Chapter 156: The Strength of the Body Lock Technique

Chapter 156: The Strength of the Body Lock Technique

Faced with such a barrage of attacks Tang Zheng could only helplessly pull out Battle Soul and while he made several consecutive cuts resulting in countless afterimages.

Peng peng peng!

The many rocks were blocked and fell to the ground while Tang Zheng ended up unharmed. With the last flick of his blade, he stood imposingly.

Huang Ziyang’s pupils flashed with shock as he had never seen Tang Zheng wield this sword before and hurriedly avoided the cut.


The Battle Soul sword slashed into the ground causing a line to extend from the center of the main hall towards Huang Si as if it were a sentient snake.

Huang Si stamped down on the floor, halting the blow. It was unknown that if he did not use his own strength how far this one slash would travel for.

His eyes flashed with light as he stared illuminated at Tang Zheng and said: “What an amazing sword technique!”

Huang Ziyang’s eyes gleamed and he once again rushed forward, his fingers forming a claw as if he were trying to rip through the air, heading towards Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng fully displayed his Heaven Flying Immortal Technique as Battle Soul met the incoming blow. Seeing this, Huang Ziyang did not dare get too close.

“Do you think that this is able to stop me? Keep dreaming!” Huang Ziyang roared as he grabbed at the sword.

“Aren’t you afraid of getting your hand cut off?” Tang Zheng’s heart flashed with a question but he knew what his opponent's intentions were in the next second.

A clanging sound rang out as Battle Soul cut down on the other shoulders, bringing with it sparks of fire blossom. It seems like he wore a shoulder guard hence why he showed no fear.

Huang Ziyang revealed great satisfaction as he said: “Now you know my strength.”

Tang Zheng gave a grunt and pushed forward with his attack. A moment later, several more clashing sounds rang out as the two moved around parrying as parks continued to flash. Soon the entire main hall was covered with the two’s afterimages as they moved back and forth.

Huang Si could finally let out a breath of as he inwardly said: “This set of martial arts Ziyang possess is incredible. He may even catch up to me shortly and in the future, I can pass over the family business to him without worry.”

After a heated round the two's fight became more intense but not long later Huang Ziyang slowly gained the upper hand as his level was higher than Tang Zheng’s.

But Tang Zheng’s Heaven Flying Immortal was not just in name as it caused Huang Ziyang to scurry around like a mouse, unable to obtain victory.

“Continuing on like this is not a way, I must find a method to break through.” Tang Zheng searched his thoughts when suddenly, a thought came to him, “right, use the Body Lock Technique.”

Tang Zheng still had worries about revealing his identity as a cultivator hence why he had never used this technique on another person but right now he did not have the luxury to think as much. Moreover, another benefit of this technique was that the other may mistake it for a pressure point technique and not connect it to his identity as a cultivator.

Hence, once the two got close and they were exchanging blows, Tang Zheng muttered the incantation stirring up the spirit energy so as to rush at Huang Ziyang’s acupuncture point.

Huang Ziyang’s body suddenly came to a stop before Tang Zheng as his eyes revealed a shock expression and he roared: “What happened? Pressure Point Technique?”

He clearly knew that Tang Zheng did not touch his body but he actually had his pressure point targeted? He has never heard of something like this.

Tang Zheng would not give him the opportunity to recover as he immediately grabbed the other, his Battle Soul flashing towards the other’s neck.

Huang Si originally had the appearance of wanting to look at a good show but seeing this scene he jumped out of his seat and exclaimed: “No touch pressure point!”

Tang Zheng flicked his lips, this is my Body Lock Technique, what no touch pressure point, you clueless fool.

Huang Si was greatly shocked as he once again said: “Just who are you? How can a Sixth-grade Refining Body know how to use no touch pressure point technique? It is a high-level technique that only a Scholar level martial artists can use.”

Tang Zheng gave a cold smile: “Why do you care so much. The key is that your son is in my palms.”

Huang Si shook his head in disbelief: “That’s impossible, a Sixth-grade Refining Body using the no touch pressure point. That is absolutely unheard of. Just who taught you? Who is your master? Could he be a Scholar martial artist?”

Huang Si’s heart was sent into turmoil as if Tang Zheng really had a master in the Scholar realm then things would be incomparably difficult. Even though he was confident in himself, when compared to a Scholar master he was nothing. Just a single lift of a finger by the other could squish him to death.

If he killed a Scholar martial artists disciple and was discovered then he, Huang Si, would be as good as dead. He is afraid that even his entire Huang Clan may be faced with annihilation and this was something that he did not want to see.

On the other hand, he and Tang Zheng had come to a deadlock, so if he did not kill Tang Zheng then when his master came, the Huang Clan will also meet annihilation.

What should he do, what should he do?

Huang Si’s heart was frantic as even though it was Ye Tianlei behind Tang Zheng he would not be too worried but now that the other might have a Scholar master behind him this caused his intestines to turn green as for how could he not investigate clearly before making a move.

Seeing him sink into deep thought without a word, his expression fluctuating, Tang Zheng suspiciously asked: “What are you thinking about? If you want to move then hurry, there is no point in dilly-dallying.”

Huang Si fiercely lifted up his head and stared at Tang Zheng with a gleam in his eyes: “Tang Zheng, do you really want to fight to the death with me?”

Tang Zheng gave a cold smile: “It has already come to this so do you think we can just stop it with just a word? Moreover, Fire Phoenix’s husband was killed by you and I need to avenge him.”

