shouted: “Huang Ziyang, return.”

Huang Ziyang speedily retreated to his side. Blood had stopped flowing from his wound as it was clear that he used his Qi to seal his meridians. Even so, the blood trails looked extremely unsightly.

Daoist Tianji seeing Tang Zheng take up a defensive stance could not help but wrinkle his eyebrows. It seems Tian Chanzi’s eyes were indeed sharp and accurate as even though the Imperial Sword Technique was incredible, Daoist Tianji did not have enough Qi to control it for an extended period of time hence why he must finish everything quickly.

Tang Zheng defending was the worse case scenario.

“Little brat, how come you have gone weak? Weren’t you just sprouting big words about how you wanted to kill me? Well, why don’t you come then huh?!” Daoist Tianji felt his mind churning as he provoked.

Tang Zheng chuckled: “I’m tired of fighting so can we rest a bit?”

“Rest? Since when was there any rest time during a fight?”

“That’s for other people. Anyways, I want to rest  abit.” It was enough for Tang Zheng seeing that the long sword was still floating in the air, eating away at Daoist Tianji.

“Little brat don’t even think about rest. Accept your death!” Daoist Tianji pointed and the long sword attacked Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng and huang Ziyang were like two rabbits that sprinted away, running around the large garage. Thankfully, the garage was large and provided sufficient space for the two to escape the death blows.

After running a few circles the two the two did not even break out a sweat but Daoist Tianji clearly looked worse for wear.

Tang Zheng chuckled endlessly and thought, this daddy wants to waste you to death. Then beat you with a blow or two like a sandbag.

Daoist Tianji felt his heart tremble: “These two are simply monkeys. Since they aren’t fighting frontal battles then it’ll be difficult to kill them. This won’t do, I must think of something as my Qi is depleting at too fast a rate.”

“Little brat, you are a coward!” Daoist Tianji cursed loudly.

Tang Zheng laughed loudly: “Haha, how can you curse other people? It’s not like I am running far. If you really are strong then why don’t you give chase? Isn’t your Spatial Compression Technique amazing? Come, chase me!”

Tang Zheng was like a big liar who was going after a little girl, as he tried to provoke Daoist Tianji into giving chase. As long as Daoist Tianji attempted to give chase while also using the Imperial Sword Technique then his Qi will really burn out.

Daoist Tianji clearly knew that he would be seeking death if he did as Tang Zheng said so he could not help but give the other a death glare only to find that the other had a sly crafty look in his eyes. Daoist Tianji could not help but feel his heart tremble: “This brat actually long discovered my weakness. He is only of the sixth-grade Refining Body so how could he possibly see through it?”

But based on Tang Zheng’s performance that stood above the ordinary it would not be impossible for Tang Zheng to discover his weakness. If that were really the case then he definitely could not tangle with Tang Zheng.

“Little brat, you want to play me? Stop dreaming!” Daoist Tianji gestured with his hand and the long sword flew into his hand.

Tang Zheng froze a bit then asked: “How come you aren’t using the Imperial Sword Technique? Please continue.”

Daoist Tianji felt his expression turn ashen as he gnashed his teeth and said: “Don’t think that I don’t know what you are planning. You want me to waste my Qi. Don’t even think about it!”

Seeing Daoist Tianji reveal his plan, Tang Zheng did not seem the least bit shaken up as he said: “If you really won’t use the Imperial Sword Technique then are you even our opponent?”

Daoist Tianji felt his face turn rigid as this was a death trap for if he were to use his Imperial Sword Technique Tang Zheng would not fight him upfront. If he were to not use the Imperial Sword Technique his own strength was not enough to fight off Tang Zheng and Huang Ziyang, causing him to be at a loss of what to do.

Anyways, Daoist Tianji has found himself at a dead end as his pupils turned wide and full of helplessness. He had absolutely no way of getting out of this.

Now it was time for Tang Zheng to take the initiative as he mockingly looked at Daoist Tianji.

“Daoist Tianji, why don’t you obediently accept defeat so we do not have to keep fighting?” Tang Zheng challengingly said.

