Chapter 157: Scary Side Effects

Chapter 157: Scary Side Effects

Huang Si attacked ferociously and with extreme speed not giving Tang Zheng a chance to escape. Tang Zheng could only roar inwardly: “Tian Chanzi, if you don’t reveal your trump card now then I really will be captured by him.”

Tian Chanzi chuckled: “What are you panicking for. The good show is yet to come. Slowly make your way toward Huang Ziyang.”

Tang Zheng’s body flashed toward Huang Ziyang. Huang Ziyang wanted to move but couldn’t as he stood there watching powerlessly as Tang Zheng rushed towards him.

Huang Si, on the other hand, let out a snarl: “If you dare hurt my son you are courting death!” Huang Si then rushed in front of Huang Ziyang to protect him.

“Heihei, it’s now. Retreat!” Tian Chanzi commanded in satisfaction. Even though Tang Zheng did not know what was going he immediately retreated when suddenly he saw an unbelievable scene.

Huang Si’s back was faced toward Huang Ziyang so he did not notice that Huang Ziyang’s expression had undergone a tremendous change as if he lost a certain vitality to him, looking as if he had gone retarded. Moreover, Huang Ziyang started to move and pushed forward with both palms.

A muffled sound rang out as the two palms hit Huang Si square in the back causing him to take a step forward as he vomited a mouthful of blood, his face becoming ashen pale.

He turned his head in disbelief as he discovered that the two palm strikes were from his own son. At this realization, he felt fury and also confusion.

What is happening?

Huang Ziyang actually attacked Huang Si!

Not only was Huang Si at a loss so too was Tang Zheng, who stared wide-eyed at this cruel display between father and son. It was so much so that he started to disbelieve what he was seeing.

“Haha, this is a pretty good show isn’t it.” Tian Chanzi smiled and said in satisfaction.

Tang Zheng felt many thoughts but none of them could fully explain the situation. Could Huang Ziyang have gone mad?

“Just what is going on?”

“Didn’t I tell you that the martial arts Huang Ziyang trains in has an adverse side effect? Well, this is that adverse side effect.”

“Could it be that the adverse effect is that he undergoes martial arts deviation?”

“Of course not, going on deviation is just a small case and I, Tian Chanzi, would not make such a move. Once I do make a move, however, it would be different from the crowd. What he has fallen for is the Puppet Technique.”

“Puppet Technique?” Tang Zheng had never heard of this technique before and was therefore confused.

“The Puppet Technique controls his mind and turns him into a mindless puppet and you into his master. The martial arts set I gave him was the training method for puppets and once he trains that to the Natal stage then I am able to use the Puppet Technique to control him.”

Tang Zheng felt his heart tremble as Tian Chanzi was much crueler than him. There was not a single good person in the cultivation world.

The worst Tang Zheng would do to his enemies would be to kill them but Tian Chanzi actually turned his enemy into a puppet who is not only unable to die but has to help him carry out his tasks, which would be many times worse than dying.

“Little brat, do you think that I am cruel as the world of cultivators is one where the strong eat the weak. If one is too benevolent then they will only be killed as everyday cultivators have to enter the stage of killing. Remember, that in order to continue living and to become the ultimate victor one has to survive. Moreover, to treat one's enemy with kindness is to treat oneself with pain. Did you forget that Huang Ziyang wanted to kill you?” Tian Chanzi.

Tang Zheng did not say a single word as he did not believe Tian Chanzi’s words to be false. Huang Ziyang wanted to first kill him so he could not be blamed.

Seeing that Tang Zheng did not hold weak thoughts, Tian Chanzi finally laid his rest to ease as he praised: “This is the correct train of thought. Huang Si has suffered two palm blows and won’t die but his power is greatly decreased. At the same time, the pressure on you will be temporarily lessened.

Tang Zheng let out a breath of relief as he looked at Huang Si who laid on the ground, who just so happened to be staring at his son in disbelief.

“Ziyang, why did you attack me from the back?” Huang Si could not help but wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth and asked but Huang Ziyang did not move or reply.

Instead, Huang Ziyang walked towards Tang Zheng.

“Little brat, don’t be afraid. He is currently my puppet and won’t harm you and will instead help you.” Tian Chanzi said.

Huang Ziyang calmly stood by Tang heng’s side as he stared straight ahead just like a puppet.

Huang Si looked at his son then again at Tang Zheng as if he had his own thoughts before roaring: “Tang Zheng, just what did you do to my son?”

Tang Zheng splayed his hands. I didn’t do anything, it was Tian Chanzi.

“What benefits did you give him that he would actually attack me?” Huang Si continued to roar with fury.

“Ziyang, come back, no matter what benefits he gives you I can give you several times more.” Huang Si said.

Huang Ziyang maintained his unfeeling and unmoving stance.

“Tang Zheng, I can only blame myself for not killing you in the beginning even if it was Ye Tianlei who blocked me I should have killed you.” Huang Si said with incomparable regret.

“Huang Si, you have always been all high and almighty not putting others lives in your eyes. Back then your son was the same too after I fought a few death matches he started to eyeball my martial arts technique and wanted to kill me for it. He even kidnapped my family member, heng, now it is you guys who are on the losing end. It hurts doesn’t it but it is too late. In this world, there is no medicine for regret.”

Tang Zheng thought back to how his grandfather nearly lost his life at Huang Ziyang's hands and he felt fury rise up from his belly. Previously, the Huang clan did not put him in their eyes and did not treat him like a human, now this was the result.