“Since it is like this then you can not blame me for being fierce.” Huang Si made a decision and gave a low roar, rushing at Tang Zheng like a ghost. Tang Zheng did not have any time to react when the other appeared in front of his face. With a grab of his hands, the air before Tang Zheng pulled him forward causing him to be greatly shocked.

This was the true strength of a Ninth-grade Natal stage martial artist. Previously, Tang Zheng had exchanged moves with Ye Tianlei but the other had intentionally suppressed his strength so Tang Zheng did not have such a deep impression. As this, Huang Si exploded forth with his true strength in an attempt to take his life.

Tang Zheng’s expression underwent great change as this kind of expert was indeed someone he was unable to deal with. So, he hurriedly used Huang Ziyang to block the attack.

Suddenly, he felt his hand go empty as Huang Ziyang was snatched away by Huang Si.

Sh*t, it seems this was a feint by Huang Si as his main objective was to save Huang Ziyang. Tang Zheng did not counter attack as he quickly retreated.

As expected, Huang Si while holding onto his son with one hand, sent another kick at Tang Zheng, carrying great forth. Seeing this, Tang Zheng did not dare try to use his body to take this blow like when he fought with Hoodlum.

He quickly made some space between them as he waved Battle Soul in front of him. With a ‘sou’ the ominous blade gleamed as a sinister light was sent bursting forth from the blade.

Huang Si was shocked as he stopped his attack and exclaimed: “What’s this?”

Tang Zheng gave a cold smile as of course, he would not tell the other that this was this daddy’s treasure blade.

Previously when he was fighting against Huang Zi, Tang Zheng intentionally suppressed Battle Soul’s gleam and he finally revealed its true colors. Even though it was black, it still stood out greatly.

“Treasure blade, this is a true treasure blade. Father, you must get this.” Huang Ziyang cried out in astonishment.

Huang Si had never seen a treasure blade that gave off a light and he was both ecstatic and shocked. If this really was a treasure item then even if he went against Ye Tianlei he would not lose.

“For this treasure blade to stay in your hands would be a waste. Give it to me.” Huang Si made a grab with his hand as he intended to steal the blade.

But how could Tang Zheng allow him to succeed? With a flick of his wrist, the sword flashed in the light bringing with it more force than the previous strike. This slash gave off a dense wave of black light and carried with it the aura of death as Battle Soul also gave off a high pitch ‘weng’ that was akin to that of a dragon’s call.

Huang Si’s expression was one of shock as this treasure blade far surpassed his expectation causing him to desire it more deeply.

At this time, he used all his strength and in that moment Tang Zheng was faced with a barrage of densely packed afterimages. This was the true strength of a leg expert as Hoodlum had barely touched the surface.

Tang Zheng could not even clearly see the other as he could only wave Battle Soul in front of him as he made a retreat.

“I wonder if the Body Lock Technique would work on him?” Tang Zheng asked internally but since he was unable to see Huang Si, he could not use the technique to gather the spirit energy of the heaven and earth to strike his meridian.

Tang Zheng could only persevere as he had no other choice. The disparity in strength between the two was simply too large. ‘Peng,’ a foot landed solidly on his body sending him flying like a broken kite.

A figure flashed a Huang Si emerged from within the many afterimages his kicks brought up. He flashed through the air as he grabbed at Battle Soul.

Tang Zheng felt pain course through his entire body as his bones were being grinded. Huang Si’s kicks were indeed powerful but seeing Huang Si appear before him and was about to grab onto his Battle Soul, Tang Zheng only thought:

“Now’s the time, Body Lock Technique!”

Tang Zheng bore the pain and muttered his incantations and spirit energy shot towards Huang Si’s meridian. Huang Si who was in midair suddenly had his body go rigid as if he was possessed.

His expression changed greatly and he roared, ‘pi pi pa pa’ his body gave off a series of weird noises as he once again regained control over his body.

He actually managed to force the spirit energy out of his body causing the Body Lock Technique to lose its effectiveness but Tang Zheng was able to borrow this short time to firmly land on the ground and retreat. He raised Battle Soul to his chest as he stared at the other.

Huang Si’s expression became incomparably solemn as he was agitated: “It is indeed the no touch pressure point technique. Impressive, impressive indeed.”

He took in a deep breath as if he were trying to contain his internal excitement.

“No wonder you dare so fearlessly, it is because you have such a high ranking technique in your possession. Tang Zheng, I want to capture you. No, I must capture you and learn this high-level martial arts technique. After that, what would Ye Tianlei be? No, even Feng Siniang too, even if they joined hands they would not be my opponent and will ultimately die.”

Huang Si’s gaze gradually gave a perverse gleam as if he were a pervert looking at a world class beauty, unable to contain his own **.

Tang Zheng mocked with a cold chuckle: “Keep dreaming.”

“The heavens really are looking out for me, Huang Si. Your no touch pressure point is still too weak. If your level was just a bit higher than maybe, just maybe you could restrain me with it.” Huang Si said acting as if he had nothing to fear.

Tang Zheng inwardly cursed as if his cultivation was high enough then he could control spirit energy and would not have to physically fight. Just with that, he would be able to play Huang Si to death so why would he have to run away playing with his own life, killing here, killing there?

Huang Si once again made his move but this time he was a bit more careful as the human body was riddled with different types of meridians and he wanted to make preparations just in case Tang Zheng once again used the no touch pressure point technique on him again.

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