Chapter 153: Sleeping Over at the Goddess’s House

Chapter 153: Sleeping Over at the Goddess’s House

Tang Zheng was frightened into a jump as he shot forth from the sofa and rushed into the kitchen.

He arrived to see the scene of Liu Qingmei holding a kitchen knife in one hand and a pot in the other, jumping up and down screaming looking nowhere like an icy goddess.

Tang Zheng stared flabbergasted with wide eyes.

“What happened?”

“Cockroach! There’s a cockroach! Hurry up and kill it.” Liu Qingmei screamed and pointed at a little cockroach on the ground.

Tang Zheng rolled his eyes. What is there to scream about a cockroach. The cockroach seemed to have heard Liu Qingmei’s screaming its name and actually crawled towards her.


Liu Qingmei once again gave a loud ear-piercing scream. She threw her knife and then flew towards Tang Zheng. It was unknown just where she got her strength but she actually jumped onto Tang Zheng’s back and screamed: “Hurry, kill it. Hurry!”

Tang Zheng could not help but turn around to give her a look. She really was afraid and was not acting. Moreover, she even jumped onto his back but could it really be that bad?

Her busty chest pressed firmly against his back causing ripples of shock to spread through his heart.

Little cockroach, in order to appease a beauty you will have to sacrifice your life.

Tang Zheng took large steps, without a care about the fact that he had a large package wrapped around his back, and stepped down on the cockroach.


Liu Qingmei let out a breath of relief before she discovered that she was hugging Tang Zheng’s back. Moreover, she was using both hands to tightly wrap around his neck. This realization caused her to be embarrassed: “This cockroach deserved death, it actually made a clown out of me.”

“Teacher Liu, is my back very comfortable?” Tang Zheng could not help but joke.

Liu Qingmei gave a cold grunt and climbed down from his back, her face a bit red, as she intentionally pretended that nothing had happened. She then pointed at the door: “Stand there and guard me in case anymore cockroaches appear.”

Tang Zheng lost his smile and sat by the kitchen door watching her bustle about. Even though she was the sole daughter of the Governor she was actually pretty skilled in the kitchen, as she moved about like a head chef.

“You have good skills.” Tang Zhen praised.

Liu Qingmei said with satisfaction evident on her face: “Of course, I have cooked for more than ten years.”

Tang Zheng was impressed as he gave her a thumbs up: “Impressive!”

“Since my mother passed I’ve made my own food. One has to take care of themselves.” Liu Qingmei said with a strong attitude but Tang Zheng could hear bitterness from her tone.

“It’s good to be independent.”

“”You grew up with your grandfather so you should know how to do a lot of things right?” Liu Qingmei asked while cooking.

Tang Zheng nodded his head: “Of course. When grandfathers went out to pick up trash I stayed home and took care of housework. We separated the work between us two.”

“I can tell that you and your grandfather are both very happy.” Liu Qingmei’s lips curled up in a hint of a smile as if she was a bit jealous.

Tang Zheng did not deny: “Even though grandfather and I don’t have much, we depend on one another so even if its plain food we are very happy.”

“Ai, I’m very jealous of you guys.” Liu Qingmei gave a distant sigh.

Tang Zheng suddenly felt that Liu Qingmei was not as arrogant as other people. She was clearly different from him but in another sense, she was also an ordinary human with emotions. The only thing was that she tries to cover it up and that may have something to do with what she has experienced before.

Not long later, three dishes and a soup was made and based on the smell and look of the dishes, Tang Zheng felt hungry.

“Wait a moment, let’s drink a bit.” Liu Qingmei poured two cups of red wine.

Tang Zheng was flabbergasted: “Didn’t you prohibit me from drinking last time at the dance?”

“Drinking a bit occasionally is fine. Don’t treat me as ignorant because I know that the amount of alcohol you students drink is not less.”

If they were to add some candles whole drinking red wine and eating then it could be considered a dinner date. After setting everything up, Liu Qingmei’s expression grew serious: “Tang Zheng, thank you!”

“Teacher Liu, this is something I should do. Moreover, if I did not give you that information then Song Donghua would not have been forced to such ends.” Tang Zheng said with embarrassment.

Liu Qingmei shook her head: “He originally is a bug and these people should be pulled out. As for what he did afterwards, that is because he is not a good person and he was merely revealed for who he is. Oh right, Tang Zheng, just where did you get all that information? Don’t say that you picked it off the side of the road. It’s not like I am a three-year-old child.”

Tang Zheng awkwardly said: “Teacher Liu, can we not dwell on this point? Everyone has their own secrets.”

Liu Qingmei looked at him with an illuminated gaze but seeing him being so tight lip she could only give up: “Okay, I won’t ask you. Anyways, this matter is all thanks to you. Also, in the future, you don’t need to call me Teacher Liu. Call me… Sister Mei.”

“Sister Mei?” Tang Zheng did not think that she would take the initiative to make such a request.

“What? Are you unwilling?” Liu Qingmei’s face changed suddenly.

“No.” Tang Zheng hurriedly splayed his arms, “I would not dare, then in the future, I will call you Sister Mei.”

Liu Qingmei smiled: “Actually I have always wanted a brother but bureaucratic families can only have one child so my wish never came true. Never would I have thought I would have you as a brother. Come, little Zheng, cheers.”

Tang Zheng could only accept her good intentions, smile, and tapped their cups together before taking a sip.

“Let’s eat, try my handiwork.” Liu Qingmei really acted like an older sister as she passionately passed him the dishes.

