Chapter 161: Imperial Sword Technique

Chapter 161: Imperial Sword Technique

Daoist Tianji hurriedly circulated his cultivation to extinguish the true fire, as after having suffered a major loss last time he quickly learned his lesson and did not dare be burned up again. This time, the time it took for him to extinguish the fire was very short as his prior experience came in handy.

Tang Zheng seeing this situation did not try to attack as he ran in the opposite direction.

“Little brat, you won’t be able to escape.” Daoist Tianji continued his mad chase as he left behind a ravaged commerce street with a series of police cars sounds following.

Two people, one chasing and one running, fast as lightning. They would occasionally stop for a small exchange, create a commotion as several places were trashed.

The ruckus they caused was simply too big as it seemed like half of Chang Heng City was awoken and all kinds of police sirens were going off nonstop. Tang Zheng ran while shaking his head helplessly as this was drawing way too much attention and it may also attract unwanted attention. Even though Daoist Tianji said that he had only seen two cultivators, Tang Zheng felt that that was not the case.

Since there are only a few cultivators in the world they are considered as being different and if history has shown anything it is that those that are different often don't have good endings.

Tang Zheng did not want to end up like that hence he must be careful but it could be said that the benefits that his identity as a cultivator had brought him outweighed the danger.

For this reason, he unconsciously pretended to be a martial artist while Daoist Tianji, who was clearly crazy for the Spirit Pill did not hesitate to make a large commotion over the Spirit Pills, putting the two at risk of exposure.

Of course, Tang Zheng did not run without a destination as he had one place in mind, which he could now see in the distance.

This was an abandoned car dump where few people visited but within this car dump was someone who could help him.

“Who is it?” Two people were guarding the entrance of the car dump and loudly called out.

“It’s me, hurry and run!” The two people standing guard was Dao’zi and another one of his lackeys.

Dao’zi seeing that it was Tang Zheng was greatly shocked: “young master Tang, what happened?”

“Go, don’t ask, don’t worry about it.”

Tang Zheng could already see Daoist Tianji closing in from the distance and was extremely anxious. He did not wish for the two to end up like the group of security guards.

Dao’zi continued to ask but Tang Zheng gave a low roar: “Do you dare not obey?”

Dao’zi was frightened into a jump and hurriedly said: “I don’t dare!” He waved for his brother to quickly hide.

Zhiya! *sfx: creaking sound*

Tang Zheng pulled open the garage and rushed in. Daoist was just in time and also flew in not caring about whether there were any dangers inside.

In his eyes, Tang Zheng was unable to harm him.

But when he rushed in he was met with a frightening wind and without thinking twice Daoist Tianji sent out a slash.

A wave of fierce energy spread from his blade causing him to be shocked as this one strike was simply too powerful. It was not at all like any of Tang Zheng’s attacks.

“Who is it?”

Daoist Tianji retreated half a step as he looked with a predatory gaze. There was a small lamp inside the car dump garage that was faint but allowed the surroundings to be seen.

He saw that there was another person by Tang Zheng’s side. The person was young but had an expressionless face that bore into him. Daoist Tianji felt his pupils shrink as he glared at the other: “And who are you?”

Tang Zheng’s lips curled up into what appeared to be a smile. His mad dash was for him to find Huang Ziyang who was a first-grade Natal stage martial artist. In other words, he was the equivalent to Daoist Tianji who was a first-grade Foundation cultivator. The only thing was that Daoist Tianji was a cultivator so his strength was still above Huang Ziyang but Huang Ziyang coupled with Tang Zheng should even the playing field.

Tang Zheng mockingly asked: “Daoist Tianji, what's wrong? Afraid?”

Daoist Tianji’s expression went through multiple changes as he did not deign to reply: “Would I be scared of you? It is only a martial artist so why should I be afraid?”

“Really? What if I told you he was a first-grade Natal stage martial artist, would you be afraid then? I know that you are first-grade Foundation cultivator so stop pretending to be all mysterious.”

Actually, if Tang Zheng called on Ye Tianlei to help him then Daoist Tianji would not be his opponent, but if he did that then Tang Zheng’s identity would be revealed. For this reason he could only call on the aid of his puppet, Huang Ziyang, if he wanted to keep his secret hidden.

Upon hearing that his cultivation was revealed, Daoist Tianji’s face underwent a change as he sternly said: “Little brat, you are the weirdest of the two cultivators I have met. I do not know how you started cultivating but it must be by some heaven defying luck. Today, I will take that luck and make it my own.”

“Since you look up to me so, then why don’t you tell me how you met the other cultivator that you said you killed. What news did you gain from him?” Tang Zheng intentionally asked as this was what he was really worried about.

“He had a magical item but he hid it too well and I couldn’t find it. So damnable, but even so he did not leave this earth in peace as I made a move on his family too, haha.” Daoist Tianji said with satisfaction.

“What magical treasure?”

“This, I don’t know, but I heard it was amazing. His cultivation was low even compared to you and he was beheaded by me with one stroke. Haha, it was truly a good feeling.” Daoist Tianji said with a bright smile.

“It seems you wasted all your efforts as you didn’t even obtain the magical treasure. Don’t you think you making a move on his family is too despicable a move?”

