Chapter 160: Lingering Soul

Chapter 160: Lingering Soul

The night sky was clear and a shadow flashed into a courtyard before it entered the house through a half opened window.

This person who climbed into the house at the dead of night was, of course, Tang Zheng as he skillfully and flawlessly maneuvered his way in.

“Why did you just come?” Fang Shishi asked quietly as she sat straight in her bed.

“Isn’t it all because I was worried about waking up your parents?” Tang Zheng explained.

Fang Shishi gave a carefree smile: “You really do have a potential as a thief.”

“Heihei, I don’t specialize in stealing object but people and I want to steal this beauty here.” Tang Zheng gave a naughty smile.

Fang Shishi raised her fist up and made to punch him but Tang Zheng brought her into his embrace as the two’s lips melted together.

The lamplight was not bright but it added a bit of romantic air to the atmosphere.

“Stop being naughty as we still need to cultivate.” Fang Shishi’s beautiful face scampered out of Tang Zheng’s evil grasp and said.

Tang Zheng shrugged his shoulder and took out a small pill bottle. He then carefully poured out a single Spirit Pill into her palms. She stared wide eyes and said in praise: “Wa, it’s really pretty.”

“When you take it you need to circulate your technique and absorb all the spirit energy from the pill making it into your own qi” Tang Zheng advised.

“That simple?”

“Of course, this is the pretty much the same as cultivating except you are able to absorb more spirit qi from the pill.”

Fang Shishi nodded to express her understanding before sitting crossed leg, took the pill, then shut her eyes to cultivate.

Tang Zheng sat to the side protecting her as it was clear that the spirit qi within the room was converging around her but it was not as frightening as the last time Tang Zheng cultivated.

“Since there is nothing wrong I might as well use a Spirit Pill too.” Tang Zheng thought. Since the Spirit Pill can only be used every ten days and it has been a while since he last used it due to him being busy he could do it now.

He also sat down crossed leg and took a Spirit Pill causing the surrounding Spirit energy to surge towards the estate.

Last time he caused the spirit energy from within a kilometer to gather but this time since they were both cultivating together it actually caused the qi from a radius of two kilometers to speed over and into the two’s body.

The plants in the courtyard were also susceptible to the influx of spirit energy as the flowers bloomed, releasing a faint fragrant while tree branches started forming offshoots. Even grass that was about to wither started to show hints of green and vitality.

Fang Chongguo and She Mengqin slept especially well tonight as if they were babies. They did not even dream as their body organs functioned more smoothly as impurities in their bodies were filtered out.

Even the patrols that were making their rounds felt something weird as whenever they passed this estate they would look suspiciously around and quietly ask: “Do you guys feel especially clear minded and awake?”

“Ya, I was just yawning too but right now I feel especially vigorous.” Another person said.

A few other people voiced their agreements but could not figure out why that was so.

Normal people were unable to discover the changes in spirit energy but their bodies were able to give out the most basic reactions that some people could feel.

Daoist Tianji had spent the past few days madly trying to search for Tang Zheng but this city was simply too damn big and he did not make any headway. All he could do was depend on his own two legs to search but he simply could not find any leads causing him to feel dejected.

He fiercely looked at the heavens and roared: “Little brat, I will definitely find you.”

Suddenly, his gaze trembled: “What’s happening? Why is the spirit energy around here acting weird? Just where is it gathering toward?”

“There must be something weird.” His eyes brightened as he immediately rushed towards where the spirit energy was flooding towards. A moment later he arrived in front of a residential area, “Yi, how come it’s here?”

He had staked out here for a few days but could not even see Tang Zheng’s shadow. In the end, he could not help but give up and he had once again arrived here causing him to immediately wrinkle his eyebrows.

“Could it be that the little brat lives here? Could it be that the big commotion was caused by him? But how could he possibly cause such a reaction?”

He stared distantly and discovered that all the spirit energy from nearby was gathered around at this estate causing his heart to shake. He felt agitated as he muttered to himself: “Could it be that… this is the legendary Spirit Pill? It is said that the Spirit Pill can gather the spirit energy from the heavens and earth for cultivation. It is also described as being able to cause such a reaction.”

Daoist Tianji was agitated to the extreme as he had cultivated for ten years but had never used a refined pill because firstly he did not possess a pill furnace and second he did not have the pill recipe.

It is only Tang Zheng who had a thousand-year-old monster residing in his head that he could come up with such mysterious pill recipes and have refining pills be an easy activity.

For Daoist Tianji he clearly knew that refining pills can be a great boost to his cultivation but he had no methods.

With this realization, his breathing quickened as his eyes stared unblinkingly at the estate. He swallowed his saliva: “It must be the Spirit Pill and it does not matter if it’s the little brat or not I will make the Spirit Pill mine. As long as I can have the Spirit Pill my cultivation will soar.”

He could not longer suppress his emotions as he rushed over into the estate.

“Who is it? Halt!”

Suddenly, a security guard spotted him and hurriedly gave chase. After the last time when Daoist Tianji caused a ruckus the residential area increased the patrols. Even though Daoist Tianji did not expect that he would be spotted he did not care at all.

