Chapter 155: Verge of Conflict

Chapter 155: Verge of Conflict

The two people looked at each other not saying a word, as the atmosphere became heavier, resulting in a suffocating force.

Huang Si’s disdainful expression gradually disappeared as his face became serious, and a glint appeared in his eyes.

For a youth to be able to withstand such force with ease was grounds for him to look at the other seriously.

He pointed at a wooden chair and deeply said: “Sit!”

Tang Zheng took the seat and a servant came up with tea. Tang Zheng did not drink because this place was filled with traps so there was a chance it may have been poisoned hence he decided to just not risk it.

“Youngster, do you know what you have done?” Huang Si said from above his pedestal.

Tang Zheng shrugged his shoulder and said with ease: “Swept your venues.”

“Heng, swept my venues? What a big attitude. You really do have guts.” Huang Si’s eyes flashed and his killing intent stirred.

Tang Zheng flicked his lips and said: “If I didn’t have enough guts then I won’t have food to eat.”

“You’re just like me in my youth, daring to fight and struggle. Youngsters like that have the ability to go out and make a living for themselves.”

Tang Zheng smile: “I am not like you.”

Huang Si gave a cold smile: “There is a difference. You aren’t like me and don’t know how to measure a situation to know what you can and can’t do. If I wasn’t able to do it then I may not have lived up to today. All those in the past who are like you and dare to fight and struggle, who have courage but no plan have long since died out.”

“Oh, it seems you are very lucky then.”

“It’s not luck, it’s called having a brain, and you are a fool.” Huang Si pointed at his brain and said with satisfaction.

“Compared to me you really aren’t smart. You have to know that my scores are top of the class.” Tang Zheng said seriously.

“Heng, I think you really have gone silly from reading to much. What benefits did Ye Tianlei give you that you actually do not care for your life and want to go against me.”

Tang Zheng wrinkled his eyebrows: “What does this have to do with him?”

“Haha, youngster, don’t treat me for a fool. Without Ye Tianlei directing you how would you dare to not place anyone in your eyes and do whatever you want?” Huang Si disdainfully said as he saw through all of Tang Zheng’s secrets.

Tang Zheng was speechless, it seems that Huang Si took him to be Ye Tianlei’s men and that it was Ye Tianlei’s method of going against the Huang Clan. Tang Zheng couldn’t help but give a loud laugh: “Huang Si, you call yourself smart but you are just a muddled old man. Let me tell you that this matter is unrelated to Ye Tianlei.”

Hearing Tang Zheng’s words, Huang Si couldn’t help but freeze up as he said in disbelief: “Are you speaking the truth?”

“Of course, why would I lie to you about this?”

Huang Si thought things over and Tang Zheng did indeed have no reason to lie to him. The situation has already progressed so far and if Ye Tianlei was the true mastermind behind everything then he should have already stood out and made himself known whether it be for talks or for a fight.

Moreover, Ye Tianlei was like Tang Zheng’s protection talisman and there was no way Tang Zheng would foolishly throw away their relationship. All this goes to show that this situation, all of this, was done by Tang Zheng’s own accord.

Huang Si couldn’t help but laugh loudly. He was previously too careful and was nearly put at a loss at what to do with Tang Zheng. Now that he knew that Ye Tianlei was not involved it made things easier for him.

Towards dealing with a backgroundless Tang Zheng, Huang Si thought that he didn’t even need to expend much energy and that inviting him to his estate was merely making a small situation into a big situation.

“Tang Zheng, since you are not acting under Ye Tianlei’s orders then you are truly seeking death. Don’t you know that?” Huang Si mocked him as he had not seen such tomfoolery in many years.

“I do not think so. Seeking one's death first requires there to be someone who is able to kill me.”

“Oh, then what is your level? Please enlighten me otherwise your life is as good as gone.” Huang Si relaxed as he did not even prepare to make a move.

“Sixth-grade Refining Body.” Tang Zheng calmly said.

Huang Si froze and then broke out into a mad laugh: “Sixth-grade Refining Body and you dare try to act big! I think you don’t know how the word ‘death’ is written? Do you know what level I am at?”

“Ninth-grade Natal.” Tang Zheng’s voice was as calm as usual without a ripple.

“Since you know then why do you still dare to go against me?” Huang Si had many unanswered questions.

Tang Zheng shook his head: “Both Huang Ziyang and your underling, Hoodlum, had sent people to kill me without prior grievance so it is clear that you want to tread this path that will result in one of our deaths. In that case, what is the point of me trying to hide? Since you will find me sooner or later why don’t I make a move first and gain the advantage from taking the initiative.”

There was another point that Tang Zheng did not mention and that was he wanted his grandpa to live a life without fear. To do that he planned on controlling all of the underworld.

This sore thumb that was Huang Si must be removed.

“It is an accepted law of the jungle where the weak become the meal for the strong. If they tried to kill you and you survive then that means your life is big. If you take the initiative to provoke me then your life is as good as mine.”

The corner of Tang Zheng’s mouth unconsciously pulled up into a smile: “I do not think so. Since you called me over today then why don’t you explain things to me.”

“Fine, you indeed have character and if it wasn’t because you have done so many threatening things to me I would have wanted to take you under my wings as you are much stronger than Hoodlum.”

Tang Zheng shook his head: “You will never have the chance to take me under you, nor do you have the qualifications.”

