Chapter 154: Defenseless

Chapter 154: Defenseless

The bite mark on Tang Zheng’s shoulder was clear and the blood had already dried so from this it could be seen how hard she bit.

Liu Qingmei gently rubbed the wound and guilty said: “It must hurt and you still say it doesn’t.”

Tang Zheng smiled: “It really doesn’t hurt.”

Liu Qingmei gave a grunt and her ears flushed: “Why don’t you bite me back so we are even.”

Looking at the tender white skin under her PJs, Tang Zheng shook his head: “I can’t bring myself to do it. If other teachers or students know that I bit you they may really rip me apart alive.”

Liu Qingmei couldn’t help but smile: “I wouldn’t have thought you would have such cold humor.” She gently loosened her hold on his clothes and said: “I can’t sleep so why don’t you talk with me.”

“Okay, what do you want to talk about?”

Liu Qingmei thought for a moment then said: “Tell me about your life with your grandfather. Since you are now my brother I naturally want to know more about you.”

Tang Zheng hesitated for a bit before he started to narrate stories about himself.

Liu Qingmei listened attentively. The story was not full of wonderful events as their lives were bitter and difficult but she did not feel even a hint of anger from Tang Zheng. On the contrary, she could feel the warmth and love that Tang Zheng shared with his grandfather that could move any listener.

She gradually found out how laughable her misunderstanding of Tang Zheng was as he was a strong, optimistic, and confident person. All these traits come together to make up who Tang Zheng was today, he was not arrogant or high and almighty. He was in reality, a very realistic and a sensitive person.

“Well, that’s pretty much my life. It’s very boring and plain.” Tang Zheng said with a smile that shone pure and bright like sunshine, seemingly able to disperse the darkness. At the same time, Liu Qingmei felt that she was able to gradually let go of the dark fog within her heart.

Liu Qingmei’s lips curled up in a smile. She yawned then said: “We should sleep, we still need to go to school tomorrow.”

Tang Zheng made to get off the bed but was pulled back by Liu Qingmei: “Sleep with me. I don’t want to be alone. I’m afraid I might have nightmares.”

“This… that's not a good thing.” Tang Zheng looked at her beautiful figure up close and hesitantly said.

Liu Qingmei did not object to him glancing at her body and even smiled before knocking his head: “What are you looking at. Don’t be so dishonest. You are my brother so what is wrong with sleeping with your sister.”

“This… alright then.”

Liu Qingmei laid down and Tang Zheng followed suit. She leaned into his embrace that was as comforting as the sky, making her feel secure.

She slowly closed her eye and without knowing it she drifted into a sweet sleep.

Tang Zheng, on the other hand, was unable to sleep, being in such close proximity with such a beauty. Moreover, half her soft body was pushed against him and he could even see the snow white globes from the top of her of her collar. She was not even wearing a bra and even though there was no way to see everything, being able to only see half was enticing enough.

Tang Zheng could not help but think back to the day when he completely saw everything and he felt his heartbeat quicken as he swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Tonight she was defenseless.

Tang Zheng was really conflicted as being a male who had tasted the wonders between a man and women, when faced with such enticement it was a type of torture.

Seeing her peaceful face, Tang Zheng felt as if he was suddenly struck hard. She was so trusting of him and if he were to do something so barbaric than wouldn’t he be worse than Song Donghua.

He took a deep breath and suppressed the fire within his heart. He placed one hand against her waist and put forth all his energy to close his eyes and to not think about the beautiful sight before him, falling into a deep sleep.

When the white of the sky revealed itself, a ray of sunlight shot through the window causing Liu Qingmei to squint her eyes open. She discovered that she had completely laid in his embrace like a little kitten, curled up within a warm embrace.

Her lips curled up in a thin smile that was just as dazzling as the morning rays. It seemed to possess the power to melt the world. She had not slept so well in ages and she did not even have a single nightmare yesterday. All she felt was a comforting sensation as if she was submerged within a hot spring.

She did not know where she gained her trust in him to actually sleep in the same bed with him, completely letting down her guard. Previously, she would not have even thought this possible.

Seeing him sleep so peacefully, she felt her emotions surge as maybe it was what the two had experienced together that had built up a mutual trust and intimacy between the two.

She wanted to get up but when she moved she felt something poke against her, moreover it was poking against her sensitive area. Even though there was clothing between the two it felt very distinct.

She felt her entire body tremble as if she was struck by lightning. Of course, she knew what it was. This was a normal reaction by guys in the morning but still, she could not help but be thrown into disarray as her face turned red. She hurriedly tried to calm down as she tried her best not to touch it and silently got out of bed.

Seeing him not wake up she let out a breath of relief as she patted her tall erect chest and quickly flew out of her room.

Tang Zheng slept very well as even though he was placed in an extremely difficult in the beginning the sleep that came after was uneventful.

The ruckus that came from the kitchen woke him up as he discovered that the space next to him was empty. He then got up and walked out of the room to see Liu Qingmei bustling around the kitchen.

