Chapter 152: Future Son-in-law

Chapter 152: Future Son-in-law

Tang Zheng held onto Liu Qingmei’s hand and walked out into the courtyard to stand in front of Song Donghua. The reason he did this was not to show off but to let Liu Qingmei untie the knot in her heart.

It was without a doubt that Song Donghua’s action has left a deep shadow within Liu Qingmei’s heart.

Tang Zheng had read a book about a young woman who was threatened and because she was unable to move on she wallowed in hopelessness until she had depression and ultimately committed suicide.

Tang Zheng did not wish for Liu Qingmei to undergo the same results hence he decided to strike the iron while it’s hot so that she can remove the shadow and fear from within her heart.

As expected, while walking towards Song Donghua, Tang Zheng could clearly feel her fear and terror yet he did not stop his steps and continued to walk towards Song Donghua, looking down on him.

Song Donghua trembled up on the ground in a curled up position, while looking up angrily at the two. He was ready to start cursing at them but Tang Zheng beat him to it.

With a stomp, Tang Zheng stepped on the others finger causing Song Donghua to scream out in pain. Liu Qingmei hearing this scream unconsciously look a step back but was stopped by Tang Zheng’s firm grip.

Tang Zheng’s soft voice rang out: “Don’t be afraid, he is unable to hurt you. He is but a dead dog waiting to sit in jail.”

Tang Zheng’s voice acted like a charm as it caused Liu Qingmei to calm down. As she looked at Song Donghua crying out pitifully in pain, she gradually felt the fear within her heart lesson and she fiercely said: “This kind of person must be heavily punished otherwise who knows how many people he will harm.”

Tang Zheng let out a breath of relief because as long as she was able to face Song Donghua then the shadow within her heart would be greatly diminished. He nodded his head and said: “He will not be able to harm anyone in the future. Department Chief Deng, why haven’t you apprehended him yet?”

Deng Maocai wanted nothing more than to demonstrate his service in front of Liu Qingmei hence he fiercely grabbed Song Donghua, busted out his handcuffs and slapped it on before dragging him to the side.

Tang Zheng then said to Lin Hu: “you guys first go back.”

Lin Hu and his men did not say anything more and hurriedly left the courtyard.

“Who are they?”

“My friends.”

“How did you find this place?”

Tang Zheng pointed at Deng Maocai who had walked towards the entrance to the courtyard and said: “Department Chief Deng thought that Song Donghua might have escaped here so he took me along.Thankfully we made it in time.”

Deng Maocai feeling extremely thankful, stopped in his steps, turned around and gave Liu Qingmei a nod, before turning around to hurriedly bring Song Donghua to the car.

“Let’s return.” Tang Zheng said.

Liu Qingmei nodded her head and the two walked towards the police car holding hands like a couple. Song Donghua on the other hand was sent straight towards the police station as no one wanted to see him.

“Are we going to the police office?” Deng Maocai saw the two’s intimate action but pretended not to see it as he carefully asked.

Liu Qingmei nodded her head.

Deng Maocai raced the car to the police office as if he took a shot of chicken blood. He had already notified his superiors midway through the trip that he had already rescued Liu Qingmei while also having apprehended Song Donghua.

This news rapidly spread to everyone related to this case so when Tang Zheng and them stepped into the police office, a train of cars followed after them.

The people that followed basically jogged up, with Jiang Yongda leading the way. When he heard that Liu Qingmei was safe and sound, he felt as if a heavy burden was lifted from his heart and he immediately rushed over.

Even so when he saw Liu Qingmei he couldn’t help but feel his heart beat fiercely against his chest.

Although Song Donghua did not succeed his animal like actions could be seen by how Liu Qingmei was wearing someone else’s clothes.

Of course, he also saw the bare chested Tang Zheng but he did not have time to care about the other so with a few quick steps he arrived before Liu Qingmei and said with concern: “Qingmei, it is good to see that you are okay. I was really frightened to death.”

Liu Qingmei had recovered her icy demeanor and it was even more colder than before as there was not even a hint of a smile nor did she deign to give a reply.

Jiang Yongda awkwardly coughed as he turned his gaze towards Song Donghua and Jiang Yongda’s anger immediately soared. With a fierce slap, he smacked the others face and roared: ‘Song Donghua, you bastard. You dare kidnap someone in broad daylight? Who gave you a dog’s guts?”

Song Donghua drooped his head like a beaten dog, unable to even give a retort as he hid by the side of the car. Nowhere did he possess the previous mighty air.

He only acted because of his great rage but even so he clearly knew what the results would be.


His knees gave out as he knelt in front of Liu Qingmei. Knocking his head against the ground he pleaded: “Qingmei, please forgive me. It was intentional. Please spare me. Please don’t let them send me to jail.”

Liu Qingmei had on an icy face as she did not say a word.

Jiang Yongda seeing the situation, waved his hand in disgust: “Take him away!”

“Qingmei, please spare me. I am not a man, I am an animal. Please just let me go this once….” Song Donghua pleaded in hopelessness.

“Since you admit that you are an animal then you should definitely be locked up in prison.” Liu Qingmei said bluntly.

Jiang Yongda hurriedly gave his men the eye and Song Donghua was dragged into the police department.

Suddenly, another car stopped in front of the police department and a fifty year old lookingman stepped off the car. Upon seeing Liu Qingmei he quickly walked towards her and concernedly said: “Qingmei, are you okay?”

