Chapter 159: Bed Skills are Skills Too

Chapter 159: Bed Skills are Skills Too

After leaving a few men to bury Huang Si’s corpse, Tang Zheng, Lin Hu and the rest returned to the city by car.

This multi-purpose vehicle is kind of shady. Tang Zheng sat in the middle, next to him was Lin Hu and Fire Phoenix. Huang Zhi sat alone in the very last row not even making the slightest of sounds.

Lin Hu and Fire Phoenix turned around from time to time to check on Huang Zhiyang. His eyes were tightly shut, as if asleep, but the two knew Huang Zhiyang was anything but asleep. He could explode at any moment.

The important part is he and Tang Zeng looked exactly like a worker and owner relationship. There was no sign that they were working together at all. There wasn’t even the overly proud young master like aura.

The two were in a dilemma, Fire Phoenix looked at Lin Hu, Lin Hu hesitated a little and asked: “Young master Tang, what should I do with him?”

Tang Zeng didn’t look back, coolly said “look for a place to take care of him, including food and drinks. Don’t worry about the rest. He won’t run away.”

“But he’s Huang Ziyang, previously the famous young master Huang, who knows how many people he’s harmed? It’s another thing to fix tomorrow. What happens if he hurts someone? “Lin Hu is careful, careful to not slip anything, as he is afraid Huang Zhiyang will hear.

Tang Zeng wasn’t able to accept that Huang Zhiyang is a puppet, so he pats Lin Hu’s shoulder, and comfortingly says: “Don’t worry, he won’t cause trouble, only practices. He can’t do anything.

This is what Tian Chanzi told him. Since Huang Zhiyang was already a puppet, they could one do one thing. Practice. Upgrade his martial arts and carry out boss’s orders.

Seeing Tang Zeng promise, the two couldn’t help be suspicious, but they felt Tang Zeng was even better and even more admirable.

Day 2. Tang Zeng had a good beauty sleep, but when he arrived at school, he ran into Ye Tianlei and Feng Shiniang. The two had serious expressions, purposely leading Ye Dingdang away. They then stared intently at Tang Zeng

“Did something happen?” Tang Zeng suspiciously asked, seeing that something big must have happened from the expressions.

Ye Tianlei said in a deep tone: “Huang Shi died, Huang Zhiyang has disappeared.”

Tang Zeng was shocked a bit. It was this situation, and I thought it was something bigger.

Feng Shiniang said: “Little handsome boy, Huang Shi’s death is too strange, the evidence says he was killed by people of the underworld, but Huang Shi was a Ninth-grade Natal stage martial artist.

Huang Siniang’s care for her future son-in-law went deeper than words could say.

“I will be going to Jing Cheng soon and I will take Dingdang with me so for the oncoming high school exam you should try to test into Jing Cheng University so in the future it will be easy for us to take care of you. Even if Huang Ziyang wants to do anything to you he will be unable to.” Ye Tianlei said.

Tang Zheng felt his heart warm as this family had treated him well. He thought for a moment but decided to not hide the facts from them and bluntly said: “I was there when Huang Si died.”

“What?” The husband and wife both exclaimed together, “What happened?”

“Huang Si wanted to kill me so he was killed. No, he was killed by Huang Ziyang. Right now Huang Ziyang follows me but I can not reveal him just yet.” Tang Zheng truthfully said as he did not want to reveal the Puppet Technique to the public as it would simply be heaven-shattering news.

Even so, just this piece of news was able to send the husband and wife into a daze as if one were to ask the Ye Clan who was their greatest threat in Chang Heng City, it would be Huang Si without a doubt as they had fought in the shadows for countless years.

It was unknown what kind of conditions Ye Xuanji gave that made Ye Tianlei want to go back to Jing Cheng and it did not matter if Feng Siniang was against it as she could only accept. It is for this very reason that Ye Tianlei brought up Huang Si but little did he know that Huang Si died just like that and moreover he was killed by Tang Zheng.

The two looked at each other as if their brain was not enough to use. This was too bizarre! They could only stare at Tang Zheng believing that he was telling a joke.

“Little handsome brother, Huang Si is a Ninth-grade Natal stage practitioner while I heard you were a Sixth-grade Body so how could you possibly kill him?” Feng Siniang asked suspiciously.

“It was Huang Ziyang who injured him when he wasn’t ready allowing him to be able to kill Huang Si.”

“Why would Huang Ziyang kill Huang Si?” This was another major point of suspicion.

Tang Zheng shook his head and gave a mysterious smile, not saying a word.

The husband and wife knew they were touching upon Tang Zheng’s secret and did not ask anymore. Even so, they felt waves of shock surging through their heart as their gaze towards Tang Zheng changed.

Ye Tianlei patted Tang Zheng’s shoulders and solemnly said: “So that underworld person is you, you are that mysterious young master Tang who recently appeared?”

“That’s just a name they made up for fun.” Tang Zheng was dumbstruck as he did not think they had also heard of his nickname.

“The old waves push the new waves forward. It seems like I really am old.” Ye Tianlei sighed as he did not know how but Tang Zheng did it.

Of course, there must be a number of secrets Tang Zheng’s keeps that far surpassed their understanding.

Feng Siniang’s eyes gradually lit up as she illuminated asked Tang Zheng: “Little handsome brother how are you doing with the surnamed Fang girl?”

Tang Zheng was caught off guard but said: “Pretty well, why?”