“Go wash up, breakfast will be ready shortly.” Liu Qingmei smiled and said to him from within the kitchen.

At this time Tang Zheng felt an emotion flash through him and he felt as if he were a husband who woke up to see his wife preparing breakfast in the kitchen. A sense of warmth enveloped and surged through him in an instant.

He took a deep breath and chased away his running thoughts. By the time he finished washing up, breakfast was already placed on the table. Breakfast itself was simple as it consisted of congee, eggs, and a plate of steamed vegetable.

After they finished breakfast, Liu Qingmei put on some makeup and once again became the ice goddess, standing in stark contrast to the little girl from last night.

“Let’s go.” Liu Qingmei took the initiative to lead Tang Zheng downstairs and this scene just so happened to be recorded by a luxury car not far away.

Liu Qingmei’s MINI was towed away so they could only call a taxi to school but when the two stepped out of the taxi at the school entrance they immediately attracted many people’s gazes.

Of course, Tang Zheng was also subject to many but thankfully Liu Qingmei did not hold onto him otherwise than the news would have blown up the school.

Yesterday, the matter of Liu Qingmei’s being kidnaped had already turned the Cloud forum upside down. However, seeing her safely appear in school today many people were finally able to let out a breath of relief as thankfully their Goddess was uninjured.

Tang Zheng did not wish to continue standing by her side and being a center of attention hence he quickly walked towards the classroom while Liu Qingmei first went to her office.

The time till the high school exam was only a few tens of days and the class atmosphere became tenser as after the matter yesterday everyone once again regained their tenseness as they prepared for the test.

Tang Zheng did not dare be careless as he studied studiously, gradually entering the tense and hard working student life.

However, after school was let out he led a different type of life as Lin Hu called him saying that Huang Si wanted to meet him.

What will come will come. Huang Si’s men had already been disbanded by Lin Hu so the greatest threat now was Huang Si.

It was clear that Huang Si had found out through his investigation that Tang Zheng was the mastermind behind the plot and naturally put him in his crosshairs instead of Lin Hu and Fire Phoenix.

The location was the Huang Clan. Tang Zheng hid Battle Soul on his body and then accompanied Lin Hu and Fire Phoenix as they arrived a large estate.

Tang Zheng got out of the car by himself as the two bosses looked at him nervously before gathering their courage and saying: “Young Master Tang, we will accompany you in.”

Tang Zheng spread his arms: “More does not mean better and it doesn’t matter if Huang Si wants to talk or fight with me as I am not afraid of him so you guys do not need to worry.”

He had Tian Chanzi’s guarantee so why should he be afraid of Huang Si's rage.

Seeing that Tang Zheng had already made his decision, Lin Hu and Fire Phoenix said with concern: “Young Master Tang, if Huang Si dares do anything untoward we will rush in. We already have our troops surrounding the estate so he will have nowhere to run.”

Tang Zheng gave a loud laugh: “Are you guys high off of sweeping places.”

Lin Hu scratched his head and smiled: “It has been pretty fun these days. All of Hoodlum’s venues have been taken over by us but since there are still some unfinished business we have not opened for business yet. After the problem with Huang Si is solved we will be able to open up and then all the money will roll in!”

“Almost!” Tang Zheng deeply gazed at the estate and said profoundly.

Tang Zheng took large strides in with two of Huang Si’s men walking on both sides of him. Tang Zheng glanced left and right but did not see a single soul but he could clearly feel countless gazes on him.

He did not care at all as he swaggered into the main hall of the estate. There was a large courtyard inside the main hall, with plants and flowers. It was brightly lit as Tang Zheng could clearly make out a single person sitting in the main hall.

It was a middle-aged man who had an imposing aura without even trying as there was an irrepressible killing intent that came off him, as the other did not even consider trying to cover it, as he let it soar into the heavens.

Even though there was only one person but the suppressive force was stronger than if a whole house full of men were called. Tang Zheng gave a cold chuckle internally: “Trying to frighten others?”

He was not afraid of the other trying to flaunt his might and did not care for it in the least. He took big strides and walked into the large hall and stared at the other.

Huang Si also looked at him, unwavering, as this was not the first time that he heard of Tang Zheng’s name. Previously, Huang Ziyang had suffered a loss at the other's hand and he already had thoughts of eliminating the other but Ye Tianlei blocked him and he could not do anything but swallow his rage.

But never would he have thought that the two would once again clash. Moreover, this time they struck heavily and fiercely, so much so that it involved the plans Huang Si had in the making for countless tens of years.

This series of events has caused Huang Si to feel an unprecedented danger as he did not believe that Tang Zheng was capable of stirring up such a storm. He felt that Tang Zheng must definitely have a backer, without a doubt, and that person must be Ye Tianlei.

This was the reason why he had not made any moves in the past few days instead of retaliating with a lightning counter. It is also for this reason that he drew the other to his estate.

He did not care about Tang Zheng but he could not help but fear Ye Tianlei.

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