Liu Qingmei coldly looked at the person and said: “It won’t kill me.”

“Dad is worried to death, thankfully your mom is protecting you in heaven so that you are fine.” Governor Liu said with lingering fear in his heart.

The entire police department’s atmosphere became heavy with the presence of the governor. No one dared to take to big a breath as this small police department had never seen such a large character before.

“Don’t bring up my mother.” Liu Qingmei said without the least bit polite.

Governor Liu felt a bit awkward. His gaze then turned towards Jiang Yongda and he sternly asked: “Yongda, just what is going on? Your secretary actually kidnapped my daughter? How do you teach your people?”

Jiang Yongda felt his knees go soft as he felt cold sweat emerge on his forehead. He hurriedly explained: “Boss, it was my fault. I did not protect Qingmei well. Upon self-examination, Song Donghua’s actions was beyond my expectations. I did not expect him to be so sick and mad. I bear great responsibility towards this.”

Governor Liu, waved a hand to cut off his self examination. Speak, “Did you capture him?”

“He is captured.”

“How did you capture him?”

“This…” Jiang Yongda was speechless as he did not know how the events played out.

Liu Qingmei pointed at Deng Maocai and said: “It was Department Chief Deng who saved me.”

Deng Maocai felt so happy that he felt flowers may blossom in his heart. This joy was even stronger than when he first married his wife and so he put forth all his willpower to prevent himself from smiling. He sternly greeted the Governor deeply and said: “This is what I should do as a police.”

Governor Liu gave Deng Maocai a deep look as he took the initiative to stretch out his hands. Deng Maocai used both hands to grasp the extended hand, as he felt unspeakable joy.

“These are the kind of people that are able to protect the people. Good!” Governor Liu praised.

Other people looked at Deng Maocai with jealous gaze as this brat actually had such dog gone luck. He was actually able to scoop up such great merit. With a single word from Governor Liu, Deng Maocai would definitely be able to rise in rank.

Deng Maocai felt great excitement as he couldn’t help but sneak a peak at Tang Zheng. This was all given to him by Tang Zheng and at this moment he simply felt as if Tang Zheng was his parent.

Tang Zheng was barechested amidst a group of bureaucrats and police officers, standing out, but he did not mind at all.

Governor Liu’s gaze finally fell on Tang Zheng’s and he asked: “And who is this?”

Jiang Yongda previously did not have a chance to interject but upon hearing Governor Liu’s question he finally saw his chance and hurriedly said: ‘he is Qingmei’s boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend?” Governor Liu’s eyes flashed with a light as he stared at Tang Zheng.

The others were also shocked as this was Governor Liu’s future son-in-law. Oh lord,they must firmly engrave his face into their member so that they can bugger up to him if given the chance in the future.

Tang Zheng helplessly looked at Liu Qingmei as she contrary to his expectations did not provide an explanation. She even pulled Tang Zheng and said: “I want to go home.”

No one dared stop even though they originally wanted to do some sucking up. Governor Liu only nodded his head: “I’ll send you back.”

“No need, I’ll send myself back. Tang Zheng, let’s go.” Tang Zheng was hauled away from the police station under the many countless stares.

The two sat in a taxi and Tang Zheng finally couldn’t help but gave a low sigh: “I never thought that your identity would be so shocking.”

Liu Qingmei wrinkled her eyebrows and said: “He is him, I am me. Do not throw me in with him.”

“You don’t have a good relationship with him?”

Liu Qingmei hesitated a bit before saying: “Back then when he was rising through the ranks of the government my mom fell heavily ill but he did not even spare her a glance. My mom ended up passing away without getting to see him for one last time. For this reason, I hate him and anyone who works for the government.

Tang Zheng was speechless, no wonder their relationship was so stiff. The two returned to Liu Qingmei’s house where Liu Qingmei invited Tang Zheng to take a seat: “I’m going to first take a shower. You take a seat first.”

Tang Zheng nodded his head to signify that she should go do her thing.

Warm water poured over her body gradually calming Liu Qingmei down. Her heart was still palpitating as she looked at her own curvy body which was the subject of so many men craving and attention. This time, it had actually brought upon her great danger.

Thankfully, Tang Zheng saved her and she felt that she could not get a clear grasp of Tang Zheng. Even so, she was able to feel that just by his presence she could feel safe.

Her lips unconsciously curled up in a thin smile as her heart gradually underwent change.

After she finished showering she returned back to the living room where she returned Tang Zheng his shirt and said: “Put it on, otherwise you might get cold.”

Tang Zheng hurriedly threw on his clothes as a faint fragrance assaulted his nose. He then realized that this clothes had come in intimate contact with her and had her lingering scent causing his heartbeat to quicken.

Liu Qingmei seemed to have realized this and her face turned red. She hurriedly said: “To thank you, I’ll cook dinner for you tonight.”

“No need to be so polite.”

“What? You won’t give me a chance to thank you?”

“Alright then.”

“Let’s go, come buy vegetables with me.” Liu Qingmei regained her icy cold goddess image but her voice contained a trace of intimacy.

They went downstairs to the nearby markey and bought some vegetables. Once they returned home Liu Qingmei hurriedly got to work leaving Tang Zheng to sit on the sofa with nothing to do but to watch TV.


Suddenly, a scream rang out from the kitchen.

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