Tang Zheng could not be blamed as they could only blame themselves.

Huang Si did not reply as the killing intent in his eyes became thicker and thicker as he roared: “No matter what power you give him as long as I kill him nothing will be a problem. At that time, I will kill your family and everyone you know.”

The killing intent in Tang Zheng’s eyes also became denser: “Since that is the case then I will have to first kill you!”

“Hand over your life!” Huang Si loudly roared and charged forward. Tang Zheng stood in place while Huang Ziyang took a step forward, his movement was much faster than it was before as he charged fiercely.

“After he became a puppet, his martial arts power has also increased.” Tian Chanzi explained.

Tang Zheng nodded his head and did not move as he merely observed the scene.

The two clashed causing the entire main hall to look as if was hit by a few demolition machine making a mess.

The commotion was so great that countless tens of people immediately flooded in but upon seeing the father and son causing mutual destruction the people present went into a daze as no one dared approach.

“Kill that brat Tang Zheng for me.” Huang Si roared out in command.

At this time, everyone charged at Tang Zheng with weapons razed but when faced with such ordinary attacks, no matter how large the crowd, Tang Zheng was not afraid as he mowed them down.


Suddenly an earth shatter cry rang out from outside the estate and a large mob of people killed their way in. The two leading the crowd was naturally Fire Phoenix and Lin Hu.

The two had heard the commotion and signaled for their lackeys to charge in as they would definitely not let something happen to Tang Zheng.

Without knowing it Tang Zheng had become a crucial character.

But after they killed their way in they couldn’t help but stare at the scene that greeted them with jaws hanging to the floor. It wasn’t Tang Zheng who was fighting with Huang Si but Huang Ziyang?

Lin Hu and Fire Phoenix looked at each other as they had countless questions.

“First deal with this group of people then decide on our next move.” Lin Hu said.

Fire Phoenix nodded her head and signaled for her people to charge and clear out the people who were surrounding Tang Zheng. Afterwards, the main hall calmed down again as everyone continued to stare at the weird scene played out in front of them.

Lin Hu asked quietly: “Young Master Tang, just what is going on here?”

Tang Zheng shook his head and said: “Why did you guys come in?”

“We heard and saw the commotion so we were afraid that Huang Si was pulling a move on you. Due to our worry for your safety, we decided to charge in.” Lin Hu explained.

Fire Phoenix agitated said: “It seems like we worried too much. Young Master Tang really does have his ways to actually be able to get a pair of foxes to fight against each other.”

“This Huang Ziyang is really strong, his advancement is so fast to actually be able to fight on even footing with the old fox. Could it be that is also a Ninth-grade Natal stage expert? That’s impossible right?” Lin Hu stared at the heated battle with wide-eyes as he could not help but voice his feelings.

“Huang Ziyang is at the First-grade Natal stage but Huang Si is heavily injured so that is why they are able to fight on equal grounds.

Fire Phoenix glared at Huang Si, her eyes seemed to spit fire. It was clear that she was thinking about her deceased husband.

“Young Master Tang, I still have something to do. I must slaughter this old fox.” Fire Phoenix gnashed her teeth and said.

Tang Zheng shook his head and said: “Do not act recklessly. You guys' level is still too low and by going there you will only give Huang Si a fighting chance.”

Lin Hu and Fire Phoenix exchanged looks as they both drooped their heads.

Tang Zheng seeing the situation knew that his words struck their weak point. As though these two were experts in ordinary people’s eyes but when compared with real experts they were simply too weak.

“I’ll give you two a martial arts technique when we go back so that you guys can ponder on it and it may even be able to help you raise your level.” Tang Zheng was prepared to give the martial arts technique set he gave Feng Yong to the two.

The two looked up at Tang Zheng with excitement and agitatedly said: ‘Thank you, Young Master Tang!”

Huang Ziyang fought without fear as even though he suffered a few kicks he did not retreat, nor did he seemed to act as if he knew what pain was. This was what a true puppet was, one that did not know fear, or feel emotions. The only thing in mind was its master’s command.

Huang Si, on the other hand, became weaker as the fight dragged out as his injury had started acting up causing him to suffer a few consecutive blows by Huang Ziyang. As the battle continued Huang Si gradually felt that something was weird.

Huang Ziyang’s gaze was soulless as if he could not remember Huang Si, moreover, every single move was fierce and carried killing intent, and they emerged in an endless stream.

“Ziyang, hurry up and wake up. What happened to you?” Huang Si loudly roared. Huang Ziyang acted as if he did not hear him and Huang Si seeing this suddenly turned his head to look at Tang Zheng and his men, and roared: “Lin Hu, Fire Phoenix, you guys came? Do you guys think that you and Tang Zheng will be able to block me?”

Lin Hu gave a cold smile and said: “Huang Si, if we don’t deal with you then could it be that you would have let us go? In this Chang Heng City, we had to look to you for everything but this daddy is sick of it.”

Fire Phoenix gave a furious roar: “Huang Si, that year you killed my husband. Today, I will kill you. Is that not fitting?”

“Fire Phoenix, that year I should have followed Hoodlum’s advise and killed you. I would never have expected that I allowed a tiger to lie.” Huang Si said with incomparable regret.

“Heng, today you will not be able to kill me but I will definitely kill you!”

In the moment of Huang Si’s distraction, Huang Ziyang struck and ripped off a piece of flesh from Huang Si’s back while his other palm struck at hos chest. After taking this blow, Huang Si fell to the ground.

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