Chapter 158: Head Seat

Chapter 158: Head Seat

Huang Si flew towards the entrance of the main hall and turned his head to look at Huang Ziyang. Huang Si’s eyes were filled with despair as he did not understand why his son would act to kill him, even delivering a heavy injury. This was done all the while with Tang Zheng standing to the side, gazing at him like he was prey. Huang Si could not stay anymore or else he really might die.

Huang Si did not want to die so the only option was to escape and seek revenge another day.

For this reason, he squeezed out his remaining energy to escape. He pushed off and leaped towards the ceiling where his feet running across the ceiling boards rang out.

“The old fox is trying to escape!”

Fire Phoenix had a look of shock, for if he really did escape then the chaos that followed would be big. No one would be safe if they have a Ninth-Grade Natal stage martial artists trying to assassinate them.

If he were to strike each one while they are alone then there would be no one who could block him. Ultimately all the power they have now would be gone.

“Chase him!”

Tang Zheng gave a low roar as he too kicked off in pursuit. Huang Ziyang followed and they both ran quickly along the ceiling board.

Lin Hu and Fire Phoenix left a portion of their force to deal with Huang Si’s men and chased after them. They distantly saw the three running like cheetahs as they raced towards a distant mountain forest.

As long as Huang Si enters that little mountain forest then it would really be looking for a needle in a haystack. Of course, Tang Zheng knew this and gave a loud roar: “Hurry, don’t let him escape.”

He and Huang Ziyang both increased their speed.

Huang Si looked like a beaten up dog as he made a mad dash without daring to stop. He turned to look at his ever approaching pursuers and gnashed his teeth pushing himself to the extreme.

Shou shou shou!

At this time all Lin Hu could see was three disappearing shadows as their speed was simply too fast for him to keep up with.

The distance between them was only a hundred or so meters but Huang Si was quickly approaching the mountain forest and Tang Zheng knew he could not wait any longer. With great decisiveness, he withdrew Battle Soul and used all his strength to throw it forward.

The sound of air being pierced rang out as Battle Soul shot forth with a black light towards Huang Si as if it was a large hidden weapon.

Battle Soul shot forward with an incredible speed and in the blink of an eye, it melded into the darkness of the night, so much so that without the noise of cutting through the air no one would know of its existence.

Huang Si heard the air splitting apart behind and he turned his head only to see that Battle Soul was five meters from him. If he did not block this attack then he would have a hole pierced in him.

He could not continue to madly rush forward and was forced to dodge, allowing Battle Soul to closely fly past his shoulders.


Battle Soul cut a large tree in half before penetrating into a rock, resulting in cracks to form before it shattered sending shards flying in all directions.

Borrowing the momentary delay, Tang Zheng and Huang Ziyang closed in on Huang Si causing him to be shocked. Huang Si then turned his gaze towards Battle Soul and his eyes lit up.

Treasure sword. This is definitely an otherworldly treasure sword. With this, his battle strength would immediately increase and he would no longer have to fear Tang Zheng and Huang Ziyang.

Huang Si threw himself forward, tumbled on the ground, and grabbed ahold of the blade feeling the icy cold hilt causing him to feel vigorous.

He no longer ran but arrogantly stood up. The moon shone on his ferocious face which now gazed at the two charging at him.

“The treasure sword is in my hand now. Tang Zheng, you are dead for sure. Just what demonic technique did you do to my son? Hurry up and make him normal.” Huang Si held the sword in one hand, pointing the tip at Tang Zheng, his killing intent boiling as he threatening said.

Tang Zheng and Huang Ziyang both stopped and glared at Huang Si. Tang Zheng hesitated a moment before saying: “Have you heard of the Puppet Technique?”

“Puppet Technique?” Huang Si’s face revealed suspicion as he has never heard of it before but he could understand the gist of it from the name, “Are you saying that my son has become a puppet?”

“He’s Tian Chanzi’s puppet.” Tang Zheng said internally but did not voice aloud.

“What kind of technique is this and how come I have never heard of it before?”

Tang Zheng shook his head: “There are many things in this world that you have never heard of.”

“Little brat, are all of these things your master taught you?”

Tang Zheng did not deny it.

“I am going to kill you and then that god damn master of yours.” Huang Si charged at him but in his hands, Battle Soul did not give off the black light, yet it still possessed boundless killing intent.

At this moment, Huang Si felt as if he were an invincible war god and his heart swelled with an indescribable self-confidence. His eyes went wide as he gave a loud roar and ear piercing roar, “KILL!”

Tang Zheng did not avoid the blow but went forward to meet it. Huang Ziyang followed one on the right and one of the left as they attacked in a pincer movement.

Huang Si placed nothing in his eyes as he now possessed the treasure sword so what was there to fear?

The cold blade pierced towards Tang Zheng but Tang Zheng did not stop. He even stretched out his hand toward Battle Soul.

Huang Si seeing this was overcome with joy as the sword will definitely chop off Tang Zheng’s arm and he would no longer be a threat.

Lin Hu and Fire Phoenix who saw this scene from afar lost all color in their face as they loudly roared: “Young master Tang, careful!”

Will something happen to Tang Zheng?

Of course not.

Is Battle Soul an ordinary treasure blade?