Tang Zheng did not feel weird and out of place as he only felt warmth.

After dinner, Liu Qingmei gave a stretch which made her chest more pronounced. Tang Zheng stole a glance before hurriedly lowering his head.

“I cooked so you clean the dishes. Hurry now.”

Tang Zheng picked up the dishes and walked into the kitchen as he efficiently started to wash away. Not long later he heard a ruckus outside and he hurriedly walked out to take a look only to discover that the Governor was standing at the door only to have Liu Qingmei refuse him entrance.

Governor Liu seeing Tang Zheng solemnly waved at him to indicate for Tang Zheng to come over. Liu Qingmei blocked him and said: “Continue washing the dishes.”

Tang Zheng smiled and returned back to the kitchen leaving the two to talk.

Governor Liu could be heard solemnly saying: “Qingmei, why are you messing around? He is your student so how can he be your boyfriend?”

It appears that Governor Liu already learned of Tang Zheng's identity as a student.

Liu Qingmei coldly said: “Why can’t a student be my boyfriend? Moreover, finding a boyfriend is my business so what does it have to do with you?”

“I am your father. So, I should naturally worry about this kind of important matter.” Governor Liu said severely with an imposing tone.

Liu Qingmei stuck up her nose: “You care huh? Then what kind of person was Song Donghua who you looked positively upon? Can you not see it clearly?”

“That was an exception. Moreover, it was not something I wanted to happen.” Governor Liu explained.

“Anyways, this is my personal affair so I do not need you interfering. You should return and command your own people, as for my own business I do not need your care. I am going to rest now so you should leave.”

“You… you two live together?’ Governor Liu was shocked.

“What’s wrong with that?” Liu Qingmei retorted.

“You… you want your mom to be unable to rest in peace in heaven?” Governor Liu defeatedly said.

This phrase ignited the anger within Liu Qingmei’s heart as she loudly roared: “You have no right to bring up my mother. Leave, I do not want to see you.”

Saying up to here she slammed the door with a ‘peng’ and then squatted down where she stood, burying her head into her arms.

Tang Zheng let out a long sigh as he walked over and patted her shoulders: “Sister Mei, why don’t you tell him the truth?”

Liu Qingmei lifted her head and said: “I want him to be mad. What right does he have to care about me?”

“Alright, you should hurry up and rest. I will return home.” Tang Zheng said.

“You can’t. He is definitely waiting for you outside. If you are caught by him and accidentally reveal something that would not be good. Moreover, this kind of person likes to take it upon himself to lecture others so you will definitely be annoyed by him. You should just sleep over tonight on the sofa.” Liu Qingmei said firmly deciding for him.

“Wouldn’t this be letting him misunderstand?”

Liu Qingmei raised her neck: “I want him to misunderstand. Just consider it as a favor from your sister to stay over tonight. Okay?”

Tang Zheng was helpless and could only agree. He called his grandfather to notify him and then he received a call from Fang Shishi.

“Tang Zheng, are you asleep?”

“Not yet.”

“Do you miss me yet?”

Tang Zheng looked at Liu Qingmei by his side and said softly: “I do.”

Liu Qingmei hugged her own arms as she looked at him with interest, with a smile that was not really a smile.

“I heard that Teacher Liu has been rescued.” Fang Shishi said.

“En, she has been rescued so you should rest early. You need to get up early for school tomorrow.” Tang Zheng did not dare say too much and hurriedly hung up.

“Fang Shishi?” Liu Qingmei asked with interest.

Tang Zheng nodded his head.

“This little girlfriend of yours cares very much for you.”

Tang Zheng gave a distant smile.

“What, you don’t want to give me a little more information about Ye Dingdang? Can’t you show a little favoritism.” Liu Qingmei asked with interest.

Tang Zheng hurriedly said: “Sister Mei, can you not joke with me. There is really nothing going on between Ye Dingdang and me.”

“Oh? I don’t believe you. I heard quite a lot of rumors about you two. I also have eyes of my own and it doesn’t seem fake.”

“Aiya, I’m tired. I'm going to sleep.” Tang Zheng hurriedly jumped onto the sofa and laid down pretending to sleep.

Seeing him embarrassed, Liu Qingmei could not resist but smile looking nothing like the cold icy goddess she portrays herself to be.

Tang Zheng pretended to not have heard and tightly closed his eyes.

“Little Zheng, good night.”

“Sis Mei, good night.”

He fell asleep muddled and it was not known how much time had passed when Tang Zheng was suddenly frightened awake by a scream. He flopped up on the sofa like a fish as the sound came from Liu Qingmei’s room.

He did not think too much as he pushed the door open. It was not locked so it opened up only to see Liu Qingmei sitting on the bed shivering.

The night lamp was turned on as her face revealed a look of horror.

“What happened?”

“I had a nightmare.” Liu Qingmei said with fear.

“Don’t worry, you continue sleeping. I will be in the living room. If you need anything just call out.” Liu Qingmei had on her PJ’s but looked as if she could still see his shadow.

“Little Zheng, can you sit with me for a bit.” Liu Qingmei pointed at the side of her bed and said.

Tang Zheng walked over and sat down. Liu Qingmei smoothly leaned against his shoulders and patted his shoulders before asking: “Does it still hurt?”


“I was so greatly shocked that I did not know it was you.”

“Anyone would be like that.”

“Let me take a look at it. Do you need me to put some balm on it?” Liu Qingmei pulled open his shirt.

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