“Wishful thinking! Kill!” Daoist Tianji did not want to delay and jabbed with his blade, rushing forward leaving Tang Zheng with no room to retreat. As a result, Huang Ziyang went forward to meet the attack.

The two after fighting together against Daoist Tianji had already developed a tacit understanding as Huang Ziyang took the front acting like a human meat shield firmly protecting Tang Zheng who was behind him as he searched for an opening to attack Daoist Tianji.

Sword blows filled the sky as Tang Zheng and Daoist Tianji exchanged blows, one attacking one defending, fighting to the extreme.

Huang Ziyang was cut a few more times but he acted as if it was nothing attacking with more strength and vigor while Daoist Tianji on the other hand did not have it as easy. As if he were to be hit by Huang Ziyangs powerful moves then he would surely be put at a great disadvantage.

Daoist Tianji was placed in a difficult position as Huang Ziyang’s defense were tight and it was difficult to deal a deadly blow. At the same time Daoist Tianji had to guard against Tang Zheng who was behind Huang Ziyang, splitting his consciousness, which made his attacks weaker.

“Heihei, Tian Chanzi thankfully I didn’t take your advice to run otherwise I wouldn’t have such a good chance.” Tang Zheng said with great satisfaction.

“Do you think I enjoyed telling you to escape? Wasn’t it because there was no other way? Moreover, I also didn’t want to lose such a good puppet either as I could definitely nurture it to become more powerful than you can imagine.” Tian Chanzi said with anticipation.

Tang Zheng felt his emotions surge as he looked at Huang Ziyang’s back: “Can he really train to that impressive a state?”

“Of course. One good thing about a puppet is that it does not have wandering thoughts and will focus wholeheartedly on training. Hence why it progresses at a speed that is many times faster than an ordinary person.”

Tang Zheng was speechless. Even so, he could not help but admit that Tian Chanzi did have his ways as without this puppet he would not be Huang Si’s opponent not to mention Daoist Tianji, leaving with him only one option and that was to escape.

Daoist Tianji’s Qi was depleting at a fast rate while Huang Ziyang seemed as if he wasn’t the least bit tired making Daoist Tianji feel overwhelmed. Suddenly, Daoist Tianji let out a furious roar as his blade penetrated Huang Ziyang, leaving his hands.

Daoist Tianji once again employed the Imperial Sword Technique but it was clear that its speed was not as fast as the last time. This was his attempt at trying to ambush Tang Zheng!

Tang Zheng reacted quickly as he actually leaped and stepped on Huang Ziyangs shoulder before pushing off towards Daoist Tianji, Soul Blade droning through the air as if it could already taste fresh blood.

Daoist Tianji was without a weapon as he quickly backpedaled and gestured for his long sword to return.

The long sword flew past Huang Ziyang but Huang Ziyang suddenly clasped his hands together and with a muffled ‘peng’ he actually grabbed ahold of the long sword.

The long sword trembled nonstop as it tried to obey its master’s command but Huang Ziyang’s expression did not even change as his grip did not loosen in the slightest.

Fresh blood dripped from his palms onto the ground but he did not even notice it.

Tang Zheng’s eyes brightened at this scene as he too was deeply moved. The Puppet Technique’s technique was simply too strong and they also did not fear death.

Daoist Tianji did not expect this move by Huang Ziyang as he no longer had control over his long sword leaving him completely defenseless with no means to defend himself. He could only retreat step after step as he was forced against the wall while Tang Zheng swiftly closed in on. Shortly afterwards Battle Soul appeared before Daoist Tianji’s chest.

Daoist Tianji was helpless as he could only extend his two arms and clasp onto Battle Soul with a ‘peng’ as if he wanted to learn from Huang Ziyang. He only overlooked one small detail and that was that he was no puppet.

Tang Zheng’s lips curled up in a cold smile and when Daoist Tianji saw this he felt his heart shake and could only think silently to himself ‘oh shit’.

Not surprisingly, a wave of light purple True Qi erupted from Battle Soul as it quickly burned its way up Daoist Tianji’s arm while tunneling its way into his skin.

Daoist Tianji was horrified and he unconsciously loosened his hand allowing Battle Soul to stab into his chest.

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