No one would block him from obtaining the Spirit Pill so he pulled out his sword and with a few slices, shua shua shua, he had beheaded the incoming security guards not even giving them the chance to scream out.

The security guards from behind seeing the situation gave a furious roar: “The evil villain has a murder weapon.”

“It’s that beggar from last time! Hurry and call the cops!” Several of the people recognized Daoist Tianji.

But Daoist Tianji did not even acknowledge the people behind him as he rushed towards the estate where the spirit energy was densest and arrived outside of Fang Shishi’s room.

Peeking through the window he could see Tang Zheng and Fang Shishi sitting cross-legged as they were cultivating. Daoist Tianji’s eyes brightened up: “Little brat, so it really was you. There is even a little girl who is also a cultivator and they are using the Spirit Pill to cultivate. It is no wonder that you are so young and have such a high cultivation. hei hei, little brat, you are finally mine and have nowhere to run off too. I will dig out every single secret you have.”

Daoist Tianji’s eyes flashed with savageness as he jumped into the room through the window just in time that Tang Zheng suddenly opened his eyes. With a casual wave of his hand, the spirit energy formed a strong wind that slammed towards the window.

Daoist Tianji moved his sword to block as he made a turn in the air before falling into the courtyard.

“Little brat, I have finally found you and you have nowhere to hide. Hurry up and obediently hand over the Spirit Pill to me and I will let you die a bit less painfully.” Daoist Tianji said in satisfaction.

Tang Zheng’s expression was solemn to the extreme as he was just on the verge of breaking through to the Seventh-grade of Refining Qi when he was disturbed. Right now his qi stopped at six inches and nine parts. Is this damned Daoist Tianji really an undying soul who wouldn’t leave him alone?

He took a look at Fang Shishi who was still cultivating and was not like him who could withdraw his heart at will. So, if she were to be disturbed then it may cause a backlash to her body and he would definitely not let that happen.

Tang Zheng pulled out Battle Soul and leaped out of the window as he stared at Daoist Tianji.

“Hei, little brat, looking at me like that won’t do anything as gazes can’t kill me.” Daoist Tianji said in satisfaction, “Hurry up and hand over the Spirit Pill and die otherwise I will not only kill you but torture you to death.”

“Daoist Tianji, what was it like to be chased around by the police like a beaten dog?” Tang Zheng mockingly asked.

Daoist Tianji’s face turned red as this was his shame. He immediately bellowed in anger: “Since you aren’t willing to talk with words then I will make my move!”

Once his voice rang out, Daoist Tianji used the Spatial Compression technique and arrived before Tang Zheng with his blade extended.

The two blades clashed and Tang Zheng was forced a few steps back while Daoist Tianji gave a satisfied but cold smile: “Little brat, you are not my opponent so just give up!”

With a loud roar, he once against charged forward.

A blade of sword light flashed and Tang Zheng hurriedly made to dodge but the platform behind him suffered the brunt of the blow and pieces of rocks were spent flying like a storm, shooting towards the estate.

Peng peng peng!

The estate was riddled with countless holes.

Tang Zheng did not have the time to worry about this large commotion and hurriedly rushed out of the courtyard in time to see that the security guards had surrounded the area. He loudly roared: “HIDE!”

The security guards did not have time to react when Daoist Tianji rushed out to pierce security guard after security guard in the chest.

Tang Zheng gave a furious bellow but he could do nothing more as he must draw Daoist Tianji to somewhere far away otherwise Fang Shishi and her family would not be safe.

Moreover, if he did not leave here he will risk having his identity revealed.

“Daoist Tianji, could it be that you don’t have the least bit of compassion to kill so indiscriminately.” Tang Zheng asked while running.

Daoist Tianji gave a loud laugh from behind: “Many have died without knowing it under my blade but what could they do about it? Those who dare block my path only have death waiting for them.”

The large commotion attracted countless people’s attention as the surrounding villas brightened up one by one as quite a few people walked out only to be met with the bloody scene of the security guards, before crying out.

At this time, the quiet of the high-class residential area had been shattered and the distant police sound rang out getting closer and closer.

Tang Zheng and Daoist Tianji rushed out of the residential area as they followed the path. Daoist Tianji’s Spatial Compression Technique was simply too fast and not long later he caught up to Tang Zheng.

They were currently on a commercial street where there were stores on both sides of the street. Tang Zheng was leading the way in the front while Daoist Tianji was in the back. With a single blade cut sent by Daoist Tianji, Tang Zheng dodged only to have a street lamp cut in two.

With a loud crash, the street lamp crashed down on a store shattering the windows into pieces. Tomorrow when the boss sees this scene he will think of it as an unexplainable disaster and would definitely want to cry but have no tears.

But this was only the start as when Tang Zheng retaliated with the flaming Battle Soul releasing a high pitched drone.

Since True Fire was Daoist Tianji’s weakness then that would naturally be Tang Zheng’s go to attack as when Daoist Tianji saw the flaming sword approach him he quickly brought up his blade to defend.

When he blocked the True Fire, the fire actually leapt and shot to all four sides with quite a few landing on his body, quickly igniting. The rest of the fire sparks entered the store nearby starting a large fire.

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