Feng Siniang pointed at the distant Ye Dingdang and said: “Look at our family’s Dingdang, isn’t she very lady like?”


Tang Zheng froze and could already guess her intentions as she wanted to try to get them together again.

As expected, Feng Siniang said: “Little handsome brother, I really think highly of you. You must obtain our family’s Dingdang as she is not only educated but a strong martial artist. She will most definitely be a treasure that can aid you in the future.

Ye Tianlei’s brain did not move as fast as his wife as he could only helplessly look at Feng Siniang and shake his head without saying a word.

Tang Zheng was a bit flattered at her passionate attempts but could only hurriedly reply: “I need to go to class so I’ll be leaving Uncle Ye, Aunty Feng.” Then made his escape.

Feng Siniang called out loudly after him: “Don’t forget what I said. You really have to spend some time to carefully consider it.”

Ye Dingdang seeing Tang Zheng beating a hasty retreat couldn’t help but ask curiously: “What did they want with you that even I can’t know about.”

Tang Zheng shrugged his shoulder: “You go ask them if you really want to know.”

“Even if I ask them they won’t tell me. Just what did they tell you that requires being all secretive. Do they even treat me as their daughter? It’s as if you are their son.”

Tang Zheng gave a faint smile.

“Heng, if you don’t want to say then don’t say it. Let me tell you, in a week I will definitely break through to become a Sixth-grade Refining Body practitioner and just you wait for my grand announcement.” Ye Dingdang said with great spirit and vigor.

Tang Zheng said in disbelief: “That quick? Could it be that the Jade Women’s Heart Sutra is really that good?”

Ye Dingdang rolled her eyes at this unlearned fella and said: “Of course, the Jade Women Heart Sutras is suitable for me and the qi in my body has become stronger.

Tang Zheng stared at her but of course, he could not see through her. Although he could clearly feel that the qi within her body has become more vigorous and strangely enough her yin qi has also become denser.

“Yi, what is going on? Tian Chanzi, hurry up and come out. The Jade Women Heart Sutra wouldn’t be like the set you gave Huang Ziyang right? She wouldn’t turn into a puppet would she?”

Tian Chanzi’s methods have given Tang Zheng a deep impression.

“Little brat, don’t be ungrateful and bite the hand that is feeding you. Don’t judge others with your ignorant self as the Jade Women Heart Sutra that I gave the little girl is definitely a high-level martial arts set and not some random crap.” Tian Chanzi refuted.

Tang Zheng let out a breath of relief: “But how come the yin qi in her body changed so much.”

“Heihei, this is one of the interesting effects of the Jade Women Heart Sutra as it is a technique designed specifically for women that will allow them to accumulate yin qi. All this I am doing is to benefit you in the future when you take her as you will be able to obtain more yin qi. I’ll have you know that I have used all my heart and kindness in helping you.” Tian Chanzi continued to boast.

Tang Zheng blanked out: “Tian Chanzi can you stop being like this? I already have Fang Shishi.”

“Heng, don’t blame me. I am not like you and in the future, you will understand.” Tian Chanzi said then shut his mouth leaving Tang Zheng helpless.

Seeing Tang Zheng stare at her in a daze caused Ye Dingdang to be unable to resist loudly calling out: “Tang Zheng, what are you looking at?”

“Ah, it’s nothing.” Tang Zheng regained his composure and said.

“You were clearly looking at me and yet you say it’s nothing. What do you mean by that?” Ye Dingdang said throwing a rage and pointedly asked.

Tang Zheng gave a smile and upon seeing Fang Shishi walk over he hurriedly went to meet her, causing Ye Dingdang to be angered to the point of stopping her feet.

“What were you guys talking about that caused Ye Dingdang to be so angry?” Fang Shishi asked curiously.

Previously she was a bit worried about Ye Dingdang but recently she and Tang Zheng have been stuck together like glue so she did not worry about Ye Dingdang at all.

“We didn’t say anything much.”

“Last time you said that I can increase my cultivation by taking a Spirit pill so why don’t you come to my house tonight? I want to quickly increase my cultivation.” Fang Shishi impatiently said.

“Alright, no problem.” After dealing with the problem that was Huang Si he felt a great burden lift from his shoulders allowing his mood to be better. As for Daoist Tianji, god knows where he went so he also did not worry about the other.

“So, you’ll come to my house tonight right?”

“Will your mom and dad disagree?”

Fang Shishi unconsciously thought back to the awkward scene from last time as she fiercely pinched him and said: “I want you to guide me in cultivation and not to do that.”

“Bed skills are a skill too. Aiyo, don’t flick me. My flesh is going to fall off.” Tang Zheng cried out in an exaggerated manner.

“Heng, liar. What is this little bit of pain to you.” Fang Shishi swept her gaze over him but released him.

“Tonight when you come just sneak into my house and don’t let my parents see you. They have been keeping a close eye on me for the past few days and my mom has even been eavesdropping at my door but she hasn’t heard anything for the past two days. So, as long as you are quiet when you come and leave before the sun rises it should be fine.”

Tang Zheng gave a naughty chuckle: “After cultivating can we do any… relaxing activity?”

“Ah, how come all you have in your mind is stuff like that?” Fang Shishi fiercely poked Tang Zheng’s forehead and coquettishly said.

Tang Zheng gave a silly smile as he felt blessed these days.

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