“Despicable? Heng, it is already considered a blessing that I didn’t outright kill them and only told my disciple to use the Curse Technique on his wife.”

“Curse Technique?” Tang Zheng felt his heart churn, “The curse on Nannan’s body was because of this?”

Tang Zheng was greatly disturbed as the last time the method he used to deal with the Curse Technique was told to him by Tian Chanzi and he did not know the reason why it was there in the first place.

Now, Tang Zheng had an inkling of the reason.

Daoist Tianji’s eyebrows wrinkled and he said: “Who is Nannan?”

“You don’t even know her name yet you have caused her so much pain from the time she was born? How could you? She is only a child?” Tang Zheng gnashed his teeth as the cute image of Nannan surfaced unbridled in his mind.

Daoist Tianji suddenly came to a realization: “So Nannan was that cultivator's offspring. Hei, I never would have thought that you two had a connection. Things are becoming clearer as it seems like the Heavens have directed you to me and that it was Heaven’s will for me to become the strongest cultivator. To become the most powerful cultivator haha!”

Tang Zheng did not acknowledge his craziness as he was shocked by another information. Nannan’s father or Mu Hongyan’s deceased husband was actually a cultivator. Moreover he possessed an incredible magical treasure.

“Daoist Tianji, you misunderstood Heaven's intent as the Heavens wanted us to meet not so that you can become the strongest but so that you can end your life by my hands.” Tang Zheng decisively said as his killing intent soared.

Daoist Tianji gave a cold and disdaining smile: “Big words. I want to see if it is Heaven's Will for you to die or for me to die.”

The sword trembled and flashed towards Tang Zheng.

Huang Ziyang took the initiative and rush forward without a care for the force behind the sword blow. Pu. Blood spurted out of Huang Ziyang’s shoulder but he did not even wrinkle his eyebrow as with a grabbing motion he latched onto Daoist Tianji’s chest.

Daoist Tianji was shocked to the extreme as this person completely disregarded his own safety. He looked down at his chest that was being grabbed and hurriedly retreated, cutting out with the sword in front of him to fend off Huang Ziyang’s hand.

“Are you not afraid of dying?” Daoist Tianji angrily roared.

Huang Ziyang did not reply but instead kicked off and rushed at the other once again and attacked with vigor forcing Daoist Tianji to continue retreating.

Daoist Tianji finally discovered something weird and roared: “What the f*ck is he?”

Tang Zheng gave a cold smile: “Something that will kill you.”

“You want to kill me? In your dreams! I do not believe that you are truly unafraid of dying.” Daoist Tianji pierced out with both hands using all his strength.

The sword flashed and cut a large gash in Huang Ziyangs chest causing fresh blood to flow out yet Huang Ziyang made no move to retreat as his hands once again went towards Daoist Tianji’s chest.

Daoist Tianji flew off landing a distance away as he stared stupidly at Huang Ziyang, with a large gaping wound with blood still flowing out. His wound revealed muscle but Huang Ziyang still acted as if he was fine not even sparing his wound a glance.

“He is not human!” Daoist Tianji pointed at Huang Ziyang and furiously thundered.

Tang Zheng was not committal. In reality, Huang Ziyang really could not be considered a person as he was now a puppet and was a fighting tool.

Daoist Tianji had never heard of the Puppet Technique but was able to discern a few things. He agitated said: “You have more secrets than I thought and I must have all your secrets. Kill!”

Daoist Tianji rushed forth but this time he threw his blade which pierced towards Huang Ziyang.

Huang Ziyang made a slapping motion but just as his palm was about to hit the sword blade, the sword suddenly turned and appeared behind his back and made to pierce his heart.

No one could have expected this and even Tang Zheng lost all color in his face: “Just what was going on? How could his sword change direction in midair.”

Daoist Tianji’s face was one of satisfaction as his fingers made different motions as if to control the swords attack from a distance.

Huang Ziyang dodged to the side but could not escape from the sword as it stabbed into his shoulder bringing blood with it.

“Imperial Sword Technique, he actually knows the Imperial Sword Technique.” Tian Chanzi said with surprise.

“What is the Imperial Sword Technique?” Tang Zheng hurriedly asked.

“The Imperial Sword Technique uses hand gestures to control the sword to attack from afar. I should have thought of it since he is a first-grade Foundation expert, then he has the ability to use this technique. He really did conceal it well as he didn’t use it till now. I have even thought that he did not practice it. Careless, how careless of me.” Tian Chanzi said with regret.

“Is the Imperial Sword Technique really that good? Then am I really done for?” Tang Zheng said with unwilling.

“Little brat, hurry up and escape, the Imperial Sword Technique is really strong. Just think about it, the other does not even need to touch you and can control the flying sword. Are you able to evade these attacks?”

Tang Zheng froze as he unconsciously thought about sniper rifles, and didn’t this have the same concept to attack from afar yet remain in security. This was simply holding the undefeatable position.

“Haha, little brat, taste the strength of my Imperial Sword Technique! Accept your death!” Daoist Tianji manically laughed as he controlled his blade with hand gestures causing it to fly towards Tang Zheng with killing intent.

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