“Heng, lunatic. Do you know what the one mistake you did today was?”


“Entering this main hall. From the time you said that you were not acting under Ye Tianlei’s orders your death has already been set in stone.”

“Oh?” Tang Zheng’s face was calm, “Then that means I shouldn’t take off this layer of protective talisman?”

“Of course, but it is already too late, and even if you tried to stick it back on it would be futile. As long as Ye Tianlei does not interfere then you will die without a doubt. Afterwards, I will conquer all of the underworld in Chang Heng City. For those that don’t follow me, I will show then my, Huang Si’s, strength. Even if it’s the Ye Clan, heng, there will be a day when I will surpass Ye Tianlei.” Huang Si said confidently his ambition soaring.

Ye Tianlei was a large mountain within his heart and it has been his greatest desire to surpass this mountain.

Tang Zheng knew Ye Tianlei’s background and it was something that Huang Si, this little places leader, couldn't compare to. So he shook his head: “You have no chance. Since you say so many useless words it seems you are prepared to kill me. Make your move.”

“Me? Make a move? You simply overestimate yourself. Ziyang, come out.” Huang Si suddenly roared and a person suddenly appeared and slowly walked out from the darkness.

At first glance, Tang Zheng almost couldn’t recognize him for Huang Ziyang as his entire disposition has changed. He now no longer gave off a breezy and jade-like prince feel as he now gave off a weird and sinister aura that caused others to feel trepidation.

“Youngster, I heard that you know many secrets and even the martial arts set that Huang Ziyang trains in is from you. I will have you tell me your secrets before I let you die a fast and painless death.” Even though Huang Si was a Ninth-grade Natal expert he was still very much interested in Tang Zheng’s secrets.

Tang Zheng did not acknowledge his words as he was still staring at Huang Ziyang. This was the first time meeting him again after their last battle and he was truly shocked to the core by the appearance of the other.

“Tian Chanzi, just what martial arts set did you give him that he would turn into something like this? He looks as if he had gone down the wrong path.” Tang Zheng asked curiously as Huang Ziyang really did look like one of the evil race.

Tian Chanzi chuckled: “This technique set is some good stuff. You will know in a bit.”

Tang Zheng did not continue to ask but looked at Huang Ziyang who was looking at him with a complicated gazed that had hatred, contempt, and an unsuppressible killing intent.

“Tang Zheng, today is the day you die.” Huang Ziyang said his killing intent boiling, even his voice has changed.

Tang Zheng wrinkled his eyebrows and said: “Back then when you tried to kill me in the hospital you were forced to retreat by an old man right?”

“Heng, that old thing, after I kill you I will go find him. He dares disrupts my good thing so he must die.”

It seems the Medicine King really did save him and so he should thank him the next time they meet.

Tang Zheng shook his head and said: “You won't have a chance to kill him.”

“Heng, aren’t you ashamed from sprouting such big words.” Huang Ziyang said with contempt.

“Ziyang, don’t waste your breath on him. Hurry up and capture him so we can force him to reveal his secrets. Once we have his secrets maybe our Huang Clan will be able to suppress the Ye Clan.” Huang Si commanded.

“Don’t worry, he is unable to do anything against me. I want to slowly play with him to death.” Huang Ziyang’s lips curled up in an icy smile that would cause others to tremble.

“Little brat, later, don’t use your true fire on him otherwise it’d be bad if you burned him to crisps. He still has some use.” Tian Chanzi advised.

“He is a First-grade Natal stage while I am a Sixth-grade Refining Body. It’ll be hard to defeat him so Tian Chanzi, just what method do you have? Stop hiding it and hurry up and tell me.”

“Heihei, little brat, if we don’t wait until the last minute how will this trump card of mine shine? You first fight and remember, fighting is the best way to increase one’s own cultivation. In other words, Huang Ziyang is the best training opponent.

Tang Zheng was helpless but did not feel any pressure as since Tian Chanzi won’t reveal it he might as well just fight with what he had. He also looked forward to this battle.

A large battle was on the verge of breaking out.

Huang Ziyang approached Tang Zheng, taking one step after another. He didn’t move fast but with every step he took, his aura congealed and became denser until he finally arrived in front of Tang Zheng with the full force of his aura crashing down on his head.

Huang Si also looked unwaveringly at his son as he too was curious about his son’s technique. This was the first time he has seen Huang Ziyang make a move and he was both expectant and proud as the Huang Clan finally had a worthy successor.

Tang Zheng did not move as he merely watched Huang Ziyang approach, his aura becoming heavier. Once the other got closer, the two seemed to have exchanged a tacit understanding and they both made a move simultaneously.

Within a breath, the two had disappeared from their original position before fierce clashing noises were heard in the next second.

The two shadows flashed and Tang Zheng pushed off of a column within the main hall coming to a halt. He then rushed towards Huang Ziyang who also retreated a few steps, causing the floor beneath him to crack, and leaving behind two long marks behind.

This was the first time Huang Si had seen Tang Zheng fight and with just one exchange, Huang Si’s expression became solemn as Tang Zheng’s strength far surpassed what he imagined.

“Kill!” Huang Ziyang roared loudly before kicking off fiercely, ‘peng’, and sending rock shards flying in a whirlwind. With a wave and a push of his hand, all the rocks rained down from the sky, carrying with it the owner's killing intent as they shot towards Tang Zheng. This move filled the sky not leaving a single route of escape.

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