Of course, it’s not.

Battle Soul is a magical treasure and Tang Zheng is its master. The two have formed a connection and with a thought, Tang Zheng brought Battle Souls attack to a halt as if there was an invisible force that blocked it.

Huang Si was shocked as he used all his strength to push the sword forward but Battle Soul would not budge.

The thin blade was already pressed against Tang Zheng’s skin yet his arms had not been chopped off. Suddenly, Battle Soul gave off a bright black light as it started to drone and tremble, giving off a piercing cry that shook the surroundings.

Huang Si who was originally confident and powerful as if everything was in his grasps, couldn’t help but deeply scared at the scene in front of him. This was especially so for the feeling that Battle Soul was emitting as even though he was holding the blade it did not feel as if it was in his control.

A strong wave of energy entered his palm from the hilt causing his fingers to unconsciously loosen up as the blade fell into Tang Zheng’s hands right before his eyes.

Huang Si felt as if Battle Soul had its own spirit and was not an ordinary treasure blade. This realization caused his desire to burn even stronger.

“How can this be?” Huang Si roared furiously.

Tang Zheng gave a cold laugh: “This is not a treasure that you can wield.”

Huang Si did not understand the meaning behind the words as Huang Ziyang already started to attack him from the side. Caught within this pincer movement, Huang Si had nowhere to run to.

“Even if I have to die I will take you with me!” Huang Si suddenly rushed at Tang Zheng crazed and attacked ferociously, enveloping him in kicks.

Even so, the other was faster than him, and Huang Ziyang sent out his own strikes which fiercely struck against Huang Si’s back taking away most of the power behind Huang Si’s attack.

The only sound that could be heard was Huang Si throwing himself on the ground at Tang Zheng’s feet, as the afterimages of the kicks disappeared.

Fire Phoenix and Lin Hu felt their very soul thrown shake after seeing how the situation changed when Tang Zheng empty handed took back his sword and Huang Ziyang’s fierce attacks.

Seeing Huang Si sprawling on the ground, not moving, the others hurriedly rushed over.

Tang Zheng looked down at Huang Si, who vomited a mouthful of blood, which dyed the ground before him as his eyes were gradually becoming lax.

Those two strikes just now were killing blows as it has shattered his heart and his time was up.

Huang Ziyang had a blank expression as if none of this was related to him, and seeing this caused Lin Hu and co to avoid him.

This was too demonic and it far surpassed their thoughts.

“Tang Zheng, I am unwilling. I should have killed you a long time ago. If I kill all of you back then…” Huang Si spat out another mouthful of blood while he continued to roar.

Fire Phoenix gave an angry roar: “That year when you killed my husband you should have foreseen today. All of this was sought by yourself.”

Huang Si swept his gaze over her and said: “I do not regret it. At least I lived ten years longer than that damned husband of yours and I successfully controlled the major powers in Chang Heng City while he did not. This goes to show that I am stronger than him, haha!”

“You will never be as strong as him. I will forever remember him but no one on this world will remember you!” Fire Pheonix thundered as she fiercely kicked Huang Si sending him rolling before he came to a stop. The only thing that could be heard was a series of ragged breathing sound.

Fire Phoenix’s emotions were agitated as her gaze was filled with tears. She said: “Young master Tang, please let me personally kill him!”

“Let me!” Lin Hu also petitioned indignantly.

Tang Zheng shook his head and commanded Huang Ziyang: “You do it!”

Lin Hu and Fire Phoenix stared at Huang Ziyang in a daze as they wanted to see if they could spot any reaction from him. They were both extremely curious on Tang Zheng and Huang Ziyang’s relationship.

But they only saw Huang Ziyang emotionlessly walk towards Huang Si, without a hint of retaliation.

Huang Ziyang squatted down and grabbed Huang Si’s brain, who stared with wide eye and furiously roared: “No! I don’t want to die…”


Huang Si’s cry came to a halt as his neck was snapped by Huang Ziyang. Just like that, the life of the boss of Chang Heng City was ended just like that year when he ended the previous bosses life.

When one comes out to mess in the underworld, they must return what they took sooner or later.


Suddenly, Fire Phoenix squatted down on the floor and wailed: “Huang Si is finally dead and I have gotten you your revenge, do you see? Your soul can finally rest in heaven.”

Lin Hu sighed and patted her shoulder.

Fire Phoenix sobbed and did not possess the fierce aura a boss should have but no one would demand something like that at this time as this was the time when one’s emotions were the truest.

Fire Phoenix’s sobs gradually came to a halt as she suddenly turned towards Tang Zheng and firmly said with strength: “Young master Tang, you have helped me get revenge for my husband so from today forward, I, Fire Phoenix, will be yours to dispose of!”

Tang Zheng hurriedly helped her up and said: “Everyone will be fighting together for a better future.”

Lin Hu and Fire Phoenix both nodded simultaneously: “We will fight to the death for young master Tang, braving mountains of blades and seas of fire without any hesitation.”

In this battle, Tang Zheng had completely gained Fire Phoenix’s recognition and it was not just a mutual benefit relationship but a deeply rooted submission. This allowed their relationship to be even more solid and strong.

From this moment on, Tang Zheng became the mover of Chang Heng City’s underworld as he took the head seat.

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